Viktor Orbán: “We Must Learn From the Mistakes of the West”

Below is a video of the second half of an appearance by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the TV panel show “Daily Actual”, hosted by Zsolt Bayer and Andrea Földi-Kovács. (Part 1 is here).

In this portion of the interview, Mr. Orbán gets to the heart of the matter: he discusses the attempts by George Soros to influence the outcome of next spring’s general election in Hungary. The attempt to overthrow Mr. Orbán and the Fidesz government is being mounted due to Hungary’s steadfast refusal to accept a mandatory migrant resettlement quota imposed by Brussels.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

36:04   If there’s a debate, that’s good, and between the Hungarian
36:08   parties there are some discussions, but
36:12   we talked about the question of sovereignty or freedom,
36:16   the ownership of critical infrastructure, the state of the media and its balance,
36:20   and many other economic issues, so by all means let’s talk
36:24   about what is the risk or the possibility,
36:28   that we alone, the Hungarians, would decide our own fate?
36:32   Here is some current news, or maybe last week it received larger publicity, that
36:36   they are involving the intelligence services in scrutinizing the activities of NGOs here.
36:40   My question is: has any information arisen that would confirm
36:44   that on the issue of migration there is some activity that violates
36:48   or endangers the Constitution or influences the processes?
36:52   These are two different questions. If something is legally objectionable,
36:56   that is a question where the police, the prosecutor’s office and the court play a role;
37:00   and the second, where there is not even any overstepping of the legal boundaries,
37:04   is there any kind of activity,
37:08   any work, any organization, any activity
37:12   whose purpose is to limit Hungary’s sovereignty?
37:16   The answer to the latter is: yes, there are such activities. It happens here at home,
37:21   and internationally, too. This activity can be tied to George Soros; it is his money
37:24   and his mechanism. Just days ago, everybody
37:28   could hear the news that Soros moved $18 billion from his
37:32   companies to his foundations, all over the world.
37:36   Now, we are not just talking about Hungary, but worldwide.
37:40   For these networks, activists, financing an invisible army.
37:44   In Hungary as well, dozens of such organizations may be found,
37:48   here also hundreds are paid [by him] and thousands more will be paid
37:52   in the election campaign. They will create organizational centers
37:56   in the countryside — they have already announced it — they will work like
38:00   a [political] party. They want to influence the decisions of the Hungarian people,
38:04   and they would like to achieve, to elect such a government in Hungary.
38:08   We simply call those politicians (from Soros’ list) Soros politicians;
38:12   they want such people to form a government,
38:16   who on the question of migration would share Brussels’ and
38:20   George Soros’ and his machinery’s point of view.
38:24   So they would be willing to allow Hungary to be turned into a mixed-race country in Europe, too.
38:28   These are the stakes in this election, and they are
38:32   working with great force. And this is a tactile, identifiable,
38:36   describable process, with describable actors, describable amounts.
38:40   We have precise national security information about this. This is ongoing not only here at home;
38:44   this is also happening in the international arena against Hungary.
38:48   It is happening in the media; we were able to detect its fibers
38:52   and identify it there, too, and it is also happening in the decision-making of Brussels.
38:56   Let me give you an example: today I was reading
39:00   report on the LIBE hearing. One news portal…
39:04   — can’t be accused of being friendly to the government —
39:08   gives a report, and at the bottom of the article, in a small font, is written: this report
39:12   was funded by the European Parliament.
39:16   What kind of report will that be, where on one side there is the Hungarian interest,
39:20   and the other is the European Parliament arguing with each other, and the Hungarian
39:24   report about it, paid for by the European Parliament? So what I want to say
39:28   is that from such correlations we were able to map out many
39:32   European Parliament representatives’ connection to the Soros machine.
39:36   So we are standing against a well-built system,
39:40   which was under the water or the radar for the longest time.
39:44   Now the debates of the last couple of years about migration brought them up;
39:48   now they start to become more and more visible. My duty is — this is not about my sympathies —
39:52   but my duty is, because the Hungarian people do not want to live in a country with a mixed-race
39:56   population, they do not want to see migrants in Hungary —
40:00   in brackets, let me note that European statistics show only 1% or 2%
40:04   are political refugees; all the rest are economic migrants —
40:08   so we do not want such a future for ourselves, and the Hungarian people firmly
40:12   expressed that they do not want such a country. My duty is
40:16   is to execute their decision, to fight for them, to fight for the country and defend them,
40:20   with all possible tools, including the intelligence services, our system of laws,
40:24   and diplomacy too. I do not want to keep it secret, I will…
40:28   In this, I will recognize no compromise, no agreement, no business.
40:32   I will do this work nicely, calmly, just like the Fidesz [governing party] was established against
40:36   the Communists and we overthrew them, this work also
40:40   will be done, as long as the people with their trust make it possible for me.
40:44   Let me ask just a very short question. So you documented this processes; would you like
40:48   to make any kind of move about this? —I do nothing else.
40:52   …through the intelligence services? —We use all our tools.
40:56   When we talk about the safety of the Hungarian people,
41:00   when we protect Hungarian interests, when we talk about the future of Hungary,
41:04   every tool must be used that is accepted by international practice.
41:08   With this in very close correlation,
41:12   I am more unhappy that…
41:16   there is an existing plan, an existing man,
41:20   who has existing organizations, who wants to achieve
41:24   a mixed-race Europe and world. We understand this!
41:28   But after listening to numerous
41:32   European Parliament decision-makers,
41:36   we have a creepy picture:
41:40   They truly believe this will be good. It makes the fight against them much harder,
41:44   than just against a specifiable and existing
41:48   person and his organizations.
41:52   Yes, I would like to thank you for this question, because this highlights
41:56   that we must keep our cool and must keep our
42:00   Christian attitude towards this situation. Because we must not think
42:04   that here there is only evil at work. Because admittedly there are evil people,
42:08   who want to transform Europe based on their interests;
42:12   a financial speculator only earns, if there is chaos — or earns well —
42:16   and when in that fashion a financial speculator earns, everybody else loses.
42:20   Such is the essence of this genre. That is why there is nobody like them anywhere in the world —
42:24   independent of their nationality and citizenship, NOWHERE in the world — like financial speculators.
42:28   It means when they are successful, we lose. This would be true for Hungary
42:32   if we had not defended the OTP [largest Hungarian bank] against George Soros,
42:36   against his manipulations and also the Hungarian economy. We had some examples of that.
42:40   The media reported on it, too. So we suffered economic attacks, too,
42:44   that we must also stave off. But it would not be correct, if behind
42:48   every single opinion supporting migration,
42:52   we were to place evil people, whose
42:56   activities are clearly incorrect, unlawful, but for
43:00   their selfish economic interests, they are still willing to do it.
43:04   As I said, there is such a thing. But there are many people who are not like that.
43:08   Not evil, not with bad intentions, do not wish to cause harm, believe it in good faith,
43:12   they are convinced that the direction of the evolution of humankind is such that
43:16   it will be better, a higher level, better quality, a more humane
43:20   way of life will emerge when everything is mixed together. From all the cultures,
43:24   all the people will be nicely mixed together,
43:28   all the thoughts, and similar to the United States of America, it will be mixed-race
43:32   world that takes shape. That will be the truly tolerant, free,
43:36   joyful and colorful world. Many think like that. I think
43:40   this train of thought is against common sense. I understand why they are so
43:44   enthusiastic about such a thing, but I think it is a utopia. I think it is an ideology and a utopia.
43:48   Life would never be like this, if we became homogenized, with
43:52   people from very different cultures, who have very different opinions
43:56   from ours; it will not become a wonderful life, but parallel societies.
44:00   We will import hatred, such as anti-Semitism; we will bring it
44:04   here into Europe. Our views about the
44:08   equality of man and woman will end, because that will not be a world where such
44:12   principles would be respected. Freedom of religion will end,
44:16   so I am convinced that the mix of specific cultures is not superior,
44:20   will not bring a raised, heartened life, just the opposite: it will push us back
44:24   in the direction of a much lower-quality society. So we must
44:28   stop this! Now we still have a way. I look at it from the perspective that it is also a task
44:32   to learn from the others, the mistakes of the West. The West made a mistake.
44:36   They did not want such cities, either. They wanted to live like they do in Marseilles,
44:40   Paris or perhaps Brussels? What is happening there — this is what they wanted?
44:44   The road to hell, paved with good intentions. People with good intentions
44:48   made those decisions, too. But where would we learn, if not from the mistakes of others?
44:52   So we must learn from the mistakes of the West and give clear answers.
44:56   Do we want to turn Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs, Szeged into such cities? No, we do not!
45:00   Today that is the opinion of Hungarians, and as long as it remains so,
45:03   we must respect those opinions. —Thank you very much. —Thank you very much.

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  1. I agree with your test comment. Every country, IMO, is entitled to preserve its language, heritage, customs, even food. Everything. Until the globalists get that through their heads, I think we are in danger of being steam-rollered.

    Vlad, don’t leave — we love your comments and perspective, just as we love the Baron. I think Viktor Orban will go down as a hero of Hungary.

    • I think Orbán is in the same category as Kossuth or Churchill. If Europe survives, he will be remembered as one of the greatest hero of Europe.

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