Rescue Squad Targeted by Culture-Enrichers in Uddevalla

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

SD: Attacks against blue-light [emergency] personnel should bring at least four years in prison

May 24, 2018

DOMESTIC. After yesterday’s stone-throwing incident against the rescue service in Uddevalla, the Sweden Democrats now want such perpetrators to be severely punished: at least four years in prison.

It was just before 11pm on Thursday that the rescue service in Uddevalla was alerted that “young people” had lit an uncontrolled fire in a barbecue area.

Upon arrival they were met by stone throwing and personnel were hit by stones, but without serious injury.

Now the Sweden Democrats want to put on the hard gloves against the people behind such attacks.

At least four years in prison, according to the party.

“Yesterday the rescue service was exposed to stone-throwing when they were on duty. One of the emergency services staff was hit.” For SD, it’s completely unacceptable to attack blue-light personnel. “We therefore propose a minimum sentence of at least four years in prison,” the Sweden Democrats wrote on Twitter.

9 thoughts on “Rescue Squad Targeted by Culture-Enrichers in Uddevalla

  1. 4 years? At the point where things are now, getting this under control probably requires American-style punitive measures… 10-15 years, something outrageous like that.

    • Good old police beating is probably the only thing that might work. Not only are the middle easterners used to violent policing, but we also should avoid prisons becoming a jihadi indoctrination centers.

      • Thank you, our American State Prisons have now become Jihadi Indoctrination Centers, due to the strange phenomena of “Trolling Imams”. The Trolling Imam is allowed special privileges to explain the “Religion of Peace” to mostly Black Prisoners. The Prisoners are treated to Special Food, Special Benefits, etc. When the Prisoners are back in our Cities, they are always eager to prove their Devotion to Islam, sometime by Jihad. This is Madness!

    • The only solution is mass deportations but in this era of collective insanity in not only Sweden but the whole of the western world, that is unlikely to happen.

      • One huge problem is international, rule-making bodies like the EU, the UN, the International Court of Human Justice, which make and enforce rules designed to prevent a state from protecting itself from attacks by ostensibly unorganized intruders.

        A rational response to millions of boat people adrift in sinking boats after having torn up their passports and identity papers, is to pay some warlord to allow them to be dumped in his bailiwick, and not inquire to closely as to their disposition as “citizens” of this rump state.

        But, “international law” requires countries to assume responsibility for stateless people, regardless of the actions of the people themselves in bringing about their status.

  2. I cannot understand why the rescue services continue to advance if they are hit by stones.

    If those … (people with not enough bricks in the wall) want to burn down their own houses, I would not intervene.
    And if someone would say: “But you have to go in there!” my car / ambulance would have a destroyed tire, scrambled electronics so that it was not possible to reach the place of the fire.
    And if a few of them decide to kill each other the Police should stay away. Let them sort it out the Islamic way of (final) peace.

  3. I guess the reputation of Sweden is getting so bad that it will eventually hurt businesses. Their tourism industry will be one of the casualties.

    Making longterm business deals with Swedish companies may become risky, because the country has no longterm secure future. Some Swedish companies may face problems in hiring professionals from abroad. You cannot trust the Swedish companies can retain their personnel due to the white flight.

    And finally. Would you trust people who have either naively destroyed their country or been sheepishly quiet without trying to prevent the process of destruction of their country.

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