Soldiers of Onan Terrorize Public Transportation in Augsburg

The following article by Egri Nök was posted earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Underage Girls Sexually Harassed on Augsburg Public Transport

An original translation from Augsburger Allgemeine:

Exhibitionists harass pupils and student

Three pupils and a student were harassed by exhibitionists on Augsburg public transport. Police are looking for the perpetrators.

December 15, 2017

There have been three incidents of exhibitionism in Augsburg public transport. Three pupils (10 and 11 years old) and a 26-year-old student were harassed by unknown men on the street tram and the bus. It is unclear whether the cases are related or whether it is a serial perpetrator, according to police.

The first incident happened on Thursday around 1:30 PM in the tram line one bound to Göggingen. An eleven-year-old pupil noticed at the station Maria-Stern a man who was visibly masturbating his member. When the girl moved away, the man, according to police, took her seat, and continued. He neither spoke to the eleven-year-old, nor did he look at her, according to police. The perpetrator had short, black hair, was between 35 and 40 years old, and about 1.80 [5’10”]. He wore a pair of blue jeans.

Only twenty minutes later, in tram line 1 bound Königplatz, at the same station, a similar incident occurred. This time, an unknown person was masturbating in front of two ten-year-old girls. When the girls departed the train at Frohsinnstraße, the man kept following them for a while. According to police, the dark-skinned man was about 20 years old, [5’2″], and had dark, shoulder-length hair. He wore a blue jacket and carried a grey backpack.

On Wednesday, around 9 PM, a 26-year-old student was harassed in bus line 26. A man exposed his member to the student, and then departed the bus with her at the stop Bärenwirt. He, too, was dark-skinned, about [5’6″] and in his late 20s. He wore a pair of grey trainers, a hoodie, and had black, short hair.

In all three cases, police Augsburg are asking for relevant information at the phone number 0821/323-3810.

11 thoughts on “Soldiers of Onan Terrorize Public Transportation in Augsburg

  1. Multiculturalism is awesome! Now we have pervs playing with themselves in public. Well, it is their right! Police in Augsburg are looking for information? Why? To give the perv a medal?

  2. Pretty funny headline. Of COURSE it would be lower-class lout soccer hooligan native German nationalists who would be exposing their members to young German girls on public transportation.

  3. The politicians who have facilitated this should have the face the most extreme retribution.

  4. Shame? Conscience? Self control? An inkling of what decency or morality might mean?

    Bring this filth into your home? Then you’re bringing the consequences upon yourself.

    I want the people doing this to us, our “leaders” and those who elect them, to pay the highest possible price.


    • Yes. It’s the most well-known of the “Refugees Welcome” photos. I, ahem, augmented it.

      • I figured it was p-shopped, and the work is good, I think. Maybe some enterprising young German girls could actually make such a poster for real and show it in public just as the photo suggests as a satirical protest against these incidents. But I wonder if the native people would understand it. It would have to be done in such a way that the intended message is obvious.

  5. Such primates belong in a zoo where they can perform such onanistic displays and fling poo to their heart’s content. But in Germany, the primates are given the run of the streets instead. Fitting, since the whole country seems to be turning into one large open air zoo…

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