Migrant Center on Sardinia Bombed

Sardinia is an island (and an Italian province) in the Mediterranean, west of the Italian mainland. Like Corsica (which is a French possession), Sardinia has a long history of resistance against Moorish Muslim invaders. And like the Corsican flag, the Sardinian flag features the severed head of a Moor. Four of them, actually (the flag is known as “The Four Moors [Italian: I quattro mori]); whereas the Corsican version has but one. As if to say: “Four dead Moors are better than one!”

Someone recently set off a bomb on the doorstep of a migrant center in Corsica. During one of the interviews in the video below, you can see a local resident in the background wearing a “Four Moors” t-shirt. I don’t know if it’s significant, but it’s there.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Everything collapsed. We don’t know what happened. They want to kill us.
00:08   Everybody was asleep. We heard a ‘boom’ sound.
00:12   We’ve seen demonstrations, signs and barricades, but this time, in Sardinia’s
00:17   Dorgali migrant center in Babbu Mannu, an explosive device was set off.
00:24   Investigations are still underway, but this was certainly a warning.
00:27   This center is bothering someone.
00:30   Maybe they don’t want us to stay here. —Since last night, we’ve had no sleep.
00:35   We’re afraid, that’s why we’re staying outside.
00:39   The device was left outside the doorway. A few steps away from the young men’s bedrooms.
00:44   You can still see the crater left from the explosion.
00:48   Pieces of the door were catapulted as far as thirty metres away.
00:52   Out of the 63 migrants present in the building at the time, two Nigerians were injured.
00:58   This was an agritourism center that was converted into a migrant shelter a year ago.
01:02   We tried contacting the representative of the cooperative ‘The Others’ but they didn’t pick up.
01:08   They’re too many for such a small place. What do they spend their time doing?
01:14   If the appropriate housing for them were available… but there’s nothing there.
01:21   The building needs to have drinking water and adequate sanitary facilities.
01:24   Without this, they shouldn’t be allowed to stay.
01:27   The building isn’t in good condition. —I don’t think so.
01:32   (Parson of Dorgali) I didn’t expect this at all. We’re just trying to calm things down.
01:40   Is there someone who wants to cause these people harm? —I don’t think so. But it appears there is.
01:45   We haven’t had problems with anybody. We didn’t expect to be attacked by our city.
01:50   8,000 people inhabit this overly-privileged village, but they seem divided. —Why doesn’t the EU
01:56   help them in their own countries? —They need to be assimilated and given some responsibilities.
02:00   What do these young men do? Leaving them like that is mistreating them. What hopes do they have?
02:07   (Mayor of Dorgali) The issue is that Italy’s paperwork procedures are extremely slow
02:15   and we end up having to handle everyone who comes here. This is obviously the cause of tensions.
02:20   Although this doesn’t justify these kinds of acts in any way. —The investigation continues.
02:24   The Prefect will be the one deciding what’s to be done, and whether the migrants should be moved.
02:30   I don’t know what will happen next.

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    • I caught that also. An odd thing to say unless you have an agenda which might be to put the locals in a bad light…

  1. ” I don’t know what will happen next”, says the last interviewee. Well, in a sane world you and the rest of your fellow invaders would be deported back to Africa. That’s what should happen next, all over Europe.

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