It’s Come to This

That’s right, it’s come to this,
yes it’s come to this,
and wasn’t it a long way down,
wasn’t it a strange way down?

— Leonard Cohen, from “Dress Rehearsal Rag”

I’ve used the title and epigraph for this post several times in the past. I expect I’ll need to use them again in the future. And, given the current freefall of Western political culture, they could well become so clichéd that I’ll eventually have to abandon them.

Just step back for a moment and contemplate how far we have fallen in the past decade or two. Tonight’s focus is on Great Britain, but the situation in Sweden, or Canada, or Germany — or even in the United States, from time to time — could be as easily adduced.

The façade of liberal democracy is still being maintained everywhere, but the institution itself is actually a corpse. It’s like that old movie Weekend at Bernie’s, where two guys carry around a dead body, propping it up and manipulating its limbs to make it seem alive.

At some point, however, the smell will become noticeable…

As you all know by now, the renowned Counterjihad activist Tommy Robinson was arrested last Friday while he was doing a live-stream report on the final phase of a “grooming” trial at Leeds Crown Court. The suspected crime for which he was apprehended was “breach of the peace”, even though it is widely assumed that he was picked up for violating the ban on reporting about the trial.

Since Tommy was still on probation for an earlier (and similar) offense, his arrest was a violation of the terms of his probation. He was immediately taken before a judge, convicted, and sentenced to thirteen months in prison, reportedly in Hull. Since then there has been at least a partial media blackout on reporting about his arrest.

On Saturday morning my good friend Steen, the proprietor of the popular Danish blog Snaphanen, emailed to ask me if there was anything he could do to help, besides writing about the case. Like the rest of us, he was worried about what might happen during Tommy’s incarceration amongst mostly Muslim prisoners.

I told him it would be a good idea to donate to Tommy (here). However, I’m afraid that money alone may not do the trick like it did a few years ago. In that previous case his supporters mounted a big fundraising push and raised enough money to hire a QC (which is like a high-powered defense lawyer). Thanks to his improved legal representation, he was acquitted of the ludicrous charges that had been laid against him.

Given the rate at which people are donating to him, he should be able to hire competent counsel this time, too. His arrest has generated a lot of attention among us deplorables — despite the media muzzle, the word got out, to the point where at least three major demonstrations have been mounted in London over the weekend.

This case is different from previous ones, however. The arrest was obviously planned well in advance, and the “breach of the peace” charge is a just vague catch-all term that comes in handy against troublesome dissidents who need to be suppressed. The goal was to whisk him in front of judge for violating his probation and get him bunged inside as fast as possible. And if his culture-enriching fellow inmates happen to rough him up a little too much and cause his unfortunate demise — well, that will save the State a lot of trouble and inconvenience. “We deplore this cowardly act, and will act firmly to bring the perpetrators to justice under the full severity of the law…” etc blah yak.

The authorities seem to have him sewed up tight, and I’m not sure that a QC will be enough to engineer his release. This was a political arrest, and the only thing that could spring Tommy now would be the same thing that got him put away: political pressure.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Home Office — under the leadership of the recently appointed Home Secretary, Sajid Javid — gave the orders and arranged the banging-up of Tommy Robinson in Leeds. And putting political pressure on the Home Office is the only way his imprisonment could be reversed.

So who will put pressure on the Home Office? Obviously not the Tory leadership, who are neck-deep in the conspiracy to silence Tommy Robinson. And Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party would be at least as glad to see Tommy rot in prison. The Lib-Dems — in the unlikely event that they were to take a principled stance on the issue — no longer have any meaningful clout. And UKIP has even less.

Even if Tommy weren’t a Catholic, I doubt the Archbishop of Canterbury would intercede on his behalf. And I don’t expect Pope Francis to take an interest in his case.

So who does that leave? Who can hold the government’s feet to the fire?

It’s up to ordinary Britons — and by that I mean people who are descended from those who have inhabited the British Isles for many centuries, including but not limited to the English, the Welsh, the Scots, the Irish, the Cornish, and the Manx — to take to the streets and make their displeasure with their government felt.

Saturday’s demonstration in front of No. 10 was a heartening turnout on such short notice, but a thousand people is not enough. According to Bodissey’s Law*, a minimum of 10,000 demonstrators is necessary before a despotic regime can be persuaded to reverse a significant political decision.

Those 10,000 people don’t have to be violent, but it helps if they are angry. When Cousin Theresa parts the curtains at No. 10 and peers out the window, she needs to see a mass of sullen people packing the street and blocking traffic as far as the eye can see in both directions. That will help focus her attention.

And it needs to happen over and over again, with increasing numbers each time, until the Powers That Be begin to fear for the continued tenure of their well-upholstered rumps in their customary seats. Then, and only then, will they reluctantly reverse their ill-considered course.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The problem is getting Tommy out of prison before they kill him. As of right now (May 27, 2018 at 9:17pm EDT), it’s still not clear whether there are enough British patriots who are willing to risk their careers, their savings, their freedom (such as it is) and possibly their lives by taking it to the street on behalf of their endangered fellow British patriot.

Fortunately, the news of Tommy’s arrest has spread far beyond the nook-shotten Isle of Albion. Yesterday I saw it in the German, Swedish, and Danish news. And today Tommy made it to the top the Drudge Report, which may have the greatest reach of any news-aggregating site on the Internet. There was a photo of Tommy with three accompanying links, one of them to this lengthy Fox News story.

So America is well aware of what is happening to Tommy. But I doubt that will be enough. Even a phone call from President Trump to Prime Minister May on Tommy’s behalf would probably not be sufficient.

This time it’s up to the British people to vote with their feet on the street.

Are there enough of them left to constitute a quorum?

*   The choice of 10,000 as the significant minimum for Bodissey’s Law (which I just invented yesterday) is not capricious, but rather based on the precedent set back in 2009 by Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed — better known to his adoring fans as Lord Ahmed — who managed to prevent Geert Wilders from showing Fitna in the House of Lords by threatening to mobilize 10,000 angry Muslims on the street outside Parliament. That magic number was enough to set well-tailored limbs a-trembling in Whitehall.

62 thoughts on “It’s Come to This

  1. Someone please enlighten me. Why are the Tories “neck-deep in the conspiracy?” What’s in it for them if Britain is Islamized?

    • Since 1973, British politicians have been bought and paid for with Gulf arab funds.

      • Exactly! The Arabs run UK and we agreed with Europe to become a Moslem nation under the Barcelona process. Look it up!Many of our elite are kiddy fiddlers too. Riddled with them, as is the Church. Which is why we left and set up an Independent Anglo Catholic Ministry free of this filth. For 15 years and more we have waged a counter jihad crusade and only now is it producing fruit. Even more effort will be needed to finally remove this awful regime and its satanic cult followers.
        May is appointing Moslems to power in a coup to save her skin and the Islamic status quo. The seat of the real swamp is in London and its corruption based upon drugs and Russian money among a clutch of cash laundering.

      • That is right.

        However I think we have to look from around the beginning of that century to understand the deeper concessions that have been made. I am still reading and puzzling it through, trying to pinpoint the various pivotal decisions that have been made that have helped lead us to where we are now.

        It is very hard to get a proper grasp on how influence flows nowadays as a lot of it takes place by informal agreement, where public enactment is proof of ability and loyalty, whatever that loyalty would be.

        So sometimes I have this terrible feeling that the public are no more than chips in someone else’s game, something to cajole in the wanted direction.

        That does not bode well.

    • The elite decided, that the way out of the FIAT money collapse is an islamized neo-fedualistic society, where the doctrine of Islam will serves their perpetual ruling.

    • The same thing that is wrong with American RINOs. They are filling their pockets with both hands as fast as they can as long as they can and damn the country. This is why the Republican Party is useless. Why do they pass bottomless omnibus bills funding Planned Parenthood when their base deplores it? Why are they caving one at a time to amnesty? The same reason. They are thoroughly corrupt. The party they serve is the Corrupt Party – same here as in England.

    • I think they are part of the globalist cabal. The migrations are happening to undermine nation states. They are not for Britain, they are for one world government. The Islamists play an important role in bring their plans to fruition.

    • What’s in it for them is that they will convert to Islam and complete their decades-long project of looting the nation.

  2. If anyone can get May’s attention outside the UK, it might well be Trump. She owes him for siding with her on the Russian poisoning case when few others did.

    Besides, he’s on a roll regarding setting prisoners free and he obviously enjoys it.

    But first, someone would have to get Trump’s attention.

    RE: Britons. There are plenty of non-white, loyal Brits who should be encouraged to step up. After all, the Muslims will have them on the same kill list as Anglos. Many of them have assimilated to the extent they’ve been permitted to do so in class-riven England.

    • Luckily, he may be aware of the situation. Don Jr. just posted “Reason #1776 for the original Brexit” regarding TR. (A rather amusing title, and this gives me hope that Trump might come out on this.)

  3. ‘And it needs to happen over and over again, with increasing numbers each time, until the Powers That Be begin to fear for the continued tenure of their well-upholstered rumps in their customary seats.’

    If enough of the British people wake up in time and are willing to make some sacrifices to preserve their traditional liberties and culture there is an old method they should try. They have to split the coalition of greedy globalists and the leftist useless idiots. Make the greedsters fear for their ill-gotten gains. Refer to the year 1926. It’s called a general strike. Apply the slogan we old college protestors shouted back in the Vietnam days to the entire country. ‘On strike shut it down.’

    • I’m inclined to agree with this. What can the authorities do if the people bring the country to a complete grinding halt? Lock everyone up? I think not. There is no need to spill blood; just threaten their bank accounts. Essentially, make them an offer they can’t refuse – Free Tommy Robinson and ban Islam, or you all go down in metaphorical flames.

      • PS: I think this could be a good moment for the people to take action – Tommy Robinson (one of their own) thrown in prison on a trumped-up charge, just days before Anjem Choudary (Muslim hate-preacher and Jihad-fanatic) is released on a trumped-up excuse.

      • Those that were there, the common man and woman, they fought and died to maintain their freedom and so ours, no more no less.

        There is endless history full of blame and manipulation, due and undue and of all kinds.

        But the truth is much simpler, average people dedicated their existence to defending that which they loved and cherished, and many of them paid the ultimate price in doing so.

        At the very least we owe them that recognition and respect, and that in turn obliges us to be vigilant that their achievement is not carelessly undone and forgotten.

        What would we be otherwise, just hypocritical parasites feasting on their sacrifice leaving nothing of recognisable value for their descendents or ours.

        Lest we forget.

  4. By definition, a police state exists in spite of the wishes of the population. A police state uses organized armed force, rather than popular opinion, to remain in existence and pursue its policies.

    Police states in Muslim countries are good. They suppress the Muslim impetus towards sharia law, which is medieval and devastating of progress and human rights. Of course, you can have the police state like Iran, which enforces Muslim control jealously against any dissent.

    The fact that the British government feels compelled to take such draconian measures against expression of dissent shows the government feels itself on thin ice. It is an illegitimate government, elected through political corruption and a rigged system, totally unreflective of the will of the electorate. And yet, unless there are massive street demonstrations actually threatening the legitimacy and physical existence of the government, or a military rebellion, the present government might prevail through its possession of superior force. This is a poignant, explanation, by the way, for the government’s draconian hysteria against any sort of gun ownership for defensive purposes.

    The leftist governments in Europe, like the Democrats in the US, are trying to run out the clock by preventing any major upheaval until the frenetic immigration tips the majority vote to favor socialist, oppressive nanny states.

    The insane, reality-disconnected sputtering of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton indicate that in some cases at least, the ruling oligarch class actually believes its own propaganda. It’s like Hillary, architect of one of the most blatant and lucrative cases of Russian or foreign bribery of a US public official in history for the Uranium One transaction, actually believes Trump is a traitor for his unprovable collusions with Russia. I guess the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” describes it as well as anything.

    All to say that, unfortunately, for all practical purposes, Robinson might be dealing with all-powerful bureaucrats not playing with a full deck.

    • Very well said Ronald B, you’re right we are dealing with deranged, entrenched bureaucrats. Unfortunately they aren’t in the mental institutions where they belong, but in control of government agencies, the police, and the media.

      Outside of a mass public display to overthrow and oust these entrenched bureaucrats, the suicidal decline of Great Britain will continue. This is a major test for individual freedom, and whatever it takes the government needs a check, a setback, a reversal.

      England the home and inspiration for our government limiting constitution has become a diseased, rotting bureaucracy. Nothing ever gets better, only worse.

    • Baron: “The façade of liberal democracy is still being maintained everywhere, but the institution itself is actually a corpse…”
      Ronald: “It is an illegitimate government, elected through political corruption and a rigged system, totally unreflective of the will of the electorate…”

      Elections are rigged and defeats for the establishment (Trump, Brexit) have came about only through establishment’ over-confidence.

  5. Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment is an important milestone in the counter jihad.
    It must not go unnoticed or un-acted upon. It is time to go full tilt against the powers that be, whom have brought this about. Prevail upon Trump to have him released.
    He is a political prisoner, imprisoned by the globalists. He must be freed. He has been imprisoned to be murdered by the mohammedans. We all must do what we can to free him. I will be writing the British Consulate in the morning, to voice my thoughts on his sentencing.
    Bert in Canada

  6. I am keeping Tommy’s wife, his children and his long-suffering mother in my prayers. They must be devastated.

  7. “The façade of liberal democracy is still being maintained everywhere, but the institution itself is actually a corpse.”

    That is an excellent summing-up of the reality of the Western world. It used to be called ‘the free world’. It no longer is.

  8. Ignore “who” is involved. It’s “what” has happened that should terrify every single British citizen.

    Peel back the layers here and what is visible is that any British person can be imprisoned for political reasons, nothing whatsoever to do with justice, the rule of law or the publics interest.

    We really can just be imprisoned for “nothing”.

    On a legal basis how can there have been a breach of the peace when there was no breach of the peace? Surely an allegation of committing a crime should be tested in a court to determine its validity – or are British people no longer allowed the right to a fair trial?

    Even if a person were remanded in prison in such circumstances, awaiting a court case – alleged to have broken the conditions of a suspended sentence would it be appropriate that for such an offence, as would normally not even result in a appearance in court – that bail would be denied?

    Only if you are Tommy Robinson – or any other British citizen if this misuse of authority is allowed to become a precedent.

    We allow our fellow citizens to be imprisoned for political reasons at our own peril. Agree – or else!

    • The term is ‘action likely to cause a breach of the peace’ which is a catch-all. Even a peaceful act can be interpreted as an action likely to cause a breach.

    • Yes Mr Spahn – we Brits really have been conned about the nature of this country. What a crooked unprincipled hypocritical [sump] it is.

  9. I’m hazy about the details, but isn’t there a mechanism to petition the WH and force them to deal with an issue that got 50,000 signatures? Would this work to get Trump’s attention, and would non-US signatures count?

    • I’m thinking that Tommy must apply for ASYLUM in the USA!!

      Every year tens of thousands of illegal [persons of questionable character] from all over the world manage to get admitted to the US and all the Government benefits paid for by the taxpayers, simply by claiming their own miserable countries are too dangerous.


  10. Tommy may be Catholic (I didn’t know, or care), but in many ways, he has more in common with the DUP in Northern Ireland, at this point.

    I suspect that if political pressure is to be successful, the DUP will have to be a part of it, as they have the power to bring May down at this point.

    If this is what things are like under the Tories in the UK, I’m fairly sure that the place is done. Make no mistake, leftist brainwashing has done more of the damage than islamism, too. Islamism has only been a secondary factor so far, but if things continue on this track, it will be what prevents an eventual coming-to-the-sense and recovery. At this point, I don’t see good solutions, only less bad ones.

    This is what Eastern Europe must have felt like in 1946, as the Russians were engineering communist takeovers in their occupied zone.

    • “this is what eastern Europe must have felt like in 1946, as the Russians were engineering communist takeovers in their occupied zone.”

      Who […] do you think is engineering the takeovers of European countries today? the muslims are just pawns in the communists’ game. The muslims serve as the communists’ proxy army to do the terrible things to you that the communists want to do.

    • “If this is what things are like under the Tories in the UK, I’m fairly sure that the place is done.”

      That is the scary part. If things are the way they are now, I don’t want to imagine how it will be if Corbyn gets to n.10 and goes full communist.

      • How would you be able to tell the difference between them.

        “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”, ergo Brits are FREE indeed.

    • Oops, this was my post. Overlooked the name field didn’t get auto-filled.

  11. I am of the conviction that nothing of significance will happen until a large protest takes place outside Parliament itself, although even 10,000 may not be enough unless they’re prepared to react immediately with extreme violence to the inevitable violence of the police and are consequently prepared to take serious casualties.

    In 2004 the Countryside Alliance were peacefully protesting Blair’s hunting ban outside Parliament yet despite their huge numbers and non-violence the STAPO waded in and proceeded to beat them to pulp – men, women, young people none of whom were trying to fight them and were simply trapped at the front of the demo.
    Look closely at the lead photo in the article below and observe the sadistic glee of the police thugs as they wield their batons…having first removed their badges and identities of course.

    Next time around there will be armed State thugs there as well, ready to shoot to kill, so only a huge determined body moving forward fast with those in the front wearing motorcycle helmets and some form of body protection/padding and whatever other personal protection they can muster, and perhaps even carrying weapons of their own, will be able to overwhelm the UK SS, now in all but name the enforcement arm of Khan’s Caliphate, and thus make citizens arrests…or whatever.

    Without doubt, the best solution for all would be to avoid such a debacle until the biomass of freedom fighters is so huge that the Establishment and its enforcement arms dare do nothing and thus the people then get their freedom back.

    However, an outcome such as this is unlikely, the tyrants that rule us will not give up so easily – you must look deep into your souls and decide accordingly. That is advice.

    • The British Establishment has been ignoring the ordinary folk with impunity since at least 1381.

      No wonder 1776!

      I know that here is not the place for preaching, but without the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob we are lost. The British have been slowly and determinedly turning their backs on Him for at least four generations.

    • Contrast the treatment the hunt protesters received with that given to the poppy-burning Muslim protesters in Luton that set Tommy Robinson in motion..

  12. Yes, we all love and respect him, but I just don’t understand why as a family man, he decided to take the poor risk of live streaming in front of this court case location with his probation against him etc.,; he is not more valuable to our cause locked up in jail. He seems really to be fearless, but it is going to catch up to him in a bad way, and yet he seems to thrive on this kind of attention and danger to himself. Maybe, he wants to go down as a martyr.
    You guys can jump all over me if you want for this post, but what I say is clear as day.

    • Tommy does what needs to be done by hundreds of thousands of others. In this fight for freedom, there is no “family man”.

      I fully understand your point, Gretel, for as a mother, I often feel the same. But this is how our freedom ends: we are waiting for someone to step up to the plate and while we are waiting, it’s game over.

      Tommy is stepping up to plate.

      Bless his family. They are sacrificing as much as Tommy is.

  13. I’m aware of Tommy Robinson, and I admire what I’ve seen of him so far here and there. But before I go all-in in support of him, I want to make sure he’s a man of high character. Is there any adverse side to TR of which I/we should be aware?

    • He is surely no angel. Read his book. He details it all in there.
      It’s also a way to support him.

  14. Do not expect Trumpolino to do anything for Tommy Robinson. Trumpolino is simply an ” opportunist ” who recognized which way the disgruntled American public was going ; grabbed the baton….and ran to the head of the parade. He serves to provide a False Hope to Americans ; while the Deep State establishes more control. His feckless Syrian bombings and endorsement of the UK government in Scripal issue are all the evidence necessary to see him for the fraud that he is.

    • Francis Reps, whoever you are, you have no idea [what in the world] you are talking about.

      Our President Trump is the greatest freedom fighter to ever get elected in our country.

      Tommy Robinson’s best hope would be to have someone from his organization make contact with someone in the Trump Administration and petition to have Tommy petition for refugee status.

      • May would just love that. Get that pesky TR out of the way. Whisk him off to the US where he can disappear in the huddled masses never to be heard from again.

  15. Tommy Robinson’s plight reminds me of the Soviet imprisonment of refuseniks and other dissidents. I guess it’s time for is a new UK Rights Watch Committee. I doubt that today’s Human Rights Watch would go for it, so it would have to be an outside effort.

  16. Whatever anyone tries to do I would say, what did the IRA accomplish in the end with their tactics? I think the authorities will wait out the emotion or offer some meaningless conciliation that only delays the inevitable. So whatever ideas precipitate that should be a consideration.

  17. Both Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Queen’s Counsel Geoffrey Marson are responsible and complicit with the rape, muders and illegal Human Trafficking operations under their jurisdictions. Both are responsible for the ordered media censorship on the illegal arrest and disappearance of the British hero Tommy Robinson. They are responsible and complicit in the oppression and persecution of British Subjects living within their jurisdictions. They are the ones giving out orders to suppress, censor, and snatch British Subjects off of the streets in a manner similar to the KGB, the STASI, and the GESTAPO of past totalitarian regimes. Their actions and attitudes relate to those operating outside the purview of Human Rights which they give only lip service to. In fact they are totalitarian in how they operate pursuant to their agenda to force a clash of civilizations. They are why my ancestors and millions of others sought refuge from them on foreign lands far from their reach. For that I am eternally grateful to them. For they are the examples why the good people are forced to revolt, rebel and riot to use violence against such evil tyranny. Will the British ever fight against their oppressors? No they won’t. Ever. Only if several of their Lords and assorted “nobles” decide to act will anything happen and I’m not seeing anything from any of them. Because they care nothing for the Tommy Robinsons of Britain.

    • Tommy must petition the US for asylum. That is the only answer.

  18. How about drawing up a petition to Queen Elizabeth that will be signed by all those of English (Anglo, Saxon, Celtic, Welsh, Scots et al) descent for Tommy to be freed from prison and be allowed to present his case directly before the Crown. In other words, an appeal to Caesar, such as she is. At the very least the Crown’s response will tell us how far the rot has progressed. Personally, as a Welshman who insists upon folks earning their keep, it is high time that the Crown be something more than the figure head that it has been for the 50 (really) odd years.

  19. i quit uk in 80s, it was stop search harrasement in central london. stupidly i returned in 2013 visit.

    i was detained. at southend airport fot over hour, under “schedule 7” why? i dont know. im musician.
    very very scary. i was interrogated under threat of arrest.
    released. i wont b returning to uk.
    i prey milions uk people storm the gov buildings. overrun the stasi coppers. leave it all in ruins. the uk is finnished.
    only revolution abd the capture of the people who destroyed my country will be enough.
    i prey the gallows will be busy swinging with uk lefties. politico traitors. sjw traitors. feminists. round them all up. now!

    • what you urge is what the communists want. if you are going to revolt you better know damn sure who to revolt against. it you topple the government and leave the communists in place you will create a worse country they what you have now.

      • You need to read my message, friend. It clearly states leftists, commie traitors, marxists, the enemy in the UK is probably 50% of the population. A brainwashed herds of fools.

        The Marxist beaucrats are the architects of the unfolding madness.

        [Admin: Provocative language deleted]

        This war will be worse than any others.

  20. I would like to support the conclusion in your article, ie feet on the ground in large numbers, several speakers at the rallies these last 3 days in support of Tommy have been urging people to get behind ukip or other political parties. This is unfortunately leading people into a blind alley, we don’t have the time, demographics are against us, and in any case look what has happened in Italy, over 60 % of the Italian people voted for change, and what do they get, an aged banker from the IMF who is going to carry out the globalists agenda come what may. Think on it !

  21. The best thing we can do is publicly name and locate the cops and authorities who did this. They need to have their cover and hidey-holes uncovered. Even if nobody targets them, they will feel the fear and exposure.

    The state acts with impunity because they do not feel fear. The fear of being targeted. This needs to change:
    Once Upon a Time in Chicago:
    Noises in the Dark:

  22. I am afraid the British are a very long ways away from rising up and taking the streets on any political issue. They are fat and comfortable and parked in front of the telly eating fish and chips and watching the football game. They may bitch about taxes or crime or how the NHS was better a decade ago or the EU but Tommy Robinson or free speech or freedom of the press are not things that activate them and they wouldn’t want to thought a racist for supporting some extremist. Tommy is radioactive. Say a prayer for him because only God can protect him.

  23. To anyone connected with Tommy who reads this blog, I am trying to get the word out.

    I think the only hope is for Tommy to apply for asylum in the USA.

    He has a lot of support in our country. Maybe someone could get to President Trump- I think he would be sympathetic.

    I don’t think we can get 10,000 people to demonstrate. People are too afraid. Not everyone can afford to maybe lose their home, their money or their life.

    Hope and pray Tommy has a top notch legal team. #FREETOMMYROBINSON

  24. Regardless of Tommy’s fate, this will not be enough to spark the wave of unrest that could challenge the politicians and their minions but it will be a significant milestone; there is no doubt the government has shown very poor judgment and will remember this as the day the tide finally started to turn. To those who are pessimistic and fearful – do not be, because it is not necessary to galvanize everybody. No popular uprising had everybody’s support or participation, and, in fact, it was only large enough crowds of working class people or peasants, that forced governments to change policy. We don’t need every Englishman to be a hero, just enough of them to make those in power understand that they will never get a good night’s sleep again. I believe that there will be freedom fighters amongst the British, even among the Black, Indian and other non-Muslim communities, and it will only take a couple of more stupid mistakes by the arrogant elites to kick start popular resistance. Parallel to this phenomenon, we will be able to follow the fate of another arrogant buffoon, President Mattarella of Italy, who spits on the overwhelming wishes of the Italian electorate. Interesting times, indeed.

  25. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?”

    Their faces are clearly seen in the video.

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