Cultural Enrichment Comes to the Isle of Lewis

There is still peace though not for me and not
Perhaps for long — still peace on the bevel hills
For those who still can live as their fathers lived
On those islands.

                                    — Louis MacNeice

The Isle of Lewis is a remote island in the Outer Hebrides with a tiny population. Strictly speaking, Lewis is the northeastern part of an island, the southwestern portion of which is the Isle of Harris. Together they form the outermost part of northwestern Scotland. The language there is mainly Scots Gaelic, but the Vikings ruled there for centuries, so the deep structure of the place — both the towns and the place-names — seems to be Old Norse.

As you can see from the map, the Isle of Lewis is about as far away as you can get from anything in Europe. Only Shetland and the Faeroes are more remote.

Given the remote location, the climate, the language, and the fragile economy of the island, there would seem to be no rational motive for encouraging the settlement of immigrants on the Isle of Lewis. Nevertheless, the local franchise of the Powers That Be decided to bring Syrian “refugees” to the island.

If there were ever any doubt that the push for “refugee resettlement” is deliberate and being coordinated at a trans-national level, the shipment of refugees to the Isle of Lewis would eliminate it. For malign and occluded purposes, Muslim immigrants are being pushed into every nook and cranny of Western Civilization.

I received this email yesterday from a reader who lives on the Isle of Lewis:

As you know, I live in an absolutely white homogeneous society. An island society.

In 2015-2016 the gates were opened. The local council in their inestimable wisdom decided to actively encourage three Syrian families to settle here. No vote was taken over this with the local people. This isle had a family of Bangladeshis running the curry house and a Chinese family running the Chinese takeaways, etc. There are no negroes living on the isle; there are a couple of half-castes — excuse me if I don’t use political correctness, but I don’t know that vocabulary.

Anyway, after the arrivals of the “Syrian” families, a year later there was a call for an Islamic centre to be established, as there were twenty Muslims who needed a place. So the Church of Scotland offered a derelict property to someone. Who? What organisation? What the hell?

I’m getting on in years, and I’m thinking extreme violence of the nastiest kind is the only resort. However, being so ancient and antique, that is beyond my means, and my son just writes me off as a conspiracy theorist. That is so convenient, being written off as a conspirator.

The same story is being played out throughout the Western world. Without being consulted in advance or allowed a say in the matter, local communities are having their allotment of “refugees” pushed on them. Anyone who objects to the action is stigmatized as a “racist” — I’ll bet a Scots Gaelic term for “racism” has now been devised for residents of the Outer Hebrides whose native language is not English.

Next comes the “Islamic center”, a.k.a. mosque, a.k.a. the barracks and armory of Islamic domination. Then “family reunification” and the resulting chain migration, so that the population of Muslims doubles every few years.

Such is the future for the Scottish islands. If you want to monitor the news from Lewis and the Outer Hebrides, here are three local news outlets:

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The following poem about the Hebrides was written ca. 1938 by Louis MacNeice. Among other things, it describes the encroachment of modernity on the traditional way of life in the Western Isles. Eighty years later, the nature of the encroachment has become something that poet could never have imagined:

The Hebrides

by Louis MacNeice

On those islands
The west wind drops its messages of indolence,
No one hurries, the Gulf Stream warms the gnarled
Rampart of gneiss, the feet of the peasant years
Pad up and down their sentry-beat not challenging
Any comer for the password — only Death
Comes through unchallenged in his general’s cape.
The houses straggle on the umber moors,
The Aladdin lamp mutters in the boarded room
Where a woman smoors the fire of fragrant peat.
No one repeats the password for it is known,
All is known before it comes to the lips —
Instinctive wisdom. Over the fancy vases
The photos with the wrinkles taken out,
The enlarged portraits of the successful sons
Who married wealth in Toronto or New York,
Cajole the lonely evenings of the old
Who live embanked by memories of labour
And child-bearing and scriptural commentaries.
On those islands
The boys go poaching their ancestral rights —
The Ossianic salmon who take the yellow
Tilt of the river with a magnet’s purpose —
And listen breathless to the tales at the ceilidh
Among the peat-smoke and the smells of dung
That fill the felted room from the cave of the byre.
No window opens of the windows sunk like eyes
In a four-foot wall of stones casually picked
From the knuckly hills on which these houses crawl
Like black and legless beasts who breathe in their sleep
Among the piles of peat and pooks of hay —
A brave oasis in the indifferent moors.
And while the stories circulate like smoke,
The sense of life spreads out from the one-eyed house
In wider circles through the lake of night
In which articulate man has dropped a stone —
In wider circles round the black-faced sheep,
Wider and fainter till they hardly crease
The ebony heritage of the herded dead.
On those islands
The tinkers whom no decent girl will go with,
Preserve the Gaelic tunes unspoiled by contact
With the folk-fancier or the friendly tourist,
And preserve the knowledge of horse-flesh and preserve
The uncompromising empire of the rogue.
On those islands
The tethered cow grazes among the orchises
And figures in blue calico turn by hand
The ground beyond the plough, and the bus, not stopping.
Drops a parcel for the lonely household
Where men remembering stories of eviction
Are glad to have their land though mainly stones —
The honoured bones which still can hoist a body.
On those islands
There is echo of the leaping fish, the identical
Sound that cheered the chiefs at ease from slaughter;
There is echo of baying hounds of a lost breed
And echo of MacCrimmon’s pipes lost in the cave;
And seals cry with the voices of the drowned.
When men go out to fish, no one must say ‘Good luck’
And the confidences told in a boat at sea
Must be as if printed on the white ribbon of a wave
Withdrawn as soon as printed — so never heard.
On those islands
The black minister paints the tour of hell
While the unregenerate drink from the bottle’s neck
In gulps like gauntlets thrown at the devil’s head
And spread their traditional songs across the hills
Like fraying tapestries of fights and loves,
The boar-hunt and the rope let down at night —
Lost causes and lingering home-sickness.
On those islands
The fish come singing from the drunken sea,
The herring rush the gunwales and sort themselves
To cram the expectant barrels of their own accord —
Or such is the dream of the fisherman whose wet
Leggings hang on the door as he sleeps returned
From a night when miles of net were drawn up empty.
On those islands
A girl with candid eyes goes out to marry
An independent tenant of seven acres
Who goes each year to the south to work on the roads
In order to raise a rent of forty shillings,
And all the neighbours celebrate their wedding
With drink and pipes and the walls of the barn reflect
The crazy shadows of the whooping dancers.
On those islands
Where many live on the dole or on old-age pensions
And many waste with consumption and some are drowned
And some of the old stumble in the midst of sleep
Into the pot-hole hitherto shunned in dreams
Or falling from the cliff among the shrieks of gulls
Reach the bottom before they have time to wake —
Whoever dies on the islands and however
The whole of the village goes into three day mourning,
The afflicted home is honoured and the shops are shut
For on those islands
Where a few surnames cover a host of people
And the art of being a stranger with your neighbour
Has still to be imported, death is still
No lottery ticket in a public lottery —
The result to be read on the front page of a journal —
But a family matter near to the whole family.
On those islands
Where no train runs on rails and the tyrant time
Has no clock-towers to signal people to doom
With semaphore ultimatums tick by tick,
There is still peace though not for me and not
Perhaps for long — still peace on the bevel hills
For those who still can live as their fathers lived
On those islands.

Photo credit: MacIomhair.

75 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment Comes to the Isle of Lewis

  1. I weep for them, but the local council who organised and enabled this process of their constituents’ ethnic cleansing without consultation or consideration is of them and they were elected by them.

    This pattern is being repeated all over the West and until we, the victim collective, find the will and determination to remove these treacherous enablers, all of our own bloodline, without mercy or compassion then we will never be able to deal with the barbarian invaders that come bearing the gift of human slavery.
    [emphasis added by Admin]

  2. Thank you, Baron, for posting the deeply moving poem and thanks to your reader from the Isle of Lewis, for giving us this disturbing report. I was fortunate to visit there last year—something I’d always wanted to do since my maternal ancestors were McLeods, one of the few surnames there, as the poem tells us. I spent a few days in Stornoway and Benbecula, from where we (a Canadian tour group) toured the islands with local guides. It was a memorable experience.

    The Outer Hebrides are a world apart, known for their beauty and solitude. It doesn’t take much imagination to have oneself transported back to ancient times when visiting there. The Christian faith is strong there and not so long ago strict Sabbath rules were enforced. The young still must move away to find work, and I got the impression that the main industry was tourism. Why would anyone think this was a good place for Syrians?

    • It’s not that it would be a good place for “refugees” to live (just wait until the winter – how on earth are people from that part of the world going to cope with being stuck on an island on the West Coast???)

      It’s about making everywhere a bad place to live for the indigenous people. They want us dead, and if they can’t have that, then they will destroy everything we hold dear, our cultures, our beliefs, everything.

      The wicked left don’t want to create anything, that’s all a smokescreen. They only want to destroy.

      Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. (Matthew 7: 15)

      [emphasis added by Admin]

      • This article got me digging a bit deeper into the history of Muslims in the Outer Hebrides. Here’s an interesting report from The Guardian in 2002 about the first Muslims there:

        Coming from The Guardian it’s no surprise that Muslims are portrayed as being somehow the victims here, suffering from a lack of mosques and planning to return to the mainland to be closer to mosques and co-religionists. The Muslima in the article bemoans the fact that there are many churches in the Outer Hebrides for the Christians but no Islamic facilities for her children.

        The original immigrants were a different breed. as the article states – they didn’t practice Islam very diligently. But the next generation (born in the Hebrides) wants to be more Islamic. This of course is a well-known phenomenon.

        As for the original immigrants who went there with suitcases full of textile goods for sale, they were a common feature in the north of Scotland in the 1950s, and were respected and treated well by the locals. However, they were not very observant of Islam, having left the harsh life in Pakistan – they appeared appreciative of the freedom and comforts of the UK.

        • In the 50s the visitor numbers were probably so low that they lacked the critical mass to form their own separate colony. Thus they had no choice but to go along with the local culture.

        • I did wonder if the Barbary pirates had ever landed on the west coast, after all they hit Ireland & Iceland.

  3. “As the Special Rapporteur has previously emphasized, for the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion to be fully realized, robust examination and criticism of religious doctrines and practices — even in a harsh manner — must also be allowed.

    The Special Rapporteur also reiterates his concern in relation to anti-blasphemy laws, which are inherently vague and leave the entire concept open to abuse. He wishes to underscore once again that international human rights law protects individuals and not abstract concepts such as religion, belief systems or institutions, as also affirmed by the Human Rights Committee (CCPR/C/GC/34, para. 48). Moreover, the right to freedom of religion or belief, as enshrined in relevant international legal standards, does not include the right to have a religion or belief that is free from criticism or ridicule. Indeed, the right to freedom of expression includes the right to scrutinize, debate openly, make statements that offend, shock and disturb, and criticize belief systems, opinions and institutions, including religious ones.”

    La Rue, F. Promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, UN General Assembly, 67th Session, A/67/357, September 7th 2012, paragraphs 36, 53, available at: Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights > English > Human Rights Bodies > Special Procedures > General Assembly 67th session. (Accessed 02/12/2017)

    Perhaps the only strategy available here is to remind everyone, at every opportunity, of the above laws. Religious beliefs are not people, they are two entirely different things, and while human beings are protected under the law, religious beliefs are not.

    And that includes Islam!

    And … act accordingly.

    Remember too that we all have the right to try to convert others – that too is settled law – so it would be perfectly legal and in accordance with your own rights to try to convert these immigrants.

    First step in getting someone to change their minds about anything is to show that what they have always thought was true is in fact false, and what they thought was right, is in fact wrong.

    So perhaps one strategy might be to turn your island into a freethinking stronghold, where anyone and everyone – including immigrants – must be prepared to intellectually defend whatever they believe to be true. If they can’t, then that’s their problem – they’re just going to have to change their mind.

    That is what freedom means.

  4. My Dad used to sail in those waters btw. I’ve worked round in Ullapool and Clash (Kinlochbervie) many a time myself. Never crossed over the water though, although I did sail on John Ridgeway’s yacht once, & did the big round trip out fae Clash to St. Kilda, then south round the islands again, & back up past Skye etc. That was about thirty years ago.

    The new fascists can’t even let that alone – they have to ruin and destroy everything. Their defining characteristic is not that they are control freaks, or that they act like fascists, it’s that they can’t create anything – they can only destroy.

    Why don’t the people who decided to build a mosque on the island put the building up on their own land, right beside where they live? If they wish to support “refugees” then there are plenty charitable organisations which they are free to support, financially or otherwise. No, they have to use your money, and make you live with the consequences of their fancy ideas. They don’t want to support “refugees” per se, they want to control other people and destroy indigenous cultures.

  5. As for the kirk gifting one of their buildings to the followers of the false prophet mohammed, that’s not the first time the kirk in Scotland has allowed the adversary in:

    Maybe some activism within the local kirk is another thing that could happen. A reminder that if they have any dealings with mohammedans, it should be first and foremost taken as an opportunity to convert them. After all, as things stand, the mohammedans are all going to hell.

    “Now it came to pass at the end of seven days that the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me: When I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.” (Ezekiel 3: 16-19)

  6. Reading this breaks my heart, thinking of the future I thought at least I can head to the Highlands and Islands as a place of refuge as things deteriorate.

    I’m Scottish and can say Glasgow is definitely finished it’s flooded with muslims, Africans, indians, Chinese and they are all arrogant and self-assured; Nicola “Nippy” Sturgeon has made sure every one of these aliens are welcome they are known as “New Scots”.

    In only 15 years I don’t recognise my own city especially where I lived, an upmarket area then the muslims came, neighbours said the government is renting luxury flats for them and their litters, I could see the writing on the wall and I moved to the countryside to get away and be with my own kith and kin.

    In Scotland there is no debate; the immigrants are just dumped on us and any objection is crushed. Nicola Sturgeon and Alec Salmond (both childless politicians) betrayed their own people but they aren’t the only traitors: all the other parties are just as bad. Scotland is swiftly circling the abyss; there are no voices at all speaking up for the Scots who want this country to remain homogenous. Daily the newspapers report on muslim crimes, the usual, muslim grooming gangs in Glasgow, sexual assaults. 2 Glasgow men, 2 weeks apart were raped by a black migrant in Glasgow city centre in the small hours of Sunday morning; I suspect most of the crime is covered up.

    Just in case you didn’t know, we have an Islamic Tartan modelled by Sturgeon’s islamic pet Humza Yousaf, the transport minister who was married to a red-headed Scot (now split up).

    Mohammed is the most popular boy’s name in Glasgow. Scotland is not only asleep, it’s in a coma.

    • You’ll recall that poor fellow who had a shop in Glasgow, who was murdered by a Muslim who drove all the way up from Englandshire to do the deed.

      When that Krankie-lookalike Sturgeon thought it was a white Scottish person who had killed that poor man, she was out marching under “not in our name” banners.

      As soon as Sturgeon discovered it was a cultural enricher who practiced the religion of peace who had come up from England to do it …. SILENCE.

      That is one two faced individual. I can’t stand her, and I have yet to meet anyone, anywhere in Scotland who thinks otherwise. How the hell she’s where she’s at the day I have no idea.

      You’ll remember this one:

      If she fell into the harbour, I’d throw her a 12″ hanging block.

      As for that fat &^%$*&^ Salmond … I could tell you a similar story about him – and show you the documents to back it up – that would make you go no. 2 in your breeks.

    • I’ve had the same though myself like Brenda, I’m in a relatively isolated spot at the moment (but I do have high speed broadband, LOL).

      I drove over to visit Loch Ewe on the west side last year, and it was great. I really enjoyed that trip. I’ve thought a few times that well, if things get too bad I can always shift oot there & get some peace.

      But as I said – the powerful elite don’t want us to have any peace. They want agitation, unrest, degradation and ultimately, our destruction.

      They cannot create their fantasy-world where all cultures and values are somehow compatible, and all peoples live in harmony. As Isaiah Berlin wrote years ago, the notion that this is possible is a “metaphysical chimera”.

      The more their efforts to create that impossibility fail, the harder they try. They begin to think that it can’t be them, their fantasy world can happen and they’re true believers, therefore virtuous and good. So it must be us – the indigenous people who resist their efforts. We do not believe, therefore we are not virtuous and are in fact, evil.

      It follows that any measures can be taken to eradicate that evil (i.e. Scottish pensioners who grew up after the war and don’t believe the lefties’ bull^&%$) and create their fantasy world, which they see as a multicultural paradise here on earth. But their fantasy world cannot exist. It is a “metaphysical chimera”. So their efforts fail. And the more their efforts fail, the harder they try … and on and on it goes.

    • It is darkest just before the dawn Brenda. Keep the Faith. Do you post on the Evening Times?

      • James thanks for your kindness. I post a comment now and then when I’m livid at the sheer insanity that’s going on. Do you post in the evening times or do you just keep an eye on the madness! One thing that dawned on me reading a comment that Trump’s mother was born on the Isle of Lewis I wouldn’t put it past Nippy to vent her wrath on Trump by dumping them there.

        • Nae wurries Brenda. I posted a couple of comments yesterday on the ET regarding the Paki rapist in Thornliebank. I grew up and went to school there so it hit home harder than usual. Had a comment or two deleted by ET moderators (surprise surprise). It would not surprise me that Blockhead would put these gimmegrants up in Lewis as a [to heck with] you to President Trump, she is very petty. Catch you here or on the ET. Keep up the good work.

          • James I will look out for you on the evening times tried to find the story about surprise surprise a paki rapist in Thornliebank but couldn’t find it anyways thank god there are still some smart people left like your good self! It maybe of little interest but here are some of the people I listen too – they really opened my eyes to what’s in store for us. Millennial Woes a Scottish guy from Edinburgh he was doxed by the Daily Record and lives somewhere in Europe, he is part of the Alt Right including Red Ice Radio, Kai Murros, Jared Taylor, Ramzpaul, Richard Spencer. Every Friday Tara Mccarthy has a live dtream show with Mark Collett & 2 Americans at 7pm be sure to subscribe there’s live chat where you can comment etc. Over Christmas there’s Millenniyule with all the clever men and women discussing the [effluvium] we’re living through. Best wishes.

    • C’est dommage pour l’Ecosse, une si belle contrée, la gangrène n’en fini pas de se répandre partout et de nous infester, si on proteste on est des racistes, c’est trop facile d’utiliser ce mot pour nous envahir!

      [Machine translation:

      It’s a shame for Scotland, such a beautiful country, the gangrene does not finish to spread everywhere and to infest us, if we protest we are racists, it’s too easy to use this word for us invade!

      This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

  7. Note the callous lack of concern for BOTH the local population and the migrants. It’s not in the migrant’s interest to be so isolated. The agenda of ‘diversity’ is more important to its proponents than the welfare of all involved.

    The self-hating white westerners behind this are symbolically ‘cleansing’ away the original sin of white homogeneity, which is still found ‘concentrated’ way out there in the Hebrides.

    • “The self-hating white westerners behind this are symbolically ‘cleansing’ away the original sin of white homogeneity, which is still found ‘concentrated’ way out there in the Hebrides.”

      “To the despisers of the body will I speak my word. I wish them neither to learn afresh, nor teach anew, but only to bid farewell to their own bodies,—and thus be dumb.” (Nietzsche)

  8. Your future has been made. So sad for you. Who elected your leaders? I dare say your neighbors. Look upon them with the hatred they deserve but prepare to bow to Mecca five times a day just the same. When Islam is in control history is a meaningless concept. Every day is the seventh century.

  9. All original inhabitants still living in Europe are faced with extinction. You can either move to North America or face your fate with quiet dignity.

    • Not “quiet dignity” from me – more like burning rage. A raging fury at what has been imposed on me and future generations by evil people with an evil agenda. I will not go quietly.

    • America seems to be in trouble as well, unfortunately. And over there, you don’t have to worry about the state locking you up so much as you have to think about your fellow citizens (who can all obtain firearms) murdering you – because you don’t believe as they do.

      So in some respects, America may be better. In others … not so much.

      This appears to be a truly global thing. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it …

      • One thing America has is a lot of space and 50 states with somewhat distinct cultures. All good people are welcomed.

        • I understand the welcoming spirit, and it’s good up to a point. But thanks to immigration the distinctness of the various US states is disappearing. It’s happening in every region of the country. Even without mass immigration from outside the country you can see the effects just from Americans themselves spreading out all over the place.

          The unique Southern culture is being eroded by so many Northerners moving down there. Same for the Southwest, states like Arizona are slowly losing their western way of life and turning into generic American states. The politics of New Hampshire, where I live, is changing from Red to Blue just due to all the “good people” below us coming up here to show us rural hicks how we’ve been doing it wrong for the past couple hundred years.

          Forget about 3rd worlders, I don’t even want any more “good” Americans coming into my state. Give me a loose Confederation of States, this time with border guards.

          • New Hampshire was ruined by Taxachusetts citizens fleeing the fleecing. Used to be they’d just go there to shop more cheaply. And then they started moving in as prices for everything kept going up.

            Do you remember when Massachusetts Senator John Kerry hid his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid the tax rate in the state he “served”?

            Ann Corcoran has a good search function. Put in your state and see what’s going on. Here’s the link for NH.


            That brought up stories going back many years (she’s been doing this for ten years now. All by herself.

            I researched Manchester NH many eons ago when the mayor there asked that no more refugees be sent to his town as it was rapidly growing broke. At the time, the school system was burdened with students who spoke sixty different languages. His request was refused so he ran for governor but lost to the big dynastic political family the runs the place. As bad as the Kennedys were in Mass. Or en masse.

            Fortunately for us, all those years ago the B happened to find a house he could afford to rent – in a poor county with few services and low taxes. So far not many people want to move here…real estate taxes actually went down since property values have decreased. No loss to us since we never considered our house as “an investment”…it’s our home.

          • Dymphna – Yes, that was Ted Gatsas you’re thinking of, the mayor of Manchester who was fighting against more refugee resettlement into his city. He was recently unseated by a female Democrat, Joyce Craig. Manchester will get the government it deserves, I guess.

            “We are African, and we do have our culture, even if we’re here in the United States,” Juma said. “We can’t give up that culture and focus on 100 percent American culture” – quote from a recent Manchester immigrant in the linked article above.

            I wish all the people from Burundi, Somalia and the Congo well. I genuinely do wish them well. But New Hampshire already has a culture and a way of life. We can’t import the world into our small New England state an kid ourselves into thinking we will still preserve that way of life. We are entitled to live peaceably in the society we built for ourselves. The rest of the world should do the same where they live.

          • I’m sorry to hear he was defeated. He is Greek-American, as I recall. It was all those transfers from Massachusetts who did him in. Darn shame.

            I am hoping the policy of the ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement), currently under the aegis of Homeland Security, is seen to be the outmoded idea it really is. I’d like to see that bureaucracy greatly reduced. They’re the ones who fund the church NGOs who are paid by the head for their “refugees”. They place ’em and move on after six months…but some places are able to fight back. See here for the most recent victory by one of the “Pockets of Resistance”:


            [As in “thank God Hillary lost the election”. We’d be looking like the UK even sooner.]

            All that money would be better spent on improving infrastructure in the “immigrants” home country. Like wells, or schools. Corruption in those places is rampant, so a way would have to be found to prevent the money going into the pockets of the tyrants.

    • Oh and I wouldn’t get health care in the good old U S of A either. Another minus.

      There’s no way I could afford the insurance, and I wouldn’t get covered for any pre-existing issues even if I could.

      As it is, I can lift up the phone right now, have an ambulance at my door within minutes, or a GP at my door within an hour, any and all necessary medical tests performed, medications handed out there & then (all free of charge), hospital visits arranged, if necessary I’ll be straight into a major hospital & operated on, & sent home again (all free of charge).

      Now I realise that nothing is free, and we pay our taxes for all that – boy do we – but the point I would like to make is that we are not confronted with a ruinous hospital bill when we are ill. And I can get treatment for anything.

      In this way, our negative freedom is preserved by the NHS.

      Our lives, our jobs, our finances, are all maintained as they were before we became ill. No massive hospital bills when you go to hospital.

      No one here has to go cooking in an old RV, just to pay for his chemo (as Walt did in Breaking Bad). In the UK, it’d just be, okay here’s your appointment. Turn up & when it’s done, you can go home again.

      You can even stay in CLAN housing while you’re being treated for cancer, if you wish.

      So there’s that, too …

  10. I keep thinking more and more that without bringing back the guillotines, this will not end anytime soon.

    • …I believe it is the plan all along, to provoke extreme violence in near future. something like mixing coca cola with mentos candy, the mixture will explode…

      • “A thousand years has been spent to form a State; an hour may lay it in the dust. What shall we do?”

        Winston Churchill.

        • We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…

      • The article is written in British jornolism-ese, which differs from American jornolism lingo. After reading it several times I came to the conclusion that arguments regarding “Named Person” laws are the heart of this conflict…i.e., whether or not individual parents who are accused of harming their children are entitled to privacy. Having worked in Child Protective Services in the U.S. (and disagreed with a few over-zealous supervisors), that legislation looks like a soviet nightmare. You can be “named” and shamed if your kid’s bedroom is shabby??

        How do the homeschooling laws work in the UK? Or is it even allowed? Here in the US it’s a growing phenomenon – one we used to our son’s benefit.

        • You’ll note in that article the judge’s earlier declaration about the SNP’s plans. The first thing a totalitarian state does is get its hands on the children, etc.

          Even that – and having it plastered all over the newspapers at the time – didn’t stop these control freaks.

          No, Wee Jimmie Krankie and the Malignant Polyps really think that they know best. They know better than parents when it comes to raising their bairns, and they know better than judges when it comes to the law. The arrogance of these people is breathtaking.

          They cannot be embarrassed or shamed. Their sense of shame has been surgically removed. They are sick in the head, and a real danger to everyone around them.

          As this named person scheme shows, they will NEVER admit they were wrong, if their fabulous plans for a multicultural dreamworld don’t materialise, then rather than acknowledge that their social engineering project is a failure, they’re far more likely to hold their own version of the Wannsee Conference, with the indigenous Scottish people who happen not to agree with them in the firing line.

        • Home schooling does exist here; I’ve tried multiple times to post a link here to the (UK) National Secular Society’s Newsline of 1st December, without success; it’s worth a look, specifically the seventh item, which is concerned with the dangers of indoctrination, particularly by you-know-whom.

  11. “This pattern is being repeated all over the West ” – Seneca III
    “…there is no debate; the immigrants are just dumped on us” – brenda kieran
    “ arrested for islamophobic facebook comments” – h/t Dymphna, above
    “Europe WILL be diverse!” – Frans Timmermans

    These are recurrent themes. More and more people “believe it is the plan all along” (Barn Swallow, above).

    See “EU Nation-Breaking”at Liberty GB

  12. That article is [not one with which I agree]. As a resident of the Isle of Lewis, let me educate you…

    There have been Muslim families living here for 70 years, they are fully integrated into island life. To wait so long for a place of worship is what the real disgrace is.

    After hundreds of years of de-population I welcome incomers to our island. We actually need more people and have plenty of vacant run-down houses which could be turned into safe, homely environments for people fleeing from war.

    • When I refer to the Powers That Be, I don’t mean only the government. The PTB are far larger than mere governments. Governments act as their fig leaves and executors.

  13. Election results Scotland, 2017, The Telegraph….

    The SNP did lose a lot of seats in Scotland. I will have to get more familiar with local results before making any general argument, but drastic political vengeance is not out of the question for Lefties, their loyal constituents could be relied upon to not notice threi own faults.

  14. More: Weds, 26 March 2014
    Jonathan Brown.

    Shetland,Orkney and the Outer Hebridies demand independance referendums of their own if Scotland votes ‘yes’

    Those of an independant spirit are not always popular among the powers that be.

  15. It’s impossible that diversity is the natural urge or style or instinct of man. For two hundred thousand years we have been eking a bare subsistence from the savannah, guarding desperately our carcasses, our niches of berries and legumes and hunting grounds so that our few surviving children and women can keep our small group going. Every strange noise at night awoke us. Every person dressed in different skins or woven reeds startled us and made us deathly afraid. The slightest difference in speech or clothing or mannerism caused our tribe to run or hide or to kill. It was vital to our survival to protect our turf and to keep our fires going and to keep others away from our always-hungry families.

    Those genes that allowed this mode of living survive to this day.

    Genes that, contrariwise, accepted reckless living in big crowds of diverse peoples did not survive. Read about the “founder” effect in human genetics.

    Why do we forever engage in warfare?

    This is not an argument against diversity as a possible useful phenotype in a vastly different modern environment. It could be the way to go.

    This argument is only saying that the historic time from our beginning to live in cities and relying on agriculture to the present time is hardly long enough for us to have gotten get rid of our tribal genomes.

    To demand and ask that we fully adopt diversity now is akin to requiring that we learn how to un-sneeze. It is anti-biological.

  16. very, very sad indeed. The Muslims are reaching everywhere. It is a pure and simple invasion.How can people doubt it.

  17. There is a party that actually cares about Scotsmen , about impoverished indigenous Scots ignored and persecuted ,treated as second class citizens in their own homeland.Go to the Scottish Dawn website.Scotland Forever-Alba Gu Brath.

    Did you know that Alba means white in latin?
    The characteristic feature for which the Gaels were famed in ancient Rome was their milky white skin..

    Interestingly they were also the reason the Emperor Hadrian ordered a nice fortified wall built..The Romans feared the Gaels as warriors so greatly ,that in order to keep Roman Britain free from attack from the North(Scotland) they built a wall , the ruins of which can still be seen today.

    Here’s a link to the lyrics of Andy Steward’s “Now the battle’s O’er”

    But those soldier laddies from long ago ,find their sleep disturbed by the injustices visited on their descendants.

    Come back William Wallace .Come back Robert the Bruce. Unite the Scots under the same banner ,to fight and win against the treacherous sell-out Scottish Nationalist party of shills and against the graceless, perfidious two faced Sassenachs in Whitehall.

    Tis a heart wartming song.But sdaly those soldier laddies can no longer rest in peace.Sellouts and traitors destroy their peace.
    come back William Wallace.

    Come back Robert the Bruce.

    • Sorry about the typos .
      The 2nd last paragraph should read

      T’is a heart warming story.But sadly those soldier laddies can no longer rest in peace .Sellouts and traitors of the left destroy their peace.

      The last paragraph should read

      Come back William Wallace.
      Come back Robert the Bruce.

  18. Wanted to read what is local news and issues in Lewis, so clicked on your link to the Stornoway Gazette and came across this 6 Oct 2017 article:

    Anas Sarwar, visited Stornoway during his bid for Scottish Labour leadership after Kezia Dugsdale resigned.

    Wikipedia info on Anas:

    Sarwar was elected at the 2010 UK general election as MP for Westminster constituency of Glasgow Central, succeeding his father Mohammad Sarwar, who was the first-ever Muslim MP in the UK, and increasing the previously held majority.[8] He was later elected by his colleagues to serve on the International Development Select Committee. His parliamentary interests include: foreign policy and international development. His specific areas of concern are Palestine and Kashmir.[10] (surprised anyone???)

    Sarwar was also Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on anti-corruption and was a member of the Welfare Reform Bill Committee.[11]

    In January 2013, Sarwar was awarded the Politician of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards.[12] In January 2015, he was awarded the Spirit of Britain award at the British Muslim Awards.[13]

    Luckily he did not win the leadership race but won over 40% of the vote (seriously???). Speaks volumes about Scotland circling the drain. Which is heartbreaking as I have always wanted to retire to the Hebrides.

    • Jay keep your eye on the Evening Times and Daily Record newspapers you can see aalmost daily the amount of crime that’s committed in Scotland by these rats, conveniently no one joins up the dots so the sheeple can sleep sound.

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