How to Become a Syrian and Migrate to Germany

The video below contains an excerpt from the latest in a series of documentaries on the Islam in the West by Zvi Yehezkeli, an Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. In this operation Mr. Yehezkeli went to Turkey and posed as a Jordanian merchant in order to acquire a Syrian passport and enter Germany as a “refugee”.

Many thanks to RL for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (based on the times in the larger video):

05:40   I want to get a Syrian passport, to enter with it to Germany as a refugee,
05:44   to see if it’s that easy to trick the German authorities,
05:48   and gain full rights in the new land.
05:52   For that, I dress up as Abu Hamza — the Jordanian merchant.
05:57   I received information that in Istanbul one can obtain a real Syrian passport.
06:01   The source providing the information said:
06:04   travel around the Syrian quarter to find a mobile-phone store.
06:07   You will find there the proper connections to obtain a passport.
06:11   Salaamu Aleikum, hello and blessings! Tell me, do you have an international SIM card here?
06:16   Turksil — Oh, I have it.
06:47   We are Palestinians. —Palestinian? Honor. Hello. He is my brother-in-law.
06:51   We are Palestinians, and were uprooted to Jordan.
06:54   What brings you here from Jordan?
06:59   He wants to get married. We want to find him a wife.
07:02   In Turkey? Yes, why not? Actually, this place is the best for Muslims.
07:07   How is your life here with the Turks?
07:10   Whoever speaks Turkish can expect a good future in this country,
07:14   especially if he gets citizenship.
07:17   In Germany women divorce their husbands for a simple dispute.
07:20   They claim that they have rights.
07:24   In Germany it’s forbidden to beat up your wife; you are not allowed to raise your voice at her.
07:28   If he beats her up at home? It’s Illegal; she would file complain to the police.
07:32   If you see two people kiss each other, and you throw dirt on them, they will complain.
07:36   And if someone beats up his wife in Turkey? Here it happens regularly.
07:40   Here the male is protected, there the female is protected.