The Hive Mind

In between dodging the rockets being shot from Gaza to Sderot, our Israeli correspondent MC found the time to write this essay about the timeless lure of the totalitarian collective.

The Hive Mind
by MC

Rudyard Kipling wrote a story about the hive, and, of course there was the Borg (and it didn’t play tennis).

But just maybe we should think more about the concept of hive consciousness. Is Islam a hive mindset? Is socialism a Borg mentality controlled by the BBC/MSM and its ilk?

It is a fascinating concept: you assimilate into the hive, or you die. The Soviets did it with their gulags, the Nazis with their Concentration Camps, and Islam with its Ummah.

Yes, folks, we are fighting a Borg-like mentality, and we are the ones who don’t want to be assimilated and thus we are demonized.

One thing that has always mystified me is why Islam appears to be successful, but is not successful — it is just oil-rich. It is more comfortable for most who are born into it to be inside the Islamic hive mind than outside it. As for the new converts: a wealthy hive is not without its attractions

The socialist hive is more subtle than the Islamic hive, more nuanced and much more dangerous. The socialists have taken the Marxist ideas of class and transposed them into a layering system based on eugenics and a perverted meritocracy. In pre-WW2 socialist thought, the stock of humanity could be cleansed, subdued and perfected by brainwashing, by supervised breeding and by sterilization (or culling) of those considered unfit to join the breeding pool. The Nazis had one solution for this, and the Communists a slightly different one.

Once in the Gulag or Stalag, social Darwinism applied (read One Day In the Life of Ivan Denisovich). Life and survival was predicated on all sorts of small random events such as the size of one’s food bowl.

The despised class (or race) hierarchy becomes transformed into a hive hierarchy of the despised, the drones and the elites, where the despised are disposable slaves, the drones are part of the hive but have no individuality, and an elite whose word is law even if it is whimsical or downright wrong.

The resulting hive resonates to its own self-abnegation. It is more than a religion; it is an obsession where conformity is taken to murderous extremes. An obsession that counts mass murder as a totally acceptable tool in the hive’s arsenal of process and protection.

As the Age of Reason passes away, and the Enlightenment dims, so the emotional takes hold as the prime human need and desire. The safe space of cradle-to-grave welfare and protective encapsulation is enforced; play the game or die. The truth is too painful. It is stark and unbeautiful and uncomfortable. It means taking responsibility for one’s actions: better the make-believe of the hive mind. If everybody believes the same thing, then it must be true!

The hive used to have barbed wire fences and guard towers with searchlights and machine guns, but now it has a more effective cage, a mind-cage called visual media. We started with the movies telling us how to think, but television brought the mind-gulag into our homes, and sprayed our brains with pixilated scopolamine, imprisoning us in a controlled virtual environment. Walls? Who needs walls when electronic prisons are far more effective?

Then came mobile phones and the hive mind made a great leap forward.

The cultural Marxists specifically targeted the media, and they successfully infiltrated it. Now what was once seen as leftist propaganda has been totally absorbed into our psyche, particularly the idea that our Judeo-Christian heritage is not only of no value, but has positively damaged the ‘global’ society. The whole ‘global warming and climate change’ issue was configured to the illusion that ‘the West’ had robbed the rest of the world of its rightful share of resources and thus the white man should be made to pay it all back.

This and many other Marxist-derived memes were fed into the hive mind, along with the idea that those who resisted were somehow deranged.

The liberal-conservative right operates on a shoestring. It has few resources and those who contribute time and talents tend to do so voluntarily. But the hive, in contrast, is very well-funded indeed, so much so that it can deny a platform to any opposition. In my country of birth, England, I know that I no longer have any kind of freedom at all. My ‘rights’ are dictated by (manipulated) public opinion, and there is no longer any statute that cannot be massaged by those public servants charged with keeping people docile. The authorities in England provide a hive-friendly environment in the name of multiculturalism and diversity, where the Islamic hive is given a free rein to exploit and plot its expansion at the expense of the automatically guilty indigenous Judaeo-Christian who must pay the price for his past exploitation (‘colonialism’), supposedly on the understanding that he will not cause trouble because of the constant re-education he is subjected to.

My feeling is that the English people are seething, but the Marxist hive is moving heaven and earth to keep the lid on the pressure cooker. The whole of the British mainstream media is goose stepping to the strains of a elitist Horst-Wessel-Lied whilst selling out to the threat of terrorism. They actually believe that the Muslim hive is benign and not at all to blame, that the Muslims are the supposed victims of years of colonial oppression, and it is thus their absolute right to kill and maim whitey and take revenge on the Jew because everybody knows that it is all a Jewish plot.

This is a tangled message, with the nits combed out by the teeth of the accusation of ‘racism’ against anybody who points out that the emperor’s new clothes are somewhat skimpy.

The propaganda walls of the hive give rise to all sorts of cognitive dissonances. A relative of mine supported Brexit but did not vote because she thought that one of the leaders was a sleaze ball. It is much like a kangaroo courthouse where the (leftist) defense has only to demonstrate possible reasonable doubt but the (conservative) prosecution has to positively prove its every statement.

The hive is a literally an imprisoned audience which has its every move and thought governed by its media tormentors. As for the dissenters — we too are not immune to the hive influences. They appear regularly in the comments section here and I cannot guarantee that I am absolutely free of its honey; it is sweet and pervasive.

Like the Bereans of the Bible we should test everything. The hive mind is very powerful, and its influences are not always easy to recognise. For a modern child it starts at a tender age: father is a bumbling idiot, mother is stressed by her job, the teacher is upright and reliable and b-lie, b-lie, b-lie.

While the Internet is a wonderful tool, it is also a terribly dangerous one. Used judiciously it exposes the lies, but that is not an easy skill to acquire. To perceive the differences among fact, conspiracy theory (which often turns out to have an element of truth) and the pure out-and-out lie is hard, but to the hive mind, truth is predefined anyway, and there is simply no need to make any effort at validation. The hive is ‘truth’; it exists, therefore it is.

In the Kipling story was written at a time before education was freely available for all. In it the hive is penetrated and poisoned by mind-bending alien creatures (in our case it is a ‘conservative’ hive penetrated by Marxists). That availability of low-cost high quality education made a huge difference to Western society, and I was one of its last recipients. The government of the UK actually paid me to go to University, and the tuition was free.

However, this became very threatening. Too many free-thinkers.

Most Marxists I have met had privileged upper-middle-class backgrounds. They felt that they could justify the big house and the expensive private education only by organising the workers. When they finally discovered that the workers did not want to be organised, they switched to the immigrants etc. — anything rather than actually working for a living.

Kipling was right: the penetrated hive goes insane and dies, and the Marxists move on, happy with their destruction — Zimbabwe a mess, Venezuela a disaster, South Africa heading that way.

Next stop Europe, where the long march through the institutions has reached its apogee. Almost every government department in UK is staffed by followers of the socialist religion.

We should no longer regard political religions as separate entities from theocratic religions. Fanatics are fanatics, wherever and whatever they believe. If you are prepared to kill and maim for the cause then you are a terrorist, whether political or religious.

The Nazis settled on genocide as a political solution. Muslim fanatics want the same thing, so why do we treat them differently? The Nazis were socialists who were slightly to the right of the communists, Muslims, too, are basically socialists, but because they claim to be a theocratic ‘religion’ so everybody gets moonstruck and we have to use different words.

And we compound the problem every time we allow a jornolist to get away with the greatest hoax of the 20th century: that Nazis are from the conservative ‘right’.

The great ‘conservative’ hive so well described by Kipling has been fragmented into tiny little islands of reason, each of whom cannot agree upon reasonable behaviour because they still do not reject wholesale the smears of Nazism. And while the right accommodates the idea of Nazi ‘racism’ rather than Nazi socialism, the right will not recover.

Did the racial genocide arise out of the Nationalism or out of the Socialism?

It is very easy to put that to the test. Even if we charge the eleven million butcher’s bill of the Nazis as ‘nationalism’, it is miniscule when seen against the abattoir of the socialist slaughter…

There is nothing much wrong with Nationalism; MAGA has not yet produced any monsters. But there is a very bloody history to socialism; within the first three months of both communism and Nazism, the barbed wire, the watch towers; the camps and the political prisoners to fill them all begin to appear.

If we continue along the path defined by their hoax, and acquiesce to its taint of racism, and remain good men who do nothing, then all is lost.

At the top of the socialist pyramid is an eye, but whose eye would that be?

Just whose is the ‘all seeing eye’? Does it belong to Jesus, to Allah, to the chief Rabbi? Does it belong to the chief Atheist (whoever he is)? Or does it belong to the guy who has set out to destroy Western culture and society? We can bicker over this forever and a day; all the while the tide of tyranny sweeps in to swamp us with the raw and unpleasant truths of slavery, shackles and starvation.

Western culture’s unique gift to the world was the abolition of slavery, but it seems to me that the world wants to return to its shackles: Nazi shackles, communist manacles, or the ball and chain of Islam.

Or we conservatives can forget our differences, we can unite and fight, make war against those who wish to inundate us with their modern versions of the failed fanaticisms of yesteryear. We CAN drain the swamps — if we work together!

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

86 thoughts on “The Hive Mind

  1. Defending hearth and home against the onslaught clad in the armor that YAH has provided, we’ve been doing that for quite some time now. We are grateful for our successes in that the conditions haven’t worsened (much) in our corner of SoCal.

    • Regardless of whether we are Christians or Jews, we must prepare ourselves spiritually against the onslaught of our ungodly mutual enemies..

  2. Interesting you state that the West’s gift to the world was the abolition of slavery. The more I think on it and study, it appears that slavery, like war, is the normal state of humanity, and we are living in an aberation of history. Based on political systems worldwide, certainly throughout the West, a majority prefer to trade freedom for security and will gladly give up their rights if bread and (digital) circuses are provided by their masters. Perhaps that will be the ultimate fate of Western culture; to return to the cycle of master and slave. A very depressing conjecture, but in my experience the pessimist is right more often than the Pollyanna.

    • The attempted, and reasonably successful abolition of slavery by the West is unique in history, the other achievements of the West are duplicates of the achievements of previous civilizations; the Babylonians had electricity, the Greeks had a steam turbine, but they were deemed useless because slaves were cheaper…..

      Socialism brought slavery back to the West, Communist slavery and and Nazi slavery were historical throw backs to an era of ‘warlords’, where the thugs take control and the most ruthless thug becomes the dictator.

      It is not that socialism is bad per se, it is just that it just does not work because it is ultimately destructive rather than creative, if you mix red, green and blue light you get white light, but if you mix red, green and blue paint you get a nasty dirty brown.

      You cannot make assumptions because the unintended consequences wil always turn around and bite you. Merkel, for example makes the assumption the she can bring unlimited numbers into Europe and within a few years they will be good Europeans contibuting to the culture and civilization. She assumes that the foreign raw material she imports is as good as the locally produced stuff because her political-religion says that we are all the same.

      • I don’t think Frau Merkel made any assumption along those lines. She might appear dumb and her actions irrational, but she most certainly knew what she was doing when she allowed the lowest scum of Africa and the Mideast into Europe. If there was a wrong assumption it was that waking the nationalist voters who did not want to see Europe turn into another Mogidishu would not occur until it was past the point of no return. And barring violent conflict to forcibly expel muslims and africans back to their own countries she might have already succeeded.

      • “It is not that socialism is bad per se, it is just that it just does not work because it is ultimately destructive rather than creative”.

        It is ultimately SELF-destructive: indeed. It is demotivating in its insistence on the-only-right-party-cracy; it is economically inferior to capitalism just due its de-motivation; it is intellectually deficient as it stifles exchange of opinions fearing that such will reveal its utter fallacy.

        All the above I had lived through in the 70’s and 80’s – the beast was in its last days, pathetically defending its lies, completely inept economically and its slowly collapsing rule further hindered by gerontocracy.

        Boy, that was one spectacular death of this despised regime!

        Fast forward 30+ years and we are where MC describes his England is: I am still stupefied that the British (or Swedish or French or Michigan’s) reality is not a nightmare: nope. It is real.

        • As to Michigan, I regard the adverse cases (taking context into account) as being mostly limited to Detroit and/or Dearborn. I was there (Michigan, I mean) recently and the part I went to is still great, it seems to me – even more so than 20 years ago, which puzzles me a bit, but I’ll take it.

      • Regardless of what you claim about socialism, which is wrong, capitalism is a very bad system.

        I am saying there is nothing good about capitalism.

        I am interested in the fate of animals and especially of The Iberian Lynx.

        I have looked at the evidence rather closely and am prepared to submit an essay if I can organize my energy. The fact is that the Iberian Lynx is in great danger of extinction, despite efforts of devoted people, and this is the provable and rather obvious result of the capitalist model of farming in Spain and Portugal especially.

        But The Irish Hare, our emblem, is already on its way too, the same causes.

        • Capitalist model of farming in the collective, what part is capitalist and what part is collectivist?

          • I simply do not understand your point and thereby the question. I am saying we are living in the capitalist system. You seem to not agree on that.

        • So how do endangered animals fare under China’s hybrid socialism? What appeal can anyone make to them to change their ways (the reigning motto being, “if it can be eaten then do so”)?

          Under any form of socialism, animals don’t fare well because the end point of socialism is either all against all or lethargic poverty. Cf. Cuba, Venezuela, et al. Not to mention the ignominious end of the USSR.

          When socialism reduces the wealth of a nation, which it does inevitably, then the songbirds start to look tasty. Lark tongues, anyone?

          • The problem with these answers to me, the fact that I do see capitalism as very bad thing, is that they are definitely not historical.

            Much confusion about Russia…I do not have the sources here but if you said to Lenin, Trotsky, or any of that political tendency, that there was socialism in Russia they would have looked at you in bewilderment.

            They knew it was merely savagery in Russia in the midst of the famines caused by war etcetera. round about 1921 or 1922.

            Eating of human flesh…there were reports…

            The actual historical facts are not ever dealt with…I cannot do it here…it has to be very systematic…just as the study of Islam has to be

          • There are so many questions inthis I would find it hard to answer…but in brief the system in China is basically savagery.

            The system in Venezuela is something quite similar.

            On the China one child policy I must assert that I am not an anarchist and I now understand that man unregulated is a very dangerous animal.

            I am no expert but it seems to me that there is something to this Sixth Extinction. Also I respect David Attenborough on his position on overpopulation

        • I think you’re talking about free market capitalism, a form which worked before the advances of technology made it obsolete. What evolves next is anyone’s guess, but socialism is also obsolescent.

          • “I think you’re talking about free market capitalism, a form which worked before the advances of technology made it obsolete.”

            I am always and only talking about capitalism in general, that is the system which had its seeds within the Feudal System, which drove the English Revolution, with its Science. Which Karl Marx (but not the first) analysed in science which has not been refuted, if so I would like to know where?

            What evolves next is anyone’s guess, but socialism is also obsolescent.”

            The answer to this is that a first and only step was taken by the workers in October 1917…but only an initial step.

            That step was certainly negated and very, very quickly.

            The genius of people like Lenin and Trotsky was that they had predicted this negation well in advance, about twenty years previous.

            This requires very long and historical cum theoretical explanations…

            One point that does not explain but does touch on the issue…Mercader was welcomed by Castro and Che in Cuba on his release in 1960

          • In my experience in Spain and Ireland technology has made the damage from capitalism, especially agriculture, worse!

    • Ancient empires begun in a contest where ancient kings warred against each other for “tributes” from vasals. The most powerful king would take it all, it was a clear all out bully system.

      Later on the same kings realised there also exists a “mental slavery”, and so we went from paying tribute to terrible god-kings down to paying tribute to the “comfortable hive” – because hive is good for you – for it gives you food and entertainment! What more do you want?

      One could argue that the abolition of slavery begun in the 15th century BC by the Exodus from Egypt… That implies that abolition of slavery is the “Judeo-Christian” value we all strive for. Not because it is easy, but because it is hard 😉

      “And wherefore hath the LORD brought us unto this land, to fall by the sword, that our wives and our children should be a prey? were it not better for us to return into Egypt?”

      • That’s an interesting point to consider. At the same time, it implies that a true abolition of slavery etc. is not man’s doing, really. Therefore we and our systems should probably not be so quick to take credit…. In the ultimate sense, the old hymns point out precisely this aspect, so it’s good to be reminded.

  3. Sad but probably true: most people don’t want to think, to study, to decide what they should follow, that is to say, to do what is necessary to really be free! The hive mentality seems, to them, to be good enough…. That is not so, human nature being what it is,,, But they are perfect for Islam (submission to God, but is it really only to God?).
    Christ says his Kingdom is not in this world; Islam makes very clear its aims for supremacy here. That is just one of big differences.
    We must decide where we stand; time is running out.
    God deliver us from Islam and Leftism. which are close allies, at least now. But before asking, as we should, for God’s help, we must make our decision, and try to do what we can about it.

    • Ever hear the expression “Give them enough rope and they hang themselves”? Please call the Arabic deity by his proper name Allah (not God). Allah was originally a pagan, polytheistic, Arabic god worshipped in Petra by the Nabateans. Islam adopted the name for it’s image appeal to the locals.

        • Yes, and its symbol adorned the topmost spire of Jericho which fell at YAH’s command, just to show you how far back the cult goes.
          Jericho was the toll station on the road from Petra on the east to Jebus (now Jerusalem) on the west and then Tyre (spare anyone) on the Mediterranean coast.
          Several attempts were made to make the Suez passable to avoid the tolls. When the French finally succeeded Petra died the death that it deserved.

          • I understood that Mohammed was also influenced by the Phoenician god Baal who demanded the burning to death of newborn babies as an act of sacrifice and worship.

          • Anonymous:

            The people that believed in Baal had a huge bronze statue with outstretched arms. The statue was heated up with a fire, then children were sacrificed by placing them in the statue’s arms. Interesting comparison to today’s muslims who tie explosive suicide vests on their own children. They are sacrificed on the altar of Baal.

  4. Another excellent essay from MC. I do, however, regret that he has introduced the red herring of climate change denial. Diversions such as this and as his anti-vaccination views detract from the power of his writing on the key themes of his essays. Indeed, the hive mind is just as much in evidence amongst climate change deniers and supporters of so-called alt-med as is amongst his usual targets.

    • Climate change “denial” is not a red herring. The Hive Mind perfectly represents this claim and attempts to convince us all with the use of technologies that are too scant and too fragile to be employed in widespread use. The fascinating thing about warmists is that they’re able to use non-falsifiable incidents to make their alarmist claims. Al Gore is one of them, claiming this cold spell is another frightening example of climate change. The fat man never gives up, as he continues to have a larger carbon footprint than all but the rest of the most decadent of the one percenters.

      Australia is having a heat wave and that is currently being addressed by the use of coal. Coal that is due to be shut down in a few years. Meanwhile, China will be more than happy to take whatever they’re not going to use, thank you very much.

      As long as the big population areas – China and India – aren’t (and never will be) part of that damaging Climate Accord, I am glad the U.S. refused to sign on, too. We’d have been stuck with it if Hillary had been elected.

    • While I largely disagree with MC on vaccines, I largely agree on climate change: look up why Greenland is called Greenland and you’ll also begin to doubt… I’m always amazed at how this is almost never pointed out to the Al Gores of this world.

    • Time Fritterer, please don’t lump together climate change skeptics and anti-vaccination [people with whom I do not agree]!

  5. Why @TF, do you think that climate change and herd immunity are subjects that should not even be mentioned, let alone be discussed? Is it wrong therefore for me to have an opinion that is different to yours?

    • I’m still an agnostic re vaccines. I’ll always keep my tetanus boosters up-to-date because the chances of stepping on a nail or rusty bit of corrosion is higher out here in the woods, but I won’t use the largely non-effective “flu” shot. Given the poor condition of my lungs, I may submit to another pneumonia shot, but its efficacy against microplasmic pneumonia -which is the variety I had – is null. I suffered through that for more than a month while my doctor said I’d just have to learn to cope with asthma. Never even did an x-ray.

      I switched doctors, going to see a nurse practitioner I knew who diagnosed me on the spot with microplasmic pneumonia. I refused hospitalization (why expose myself to even more germs?) and got through a month’s course of antibiotics. One lung is scarred as a result and if I must get another lung x-ray (as I did last Spring) I have to make sure the doctor looks at my previous x-rays before deciding that scarring is pneumonia; it’s not.

    • There is so much about MSM medicine that is wrong, and sometimes downright harmful. Maybe someday I’ll write a list of specific harms done to me and my family.

      OTOH, I’ll be forever grateful to the ER doc who performed an emergency tracheostomy on my oldest son, who was two at the time. His epiglottis was inflamed and had closed over. He went several minutes without air, but due to her quick action, no lasting harm was done.

    • MC, you are fully entitled to an opinion that is different from mine, and I agree that both climate change and herd immunity are subjects that deserve to be mentioned and discussed – separately from each other. In my opinion, however, to raise them in an essay of this nature is to detract from the power of what you are writing.

      • PS. I acknowledge that herd immunity was not mentioned in this essay. I refer to an older posting that otherwise I also admired.

  6. Great article! The two most retrograde forces in the world (islam and post Modernism) have found each other, and they are in love. I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard the SJWs now want corporations to share responsibility for workplace sexual violence. In other words, the group bears the sins of its individual members vs. the Christian concept that the individual is solely responsible for their own sins. If that is what they truly believe, then the left is also responsible for the actions of it’s own worse members, which of course includes islam, which is precisely what occurred in the last Presidential election.

    What was most interesting about the last US election was precisely group identity. The Democratic party has desperately tried to pigeon hole conservatives as white racists, Christian fanatics. Trump simply created a new, larger, more inclusive, group identity called Americans. He rightly makes islam separate from the American identity because of the left’s own inclusion of islam. Liberals now drag all the associated baggage of islam and their own worst actors unto itself. Hilary Clinton did severe damage to the Liberal brand as well, but again the group bears responsibility for its own worst members in the modern Progressive mindset. Truly a double edged sword vs. the Christian concept of Man being created in the image of God, meaning we think, act, choose, and are responsible as separate individuals.

    • I want to question this…

      “the Christian concept of Man being created in the image of God, meaning we think, act, choose, and are responsible as separate individuals.”

      This concept is running into severe difficulties with the present Pope, who was elected by the Catholic Church Hierarchy, who support him fully.

      It is this concept that leaves him powerless in the face of Islam so that he is hopelessly paralysed in the face of Islamic Jihad.

      That is precisely how the Pope address Muslims. Do you not think so? He is acting out precisely that definition.

      • Well, Felix, the Church has an old and venerable tradition of bought-and-paid-for popes, so Frankie joins a long line of ’em. What is shocking is how he attained the Papacy. Benedict was out-spoken about Islam so he lives in enforced “retirement” in Vatican City and keeps mum. Yes, he had/has Parkinson’s but afaik he’s still compos mentis.

        There hasn’t been another case of an enforced vacancy from the Papacy since the 11th century or there abouts.

        • The war on the Catholic Church was probably a type of political action but from where I do not know. It had the effect of weakening the Church on all issues.

          I suspect this has made the whole of the Church totally powerless.

          But my experience of Protestants and Evangelicals is no better. Perhaps that experience of mine is wrong.

          So then it is possible that Benedict was removed as part of the need to support the Islamic Jihad.

          This is all very frightening.

          Francis is very dangerous but it is like Hitler…the worship of Hitler was the impoverished middle classes seeing in Hitler and here I do not express it well…a little bit of themselves.

          I attended a film series in Belfast once of a director called Werner Fassbinder, German of course, very gifted but films were not easy, as I understood it he was portraying those in the pre Hitler Weimar Republic, not all but individuals as being the natural raw material for Fascists. Such kinds of statements as by Fassbinder were artistic, impressionistic, but with real truth.

          I think we are now in the equivalent Weimar Republic, especially the new move in UK to diss the Referendum Result, and the new move in the US to diss the last election result.

          In short this is making it impossible to govern.

          This is the scariest thing I know of.

        • I do know that some of our Colombian friends expressed concern about Francis when he was first elected because be was a Jesuit, and Jesuits, at least in Latin America are known to be devoted to the essentially leftist Liberation Theology. Leftism does seem to be very comfortable with and supportive of Islam.

      • Felix:

        I don’t give a whit about what the pope in Rome thinks, nor do I even follow him. Martin Luther rejected papal rule 500 years ago due to the pope no longer acting in accordance with scripture. Half of Europe was killed in the resulting battles for freedom from papal rule. Now you want me to listen to him? This is what Luther came to believe after long study:
        1. Sola Scriptura (“Scripture alone”): The Bible alone is our highest authority.
        2. Sola Fide (“faith alone”): We are saved through faith alone in Jesus Christ.
        3. Sola Gratia (“grace alone”): We are saved by the grace of God alone.
        4. Solus Christus (“Christ alone”): Jesus Christ alone is our Lord, Savior, and King.
        5. Soli Deo Gloria (“to the glory of God alone”): We live for the glory of God alone.

        • But now, the present, are Protestants and Evangelicals also not equally at best powerless.

          Some may be even scamming to enter legally big problem immigrants into the US. Baron has important information on this, in his state, first hand and there is nothing to beat first hand knowledge.

          I would like to understand this historically by studying the efforts of Christopher Hill on Oliver Cromwell which explains how religion drove Oliver to carry through the great English Revolution.

          But with the passage of time it is also possible that that may be transformed into its very opposite.

          • The shift you see is the total abrogation of the Old Testament by the New Testament in today’s churches and in society at large. In the past, many leaders in society thought of themselves as God’s champion. That meant they saw themselves as acting in the name of God, which paralleled the actions of many stories in the Old Testament. This often led to disastrous results, Cromwell as you mentioned, or see the sack of Jerusalem in the first Crusades, it’s right out of Deuteronomy 20:10.

            A more evolving view of the world and man’s role in it resulted in what could be called Rationalism, or Modernism. You see this in the separation of church and state in the US constitution. People wanted to take the religious elements and factions out of leadership in order to avoid religious conflict.

            Because modern Christianity now looks almost exclusively to the New Testament. It believes its role is to be compassionate to all regardless of social consequences. That is why you see organizations such as Lutheran Social Services, or Catholic Charities bringing in huge numbers of muslims to the US. What is interesting to me is that such actions facilitate conditions resulting in societal conditions that revert back to Old Testament situations where the righteous had to act to destroy the unrighteous in order to survive.

            The Old Testament exists as the yang to the yin of the New Testament. Ignore one or the other and you have an imbalance which will bring a correction.

    • To the Left and muslims ,when a muslim, or muslims practice acts or terrorism they are called lone wolves, they say that the criminals hijacked the religion, they don’t represent islam. On the other hand, if a westerner commits a crime against a muslim (which is very rare), the left blames the entire non muslim population. They are all racist, islamophobic, and that’s part of their DNA as Hussein Obama said.

      • dhans

        Very very good. Much validity in what you write above and there is much more in what you have written than appears on the surface. These are also deep, deep historical matters. A further point…it is my feeling and experience that the Jewish people have been driven out of many of these kinds of discussions. I cannot prove this scientifically and it is just a feeling. How to overcome this…my own solution is to approach these issues from a strict historical stand and most important of all to fight for the fullest freedom of discussion. The Jewish viewpoint needs to be facilitated by a kind of active “bias” because they have been so attacked and persecuted down the decades.

  7. So the male progeny of the hive would be known as the son of a bee hive, which by the way was the symbol for the State of Utah. So guess what that makes LDS members, sons of another bee hive? We see them riding their bicycles and they all look the same and they all drone on about ‘their’ gospel.

    Maybe that’s the point, MC, hive members are so uniform in their appearance that they can be readily identified as to which hive they belong. Individuals aren’t readily identifiable and so they are perceived as threats to the various hives, most likely because they don’t know how to be hive themselves.

    • Don’t start dissing the Mormons. Stay on your own plot of revealed dogma and let others have theirs. At least here on GoV.

      Some can be identified by their odor of sanctimony. Of course, that wouldn’t be you.

      Baron: I know you’re busy but please, more attention to the fine print. Thanks

        • I bee trying to come up with a response but me mind wouldn’t work. Did notice, though. There were several, as I recall.

          • I had just completed a rather complex and difficult appraisal in which every word had to be carefully chosen. After an assignment such as that the words want to go out and play and have pun.
            Besides, isn’t word play and dry irony the English style of humor?

      • It’s an interesting point though; I remember reading an article in some magazine about the Hell’s Angels, and how they had to give up their individuality to become a member. That is to say, in order to rebel against “the” system, they had to become part of another system – one which demanded obedience, and enforced the rules with an iron hand. Very strange, & very interesting to think about.

        Remember the Sons – when you’re out, you’re out!

        • We’re so far down the rabbit hole of “replies” now that I’ll have to ask what “it” is the point of your reference.

          I watched half the video. Needs too much context to understand.

    • Ever met anyone who’s not in some social group or another, acuara? Even in mental institutions, people can sometimes tend to clot according to perceived similarities.

      Human beings are, above all, social beings…that’s why the neglected ones (e.g., the infants in Romanian orphanages in the good old days), often wither and die. FFT…Failure to Thrive.

      • I agree, that is why loving parents, and grandparents are so important to a young child.

        Case in point, all the children who were raised in public school nurseries during the 1980s are now the millennials who are disconnected from everyone but their own. They would be a perfect case study for MC’s hive.

          • Amen! My son was failing in Seventh Grade. I took him out of school and began to home school him by setting up the truck that I worked out of at the time as the classroom. It was a lot of work but I did get to ride in the car pool lanes. The payoff was a 3.0GPA in high school and a A.A. degree in computer programming.
            All three of my grandsons are or will soon be homeschooled as the result of California’s inoculation law that does not allow recourse to the drug manufacturers for tainted batches and negative side effects. The youngest at 2 1/2 already knows his letters and numbers and is learning the keyboard.
            BTW, not to be dogmatic (I don’t own one) but Deuteronomy states that it is the parent’s responsibility to educate the child all the time (standing up, sitting down, and walking by the way). Shirking that task and consigning it to a stranger is most likely how we have ended up where we are at, godless and narcissistic in the extreme to the extent that national governance resembles daily episodes from a soap opera.

          • Good for you! The B did much of the future Baron’s education…he would write stories illustrating laugh, cough, through, etc. -he had whole hilarious sentences that I’ve long since forgotten.

            The fB learned to love playing with words. As a result, he was writing sonnets at age 12 (like Charlie Brown, to a red-haired girl). He was blessed not only with intelligence but with an almost eidetic memory. Which I found handy sometimes – it saved me having to look things up 😉

            BTW, he learned to read very early by reading Calvin and Hobbes religiously…I explained to him early on the joke in the name “Calvin and Hobbes”. As a result, he was wary of what he called “dogma”…though he wanted some of it – as proved by the Unitarian service we brought him to when the church was doing an exhibition of the Baron’s paintings. As we were driving home, I asked what he thought of the place. “Not enough dogma”, he said, referring to the sermon.

            Another time, on the way home from our church (it must have been around Pentecost), he asked me to explain what the Trinity was. Before I could respond, he made a restraining gesture and said hastily, “but don’t explain it right now”.

            Kids are wonderful!

          • A young relative of mine (under ten at the time) was once in my house and the TV was on in the corner. The news was on. And it was showing rows and rows of Muslims “praying” in some mosque or other, or maybe it was in the streets of some European capital.

            Anyhow, the inevitable question was put to me: Uncle Nick, what are all those people doing? I said: They’re supposed to be praying.

            A moment’s thought, then: “They look like they’re sniffing one another’s bums!”

  8. The issue of global warming often comes up.

    I see it often being discussed in a very emotive way on sites. Not here but on very significant sites.

    If true it is serious. If not true I will be very happy. But the science needs to be discussed in a very serious manner…that is my main point.

    I have certain questions…Can man change the environment?…definitely so and since homo erectus he has most definitely been doing so.

    Can then man change the atmosphere and again I have to answer that of course he can.

    That is the philosophical basis for the discussion of the issue. The question then arises how when where etcetera, is he changing the atmosphere dangerously and so on? and it is a very complex issue.

    I have no confidence in Al Gore on the issue and do not think he is remotely any scientific expert. I suspect Gore may be scorned even hated by the GW scientists but I have no evidence of this…just a feeling.

  9. There is a blog post, several years old now, that explains why Islam is so successful because it was designed a certain way.

    Sorry, I don’t have the link handy.

  10. “Kipling was right: the penetrated hive goes insane and dies, and the Marxists move on, happy with their destruction — Zimbabwe a mess, Venezuela a disaster, South Africa heading that way.”

    Indeed. This is a big part of the reason why the pressure is on Israel, at this point, and why it matters so much: by having a decent society that is not collapsing in the face of the onslaught, you’re largely stopping it. In Sderot, you’re very much on the front line. The strange thing is, you’ve been so successful at stopping it that “they” seem to have somewhat given up and moved on to tackle Europe first. Sderot may well be standing long after Malmo.

    MC, another great article, and spot on. I congratulate you on it.

    • Thank-you @Mike, the really important thing is that Sderot is still here. The object of the exercise was to make Sderot non-viable, and it nearly suceeded as many businesses fled to ‘safer’ surroundings. Then came Iron Dome and the number of missiles actually landing dropped dramatically.

      An Iron Dome intercept is still very loud and very scary, not what one would choose, but better than being sprayed with nails and shrapnel etc.

      These missiles are shot at civilians especially children, we try and get the children into shelters but one has to be quick, we do not hide behind our children or put them in danger as some barbarians do.

      Each missile is a war crime, or it would be if the world opinion wasn’t more interested in whether Pres. Trump knows the words of the national anthemn. Somehow warcrimes by ‘palestinians’ against women and children are swept under the world’s carpet, eclipsed by staged ‘pallywood movies’ of Al Dura et al, hideously shot by a French camera crew. France, the country that brought us the Dreyfus affair – a government inspired frame up of a Jewish army office to hide the fact that a frenchman of a supposedly ‘good’ family had sold out to the Germans.

      So now we see Boris Johnson, a so called ‘conservative’ promising the PA that Jerusalem will be divided. Well, I suppose that given that half of London is now given over to Muslim invaders and the Mayor is a takkiyah artist he wants Jerusalem to share London’s fate…

      We can now clearly see that Israel’s enemies are suffering the same plight as Israel and from the same hands too, somebody (up there) is cursing Europe as Europe curses Israel just as He promised.

      • MC:

        One of the big problems with the Iron Dome strategy is cost. The Palestinians make those throw away missiles for cheap. It costs almost nothing to equip a suicide bomber, a man with a knife, or a sniper with a rifle. How much is Israel spending to stop it? At some point you run out of money. Then what? The terrorists eventually win through demographics and economics unless you just stamp them out.

        • That’s why the Iron Dome is not always in place for poverty-stricken Sderot, where MC lives. Primacy goes to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This makes it hard for the border towns…where even the dogs have PTSD.

        • Iron Dome appears to be selling well on the international market, and there is now a marine version. But as you point out, each missile costs about $45,000. However the costs when a missile lands and causes long term damage to people and things is probably more, a child maimed by a missile will cost a lot more to repair and sustain for the next 70 years!

  11. Rudyard Kipling wrote a story about the hive, and, of course there was the Borg (and it didn’t play tennis).

    Flipping brilliant, Baron! “[D]idin’t play tennis”, snigger … oops, I meant snigroe.

    Incidentally, did you hear that Borg gave up tennis and joined a Christian monastery?
    Wait for it!
    Yes, he was Björn again.

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