Halloween in Germany: A Culturally Enriched Zombie Walk

Muslim immigrants in Germany evidently have their own traditions when celebrating Halloween — in this case including rock-throwing, vandalism, assault, groping, and lots of other fun activities. Basically the same traditions as observed in Ramadan, Eid, New Year’s Eve, Midsummer, Midwinter, Oktoberfest, Ides of March, St. Goibniu Feast Day, etc.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Firecrackers were thrown at the police. Windows were shattered;
00:04   police vehicles were damaged. Also in other cities; it unfortunately wasn’t
00:08   peaceful everywhere. In Hamburg about 300 youths threw
00:12   eggs at the police. They smeared store windows and house walls.
00:16   And in Essen as well the police had to a deploy large number of officers.
00:20   Even the main train station had to be evacuated and closed,
00:24   because on the edge of the Zombie Walk there were constant fights with a group of about 200 men,
00:29   mostly with a migration background. Comparisons with New Year’s Eve
00:33   in Cologne are being made, especially on social media, [but] they are
00:37   being clearly contradicted by the police: the Essen Federal Police until now
00:41   had received no complaints about sexual insult or molestation,
00:45   or groping. Altogether there were more than 1200
00:49   ejections. Halloween 2017 was scary, unfortunately
00:53   not only because of the costumes.

9 thoughts on “Halloween in Germany: A Culturally Enriched Zombie Walk

    • Rest assured that their awakening ain’t gonna happen, M. Martel. My recent story with a German colleague visiting our office in the US: Germany has a “humanitarian duty”, there is no riots in Germany, they can afford to help all the refugees of which 50% are Syrians etc.

      Given this mindset, sense of guilt, brainwash or whatever may account for views like the aforementioned ones – Germany has what she deserves: Merkel and slow path to barbarism unheard of in the land of Beethoven and Goethe …

      • I hear you but I’m not so pessimistic. Germany is a great country, with great hard-working people, courageous on top of that, some of them won’t let go. We only need a few thousands to take the country back, just like in France or the UK. Out of 70 million people, one couldn’t find a few thousands courageous Germans ? I don’t think so. Plus, we need to do “as if”, like De Gaulle said in his memoirs. http://lesnouveauxcharlesmartel.wordpress.com

    • One of the first acts of an aspiring totalitarian government is to destroy the social cohesion and structure of the people. The idea is to dissolve any groups that can provide organized, coherent, or even philosophical opposition to the government takeover.

      Merkel is a textbook, but not unique, example of the dictator who brings all strings of communication and power to himself, and eliminates all opposing expression.

      • This is what the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan seeks to implement- a mongrelized underclass of rootless mentally-addled serfs led by a transnational ivory tower elite.

  1. Two unpleasant aspects of our culture colliding: the death wish and the death bringers.

  2. To show my sincere appreciation of their enrichment of my country’s culture, I would wear a pig costume with a spray nozzle attached to the junction of the oinker’s lower extremities, aimed outward and upward, to gush forth jolly jests of yellow vinegar upon the surprised faces of our country’s newest residents, eliciting their enthusiastic cries of wonder and delight.

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