The Commie Revolution Resumes Today

UPDATE: From The Washington Times: Majority of Millennials Want to Live in A Socialist or Communist Nation than under Capitalism

Guess no one told them about the 100 million dead? Or Venezuela? History’s Greatest Illiterates need some lessons from central and Eastern Europe.

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Here’s Bill Whittle, yesterday, discussing the need for a program of events so you can follow along:

He talks about ol’ Eeevil Soros, who is certainly well on the way to meeting his Maker. That ought to be interesting.

Here’s the Discover the Networks page on Soros. The page is full of background information but it’s not up-to-date. Perhaps Front Page can hire a few lowly interns to perform due diligence there.

Bill says he’ll be back on Monday to report on this series of humungous meet-ups for the antifas and what transpired. Whatcha wanna bet the MSM is there, magnifying the crowds calling for the end of the Trump/Pence regime? Idjits all.

9 thoughts on “The Commie Revolution Resumes Today

  1. Europe is another story but I believe by 2030 it could get really violent thanks to Soros. Soros hopes part of that 18 billion will be used to try to undermine Victor Orban’s government. Although my only link now to Europe is business, I still believe in owning military grade weaponry. The police will quickly abandon their duties [in order to] to protect themselves when the time comes.

    • I agree! Hungary must create similar system, like the Swiss or Israel. Armed citizens with training, having military grade weapons in every house.

      • Crossware, short of all out Sobieski, Martel, Lapanto type action, you’ve nailed it. Provide maximum resistance, and each person cover each other’s six, always, and always be ready.

        The Texas Baptist Church massacre of this morning, could not have been as bad as it is without one or more trained and armed members present, intervening, always, and everywhere!

        But anyone could have done the evil with any weapon, from long knives, to vehicles, to a number of other weapons, as always has happened throughout history, by multiple perpetrators, and as many causes. As opposed to the simpleton, uneducated, and never face truth and reality, democrats, and other weaklings and cowardly weak sisters, who want to take away guns, or magazines, or whatever weapon of the moment. You can’t even stop the far more lethal, and stealthy, truck attacks by requiring full firearm background checks before renting trucks out, (which some complete idiots, dems and rinos, are suggesting), because vehicles can be hot wired or stolen anytime, etc. You can’t even make trucks backfire, to attract attention to avoid truck attacks. You can go crazy going or chasing after each weapon, as a bad weapon, seeking to punish each such weapon, and achieve nothing productive, but all kinks of bad.

        It is the problem that has been created by decades of social disordering, being preached by every democrat leftist, progressive, fascist democrat, anarchist, socialist, communist, and foreign propaganda perpetrator. They are virtually all practicing nihilism, it is required under socialism and all the evil isms. To them all, there is no God of good, nothing matters, just the controllers and the collective good, to which all must submit to. That is the opposite of the creation or the purpose of the creation of America.

        Always, it is each individual, and responsibility, that is no longer a focus of all America. Wholly different from 60 plus years ago.

        It is the atheist evil motivations, which are the blame, not your choice of lethal, or torturing or wounding items. All instruments of weaponry, need a good or evil motivation behind them to DO good or ill.

        • Forgot to include, Soros is one of those forces of evil and sources of ill desires for humanity, the whole globe as a globalist, an NWO member, and make as much money taking advantage of the world as you can,, while ordering the world and of course Hungary, and the hero V. Orban.
          Since Viktor knows well and wisely so, what kind of misfit creature in the world Soros truly is.

          All people acquainted with his lifelong record, know him to be purely self-centered as a megalomaniac, sick as hell, focused on wealth, and bending the world to submit to his will. Worse it is believed he has corrupted his progeny, at least his male progeny, to his evil philosophy of existence.

          Soros, and his many funded evil goaled charities are truly part of the disordering perpetrators of evil in and against the wonderful and good purposes of the creation of America, and against our Creator, at the same time.

          • If for the benefit of even one reader, to illustrate CrossWare and my points above, a neighbor engaged this 26 year old creature, a suspected antifa member, a dishonorably discharged USAF former specialist, and a democrat atheist, illegally in possession of a firearm, and wearing a ballistic vest, who murdered-massacred over 2 dozen.

            Had this neighbor not engaged the perp with his own rifle, and risk to life, at which point the perp dropped his own rifle and fled, apparently wounded, there would have been an even greater death toll. The neighbor was clearly a hero, but it would have been even less people taken, had someone inside, been adequately trained and armed, even just armed and not trained, to respond even sooner.

            Time is always of the essence, always. when things happen quickly. And often perps flee, especially as cowards, not wanting to be themselves scathed, just by someone else on the forces of good, showing or discharging a firearm!

            Never forget, also, God through His Word in His Bible, makes it clear, we are to take care of our families and friends, with sword and weapons, when appropriate, against lethal enemies. And even to the weak of Faith, plain wisdom says likewise. I speak from experience, by the way, not just intellectual research. A fair amount of experience, not a freak episode or two.

    • I think Europe is in much better shape than the U.S., which is less than 70% white American, and even among those at least a third are leftists if not communists, at least 2/3 of all minorities will ally with their own co-ethnics. Things can get quite bad in France or the U.K., but brutal deportations and ethnic cleansing have a long history on the Old Continent. I’m thankful that Poland is 99% Polish, within a generation we will have to decide how many Western European refugees we are willing to accept, it’s still a trickle now but it has started.

  2. I have one very minor quibble with Whittle.

    He refers to putting up a firewall to pass out information. I believe he means putting up a webpage. A firewall is a program that filters your network communications so as to prevent attacks.

    • Hi RonaldB, I believe Whittle has named his blog the firewall, a play on word meanings. He mythically, acts as a firewall, of truth to lies, deceits and evil, of which we in this world are flooded with, to disallow lies from penetrating his metaphorical firewall, or similar alliteration. He does a fine job with The Firewall, by the way. A good one to look into, among a number of credible dependable truth dispensing sites, IMO.

      Pretty much as in the days of the Bible, as here:
      15Be very careful, then, how you live-not as unwise but as wise, 16making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 17Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the LORD’s will is. – Ephesians 5:15-17

      This reference of the “Lord’s will”, is all written remarkably in His Bible. I’ve come to much more understand this, in later life, as many tend to do. It’s like becoming a graduate of life, and if you are open to it, learning.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I’ve found that sometimes it’s just good to get my opinion posted, knowing that often someone will correct any factual errors.

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