Congo on the Rhine

As we posted earlier this month, Beatrix von Storch, the Deputy Leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), made the a video in response to an incident at an asylum facility in the southern German town of Ellwangen, where a couple of hundred African migrants attacked the police when the latter attempted to deport a Togolese asylum seeker. The police were forced to flee, and it wasn’t until a couple of days later that the authorities returned with overwhelming force and successfully rousted the troublesome culture-enricher.

Oz-Rita, who translated and subtitled the von Storch video, has posted a follow-up as part of a piece called “The Congo Rules the Rhein”. It includes a translation of an article about Ellwangen that Dr. Alice Weidel, the co-leader of the AfD, posted on her Facebook page:

Asylum seekers from Ellwangen
demonstrate against the police!
The height of insolence!

That knocks the bottom out of the barrel: In Ellwangen, so-called refugees from Africa demonstrated yesterday against the police operation last week. On May 3, 200 residents of the same asylum shelter charged patrolmen and so blackmailed the release of a Togolese man who had to leave the country. Meanwhile it became known that he could easily return to Germany after his deportation to Italy.

The audacity with which asylum seekers can now act is hard to believe. There is no sense of wrongdoing, instead there is the impertinence to demonstrate against the police after the latter have been violently attacked.

To make matters worse, the Togolese, who provoked the riots against the police, may after his eventual deportation to Italy reenter the country. Italy as the first country that the African entered illegally is also responsible for his deportation.

It is not acceptable for criminals to exploit the system of open borders while the rule of law seems helpless. An asylum seeker who violates the applicable law in a Schengen state must be deported to his or her home country.

3 thoughts on “Congo on the Rhine

  1. The UN and the EU are declaring, or have declared, that the right to immigrate is a human right. That means, if a migrant goes to Italy and doesn’t like it, he has the right to move on to Germany.

    It’s pretty obvious now the mega-national organizations are going to make the normal organization and protections of a nation impossible. The larger countries, like Germany, the US and the UK, are strong enough they can pretty much ignore what they don’t like, but they continue contributing their strength so these organizations can bully the smaller countries.

    As it turns out, the diktats of the EU are reflective of what the German government wishes: to completely cede common-sense control to the rule by bureaucracy. It’s difficult to imagine any country in the 19th century allowing an immigrant to perform blatantly criminal defiance, and allow them to stay in the country.

    • the diktats of the EU are reflective of what the German government wishes: to completely cede common-sense control to the rule by bureaucracy.

      We are smack dab in the middle of rule by the Administrative State. In the U.S., the reign of Robert Mueller proves that. Trump daren’t touch him, though he has long outlived his usefulness – that is, if he ever had any except to keep Obama informed.

      Our Deep State is no less a hall of mirrors than is Brussels, but the American character has sufficiently deviated from its European origins that we may find it easier to slough off than the long memories of centuries of internecine warfare will permit Europe to do. It depends on any number of incidents and accidents. So far, the attempts by the clerisy to bring down Trump aren’t working; their frenzied failures seem to make them double down…

  2. Right to immigrate is a human right? May be, but as usual there are people who are more equal than the others. Have you ever tried to get an immigration Visa to the UK, Germany, Ireland, Canada or the US?

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