The Swedish Public Does Not Have a Right to Know

The article below from Fria Tider is interesting for several reasons. First of all, it makes overt what had hitherto been tacit: the Swedish government does not think ordinary citizens are capable of handling the free flow of information. What Swedes read, listen to, and watch must be selected, managed, and filtered by gatekeepers who know better. This is all for their own good, mind you. The modern world is just too complex and confusing for Sven and Ingrid to make sense of.

The second important nugget in this report is the acknowledgement that “Journalists and left-wing groupings such as AFA have long had access to massive databases that store sensitive data about private individuals’ government contacts.” This is something that we all knew — EXPO and other left-wing extremist groups have been doxxing individuals since long before doxxing was fashionable. A leftist site publishes the home address of a member of the Sweden Democrats — gleaned from government databases — and then the antifas drop by to throw a brick through the unfortunate fellow’s front window or drop a smoke bomb (or worse) through his letterbox.

Now the government wants to make sure that access to public databases is limited to “professionals” — that is, to politically reliable folks who are guaranteed to toe the party line on multicultural matters. And you can bet your bippy that writers for Fria Tider and other dissident sites won’t be considered “journalists” under the new regime. Only reporters and researchers from standard MSM outlets will be so accredited — in other words, people who are known to be leftist, multiculturalist, and pro-immigrant.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this report:

The government wants to prohibit Swedes from using online searches of criminal convictions and the ethnicity of criminals

December 4, 2017

The government is now proposing a bill that includes prohibiting private individuals from using search services where the public can correlate such things as crime and ethnic origin. It concerns sites such as Lexbase.

“The right to read these public documents easily via Lexbase will, if the proposal is adopted, be reserved for professional entities, such as lawyers, journalists and companies,” Lexbase writes in a statement on Monday.

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Journalists and left-wing groupings such as AFA have long had access to massive databases that store sensitive data about private individuals’ government contacts.

But when the Lexbase site was launched in 2014, and allowed ordinary individuals to do the same kind of searches, a media storm broke out after which the politicians began to investigate the issue.

The bill now presented by the government means, among other things, that search services containing personal data with an “integrity-sensitive character” should be prohibited — from public use.

It’s about sites on the internet that deal with information such as political opinions, religion, skin color, health, sexual orientation or criminal convictions, writes TT.

The site mentioned above is just Lexbase, which makes (criminal court) judgments searchable online. Lexbase has a certificate of issue and is therefore protected by the foundations at present. But the government wants to change the foundation protection.
However, journalists will not be affected by the new law.

“Journalists’ activities should not be affected by any ban,” said Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson (S), according to TT.

How to judge which searches are journalistic and which are not will become a “question of implementation”, he explains.

The bill thus does not mean a total ban on Lexbase, except for limiting the service to so-called professional users.

“Lexbase will be able to continue to publish online judgments. However, the proposal means that the public, i.e., an ordinary person, is prohibited from using sites such as Lexbase. The right to easily access Lexbase will, if the proposal is enacted, be reserved for professional entities, such as lawyers, journalists and various companies,” writes Lexbase in a statement on Monday.

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  1. In the mean time, when there were gathered together an innumerable multitude of people, insomuch that they trode one upon another, he began to say unto his disciples first of all, Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

    For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

    • In the meantime, when Sweden’s citizens want access to information, they will discover what a repressive soviet regime their country has become.

      Imagine a Freedom of Information demand being made to any Swedish bureaucracy??

      I remember when Chaz Johnson at Lil Green Footballs had some Swedish plant from EXPO telling everyone that Flemish parliamentarians were Nazis.

      • I am not familiar with Lil Green Footballs, nor the Flemish Parliamentarians, but your question sparked a small revelation in my mind, because I know the Swedes from proffessional background:

        Imagine a Freedom of Information demand being made to any Swedish bureaucracy??

        Now that you ask, and it never occured to me like this before, the Swedes are very forgiving people, and the way they forgive is rather nice – they hide, or cover if you will, our proffessional sins.

        I give you three examples:

        Our guy was once guiding a crane from top of a 14 storey building, standing on the edge of the roof, smoking a cigarette, and without harness nor being tied to a rope. Unfortunately for him, right across the street, in a 30 storey building, right about at floor 14-15 – was a health and safety department. The guys from health and safety came over, and threatened with a 50,000 Swedish Krona fine. Then they started to investigate, and found out that our health and safety guidelines – which every worker in Sweden must carry around at all times! – were outdated! So, the Swedish Health and Safety didn’t fine our guy for standing at the edge of the roof without harness, but they fined the company 1000 Krona for the outdated guidelines. It was rather nice from them!

        Or on another occasion, one guy lost a set of 15 standard keys worth 150,000 Swedish Krowns. Can you spell uups? But then, out of a sudden, a Swedish guy from another department – an office guy we didn’t really know – came around and said: I have a good insurance for my stupidity, so I take that 150,000 Krona fine, so you don’t have to pay it! It was very nice of him!

        Or on another occassion, one guy was speeding on a highway 130km/h on a 110km/h speedlimit with a 90km/h rated trailer. Unfortunately there was a police car hidden inbetween the semi-trucks, and they spotted him. When he realized he’s being followed by the Swedish police, he slowed down to 100km/h. They continued for a while, and then they pulled him over. “We’ve got 3 violations on our camera” The cop said: “130km/h on a 110km/h speedlimit with a 90km/h rated trailer. – which is worth 5000Krona. Then we’ve got you driving 110km/h with a 90km/h trailer – which is worth 2500 Krona… And then we’ve got you driving 95km/h with a 90km/h rated trailer, which is worth 500Krona. So which one is it gonna be, sir?”

        They told the guy it was good that he didn’t slow down right to the speed limit, because now they had excuse to give him the lowest fine possible.

        So – As I said above. It never occured to me that this nice trait of the Swedes – to cover the sins of many – might actually project over to real crimes, like thefts and robberies, but maybe it really does!

        • Great stories. They’re very funny.

          Here’s another interpretation. The Swedish ethos is meant to deal with a super-compliant population totally susceptible to social pressure. The individuals so described would likely have modified their behavior, even with the lowest fines.

          The Swedish government goes into a totally different mode when sociopath immigrants are involved. The two wildcards are the reaction of Swedish citizens who realize their country is being destroyed, and the reaction of the immigrant sociopaths, who view social constraints unenforced by violence as not existing.,

          So, the Swedish bureaucrats, not being used to being challenged, react by attempts to sweep the dirt under the rug: or for those not familiar with US idioms, attempts to suppress information about problems with their policies.

          The whole experience of Sweden raises the question of whether a comfortable, progressive welfare state actually carries the seeds of its own very real destruction.

          • I believe that the seeds of their own destruction is the loss of judgement. While you are correct, that “we” react well to the lowest possible fines, because we take it as a sort of forgiveness and mercy, the migrants from middle east despise it as weakness and abuse the “Swedish goodness”. The loss of judgement regarding those ungrateful migrant elements is clearly visible, and sweeping the dirt under the rug is a clear sign of the loss of judgement.

            I heard stories that at the beginning of the Swedish welfare system, Swedes would rather starve than to ‘shamefully’ ask government for money. Although the young Swedes are not as puritan, they still don’t understand well that someone who is capable of working would go and abuse the welfare system for his own lazyness. That kind of welfare abuse doesn’t compute in the Swedish brain. We, the Czechs, often say that it is Sweden’s lack of experience with the Gypsies, for thanks to the Gypsies, Czechs know that some people will inevitably go and deliberately live off the welfare. The Swedes have yet to learn to even start talking about it.

  2. Why don’t Swedes gather as much Lexbase data as possible – while they can – and copy it to somewhere with free speech protection – like the US?

  3. As others have pointed out over the years, the greatest threats to our lives, freedom, wealth and happiness are our own governments. The West is being murdered by the very people charged with protecting it and us.

    • May I suggest that the size of the political entity actually determines the benefits, or liabilities, of a government?

      Governments are absolutely necessary to protect borders and to fend off organized invasions.

      But, once governments or the regions they represent, become so large that it loses accountability, the government becomes malevolent. The government bureaucrats then act to further their own, venal, personal interests, rather than the interests of the people.

      The government of Hungary, for example, is an excellent protector of its people. The governments of Germany and England are carrying out a program of suppression of their own people to enhance the power, or salary, of the leaders and bureaucrats.

      • I cannot disagree RonaldB. In the USA, I’m ready to return to the Articles of Confederation.

    • I been saying the same for years!

      The real enemy are the goverment politicians, local councils and enviroment beaurcrats, these so called goverments aim is to enslave us all as cash cows paying never ending taxes and financing their insane and flawed schemes, and including now our own genocide!!!!!

      Until these goverments and the traitors that inhabit them who are making more and more and more laws to make your life a total complete misery, where no matter what you do or say is illegal, until the people band together and rise up and confront these socialist little hitlers, and deal with them brutally, the terror they are committing against us all will never end!

      Just 2 or 3 million people could overthrow the uk gov,
      Capture and detain thousands of council commies, turn houses of parliament into ashes.

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