A Special Request

For those of you who enjoyed El Inglés’ recent essays, I have a special request: that you make a contribution to him for his work.

The easiest way would be PayPal but many of you don’t use PP. Thus, I propose a work-around for those donors, also.


For any who can’t (or won’t) use PayPal, we’ll take on the challenge of making sure your donations sent via snail mail reach him. This will be roundabout, since you’ll have to contact us for our address and we, in turn, will have to forward any donations that come in this way. That means we’ll be collecting them, letting you know your gift arrived and then making a PayPal donation directly to El Ingles in a lump sum… or several lumpish amounts.

Given the level of comments on his posts, I am sure many of you are willing to contribute a modest sum to permit him to continue his modest mode of living.

From the man himself:

I would like to express my thanks to all those who have participated in the discussion prompted by the threepart essay I recently posted. I have read most of the many comments, spread across various threads, that people have been kind enough to contribute. The discussion they constitute is too long and complex for me to respond to coherently here and now. Nonetheless, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have engaged intellectually with what I wrote.

If you feel that the essay in question, or, indeed, any of my other essays, has been of value to you, I would ask you again to consider making a small donation to my social welfare fund via the PayPal link on this page. All donations are appreciated and will make it more likely that El Inglés will produce further writings in the future. Again, my thanks to those who contributed to the discussion of my essay, whether they agreed with it, disagreed with it, or, as is more probable, were somewhere in the middle…

13 thoughts on “A Special Request

  1. Feeling slightly more flush than usual; tried to donate by debit card, but coudn’t without giving my ‘phone no, which is unusual and obtrusive. Can I send it to you guys for forwarding please?

      • Just done, thanks. I’d quite forgotten that a mobile number is required for donations to “Gates”; guess I’m more inclined to trust you folks- no offence to El Ingles!

        It would be interesting to know the origin of his alias; there’s a department store chain in Spain and Portugal called “El Corte Ingles”, ie “The English Cut”, a reference to men’s tailoring, something I did fifty years ago!

  2. I would just like to mention something, at this late stage, which never came up in the discussions and that is El Ingles’ droll delivery. Apart from anything else his three articles were very, very funny and had me laughing out loud over my muesli. The humour he managed to inject into a grim subject was much appreciated.

    “Who next? The Somalis. They don’t even make curry.”

    • You know the old joke:
      Let’s go out for Ethiopian food.
      I didn’t know Ethiopians ate food…

      • My favorite ethnic food joke, delivered waay back in the 20th century by an improbably young and nervous Richard Pryor:

        Q: What do you get when you eat Chinese and German food in the same meal(besides indigestion)?

        A: an hour later you’re hungry for power.

  3. I’m one of those who refuses to have a PayPal account. I closed my account when PayPal arbitrarily and destructively canceled the account of Vdare, not only interrupting their cash flow, but destroying their contributor list.

    I believe PayPal should be legally liable for the damages, including attorney fees and loss of business revenue, for interruption of business due to political reasons. I feel the same with Facebook and YouTube. I don’t think the government should interfere with their choices to filter content, but an abuse of a real or implied contract should bring financial consequences.

    I’m well aware that the lengthy obscure, tedious, and unreadable legal jargon everyone is required to agree to, contains permission for PayPal or YouTube or whoever, to do anything they want and act in any way they wish. It is a fundamental principle of law that a contract cannot invalidate certain legal requirements of the law.

    I’m considering changing my banks, since Bank of America is canceling the accounts of gun dealers and manufacturers. It’s a royal burden, though, because all my accounts, payees, and money transfers are already set up. By the way, I don’t believe in boycotts because you disagree with a business politically, or even the support they give to causes I loath. I would not boycott Starbucks. even though they make a point to hire illegal aliens, and caved in to the two black trespassers who claimed special privilege to lounge around because they were black. The reason I would cancel my Bank of America account is because Bank of America is denying services to businesses they disagree with. This goes into the conduct of their business, rather than supporting a political view, and thus justifies withdrawing my account from them.

    I might as well share that my biggest concern for technopoly abuse is Amazon. They hold all the books I have bought from them in their cloud library. I’m sure their contract permits them to delete any books, should they be inclined to do so, and refund the purchase price. The damage to losing access to so many books I’ve used for reference and information would be far more than the purchase price.

    • I agree re Amazon. It has made things so easy to buy merchandise…at least they can’t come get my leggings. I hope. But their Alexa thingie is positively creepy. Are people truly that lazy? This makes the marching morons look like the soul of discernment.

      As for Bank of America, they left us a few years back. Sold the building, accounts, etc., to a Virginia bank. Because it *wasn’t* another national bank, we decided to stay…

      BTW, I read somewhere that Amazon had bought Abe Books. Truly depressing.

      Amazon may send us back to trekking to the local hardware places and bookstores.

      • I just bought something today from Amazon with my “credit balance” of $45 and change. It seems that we signed up for Showtime or Starz, I forget, and that they have been charging us $8.99/month. I kept paying the bill thinking that my husband was buying movies. When I finally asked him about it he claimed he hadn’t bought a single movie.
        Long story short, if you have an Amazon credit card look it over carefully.

      • Alexa will be very helpful to future generations of school and college students, the ones who can’t read. Come to think of it, it’s already ……….. .

  4. Baron – if he is resident in the UK surely a simpler way could be found without disclosing any personal information!

    • I don’t know where he is at the moment — “an undisclosed location” is always the best address. He isn’t always in the UK.

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