It’s Soylent Green in the Land of the Whiteys

H. Numan’s latest essay concerns the 21st-century apogee of Progressive Dutch Multiculture.

It’s Soylent Green in the land of the whiteys

by H. Numan

Let’s begin with the last: the land of the whiteys. That is now The Netherlands, and it’s official. The public broadcasting board NOS (you can easily see this as our equivalent of the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda) has decided to call people of Caucasian extraction white people.

Dutch and English are very closely related. In fact, Dutch is closest related language to English after Frisian. We share a lot of words, too. Some of our shared words can have different meanings. We use the word ‘blank’ for white people, where English would use Caucasian. In Dutch the word ‘blank’ can also mean cream or off-white colored (blanke vla = cream colored/off-white pudding) or empty (een blank gezicht = a blank face). But usually it is used to describe a white person, and has no attached positive or negative meanings.

Enter the NOS. Which means to enter the maze of complexity called the Dutch Broadcasting System. The famous labyrinth in Knossos is a walk in the park with guided directions… When radio was invented, the Dutch lived in the ‘pillared society’.

People of different religions or political conviction lived next to each other without much interaction. I was born catholic. That means my parents called for an RC midwife. They were living in the RC housing estate. My dad worked as a civil servant, otherwise he would have worked for an RC employer. My sister and I went to an RC kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, and when my father got ill, he was taken to an RC hospital. Much later he died, and you guessed it: he was buried in an RC cemetery by an RC undertaker. I joined the RC boy scouts, and we were, of course, a member of the KRO, the RC broadcaster (KRO = Katholieke Radio Omroep). My parents voted for the RC party (KVP) and later on, when the KVP merged into the CDA, for that party. There was very little interaction with people of different faiths. We didn’t hate them; we mainly ignored them. They were the people living next door. You just said, ‘Hi, how are you?’ Nothing more. I don’t recall as a lad that we ever visited someone who was not RC.

Every pillar — the RC, several branches of Protestantism, socialism and liberalism — had its own system. That included a public broadcasting corporation. In those days the government controlled the media and didn’t allow commercial broadcasting. I don’t recall advertising on the radio, but I was a wee lad back then. When television came along, small blocks of ads were shown before and after the news and nowhere else. As kids we really liked the ‘STER reclame’. The broadcasting corporations were funded with a radio/TV tax and subscriptions. They had the monopoly on TV guides, and protected that source of income fiercely.

During the ’70s and ’80s that pillared society disappeared. You might also say that the socialist and liberal pillars absorbed the others and all became multicultural. The monopoly on TV guides was fought in court and abolished. Essentially by then the only reason to belong to a broadcasting society was exactly that TV guide. Cable TV came along with many foreign channels. And the Dutch broadcasting system changed completely. Now it modeled itself on American 24/7 TV with full advertising in the programs. And commercial radio and TV were permitted.

This whole system was managed by the NRU (Nederlandse Radio Unie), renamed into NTS (T for Television) and again into NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) which it is today. Mind you, it was a managerial organization, not a real broadcasting corporation. At first they only broadcasted the national news with the advertising blocks, plus some major events that couldn’t be handled by broadcasters alone. But then they very quickly grew in size and importance and are now a real broadcasting corporation. The one that controls everything.

The NOS is supposedly neutral, but in reality extremely left-wing. Attempts to set up a conservative broadcaster have failed. Either they “didn’t meet the requirements” or were bribed into the (progressive) system. POW Ned is a good example. The very popular blog set it up, as a counter to left wing propaganda. Very quickly Pow Ned accepted extensive funds to set up shop, but those funds came with conditions… In essence they were bribed not to broadcast anything offensive. Geenstijl no longer supports Pow Ned, mainly for that reason.

You may think there are a lot of different stations, but that is a kind of North Korean difference. The different public broadcasters were merged into much larger entities, where — surprise, surprise — anyone who was not extremely progressive was removed. What you see on one station is exactly the same as what you see on another. So yes, we do have variety. But it’s station KIM 1, KIM 2 and KIM 3 up to KIM 12 or 14, I think. The programs are shared, the presenters are shared, but the contents is invariably the extreme-left fringe of progressiveness.

That NOS now decided that all public broadcasting organizations can no longer use the word ‘blank’ but have to use the word ‘white’. According to them, the word ‘blank’ confers too much positiveness. As they see it, when they use the word ‘blank’ or ‘blanke’ it implies ‘the right type of person’, better education, lower crime rates, reliability, etc. That is why they officially started to use the word ‘wit’ (white) instead.

What the NOS very carefully not says is that ‘wit’ in Dutch language infers the exact opposite. The Dutch never use the word ‘wit’ in relation with race other than very negative slang. ‘Wit’ can be translated directly as ‘whitey’. That word is a plain insult in American English. Perhaps they can rename Holland “Honkyland”? A heck of a lot of whiteys live there. Just a suggestion, mind you.

Now Soylent Green. The government is keen to get hold of your remains for recycling. Despite a lot of effort there are not enough medical donors. Too many people are on waiting lists for transplants. So, what can you do? Toss a large bag of money on another failing campaign? Possible, but a party found a much cheaper solution. D66 (Democrats of 1966) came with the brilliant idea of turning the system around. At present transplants can only be taken from people who signed in on the donor list. Anyone who doesn’t carry a note stating they allow their body to be used for transplants cannot be used. Body parts can only be taken from people who signed in.

What the easy simple solution? You turn it around. From now on you don’t need to carry a note giving permission. You need to carry a note refusing permission. If you don’t carry that refusal note, you automatically grant permission. Which effectively means the government can use whatever body parts they want from just about anyone. For any reason.

Two birds with one stone: if you object, you need to carry a note on your body at all times. If not, and you die in, say, a traffic accident: harvest whatever you find useful. Supposing the grieving relatives complain? Oh, very sorry. But too late. We can’t put it back in again, can we?

It’s too soon to turn those useless remains into soap or food. But that’s just a matter of waiting for the right moment. That’s one. The second one is that someone who is unwilling to donate organs after his or her demise makes it extremely easy to tar those objectors into antisocial parasites. “What, you refuse to be a donor? Well, in that case, no organs for you!” Or they might, in the future, cut back on welfare. Or make this discretely known to your employer, hinting that such anti-socials shouldn’t be there.

That’s not my sarcasm at work. People who post too many positive things about the PVV on Facebook already get a visit from the police. “No, you haven’t done anything against the law. We’re just checking. Did you know that some people complained about you? Better be careful in the future. Have a nice day!”

There is as you can understand one proviso: islam. It is strictly forbidden in that religion to donate organs. So, if you look mohammedan or are one: you’re safe. That is not written in the law, but do I really need to spell it out?

Parliament has already approved it. Only the senate can stop it. Fortunately, the D66 minister did her absolute best to piss off the right honorable lords senators. On a senatorial question about guarantees she snipped: “Guarantee? That’s something you get on a vacuum cleaner!” The senate has adjourned and will decide in a fortnight. I expect this law to pass anyway, because if they return it, it might cause the cabinet to resign. Remember, the coalition has an majority of exactly one seat…

— H. Numan

27 thoughts on “It’s Soylent Green in the Land of the Whiteys

  1. Oh my.

    This may be the natural end for those entities, like the Netherlands, which force extreme “tolerance” on everyone. Of course, in the process, everyone ends up being decidedly less tolerant but they keep their mouths shut about it.

    I do wonder if the Bloody Days soon(ish) to descend on parts of the UK are as likely to occur in the tightly (over)wound Low Country. Surely, the laws of physics (or their sociological equivalent) will rebound.

    But when? Why, when the rubber band on the Dutch clock finally snaps.

        • Oh yes they do. They’re perfect for smashing up someone’s face. We Dutch like to fight mean. In the old days it was not uncommon to grind a sharp end on a few coins stick em between the fingers of your fist and you could shred the face of your oponent to ribbons and if you were flat broke you could always find a few rusty nails or some flint somewhere.

    • Revolution is one “economic event” away. I am not rooting for it, it’s just sad that it had to come to this.

  2. Oh, and what happens when you have a card on you saying you do not wish to donate? Isn’t such a card so very easy to disappear after you are not there to defend it?

    • Vera, there was a recent case in the U.S. – a man had gone to the trouble to have a DO NOT RESUSCITATE message tattooed onto his chest. I’d have thought that was proof positive, but not the doctors. They needed the piece of paper or they’d bring him back…I talked to my doctor about it and she said you need to file them with your doctor(s), the hospital, and an extra certified copy for your refrigerator so your surviving kin can hand it to the rescue team.

      OTOH, in schizoid America, we can legally kill an otherwise viable 5-month-old (or later) “fetus”. They usually dismember the child in utero to avoid the unfortunate scenario of having a live birth to deal with and then having to decide what to do with it.

    • Yes, that is one of the many problems. The senate wants guarantees that no abuse is possible. The reply of minister Ollongren was: “Guarantees? That’s something you get on a vacuum cleaner”.
      Under normal circumstances, the senate would vote immediately, and hand the proposed law back to the minister. With the polite equivalent of: here you go minister, put it where the sun don’t shine. Good luck with your vacuum cleaners!

      However, that might cause the cabinet to collapse. So they will play along. That why they adjourned for a fortnight.

      • A correction is in place here Numan.
        It was not cabinet minister Kafka Ollongren who made that inappropriate quip but the initiator of this horible piece of legislation D66 mp Pia Dijkstra while defending her proposal in the Senate.

        • There’s really a minister by the name of ‘Kafka’?

          (I was well acquainted with Kafka’s works when I was younger, at least in translation. Oddly, some of the translations read better than the originals.)

  3. “It’s too soon to turn those useless remains into soap or food. But that’s just a matter of waiting for the right moment.”

    In addition to migration I think we have found another solution to the existing and impending famines in overpopulated Africa. Now if only we can persuade the diversity is wonderful crowd to offer up their bodies first. And they don’t even have to wait for their natural end. A modest proposal.

    • I keep on proposing that True Believer environmentalists should lower their impact using similar methods. Since advocating suicide is illegal in Canada, I settle for saying that they should lower their impact by moving to a low-resources third world country and live as the locals do. I’m even willing to support a scheme whereby they “trade” citizenship with a would-be third world refugee…

  4. A brilliant and very necessary article by Numan!

    This political party called D’66 (many prefer to call it D’666) is one of the scariest and most evil phenomena in modern Dutch politics.

    It was founded as a ‘liberal’ party, back in 1966 (hence the name), to break through the traditional ‘pillars’ of Dutch society, like Catholicism, Protestantism, socialism and secular conservatism (in Dutch called ‘liberalism’) while calling itself ‘The Reasonable Alternative’. Since a few years ago it has mutated into a perverted PC post-modern death cult, disguising itself behind a mask of ‘reason’, ‘intellect’, ‘morality’ and, most of all, ‘decency’, while representing none of those virtues in reality.

    The leader of the party, Alexander Pechtold, a pretentious character whose empty political stance merely consists of bashing Wilders and his Party of Freedom (PVV), without even trying to go into a dialogue, while pretending to be oh so ‘moral’ and oh so ‘democratic’, recently received an expensive apartment from a Canadian diplomat located in the Dutch bathing town of Scheveningen (nowadays a part of the residence city The Hague). He did not report this, which is clearly against Dutch law, that obliges every one with a public function to report gifts of which the estimated value exceeds 50 EURO. This in order to avoid corruption through bribing. It was totally ignored by the left-wing Dutch media until became the whistleblower about Pechtold’s malpractice. Even then, after it no longer could be hidden or denied, it had no consequences for Pechtold. Clearly contradicting the existing law in this matter, it was considered a ‘personal’ gift. To compare: Just imagine what the consequences would have been for Wilders or Thierry Baudet of the Forum for Democracy (a new democratic party that does not follow the PC-mantra) if they had received just a small gift from a foreign source.

    The case of obligatory donorship, which Numan already explained in detail, is one of their latest sinister bills in parliament.

    The fact that moslems are exempt from this very law that all others will have to obey, once it gets passed, makes it even more perverted. They do not seem to care that most Christians, Jews, Pagans, Hindu’s, Buddhists, Anthroposophists and adherents to esoteric teachings also object to donating organs. My experience with Dutch politics so far, makes me fear that adherents to these religions will not get the same possibility for exemption. And no one calls this discrimination (what it clearly is). Imagine the reaction from the left if it were the other way around’

    Another one is the proposal for the law to become more lenient on euthanasia, in combination with a ‘softish’ pressure on elderly people with health problems to regard their life as ‘completed’. This means that being a senior citizen becomes a risky existence in the Netherlands, which it is already of course, due to shrinking pensions, rising prices and rents, cutting of social and medical services, and the high crime by the male youth of the ‘culture enrichers’ of the ‘religion of peace’ which were imported by that very same ruling class. Now even the government itself becomes a threat if one does not have children to speak up on one’s behalf.

    The new vice PM, Kajsa Ollongren, an arrogant, fake-Swedish ‘noble woman’, whom no one ever voted for, is trying to pass laws that make it (legally) possible for the government to monitor all citizen’s internet activities. Mind you, it’s happening already, the government of this so-called liberal Netherlands is already one of the world’s biggest cyber-eavesdroppers, but now they even want to make this legal.

    In addition, she wants to mark websites that, according to her personal opinion, spread so-called ‘fake news’. But then, who is going to decide which news is real and which is fake? She and her leftist elite refuse to acknowledge, that not only the events themselves count, but also which events you choose to report about and focus on, and how to interpret them, and these activities are done according to the paradigm one is immersed into.

    So one might guess it will result in all news that fits the PC left-winged narrative, or can be manipulated to fit into it, will be regarded as ‘true’, and all news that does not fit this tight mall, and can in no way be manipulated to fit into it, will be considered as ‘fake’.
    This means, that most alternative news websites, like GoV, but also Dutch sites like Geenstijl may risk being targeted.

    Right now they do not (dare to) mention ‘blocking’ these websites yet, because they know very well that this would cause many citizens to wake up – in time. But there is a huge risk that this will be the next step when the focus on this topic will be off due to public fatigue with the matter, or due to some other, more sensational event conquering the headlines. Being aware that this has already started happening in Germany since the beginning of this year, after a law proposed by the minister of ‘justice’ Heiko Maas, a rigid PC dogmatic whose fanatic character would have been suited for a high post in the Third Reich, one should be warned about this risk.

    There is much more to be said about this D’66, which I chose to single out this time because it’s one of the clearest school examples of the hidden evil committed by the left-liberal elite that’s ruling and destroying the Western World nowadays. One would almost think that D’66 is a caricature of the leftist-liberal elite, but the scary thing, is, that they mean all the appalling views they claim to have and the outrageous laws they try to get passed. Look at them, and be warned what may happen in the near future, in your own country as well, if we do not watch out now.

    • Usually, we don’t like long comments but yours is so full of information that it’s well worth the reading.

      Thanks for taking the time to write this essay.

    • Sobieski,

      I consider your essay to be a relevant extension of the original article.

      Both the article and your comment makes me think of the definition of a bureaucracy, which is a formal organization devoted to expanding itself, increasing its funding, and growing its power. A bureaucracy is the perfect place for a person of high ambition, narcissistic character, few scruples, and even fewer skills. Bureaucrats are naturally left-wing because leftist thought emphasizes the centralization of power. A right-wing bureaucrat is almost a contradiction in terms.

      One question which comes to my mind is why the identity groups, such as the RC (Roman Catholic) subsociety described by Numan, allowed itself to be co-opted and abolished by the growing state bureaucracy. You had a whole RC polity which voluntarily? gave up its benefits and influence. Why? It’s difficult to imagine a Muslim identity group doing the same thing.

      We may be at the point in civilization where the bureaucratization and centralization of administration is the greatest danger, far worse than the horrible tyrannies of the past century or so. Imagine a choice between the capricious, murderous regime of North Korea or the soft, mind-crushing, self-genocide of the D66 party and its puppets in the legislative and regulatory bureaucracies.

      As an aside, I myself carry permission to use my body parts on my drivers license. I would not be opposed to an addendum saying my body parts could not be used to help anyone who refuses the use of his body parts after death. What’s sauce for the goose….

      • RonaldB,

        “One question which comes to my mind is why the identity groups, such as the RC (Roman Catholic) subsociety described by Numan, allowed itself to be co-opted and abolished by the growing state bureaucracy”

        That’s a good question.

        Partly it has to do with the ongoing secularization that started in the late 1960’s, which especially in the Netherlands went on sudden rapid speed.
        The politicians of the parties representing the different pillars started to cater to the new wishes of the electorate, in order not to lose power. That they would lose their principles in the longer term by going too far with this, hence opening the way to monster parties like the current D’66 (which radically differs from its original version), was something the did not realize at the time.
        Within the confessional pillars, this proces was even amplified by the Second Vatican Council (see first link below), which even led a the schism within the Catholic Church under the leadership of Bishop Lefebvre (see second link below).

        “Imagine a choice between the capricious, murderous regime of North Korea or the soft, mind-crushing, self-genocide of the D66 party and its puppets in the legislative and regulatory bureaucracies”.

        That’s a hard choice. From a short term and individual point of view, the second version may seem relatively easier to live with, taking into considerations the immense suffering that the people of North-Korea go through which we in the post-1945 West can hardly imagine (up to now, that is).
        However, from the perspective of larger society and in the long term, this ’softish’ D’66 self-genocide is definitely even worse. In spite of all the suffering, North-Koreans are still among themselves, because nobody migrates there (for obvious reasons), so the demographic and hence the cultural balance is not upset. In addition, the people of North-Korea have become resilient as a result of the hardship the go through, hence thez have remained able to fight back in case of an external threat (which in their case, in contrast to our societies, is really still EX-ternal). We can also observe this difference, although less emphasized, in Europe between the resilient peoples of the former communist countries of the old ’East’ and the much more decadent citizens in the old ’West’. Even within one country, Germany, this difference is still striking. The old ’West’ enjoyed freedom and affluence for a much longer period of time, and as a result became oblivious to the dangers of moral decay, lack of belief and multi-culturalism, until it’s too late. I’m afraid we’re reaching the point of no return faster than almost any one could have imagined just a few years ago.

  5. Why is it that so many (non-Caucasian) people seem to have forgotten that Western civilization has mastered the ostensible “art” of massive, industrial-scale, warfare (and human annihilation) well beyond the capacity of nearly all other races and cultures combined?!?

    This foolish notion of demographic displacement is a ridiculous counterpoint to the reality of White cultures simply eradicating any and all contenders. Go ahead and ask the Amerindians.

    Few in the active Western hemisphere will tolerate any notion of Third World barbarians (e.g., Muslims) overrunning the foundations of Renaissance Enlightenment civility (several lunatic EU countries notwithstanding).

    The eventual outcome for those who choose to disregard this basic (and well-established) fact isn’t very promising. So be it…

    • Because we no longer have the willpower to kill – to say it plainly.

      Just ask yourself how Stalin would have fought in Afghanistan?
      He would have sent the Red Army to walk through Afghanistan three times, then the KGB Border Guards would have walked through and any that survived this (and considering that the Stalinist System had things like “You have to arrest 100 counterrevolutionaires this week, even if there are only 101 people living in your district..”) the number of survivors would be low. And those would be deported North to the shores of the Kara sea or the Island of Novaya Zemlya, where the Tsar bomb was tested- no, radioactivity is NOT harmful to humans…
      Afterwards loyal citizens and some dissidents would have been forcefully sent to the now empty Afghanistan and the Socialist Soviet Republic of Afghanistan would have been a model of socialist Progress even in the year 2100. (IRONY)

      Or think of how the US Presidents of the turn of the century (1900) would have reacted to Vietnam, 9/11 etc. Nuclear mushrooms, anybody?
      Mecca would have been gone less than one hour after the guilt of Saudi Arabian People would have been proven.

      We are weak, that’s why it happens.

  6. How many rules, regulations, and laws a country lives under falls into what is called a mini-max problem. Too few and we run over others with anarchy. Too many rules and we control others with autocracy and tyranny.

  7. I think in Wales, they already have a system where one had to opt out of organ donations and the evidence to date shows no increase in the number of organ donations.

    There is talk of adopting the same law here in England, which I pray is rejected; but if it is, I shall immediately opt out.

  8. The old expression ; ” If it ain’t Dutch ; It ain’t Much ” is being reversed. Too bad.

  9. The English do not call white people ‘Caucasian’, that’s a pseudo-scientific Americanism, we call them ‘white people’ or maybe Europeans.

  10. Why do people of “faith” consistently under-estimate the powers of their particular deity? Humans die under sometimes horrific circumstances: incinerated, drowned in sinking ships and submarines, vaporised in massive explosions (including nuclear ones in 1945). In these and other cases, there is no body to resurrect. Is God/Allah/Jehovah, etc. going to leave them to oblivion? Not much of a deity then.

    • Mark, you’re posing science-based questions in a religious or spiritual realm. It’s an age-old problem – recently resurrected (sorry) and posed again by Jordan Peterson but it reached a fever pitch under Bishop Berkeley. Who didn’t know his gluteus maximus from his ulna when it came to philosophizing. IMHO.

      I don’t know if JBP calls this fallacy a categorical mistake, but that’s what it is. And it’s essentially trivial to people of “faith”, me boy.

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