Evicting Illegal Migrants from Patras

Greek police are removing migrants from illegal camps in the Peloponnese, which were set up in that location to make it convenient for the migrants to stow away on ferries bound for Italy.

Many thanks to RR for translating this article from the Patras Times:

A major police operation is taking place on Tuesday morning in the Greek city of Patras in the north of the Peloponnese — the police are taking immigrants out of camps illegally established in two abandoned factories, according to the local newspaper Patras Times.

The operation began at dawn, and involved 380 policemen and ten special police units, the report said.

More than 550 people were withdrawn from the Ladopoulos and AVEX factories on the territory of the old port; they are being put on buses and sent to camps for migrants near the city of Achaea, the newspaper writes.

The operation is scheduled to be completed within a day.

Patras is the main transport hub connecting Greece with Italy, and migrants try to get to the port and hide in trucks waiting to be sent to Italy by ferry.

In recent months in Patras there have been constant clashes between various groups of migrants; the criminal situation near the old port has worsened. A few days ago an Afghan man shot and killed a 20-year-old compatriot, after which several cruel fights took place involving dozens of migrants. On Monday evening, there were new clashes between groups of Afghans.

One thought on “Evicting Illegal Migrants from Patras

  1. The government is literally putting a band-aid on a cancer. They are moving the migrants from an immediate point of irritation, and taking them to a camp where there is literally no place for them to go, except into the interior of the country, where they will spread disease, filth, and crime.

    They are not making the real decision: how to get those people out of the country and out of Europe, especially as they have taken the advice of the NGO immigration lawyers, and thrown away their passports.

    I recommend the Israeli solution: assume any migrant without papers is a national of a particular African country, with which Israel has a contract, coincidentally, to transfer a sum to the “government” of said country for every migrant transferred there. As the migrants are now in their home country, it is no longer the Israeli concern what happens to them there.

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