Vittorio Feltri: No One in the Studio Gives a Damn About Migrants!

Vittorio Feltri is an Italian journalist and editor-in-chief. In the following video from Italian TV, Mr. Feltri — who is now 74 years old, and thus feels free to speak his mind — discusses the ordinary Italian citizens of a town who staged a protest against immigrants. He points out that in contrast, the members of the discussion panel, himself included, have the luxury of not caring because they don’t live anywhere near the immigrants.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Look, unfortunately when exasperation grows, reactions are equally as exasperated.
00:06   So if you want to understand a matter, you need to try to see both sides of the coin
00:14   and try to mediate… I personally don’t give a damn about migrants. I live in the hills, in Bergamo
00:21   among the greenery, why the heck would I care about migrants? However…
00:24   those who unfortunately do live in Quarto Oggiaro, Milan who are forced to deal with all these
00:31   gentlemen of color, Africans, who could bother one just a bit…
00:35   maybe they give more damns than I do.
00:38   I truly don’t give a damn about immigrants. Let any come who want to come. —There you go.
00:42   I’m 74 years old, in a few years I’ll be dead, what the f*** do I care about immigrants? —Why!?
00:48   But you also need to consider other people. They’re getting f****** pissed, instead.
00:54   They’re not as comfortable as you and I —Well, I mean, you used crude language but…
00:57   because I bet you, too, don’t live in a slum. —No, I don’t live in any slum, for goodness’ sake.
01:01   But uh, I mean, I DO care —There! You live well so you don’t give a f*** about immigrants.
01:05   No, no! I DO care. —You don’t give a f*** about immigrants, the same way I don’t.
01:09   No! On the contrary. —Come on! Let’s speak truthfully to one another —But it’s not true!
01:14   You don’t give a f*** about immigrants, I don’t give a f*** about immigrants,
01:17   everyone present at the studio doesn’t give a f*** about immigrants because… —It’s not true!
01:21   …they don’t have to deal with them. —It’s just YOU saying this. —It’s not like this, Feltri.
01:24   whilst those who (whether Milanese or Romans) do have to deal with all the immigrants
01:27   get enraged, infuriated. Do we want to get it through our heads, or not!?
01:31   Good, good. —They get enraged and they protest. —All right. —Not us. Well, I.
01:34   Moreover, if any blacks come to my house to work for a few dimes I’d even be happy.
01:43   I mean, it’s not a personal issue of mine. The issue is with the people. —Paid duly.
01:48   And the people have freaking had it. Do you want to get this through to your heads, or not!?
01:51   We need to take a commercial break… —So much so that the Democratic Party… —Yeah, we got it!
01:54   …will lose a ton of votes. —I think it’s clear —For this reason, IUS SOLI. I can’t hear anything
01:59   anymore. You don’t hear anything because of a break in the connection. Thanks to Vittorio Feltri!

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