Beatrix von Storch: The State Has Capitulated to Migrant Violence

Beatrix von Storch, Deputy Leader for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), made the following video in response to a particularly egregious example of cultural enrichment in southern Germany. In reaction to an attempt to deport one Togolese asylum seeker, up to 200 African migrants attacked and threatened the police, who caved in and fled the “refugee” accommodation in Ellwangen, a picturesque little town in Baden-Württemberg. It took several days before officials finally responded. Arresting the Togolese culture-enricher required a major operation involving police and special forces.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation and the subtitling:

Here’s a report from The Local about the incident that prompted Beatrix von Storch to make the video:

200 Migrants in South German Town Prevent Deportation of Man to Congo

A police operation took place in Baden-Württemberg after about 200 migrants used force to prevent the deportation of a Congolese man on Tuesday.

The 23-year-old man was to be deported from where he was staying, a refugee accommodation in the small town of Ellwangen.

But the police decided to withdraw after some 200 migrants attempted to prevent the detention, with some of them threatening violence. The three patrols cars saw themselves as outnumbered.

Support from other police forces was nowhere in sight; it would have taken several hours for other forces to organize and arrive on the scene.

The large group of migrants mainly from Africa had surrounded the patrol cars and pestered the police. Some of the men hit the police patrol cars and the vehicles were damaged as a result, reports the Stuttgarter Zeitung (SZ).

A follow-up report from Breitbart:

Police Storm Asylum Home After 150-Strong Migrant Mob Uses Violence to Halt Deportation

Hundreds of police and special forces have raided an asylum centre in Germany after more than 150 of its residents used “aggressive and violent” means to successfully halt a single migrant’s deportation.

With streets around the reception centre in Ellwangen cordoned off, the raid Thursday morning saw three police officers injured, while several asylum seekers suffered injuries trying to escape the property through its windows, local media reports.

And another one from Breitbart:

Germany Vows Tougher Stance on Migrant Deportations

BERLIN (AP) — Hundreds of German police officers raided a refugee shelter in the southern town of Ellwangen on Thursday, days after an angry mob of migrants prevented authorities from deporting a 23-year-old man from Togo.

The massive police operation came as Germany’s top security official presented a new “master plan on migration.”

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer vowed he would do everything he could to clamp down on illegal immigration, speed up asylum procedures and deport rejected asylum-seekers as quickly as possible.

Video transcript:

00:00   The state has surrendered to some
00:04   200 highly aggressive, violent Africans.
00:08   ELLWANGEN will go down in history as the day the state gave up
00:12   Its monopoly on the use of force, because it did not want to
00:16   upset the angry, criminal African mob. Because the mob does not respect our laws,
00:20   and because the mob is stronger, or rather because they let the mob do it.
00:24   The completely irresponsible, blind Welcoming Culture
00:28   has made Germany a country in which the archaic law of the jungle
00:32   will reign from now on. Whoever is a migrant, brutal,
00:37   aggressive or violent, who marauds in hordes and
00:41   defies the police, can prevail.
00:45   Just let’s not be honest citizens who go to work
00:49   pay taxes and pay GZ, and then
00:53   park incorrectly, or pay social security contributions too late,
00:57   then the full force of the law will strike us.
01:01   Law-abiding citizens are thus discriminated
01:05   against because they are in fact subject to different laws than migrants.
01:09   What should happen now?
01:13   These 200 Africans have no right to asylum.
01:18   But they must also have no right to an asylum procedure,
01:22   and no right of appeal, and
01:26   no right to any further support, not one cent, and
01:30   benefits in kind only while in deportation custody… until about the day after tomorrow.
01:34   And then they should be put on a plane and flown out.
01:38   Before that, however, they will please be treated to an identification check and our borders
01:43   will be so protected, that they will not be able to re-enter.
01:47   Only this would be the correct answer. Everything else
01:51   is a capitulation to violence.

Hat tips for the articles: Charles Low and Reader from Chicago.

11 thoughts on “Beatrix von Storch: The State Has Capitulated to Migrant Violence

  1. And yet dare anyone else, in Germany the Germans, in France the French, in Sweden the Swedish, in England the English (because it’s the same, more or less, throughout Europe) step out of line, the full force of the state would be applied, cracking heads if ‘necessary’.

    Can you imagine the mass media outcry had real Europeans behave in this fashion?

  2. “The state” capitulated long ago, in fact is responsible for migration occuring. What we have here is just a sideshow and a headline, where the state eventually “wins” and is seen to be taking action – a distraction for those who like their place in the drama.

  3. Speaking the simple, brutal truth in Germany is like speaking a foreign language. Is the realism of the AfD too late? Can anyone stop the Red Queen from continuing to shout “Off with their heads!”?

  4. The follow up raid with 150 police the following day, does at least show even the Police realized their failure to arrest the “Togoese” man, not only looked bad, but it would emboldened future migrant mayhem. They walked into a trap and were defeated by the savvy use of social media and numbers. The Police all over Europe need to up their game and prevent any future “mob rule” wins. Fail to do that and the streets are lost to the citizens.

    • Most of these economic migrants come from very brutal cultures. They see any show of kindness as outright weakness. The only way out of this mess is to have respective European countries form a kind of special forces to deal with these hordes and come down on them very hard when they step out of line. There really is no alternative at this point.

  5. I can’t help but believe that if any of these countries were invaded by a traditional foreign military that any citizen who resisted with lethal or non-lethal violence would be prosecuted by their own countries at some point. Ask enough prosecutors and judges and you will find some willing to do it.

  6. It’s so obvious what the intelligent course is that it doesn’t need to be discussed. What does need to be discussed is why the German “authorities” (I use the word loosely) decided on blanket protection for the most violent of “asylum seekers”.

    I’ll make one speculation that a major factor in the decline of a civilization is the progressive tendency to try to make laws and government completely consistent with each other. The logician Wittgenstein proved that any complex system has to contain contradictions. It’s like the Uncertainty Principle: counter-intuitive but part of the fabric of time and space.

    In the early stages of a civilization, different regions act more autonomously, and thus, they act more coherently and rationally according to their own principles.

    As a civilization consolidates, broad legal principles, not really justified empirically, become more powerful, and subsuming regional interests. Thus, as a civilization matures, actions based on purely local needs get suppressed, preventing any effective organization for resisting encroachment. In a word, any federal judge can squelch any action on the part of individuals or local governments to deal with the high crime rate of the immigrants.

    We’re left with a system where the most obvious counter-measures are not capable of being implemented. The ability to interfere with sensible government actions is just too widespread and diffuse. The German government would have to take on the form of circa 1860 in order to take appropriate actions against immigrants and their associates/enablers.

    • you realize you just described a dictatorship. dictatorship; the objective of every leftist politician you have put in office. but keep voting for that dole. after the establishment of the dictatorship do germans really think there will be a dole?

  7. Could anyone, clarify, please, (1) whether the man from Togo or wherever it is (conflicting reports) has at this point been expelled from Germany and (2) whether any charges of riotous assembly/criminal damage have already been brought or whether police and prosecutors are still in the early stages with regard to this. No need to bring in Sherlock Holmes here: where the “suspected” perpetrators live and who they are is already known.

  8. the government didn’t capitulate, this is what the people in your government brought the colonists to your country to do. the colonists are going to supply your leftist politicians with the reason to take your freedom away, if you have any left. but keep voting for the dole, it is much more important then freedom.

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