A Man in a Wheelchair Makes an Easy Target for Culture-Enrichers

A pair of “New Germans” — presumably two of those recently-arrived doctors or engineers that Chancellor Merkel has rejoiced over — attacked a man in a wheelchair and knocked him to the ground in an attempt to rob him.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   How vile can it get? Attacked, pulled out of his wheelchair,
00:05   left behind helpless.
00:10   “I would have never imagined that someone in a wheelchair could be attacked at all:
00:15   would or could.” Mario Zivkovic becomes the victim
00:20   of two sneaky thieves right outside his front door. —“It crossed all the lines: moral ones,
00:25   human ones, everything possible.” Both were lurking on his path home.
00:30   They wanted to steal his bag. However, the 37-year-old Frankfurt inhabitant resisted.
00:35   “He pulled really hard, so that
00:40   I fell on my side from the wheel chair. That’s how I hurt both my knees,
00:46   because he kept pulling me. I was already on the floor,
00:51   and he dragged me a couple of meters, and I didn’t let go of the bag.” Bloody scrapes on the
00:56   knees and elbows. Thank God there were no worse injuries. The perpetrators run away
01:01   without the booty towards the tram in the street. —“One is first in shock. A neighbor
01:06   came downstairs and two more neighbors
01:11   came and put me back in the wheel chair, and… Yes.
01:16   One then sits there and thinks if there is anything worse
01:21   that could have happened.” The police are looking for witnesses.
01:24   The attack happened last Friday evening
01:27   in the Goldammerstrasse. —The victim couldn’t unfortunately describe the accomplice well,
01:32   just that it was a young man wearing a dark hat. Concerning the main perpetrator, we have basically
01:37   a good description: a young man with a “Southern” look. What was special about him was
01:42   that he was wearing a black fur jacket with a very wide black collar,
01:47   and on his left arm, on the jacket, there were three red dots. Mario Zivkovic
01:52   is getting a lot of support: from his neighbors and from his sister. Since a car accident
01:57   fifteen years ago he’s been in a wheelchair. Now he’s hoping that the perpetrators will be caught soon.
02:02   And when one doesn’t know
02:08   who the perpetrators are or were, one has to think that it could perhaps happen again.
02:13   And this is the worst part, OK? That
02:18   one has to go home everyday; what else? When one decides
02:23   or knows that it was only a one-time occurrence, then one can internally
02:28   return to normal and live normally again.
02:34   Attacked in a vile way, pulled off his wheelchair, left behind helpless.
02:39   The good news is that Mario Zivkovic
02:44   won’t allow himself to be beaten down by this sneaky attack.

10 thoughts on “A Man in a Wheelchair Makes an Easy Target for Culture-Enrichers

  1. The suspect had a ‘southern look’ that is a new one on me and I’ve heard them all.

  2. Europeans use every imaginable euphemism to avoid saying ‘Muslim’ (Asian, southern, Mideastern). Saying Muslim is like the n-word in US, and leads to an immediate hatespeech prosecution.

  3. Give the new Germans credit, they know the meaning of the survival of the fittest. The old Germans sadly lost it, and will be gone in a generation. /sarc

  4. But “of a Southern look” is not as police-speak as “of a Southern appearance”, which is what the policewoman, photographed as I see inside the Frankfurt Police HQ, said.

    In Melbourne, the police and what passes for the Press routinely describe South Sudanese thugs as “of African appearance.” (so possibly Australian whites dress up to look African prior to their home invasions, so as to racist-ly blame the innocent,…:-)))

    Back to Frankfurt: I hear and see no evidence that the perps in this video were Merkel Guests that arrived since 4.9.2015. Nor is there evidence that they were not.

    Already some years ago, Frankfurt was over 25% foreigner. There is a very strong Turkish presence. Turkish male youths are the worst performers in the German education system, statistically.

    Such crimes as in the video are not new since 4.9.2015.

    The victim, while speaking very good German, likely has Serbo-Croatian as mother tongue, as indicated also by his surname.

    So from an ethnic German standpoint, it is a foreigner on foreigner crime.

    The question for me is when, if at all, the various non-ethnic German “other Europeans” or ex-Muslim secular Iranians and Arabs and Christian Africans will band together. Some are in the AfD, but it is of course a greatly-underreported topic.

    The danger – “baby and the bathwater” – is that anything that is not ethnic German, including Other Non-Muslim European, will come to be seen as Enemy, especially in the countryside, which under the Königstein Key for asylum seeker distribution, is just as Culturally Enriched proportionally as the big cities.

    Note that e.g. even an ethnic German from S. Germany who moves 300km North into a village near a big and famous German university town may well never be accepted as a local in friendship at all; only his/her children will be, provided that they are schooled there.

  5. Southern looking, eh?

    They have probably reached out to the police in Munich for help. Don’t forget to scan the video cameras in the beer tents. They have to be there somewhere.

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