Mohammad the Cuckolding Hairdresser

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

This article is a follow-up on our report from last summer about the Syrian hairdresser in a small German town who gave his boss an unexpected razor cut. It turns out that Mohammad had been, ahem, practicing more than his hairdressing skills on his boss — prior to his performing amateur surgery on her.

If the attack on the salon owner hadn’t been so horrific, this would be quite funny, but as it is… Well, I guess I’m old and cynical now, but I still find it funny.

Ilona Fugmann (m.), the chief of the local job center (l.), and two integration helpers (r.) show their model refugee to the press.

Syrian Hairdresser Who Was Touted as Model Refugee, Then Slit German Salon Owner’s Throat— Turns Out it Wasn’t His Hairdressing Skills That Got Him Hired

by Egri Nök

Do you remember this story? Mohammad will style your hair — and slit your throat.

In brief: Ilona Fugmann decided to give Mohammad, the handsome Syrian refugee, a position in her hair salon. His “skills had immediately convinced her.” The whole town was amazed, and he was touted across the nation as a role model for integration.

Then, much to everyone’s surprise, one day, he attempted to slit his boss’s throat, wounding her badly. The case is in court right now.

It turns out Mrs. Fugmann wasn’t speaking of Mohammad’s hairdressing skills. And Mohammad hadn’t accidentally come to her salon looking for a job, like she told the press last year, either. But see for yourself.

An original translation from Lausitzer Rundschau:

The Syrian Hairdresser’s Victim Testifies

January 4, 2018

Cottbus/Herzberg. First witness hearing in the court case on the murder attempt by a Syrian hairdresser against his female boss.

by Christian Taubert

On Thursday the first witnesses were heard at the district court in the case of the attempted murder by the Syrian hairdresser Mohammad H. of Ilona F. from Herzberg. But observers of the case were denied the opportunity to hear how the victim, the owner of a hair and cosmetics salon in the district town of Elbe Elster, described the attack with a razor blade in June 2017. The court followed the attorney’s request for a private hearing. The lawyer Claudia Napiralski pointed out in her reasoning for the request that her client suffered from constant panic attacks since the knife attack which caused slash wounds in the neck, breasts and stomach, and from post traumatic stress syndrome. She also described how Ilona F. had been subjected to “emails that aren’t pretty” since three days before Christmas when the trial started, when it became public that the defendant had admitted consuming drugs, and had had an affair with his boss, to the police. All this, said the lawyer, had the potential to harm her client.

While Ilona F. was in the courtroom, describing for more than two hours her view of the events of June 28, 2017, the day of the deed, and her relationship with the refugee Mohammad H., her husband Michael F. told the media representatives in the waiting room his version.

Together with his wife, and with the help of the refugee helper organization, in 2016, he searched for an Arab hairdresser, to offer something special to the customers of the region. He thought that he had found him in Mohammad H.

But soon it became apparent, that, in contrast to the other Syrian refugees accommodated in his apartments in Herzberg, Mohammad had no interest in learning German. “I knew that he wasn’t a good employee, but I did not want to drop him,” said Michael F. Mohammed H. only delivered good work on four of the 100 work days. “His level was that of fourth- or fifth-grade special-needs school.” Even without the attack on his wife, “I would have given him notice to quit the apartment,” said F. After one year, it looked as if the apartment had been inhabited for twelve years. He never saw the share of the rent that wasn’t paid by the welfare office.

What had, until now, been presented as a successful example of integration in Herzberg, turned out to be, according to the testimony of Ilona F.’s husband on the witness stand, the complete opposite.

On payday the Syrians took the train to Berlin, said Michael F., alluding to the purchasing of drugs. The Syrian Y., who later was heard as a witness, confirmed the abuse of drugs. He confirmed that on the day of the deed, he was smoking hashish with the defendant, who is on trial for attempted murder and grievous battery, before both left the apartment of Mohammad H. and went to Ilona F.’s cosmetics salon.

There, they smoked another joint until the future victim arrived at the upper floor of the salon. According to 22-year-old Y., he went downstairs to smoke a cigarette. Only when he heard screaming did he run upstairs. The floor was covered with blood, and Mohammad H. was holding the victim by her hair and pushing her to the ground. Y. pulled him away and downstairs. In doing so, the suspect bit him and yelled to let him go back into the house.

The witness Marlies L., who was the final customer of Ilona F. on that day, confirmed the loud cries from the upper floor, and the cry: “Help me!” On the stairs, the salon owner approached her bleeding strongly; the two Syrians were already in front of the salon. “He wanted to kill me,” Ilona F. yelled, according to the witness. Y. had saved her. Marlies L. locked the door to the outside and gave first aid, until paramedics and police arrived.

When victim Ilona F. left the courtroom after her testimonial, she said to friends: “I feel relieved.” Just what she meant by that remained behind closed doors.

Translator’s thoughts:

Normally, I object to victim-blaming. In view of how intense the brainwashing is in Germany, it does not seem right to seek fault with a 15-year-old girl who goes out with an Afghan refugee.

But in this case, Mr. and Mrs. Fugmann were cashing in on the refugee crisis (“the other Syrian refugees accommodated in his apartments”). They hired Mohammad as a prop to virtue-signal and have a competitive edge over other salons, parading him to the press like an exotic pet, and fed the public a whole bunch of lies.

It is amusing and somewhat fitting that Mr. Fugmann also appears to be a cuckold.

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  1. Is this suppose to be Superior Culture Society created by Übermensch for Übermensch ??
    So tragic and laughably in the same time..

    • Using your classification, today’s Germany is ruled by untermensch such as Steinmeier and Merkel and what you point out is the result. There is no national culture that has any positivity, the Chancellor has publicly insulted the German people on numerous occasions.
      So no, this is not that culture, there are no pro-German people in power there.

  2. This is exceptionally enlightening!

    An assured German public takes in (on the surface) a religious Muslim hairdresser. Media portrays him as the ideal emigre from the hegira that will bring diversity to the nation.

    Actually he’s the Islamic Warren Beatty (Shampoo 1975) offering the perfect “cut”. ” Oh what a tangled hairnet do we weave when the hijab comes to covers thee”! Except his cuts are varied and involve body parts way below the hairline. Someone please make a movie about this absurdity.

    • your smart remark deserves a note: the word assassin in english and french derives from hashishim, which were drugged up religiously motivated fanatic killers in the muslim world before modern times.
      Does that ring some bells here?

      • Precisely ..That’s what is this migration about !
        Hateful , Christian despised savages armed by theirs Masters to inflict harm and submission..
        But every coin has two sides..There were beaten badly in the past and will happen again..

    • Wrong, it has plenty of American nukes for the taking should it decide to do so. We might disable them before they are captured, but the fissile material would still be there, and there is no way we could stop a determined German attempt to capture our weapons.

      Anyway, it doesn’t really matter; Germany could be a nuclear power in a month or so if it really wanted to.

      • Pretty sure a gaggle of B2s would take flight from Missouri to level Berlin if the Germans were ever silly enough to menace the nukes we have stationed there.

    • I hate to tell you, but Germany received nukes under the NATO “nuclear weapons sharing” from the US, so they do, in fact, own nukes (20 warheads, to be exact).

    • And btw states like Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands, France or Pakistan have significantly more (Belgium and Netherlands roughly 20 each, but the others in the hundreds and Turkey roughly 70). At least Sweden and South Africa have none.

    • Thank goodness Germany has no nukes.

      Too right, Jeff E.!

      There is little possibility of overstating this one fact.

      After its thorough “Merkeling”, Germany may well race ahead of Britain and France as the first EU country to become Islamically dominated. Never before has sprinting towards the tape of this Multicultural “finish line” implied such a degree of voluntary, sociocultural suicide.

      The only remaining question is, “Which one of these two groups will emerge—however battle-scarred and war torn—from this ruthless (“Where’s Ruth?) and mutually exclusive bottleneck?

      That said, there are few ways of detailing how “complicated” things are going to get with regard to confiscating the nuclear arsenals of Britain and France should they become dhimmified satellites of Dar al-Islam.

      One of the only things that might forestall such an eventuality is if indigenous Europeans rise up against their traitorous governments and expel all of their foreign invaders (even those who were born in the EU).

      Be it known, there are many other (far more gruesome) alternatives but they, necessarily, shall remain outside the scope of this discussion.

  3. No surprise here.

    Feminazis of European heritage find their own men utterly repulsive due to their lack of masculinity, even though these same Feminazis are responsible for completely emasculating their men via the creation of a pro-Feminazi Leviathan state, thus they are more than eager to submit to the comparatively masculine immivaders.

    • I don’t think that sow would attract the carnal attentions of the average German male, even during Oktoberfest. Rutting with a Syrian invader was probably an act of desperation on her part.

  4. This would make for a good two act play, it would fit into the canon that is the theater of the absurd. Perhaps on a double bill with Max Frisch’s short play The Fire Raisers (1953). The latter about German blindness and culpability in the rise of the Nazis, but his play reads as much as an omen of the current multi-culti Left-Islam alliance to bring down the West.

    As for the title of the play? ‘Waiting for Mohammad’?

  5. I suppose it’s positive this at least gets media coverage and is handled in court, as opposed to swiping it under the rug like the UK likes to do. It better had a more positive outcome than what the courts in Sweden tend to do in such cases.

  6. Women who voluntarily have relationships with Muslim barrows are no brighter than unbuttered toast. And, the same goes for civilized men and Muslimas. I know some of them are gorgeous, but they all have barbarian barrow fathers, brothers, uncles, and assorted goat-humpers who are psychopaths like their prophet.

    • …no brighter than unbuttered toast.

      Bwahahaha! What a keeper.

      Rates right up there with “dumber than a bag of hair” (Hat Tip: Ann Barnhardt), “stupider than a box of rocks”, “dimmer than a sack full of hammers”, and several other supremely deprecating epithets that will spring to mind mere seconds after I hit “Post Comment”.

      Thank you for a good larf, Guy Macher. Not-so-incidentally, I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your comment as well.

  7. Stand by for the lightest sentence imaginable. Maybe just a release with government provided therapy.

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