Palestinians Advance the Peace Process by Shooting Rockets at Israel From Gaza

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this report from the front line in Sderot on the “Palestinian” response to Donald Trump’s announced plan to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

The Rockets’ Red Glare

by MC

It is 10:30pm, and the Religion of Peace is once more showering us with its (explosive) blessings.

They are prepared to kill and maim Jews because an American Christian confirmed that Israel’s capital city for the last 3,000 years is still its capital city. As an Israeli politician put it to the BBC: Jerusalem was the capital of Israel before London was even thought of.

Jews have been continuously in the land for thousands of years, and Jerusalem has always been their capital. Many have tried to throw them out, they have all failed. The history is freely available.

We had one alarm yesterday evening. Two rockets were fired but did not reach Israel. Tonight at 18:12 we had an Iron Dome intercept very close by (the Iron Dome is very noisy, and this one had a particularly short burn, which means it was close).

Then just as I was taking a friend home at around 10pm I was caught outside as the alarm went off again, and this time we heard the detonation. It apparently landed in Sderot and damaged some cars.

In between times we have had the various bangs and wallops as the IDF responded in kind. It makes for a noisy night.

I have still yet to hear the howls of rage from Europe’s politicians who appear to believe that all Israeli Jooooz must be punished for the actions of an American Christian. It would appear that the sun shines so brightly out of the Islamic [fundament], as it spews its wroth upon the innocent, that all that the Merkelistas wish to do is take the money and run. Peace in our time (if only we kowtow enough and forget the war crimes).

Sorry; I am a bit out of kilter tonight. I am just so fed up with those smarmy gits whose parentage is in dispute.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

11 thoughts on “Palestinians Advance the Peace Process by Shooting Rockets at Israel From Gaza

  1. I don’t know how you keep your sanity.

    The so-called Peace Process is a farce. Always has been, always will be. No one can live peaceably with neighbors who believe you have no right to exist and it’s their job to make sure your non-existence becomes a reality.

  2. it should have been called The Piece Process, a Piece now and then a Piece later; a piece of Gaza, a piece of Samaria, a piece of East Jerusalem, etc.

  3. You’d think muslims would be sick and tired of being in a constant state of rage. But I suppose genetics and 1400 years of brainwashing will do that to them.

    • John-

      The opposite is true.

      They revel in their rage.

      It provides them a reason to exist, even in the most penurious conditions.

  4. Thanks MC..I guess “stay safe” is a cliche for you by now but yeah do that would you please?

  5. “As an Israeli politician put it to the BBC: Jerusalem was the capital of Israel before London was even thought of.”

    Yup – that’s an excellent point towards Albion and her fake news station BBC.

    I had the opportunity to travel to Israel this year and was immensely impressed by the tradition of culture, literacy and overall intellectual achievement of the Jews …

    Jerusalem is a nexus of what we call Western Civilization – that’s an undeniable fact. We Westerners should literally worship Jerusalem as the place where our culture started – and yes, together with the ancient Athens, where I personally see my deepest intellectual heritage.

    • Lucky Lu – in your travels, I mean.

      Yes, Jerusalem is the nexus of our moral code and Athens our intellectual heritage. Rome, otoh, was the real beginning of bureaucracy.

    • Athens, Jerusalem and Rome. Everything that is good in the world stems from these sources. Even the magnificent technological and artistic achievements of Chinese civilization, with its very sensible Confucian ethical code, needed a leavening of Judeo-Christianity to make it complete. It is no accident that in a few decades the world’s single largest cohort of Christians will be in China.

      The future of the world may well be America (I hope), China, India and little Israel if Europe doesn’t arrest its self-destruction by Islamification.

      “As an Israeli politician put it to the BBC: Jerusalem was the capital of Israel before London was even thought of.”

      This point must be hammered home again and again. The detestable nincompoops who are outraged or affect outrage that the USA might recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital need to get this and my following point into their heads. Israeli Foreign Minister, Abba Eban, said in the late 60’s:

      “There is only one place in the world where people are still speaking the same language and practicing the same religion as they did 3,000 years ago and that place is Jerusalem.”

      If a person cannot grasp the significance and righteousness of that, then God help them. The notion that the descendants of C7th Islamic invaders have a higher claim to Jerusalem is utterly preposterous.

      I sincerely hope Donald Trump follows through with the formal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Not least because he has been hog-tied and thwarted in the implementation of every other of his policy initiatives. I suspect that Putin and China will both be perfectly relaxed about it. If Trump can get Jerusalem over the line and people then bleat about how bad a president he is/was, the question can then be asked: “What did he do that was so bad?’. And when people respond “Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital!” one can then go to town on them, romp home, crush their ignorant and stupid arguments. Jerusalem will be Trump’s “Harry Truman-like” legacy.

      As an aside, imagine how Harry Truman would regard the Obama presidency and today’s Democratic Party with its Keith Ellisons and obsession with “safe spaces” and bathrooms for the transgendered!

      • If the Western world must relinquish the torch of global primacy, I would rather see it pass to China and the other East Asian nations like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan than the Ummah.

  6. My understanding is that Gaza contains several dissident factions, in addition to Hamas, which controls the government.

    It’s possible, I think, that the rockets were fired by a dissident group, rather than Hamas. I don’t know whether Hamas is so weak, it can’t control its own far-radicals, or if it uses the dissidents as a cut-out excuse to follow its own charter and fire rockets into Israel. Maybe a bit of both.

    My understanding is also that Israel passes some taxes along to both the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas government.

    Muslims being Muslims, Hamas will not gain complete control of Gaza without some very bloody actions to establish who is in command. The US seems to chronically misinterpret the necessary actions of governments in Muslim countries as illegal brutality…or perhaps the State Department, which can’t possibly be as stupid as it appears, simply uses the typical actions of a Muslim government as an excuse for an intervention the State Department wishes for another reason.

    My suggestion would be that Israel pass the word quietly to Hamas that it will continue the revenue stream for a period of time, say 3 months, regardless of whether Hamas carries out brutal actions against its down dissidents. Even if the UN cries and moans. At the end of the period, Israel will deduct the cost of defending against hot attacks (like the anti-rocket launches) from the taxes it passes to Hamas or Palestinian Authority.

    Incidentally, France, Germany, England, Italy etc have all piled on the US in the Security Council for moving its embassy. Anyone who cares to look, can see that these countries are carrying out a war against their own population. The US has the same issues: in this case, it was the candidate who actually represents the people who won. Had Hillary won, the US government would basically be an occupation government.

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