“You Will Destroy Germany! You Are Destroying Our Country!”

In the regional parliament of Saxony-Anhalt last Friday, the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) argued emotionally for an end to Angela Merkel’s fatal immigration policy, which has seen more than three million Muslims enter the country since 2013.

Many thanks to Anton for translating this video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I hope that they are not quite as loud today, as you probably have
00:06   a very loud pronunciation, which is very good and clear.
00:11   Madame President, dear ladies and gentlemen,
00:17   this is a very emotional debate.
00:21   and from my point of view that is also very clear that it needs to be emotional.
00:30   I stand fully behind the speech that my colleague Poggenburg gave here.
00:37   Also in the tonality. Because that’s the sound. Because that’s exactly the tone
00:47   that is now used by millions of people amongst our population.
00:53   You do not speak of their situation, that you do not know,
00:58   but they are madly upset that people who have never paid into our social systems here,
01:05   who never helped here to increase our wealth,
01:09   millions of people were admitted here,
01:12   who live freely at the expense of other people, those who earn money and live here.
01:18   Our pensioners are now searching through the rubbish bins.
01:21   You have to understand this.
01:24   You do not understand this. To my colleague Starknecht I would like to say,
01:30   And I have spoken to such people all my life, with normal people,
01:36   To my colleague Starknecht, OK, I’ll answer now:
01:42   What? What happened? This cannot be taken from my speech time?
01:46   OK, that’s OK. The second point.
01:57   The language, I agree with you.
02:00   You have to keep choosing your words carefully and examine them.
02:05   I agree with you. And it would be good if you were not so emotional.
02:10   It also happens to me that I go through this. And do you know why that is?
02:17   Because the injustice — you cannot deny the facts —
02:21   is so enormously high in this country.
02:26   We have stabbings every day,
02:29   but you will not find them in the daily news. You do not find them in the [national] newspaper.
02:34   You must search for it in social media and in the local newspaper.
02:37   They are in the approved, correct press outlets.
02:41   They are in then, but on local pages, do you understand?
02:45   There is now a flood of cases where young women are being raped,
02:52   where there are group stabbings, where they attack kids in the school, and so on.
02:57   And that should not upset us?
03:00   And who caused this situation? The situation —
03:06   this situation has been created… and you make fun of it.
03:13   I have to tell you that. To the SPD, you are experiencing
03:17   their crash, now at 18 percent.
03:21   You may see 14, and maybe the AFD will overtake you in the foreseeable future.
03:27   Because you do not even represent the interests of the little people at all.
03:35   Because you demand that — you demand as a prerequisite for a coalition —
03:40   that this mass immigration resume again.
03:44   And we will prevent that from happening, together with the people.
03:50   Mr. Erben, this thought is still very important.
03:56   This mass immigration started with an insane breach of the law by Merkel,
04:03   and was supported by the SPD and the CDU leadership.
04:11   You are tying to stop a government inquiry. But that’s where I tell you straightaway:
04:19   Those who allowed terrorists such as ISIS fighters to come to our country,
04:26   that have allowed an archaic culture to be imported into our country,
04:31   into parallel societies threatening the people of our country,
04:37   these people need to be brought before the court; that is what needs to be done,
04:41   and that’s what we must do in Parliament.
04:46   Mr. Erben, we want —
04:50   in terms of integration policy — we do not want
04:54   young people who have abandoned their families.
04:58   You always reinterpret the truth to suit your needs and turn everything around.
05:05   These young people who are sturdy and strong are needed in Syria.
05:10   Here I have a survey of the majority of the German population.
05:14   Look at the newspaper opinion polls that say
05:18   family reunification should no longer happen here.
05:22   Because in Syria, large parts of the country are already passable and livable.
05:27   In Damascus, young people are needed to rebuild their country.
05:31   And there are already tens of thousands of people leaving Turkey to go home and help out.
05:39   And the costs! I tell you, too! We talk of €40 billion
05:46   for each million people we feed; every year 40, 50 billion euros.
05:55   Are the Left not ashamed? The Greens? The SPD [socialists] when you advocate this?
06:04   Take the stand that we will use this money for our own pensioners
06:09   to allow a decent, humane, dignified life.
06:14   Be ashamed because you take the money from our own country, from our own people.
06:24   Mr. Fahle, I had already conceded that point to myself, but I think now,
06:29   but there is still a question from parliamentarian Eckhardt.
06:35   Please Mr. Eckhardt,
06:42   it is not a question; it is an intervention.
06:46   My colleague Fahle has now shouted ‘Shame on you!’
06:50   into the room here more than a dozen times.
06:56   I am the longest-serving member here in this parliament,
07:00   and I have always stood up for open debates.
07:04   I am also in favor of this current topic on the migration movement in the world.
07:07   The problems that we face with this challenge, the mood of the population,
07:11   of the individual worries also openly address everything.
07:18   Not to talk nice or glorify everything. But I’m ashamed today, too.
07:25   I’m ashamed of the way the debates and culture
07:29   are being registered here through their factions.
07:32   I am ashamed of this manner of speech here in this house,
07:37   which is not worthy of a modern parliament in the twenty-first century, in my opinion.
07:42   It reminds me of the 1930s, and I am ashamed of that.
07:57   Thank you, Mr. Fahle would like to reply anyway.
08:01   You’re welcome. I agree. I think it’s right that you are ashamed, but only partly.
08:09   Please. Be ashamed that there are people here two years after
08:15   a catastrophic development took place in this country.
08:21   Two years later still trying to blame the AfD rather than do what is necessary,
08:27   namely to place the problems here firmly on the table.
08:34   That is our job, and that is what the people want us to say in the parliaments,
08:39   finally the unvarnished truth.
08:44   And I feel obliged to do that; we all feel obliged to.
08:48   Because if we do not do that, this will continue,
08:52   and what will happen if it goes on like this?
08:55   You will destroy Germany! You are destroying our country!
09:01   The money being spent for this mass migration.
09:04   This is the money we are missing for investments in jobs and in the future.
09:10   For pensioners, young families for the children. Because the money is missing.
09:14   And when they say — [interrupted] I come now to the conclusion.
09:22   If you are ashamed, then it is not for those who address the problems here,
09:27   but for those who incite hatred against us every day and constantly outside.
09:32   I have another hate letter lying on the table here.
09:36   I can show them to you. Thank you.

4 thoughts on ““You Will Destroy Germany! You Are Destroying Our Country!”

  1. Mr. Fahle from the AFD party spoke boldly, honestly and clearly about the rapes, high costs, lack of integration and parallel societies created by mass immigration of young economic migrants! I am happy to hear his party supporters agree with their applause and hand claps in the video.

    As a retired female military officer I came up through the enlisted ranks after the Vietnam War ended. I was subjected to cat calls and unwanted sexual harassment. Females who volunteer to serve in uniform have kept the United States from reinstating the draft from 1978 to present day. The Air Force and other services introduced a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment, racial discrimination and prejudice in the workplace. There are specific programs put in place to enforce the zero tolerance policies. I’ve been asked to serve on investigative committees and Inpector General (IG) appointed teams to determine if sexual harassment took place or not in a military setting. Europe, America and Western nations need to adopt a similar, zero tolerance policy! Migrants found guilty of groping or sexual harassment immediately deported back home! Those found guilty of rape, molestation, theft, crime and terrorist activities get sent to Siberia to labor camps. Do not reward them with a prison sentence in a first world country! Three meals a day, free WiFI, TV, excercise equipment is better than third world [sumps] from whence they came. Do not tolerate the intolerable!!!

    • That’s what Leftist idjits don’t get: they twist “intolerance” to be any ruling they don’t like. Sadly, we’d never get Russia to agree with such a use of Siberia. They have their own problems with Islam, especially in the military.

      • Agree wholeheartedly Dymphna! Too bad Siberian labor camps are not a relocation option. Gitmo near Cuba is still open, last I heard unless Obama closed it last year after trading hardcore Muslim Terrorists for American AWOL/traitor Bowe Bergdahl’s release from Taliban captivity.

        Sorry for my typo/spelling mistakes above. Please feel free to correct inspector, exercise, and other mistakes I’ve made using a phone keypad.

      • I’m certain the Russians would be more than happy to provide such a service, given a proper financial compensation. No matter how much it would cost, it would probably still be a lot cheaper than to incarcerate them in western prisons.

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