Diana West: The Soviet Union, Fellow Travelers, Useful Idiots, and Islam

Most readers will be familiar with the work of Diana West and the controversy over her ground-breaking book American Betrayal (for those who aren’t, see the Diana West Archives).

In the following interview Ms. West talks about Soviet influence at the highest levels of the United States government, and how it pertains to the current infiltration of Islam in the West.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading this video:

17 thoughts on “Diana West: The Soviet Union, Fellow Travelers, Useful Idiots, and Islam

  1. I am unable to watch the video, the message says ‘ this video is unavailable’. Has it been censored here in England?

    • There were technical problems with the credits at the end. Vlad wanted to fix it and put up a new one (which requires a change of URL), but it wasn’t ready before I went to bed last night. He must have pulled the old one after the new one was ready. Anyway, I’ve changed the URL in the embed, so a refresh of the page should allow you to see it.

  2. Frankly I see this as the dubious right-wing equivalent of the Loony Left’s increasingly discredited Mueller probe and the Trump-Russia conspiracy claptrap.

    • It’s not censorship in this particular case, however. It was a technical issue that forced Vlad to replace the original version. See my explanation further up in this thread.

  3. When trying to play this video, I get a message saying “This video is unavailable.” Is this fixable?
    But when going to the Vlad Tepes blog, this 36-minute video is watchable.

  4. It’s always good to be reminded of the big picture and West does that very well. By the way, I watched it in UK and just had some sound problems.

  5. I have and have read your books, “Death Of The Grwn…” and “Betrayal.” In that order. Thank you very much for your work.

  6. I appreciate the dedication and hard work of Diana West. The details of her book “Betrayal” gave me a massive amount of information to help formulate my view of history, particularly the history of US actions during World War II.

    Her assertion that the left is the overlord of Islam doesn’t ring true to me. While leftism and cultural Marxism do yeoman’s work in softening the West for Islam, and the analogy to the left being like the HIV virus is spot on, Islam itself is a far more focused ideology and movement than communism. Islam was aggressive and expansionist long before Marxism existed.

    You have variants of communism, Leninism, Trokskyism, Maoism, etc claiming that the other variants don’t work because they didn’t really implement Marxism. But, you never heard an Islamist say Islam didn’t work because Islam wasn’t really implemented. In other words, Islamists, that is, Muslims, do not use an empirical lens when viewing Islam. The objective is to implement Sharia law, not to obtain social justice or greater prosperity. So, this fanatic, simple focus is what allows Islam to blow communism out of the water every time they conflict.

    I would also observe that the terror groups West refers to, even including the PLO, inspired, trained, and likely directed by Russia, are actually not terribly Islamic. Hamas broke off from the PLO, beat the pants off the PLO in Gaza, and Hamas is truly Islamic.

    West’s observations about the control by Russia over Al Qaeda need more support, to say the least. Why would Russian intelligence support and control a network killing thousands of Russian soldiers in the rebellion? Perhaps the al-Qaeda network was not all that influential in the Afghan Islamist war, that was actually driven by Afghan nationalism, the emerging Islamic consciousness, and the bureaucrats of the US intelligence establishment, always looking for fresh ways to improve their flow of funds.

    Again, if Putin is not a Russian nationalist, why are the globalist leftists of the US establishment so keen to slap embargoes on Russia and ring it with missile emplacements? Putin is not dancing according to the West, or to Western nationalists. He may or may not put Russian interests above all else. His view of Russian interests may not correspond with ours. In any case, it’s up to the West to protect itself, without relying on the goodwill or supposed views of Putin.

    May I take this opportunity to go over some old ground. West’s research is not subject to question. The facts in her book are based on actual records of the FBI and KGB, and were actually exposed by earlier writers. West put everything together with her claim that communists infiltrated the Western governments, not only to collect intelligence, but to actually influence policy. This is the reason she refers to the Russian and communist intelligence network as an army of occupation.

    The real question is, did US officials during World War II make their decisions because of loyalty to Russian intelligence, or because of a fear that Russia would make an accord with Stalin and pull out of the war before total victory? I think that particular argument is far from settled.

  7. I agree with everything she says except the bit at the end about Putin being neither a Christian nor a nationalist.

    The fact this that the only Western nation who supported the Serbs(Christians) against the Muslims preying on them( in the Balkans) was Russia.

    We (the West) should have supported the Serbs but anxious not to be seen as Islamophobic we instead supported Islam against the our fellow Christians( the Serbs).

    The Serbs were betrayed by the ( by the so-called Christian )West.And that is sufficient proof to me, that Russia is no longer our enemy but our friend.

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