Flashing Back to Indecent Winter Exposure in Augsburg

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Germany: Augsburg Serial Exhibitionists Arrested: Syrian and Afghan “Refugees”

This is a follow-up to a story we featured on December 17, Underage Girls Sexually Harassed On Augsburg Public Transport.

An original translation from Augsburger Allgemeine:

Augsburg: Exhibitionist On Bus and Street Tram: Police Make Two Arrests

Dec. 23, 2017

Serial exhibitionists have appeared recently on busses and street trams. They have even harassed children. Now the police announce two arrests.

By Jörg Heinzle

Cases of exhibitionism have recently piled up in Augsburg. Time and again men exposed themselves on busses, street trams and regional trains, and have sometimes even harassed children. Now Augsburg police have are investigating two alleged serial perpetrators. The men, a Syrian and an Afghan asylum seeker, have been taken into preliminary detention this weekend. A third exhibitionist is still being sought.

One of the suspects, a 20-year-old Afghan, confessed to four instances of exhibitionism, according to a police spokesman. The man exposed himself in street trams in front of girls. All of the victims are only ten and eleven years old. The arrest of the suspect came thanks to the alertness of a criminal investigations officer, and a chance meeting. The investigator went downtown in his spare time on Friday. As he is professionally concerned with the case, he knew the images from the surveillance cameras of the street trams that show the suspect. In all street trams the public utility company installed cameras that save images temporarily. The investigators analyzed these recordings, which is how they obtained the images of the exhibitionists. The criminal investigations officer accidentally met the 20-year-old and recognized him. He informed his colleagues. The officers arrested the man, who did not resist, near Curt Frenzel Stadion.

Second Suspect Has Not Yet Confessed

Then, on Saturday, police caught a second man, who is allegedly responsible for at least seven cases of exhibitionism. He is a 32-year-old Syrian. He has not confessed yet. But police think that the man harassed mainly young girls and women — also on public transport, especially in Oberhausen. The 32-year-old did not just expose himself, but also touched the victims. The youngest victim is ten years old. He allegedly also exposed himself before three boys between the ages of ten and eleven years.

The suspect was apprehended because two young women — 17 and 19 — saw and recognized the man on a street tram. He had harassed them a few days before on a tram in Ulmer Straße. But initially they did not file a complaint. They now called the police. They followed the man when he exited the tram, and kept the officers informed about the location — he then was arrested in Bahnhofstraße.

Exhibitionist with tablet pc not yet apprehended

Those instances of exhibitionism that were committed by an approximately 30-year-old black African, who always had a white tablet pc with him during the deeds, have not yet been resolved, however. The search for him is continuing intensively.

Call for witnesses: Criminal investigators are looking for witnesses, and for further possible victims in the cases of the two apprehended exhibitionists. The 20-year-old Afghan is about 1.60 metres (5’2″) tall. He has dark, neck-length hair, a brown complexion, and Asian-Mongolian facial features. He was wearing a hooded blue winter jacket with white fur. The 32-year-old Syrian is about 1.70 metres (5’6″) tall and is of a strong, slightly fat, stature. He is described as a “southern” type with a full beard and black hair. He sometimes wore a pullover with white letters, sometimes a dark cap with the brim turned backwards. Criminal investigators are taking clues at telephone no. 0821/323-3810.

6 thoughts on “Flashing Back to Indecent Winter Exposure in Augsburg

  1. This is not just something the new Muslim foreigners do. The same thing happened to me in Germany 23 years ago as I was entering an Ubahn (subway) station alone in the middle of the day which hardly had anyone around, except a white German blond at the bottom of a very, very, very long escalator I was going down ( exposing
    himself to say the least).

    It was horrifying. I did not report it to the police for whatever reason, I was very young and just thought I got unlucky, probably didn’t even realize I should report it as an American in Germany.

    • Yes, exhibitionists exist everywhere, when me and the other kids in the neighbourhood were roughly in third grade, there was this guy exposing himself in the bushes on the way to school. Two weeks later the police arrested him. I doubt we even knew what was going on, we just told the adults (teachers and parents) that someone was taking off his pants, haha.
      The difference is that normal exhibitionists don’t feel the need to touch their “victims” and they’re after the shock reaction more than anything. And if caught, they will be arrested and fined.
      My guess is the three men in question above will be left free with the excuse that they were deprived and be on their merry way again.
      After all the same excuse was reason enough to excuse literal child anal rape in swimpools, why should “just showing off” be any different, am I right? It’s a problem and it’s disgusting.
      My solution of choice would be a day with the relatives of the victims and immediate deportation right after.

  2. These people need a very stern warning then some extra integration classes (ha, ha, ha, bloody ha) to explain to them and show them that these things shouldn’t be done in public. Then let them go. (Under no circumstances must they be severely punished or sent back to where they came from; the latter, particularly, might endanger their human rights.)

    I lived for some years in an Arab country. One of my colleagues (a man) was “hauled up” for having been walking near (rather than on) a beach in shorts and a sleeveless top, which was against the rules. Within 48 hours he’d lost his very lucrative job and had been given what we called “a window seat”, code for a one-way ticket home. He could never return. Odd perhaps that we didn’t find this “unfair” or even unreasonable. There were rules, he’d broken one, and there was a price to pay.

    That a foreigner in that land would have indulged in the hideous and despicable behavior that these foreigners in Germany (sorry, “new Germans”) have indulged in is totally and utterly unimaginable. What would have been the punishment? One has no idea really; the whole scenario is unimaginable.

    But these “new Germans” aren’t going to be adequately punished, aren’t going to be deported – and if this latter were about to happen, leftist idiots would likely turn up and battle the authorities.

    Do we in Europe have no self respect anymore? Are we just going to roll over and die? It’s looking that way.

    • I have a similar story from one of our professors. They were doing some excavations in an Arab country. In the middle of the desert with no natives around, mind you. Yet he was put in prison for a week or so for walking around the site in short and a tanktop. I suppose they were going easy on him, as he was in jail only before they figured out what to do next and he was allowed to stay if he dresses properly. Needless to say the faculty prohibited female students and professors to join the Near East excavations “for safety reasons”.

      Why no such thing exists in Western Europe might be because the people there were slowly neutered, rather than there being a sudden wave of immigrants.
      If Europe was culturally clean and then Merkel did what she did in 2015, the solutions would’ve been easy.
      However, I once saw some British guy talk about this issue and it all boils down to the fact that they had a slow increase of migrants for over half a century now. I believe he said something like every decade their complains were silenced by “they only do jobs we don’t want to do”, “they will assimilate”, “there’s only a few of them”, “they have their own ghettos where they aren’t bothering anyone”, and so on. Until there were no go zones, sharia watches and incredible rise in criminality. But because there are now two generations that grew up with the slow increase and were hushed whenever they (or their parents) pointed out the problems, nobody points them out anymore (aside from small groups here and there).

      I hate to say it, but while we still have many people brainwashed by communist propaganda over here in Central and Eastern Europe, at least the commies never took away our manliness and pride (even though they did rob our societies of many elites).

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