The Former Salafista vs. Harvey Ramadan

The ripples of the Harvey Weinstein affair have spread widely, reaching as far as France and touching the Swiss philosopher Dr. Tariq “Taqiyya” Ramadan. Now that he is being accused of abusing his magisterial office to sexually abuse a young woman (a former Salafist), we’ll have to call him “Tariq Weinstein”, or, better yet, “Harvey Ramadan”.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s an article on the same topic from Al-Arabiya:

Islamist Tariq Ramadan Accused of Rape by Salafist Turned Activist

A rape and sexual assault complaint was filed on Friday in France against Swiss Islamist and Professor Tariq Ramadan by a former Salafist Henda Ayari.

The complaint filed with the Rouen prosecutor’s office in northwestern France, by the Salafist turned secular activist, detailed criminal acts of rape, sexual assault, violence, harassment and intimidation, according to document reviewed by AFP.

The Liberators Association, which Henda Ayari is president of, said on Facebook that she was “a victim of something very serious several years ago” but did not reveal the name of her aggressor for safety reasons.

In her book “I chose to be free”, published in November 2016, she described her aggressor as Zubair.

She said in her writings that she met him at his hotel in Paris after the Islamist thinker gave a lecture.

“I will not give precise details of the acts he has done to me. It is enough to know that he has benefited greatly from my weakness,” Ayari wrote.

She said in her book that when she rebelled against him at one point he screamed at her, insulted her, slapped her and treated her violently.

“I confirm today, that the famous Zubair is Tariq Ramadan,” Ayari published on Facebook.

According to Jonas Haddad, Ayari’s lawyer, the plaintiff did not report the assault earlier, out of fear.

“After revelations over the past few days of rape and sexual assaults claims in the media, Henda has decided to say what happened to her and take legal action,” he told AFP.

Tariq Ramadan could not be reached by AFP and did not react to the allegations on social media.

Ramadan, 55, is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt. He is a professor of contemporary Islamic studies at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Video transcript:

00:12   The writer Henda Ayari filed a complaint
00:16   this Friday against Tariq Ramadan for rape, sexual assault,
00:20   and molestation. She recounted her ordeal in a book
00:24   without ever giving the name of the Islamologist. ‘I decided to file complaint against
00:28   Tariq Ramadan for what he made me go through. This complaint will
00:32   be filed today. I might not have the same financial means
00:36   that he does, to pay my attorneys and experts to defend myself, but I will continue to the end
00:40   of this fight, no matter the cost,’ Henda Ayari writes this Friday
00:44   in a message published on her Facebook page. ‘It’s a very difficult decision,
00:48   but I also decided that it was time to denounce my attacker.’
00:52   ‘It’s Tariq Ramadan,’ she continues in another message posted
00:56   on social media. This former Salafist, repudiated
01:00   by her violent fundamentalist husband, decided in 2015, after the Paris attacks,
01:04   to remove her Islamic veil, which she had been wearing since the age of
01:09   21 years, in order to finally become a free Muslim woman.
01:13   She related her story in the book ‘I Chose To Be Free’, published in 2016,
01:17   in which she told of having been raped in her youth, without giving the name
01:21   of her attacker. Today she is pointing at Tariq Ramadan,
01:25   explaining her continuing silence until this Friday by the fear of reprisals.
01:29   ‘It’s very hard, but I feel relieved,’ she writes on Facebook.
01:33   In her post the writer also accuses the Islamologist of manipulation,
01:37   and indicates that she broke her silence to encourage other possible victims
01:41   to talk as well. ‘I really hope that other women victims,
01:45   like me, will dare to talk and denounce this perverted guru,
01:49   who is using religion to manipulate women,’ she underlines.
01:53   ‘I know he will pounce on me with his team of lawyers and his numerous supporters.
01:57   That’s why I will really need you to support me.’

Hat tip for the article: Vlad Tepes.

14 thoughts on “The Former Salafista vs. Harvey Ramadan

  1. Why is this ‘new normal’ resulting in a police complaint?

    He was simply exercising his god-given rights over an untermenschen female.

  2. “professor of contemporary Islamic studies at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom”.

    for the sake of diversity and inclusion, why don’t we have departments of Voodoo studies, Aztec religious studies and African animist shamanic studies.
    all teaching ex cathedra.

    and corresponding practices, certainly.
    I want Aztec spring festivals on my street, they are so beautiful.

  3. Harvey Weinstein & Hravey Ramada

    Media is interested in one but not the other.
    One is hated in the west the other is worshiped in the west.

    Reporters exaggerate the same sin in one and downplay it in the other.
    If you fabricate even more lies about one you will keep your job. If you tell the truth about the other you will lose your job. Ah, democracy.

    If you fabricate lies about Israel, and ignore muslim atrocities . . .
    muslims will vote for you to become demigod also known as PM. :-

  4. Every woman and teen worldwide knows that if a man asks you to a professional meeting or interview in a hotel room, he does not take you seriously, has a sleeze biz and wants sexual favors in return for said job, movie or whatever gig you are hoping to get out of it. Pleeeez!

    • Depends upon whether it’s a single room or a suite. And she did say this happened “in her youth.” And she refers to him as a “guru.” Are you saying that she wanted to be assaulted or “she asked for it”?

      I did not listen to the recording of Donald Trump boasting about when you’re rich women let you grab them by the privates–but did he say that he “regularly” did that as you stated below? He was known as a “playboy” and it’s true that there are women who are sexually attracted to rich men and will act upon that. I took it as locker room boasting–certainly reprehensible. But no one has, to my knowledge, accused him of rape while at least one very credible woman did say Bill Clinton raped her.

  5. I want more than the unsubstantiated word of a self-described victim about an incident alleged to have occurred years ago and which has gone unreported for years.

    Concerning Trump, the New York Times tried to gin up sex charges against him by misreporting the statements of some female associates from years before. Hillary tried to gin up charges against Trump by using the unsubstantiated word of an opportunist, sociopath, pathological liar grifter from Venezuela.

    The career of any male can be instantly ruined by the uncorroborated charges of a female associate, no matter how long ago.

    Are we going to discount the accusations against someone we like (O’Reilly in my case, and I do discount the cobweb-encrusted accusations), and accept the accusations against someone we’d love to see brought down (Ramadan, also in my case)?

    Ramadan poses as a Muslim moderate. Oppose him on factual grounds. Don’t take the short cut of ginning up accusations of sexual harassment.

    • I see what you’re saying, and it is sad that a man can be ruined by false stories of sexual abuse, but concerning Trump– I was glad when that video came out of him talking about how he regularly grabs women’s private parts and gets away with it. He deserved the embarrassment and humiliation. No one should get away Scot free with that behavior who is running for highest honor in the world. This does not mean he does not have other good qualities or that we cannot appreciate him now as President; it just means that we all knew what we were getting morally when we voted for him and Melania. She is the same Las Vegas type, we all
      saw her lesbo sex nude photos and prostitute-style poses on the
      fur rug and her lies about having graduated college. First Lady
      quality? Not in
      my book, but most republican voters thought these things were
      minor enough and should be overlooked.
      If we all overlooked the personal sexually-liberal, immoral behavior of our Pres. and First Lady, we should overlook this Muslim guy’s too.

  6. Lol.

    We’re on the same general page, although we differ on details.

    I happen to think Melania is a classy first lady, far classier than Michelle or Hillary when she was first lady. Melania speaks five languages and doesn’t stick her nose in the affairs of state. That makes her an ideal first lady in my book. As for college, in general college is a waste of time and money. Do you think Melania would be smarter if she had actually completed college?

    Even the evangelicals continued to support Trump after the Hollywood Access tapes came out. As the evangelicals said, they were hiring him as President, not as church minister. And I think Trump took a few well-deserved lumps at what he unquestionably said, although persistent digging by the New York Times and the rest of the liberal media could not uncover any women that Trump had actually made uncomfortable. There was an embarrassing glut of women who testified to Trump’s friendship and help. Do you think VP Biden could withstand that type of scrutiny?

    Now, either women can be tough as nails, and therefore should not be protected at all, or else women have a special vulnerability which merits a special protection, but then should preclude them from critical positions such as President or combat special forces.

    The only women in the news I have heard who were physically threatened to keep their groping claims under wraps were the Bill Clinton victims, harassed by squads likely commanded by Hillary. Most of the rest didn’t want to lose the favors that came with being groped by a movie magnate like Harvey MillStoneAroundTheNeck. Again, either women are hard-headed businessmen able to make a calculation for themselves, or they are susceptible natural prey. Both possibilities have mutually-exclusive consequences.

    • If Melania did not complete a mid-level BA degree in a Slavic country but lied to us that she did, she is lying through her teeth about having the time, discipline and reason to learn 5 languages to a level of “fluency.” This is an incredibly time-consuming, life-long event, especially if you are not living in the countries at the time. Her English by the way, is very bla, bla for someone here so long. This is a very
      rare feat- to speak 5 languages fluently. Yes, a basic
      understanding of 5 languages
      is doable.
      That is my background,
      teaching language. This is [derogatory vulgarities redacted].
      Think a little deeper. She has
      been spending her years in
      fashion, nude modeling,
      parties, and finally
      sleeping with a twice-
      divorced old, powerful billionaire so she
      could have the good life and not have to worry about
      supporting herself and finding her next gig.
      I knew women, I am one..
      trust me on this!

      Yes, she carries herself well and dresses well, but this foreigner did not deserve this great American honor. As 1st wife Ivana said, she is indeed the real First Lady..,, ha ha, too funny!

      • I stole this quote from someone else who said it after Melania had to take down her website to correct her academic lies:
        “Well, it looks like the only thing Melania majored in was GOLD
        with a minor in

    • Gretel, our comments are read by middle school home-schooled kids. We made an agreement with their parents to avoid phrases that might take explaining. When you referred to the tough nature of the mammary glands, I elided that. Otherwise, good comment.

      Your phrase is one I use in private conversation, but not here in this public space.

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