Khamzat Azimov’s Martyrdom Video

Yesterday a “Frenchman” named Khamzat Azimov went on a rampage with a knife in central Paris, killing one person and wounding four others before being shot dead by police. Mr. Azimov was a French citizen who was born in Chechnya.

Witnesses reported that as he attacked people, the murderer shouted “Allahu Akhbar”, which is Arabic for “I am poor, bitter, disadvantaged, discriminated against, and alienated from French society”*.

SITE Intelligence Group obtained a copy of Khamzat Azimov’s martyrdom video. In the clip, as you will see, the young man rambles aimlessly, mixing bizarre statements in French with an incomprehensible foreign language. He makes references to a supernatural being that does not exist. This recording supports the hypothesis that Mr. Azimov was confused, delusional, and mentally disturbed, and chose his victims totally at random.

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

See this article for more details on yesterday’s attack in Paris.

Video transcript:

0:08   (Arabic greeting) I am making this video
0:12   to declare allegiance to Caliph Abu Bakr
0:16   Al-Baghdadi al-Qurashi.
0:20   I begin this video by first sending a message to
0:24   my mujahideen brothers in Syria, in Iraq, and
0:28   throughout the world. Ah, my brothers,
0:32   remain steadfast. Remain firm;
0:36   victory is near, insh’allah.
0:40   We are rightful (Arabic). And even if those
0:44   miscreants are unified or allied against us,
0:48   they will have nothing without Allah’s permission.
0:52   Now, a message for my brothers living in the
0:56   land of the unbelievers, in France, Germany, Britain, wherever.
1:00   My brothers, my sisters, do not be fooled by
1:04   the lies of the unbelievers; they lie
1:08   about the brothers of the Islamic State.
1:12   Do not be fooled and remain firm.
1:16   If you can make Hijrah, do not hesitate.
1:20   If you can’t, act here in regards to disbelief.
1:24   Don’t wait. They prevent us from doing Hijrah,
1:28   so attack them in their own lands.
1:32   According to the unbelievers’ latest message,
1:36   fight the Islamic State, fight the Muslims
1:40   fight Allah and his Messenger… (Arabic)
1:44   It is you who began this; you bombed the Islamic
1:48   State. Now, I speak to France and
1:52   its people. It is you who started killing
1:56   Muslims, and when we respond,
2:00   you cry. If you want us to stop, pressure
2:04   your government. And I’m not the first to say so.
2:08   Brothers before me, those who are over there,
2:12   have also told you. And you refuse to listen.
2:16   And to my brothers everywhere in the world,
2:20   we love Allah, insh’allah.
2:24   We will meet again in Jannah (in Paradise) insh’allah, victory is near.
2:28   (Arabic)

*   Before you write an angry letter to the editor: This translation is deliberately inaccurate. It is a sardonic joke.

4 thoughts on “Khamzat Azimov’s Martyrdom Video

  1. In this video, why is Hazmat Asimov* concealing his face? Wouldn’t a martyr want to _show_ his face?

    *joshingly nicknamed by his fellow jihadis as “Isaac”, after their favorite Jewish sci-fi author

  2. Completely coherent summary of a completely incoherent political ideology.

  3. So, his knife accidentally went off at least 5 times.
    Better control that clip to only two stabs per knife.
    worthless [self-abus]ing islam.

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