Allah Shall Punish You All!

The following video shows a verbal confrontation between Michael Stürzenberger and a group of culture-enrichers at the Orleansplatz in Munich. Words cannot do justice do the drama of this clip — watch it for yourself; you’ll see what I mean.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:03   What is with your land!
0:06   [unintelligible]
0:10   What god? What god? Not allah!
0:13   This country does not belong to allah!
0:16   [unintelligible]
0:19   This land belongs to allah? —This world belongs to allah!
0:22   [unintelligible]
0:25   This land belongs to allah, really? —Everything belongs to him!
0:28   The whole world? The whole world belongs to allah?
0:31   Do you want shariah here?
0:34   Do you want shariah here?
0:37   Do you want this to be an islamic state here?
0:40   Everywhere in the world? —Everywhere!
0:43   We want an islamic world! Allahu akhbar!
0:46   [unintelligible]
0:49   After your death you will see! You will see!
0:52   You laugh now, you make the people manipulate now [means ‘you are manipulating the people now’]
0:55   But just wait, when the moment comes when the angel of death comes to take your soul
0:58   Then you will become pale, you will be afraid, you don’t know… [unintelligible]
1:01   [unintelligible]
1:04   I know I know, I will burn, I will burn in hell,
1:07   I will have liquid ore poured down my throat…
1:10   Now you have it good, now you laugh,
1:13   but just wait for that moment, when the angel of death comes,
1:16   then I want to see your face again! —When does he come then, this angel of death?
1:19   Yes, you know the time for you is determined!
1:22   And then you will, ooooh, I already feel sorry for you!
1:25   I don’t see any pity from you already!
1:29   Is this a, is this a peaceful religion? That has this angel of death?
1:32   [Unclear, something about people are laughing now but just wait;
1:39   And something about sex with someone else’s mother,
1:45   then unintelligible]
1:50   You with your police protection here and there!
1:53   Yeah go ahead, film it, allahu akhbar !
1:56   Go home. [More screeching]
2:00   If I kill you today, ok… —Why should you kill me?
2:03   No, no, no — I am talking about that I kill you now,
2:06   then I have not killed you, but I have [unintelligible, allahu akhbar],
2:10   and that’s what that means, yeah, allah decides what I will become,
2:13   who dies, when you die, you understand?
2:16   Ok so allah wants to kill me.
2:19   No! Exactly not! You are not listening to me!
2:22   If I for example kill you,
2:25   I indeed killed you, but allah wanted this so! [and some Arabic]
2:28   But if you kill me then you had to get a command from allah to do so!
2:31   No! I don’t have to! I don’t have to!
2:34   There is a devil which with you it already exists inside of you,
2:37   that invades you, that plays the games with you,
2:40   you see? That’s exactly how it is.
2:43   I will tell you something! So that everybody can hear it here!
2:46   Jesus Christ was a muslim!
2:49   Whether you believe me or not!
2:52   You laugh! You laugh! You laugh!
2:55   Why did Jesus have a full beard? Why didn’t any Christians have a full beard?
2:58   Why did Jesus fast, like each muslim, why?
3:01   It is written even in the Bible Jesus faced the ground
3:04   and went down on his knees… he was a muslim!
3:07   He was a Jew, he was a Jew! —He was a …[unintelligible screeching]
3:10   and what does muslim mean translated into German? You don’t even know that!
3:13   God gave him, given by God, and if Jesus [unintelligible]
3:16   and Jesus is not dead, he was crucified, but his soul
3:19   was taken by allah, and he will come back again,
3:22   and he will fight against the Satan and [unintelligible]
3:25   and you all will see the truth, islam is the truth,
3:28   [unintelligible, something about muslims]
3:31   [more unintelligible]
3:34   you laugh, you all laugh, you will all see! [spits at the feet of Stürzenberger]
3:37   I’m out of here, piss off [unintelligible insult], allah shall punish you all!
3:40   Allah is the grandest, you have no chance,
3:43   you ridiculous people, you ants, you dumb animals,
3:46   speaking about islam ‘islam is bad, islam is this’,
3:49   when you all die, that’s when I want to see all of your mugs!
3:52   Ha! That’s why, who will be last… [unintelligible]
3:55   Are you willing to kill?
3:58   I am ready too, I will kill…!
4:01   To kill believers? —Allahu akhbar [unintelligible]
4:05   —According to verse 2, to kill the unbelievers wherever you may find them.
4:08   I don’t care! Muslims don’t kill innocent people!
4:11   So what were the 3,000 Americans killed, those were innocent civilians!
4:15   That was the Americans themselves!
4:18   Where do you live! The whole world knows that!

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26 thoughts on “Allah Shall Punish You All!

  1. The young man with strong convictions appears to have walked away unmolested by law enforcers. One law for the actual native Germans and one for those that follow the RoP. Mmm.

    • Some more details..
      unintelligible(s) in first 20 seconds:
      a)what’s with your land? me sounds more like: tass iss nich deine Land=das ist nicht dein Land,=this is not your country.
      b) ..tas ess nicht dir gehoert=es gehoert nicht dir, it does not belong to you.
      c)..tas ess der Gott gehoert=es gehoert Gott=it is god’s property.
      d) s’ist nicht dir=es ist nicht dir=it’s not yours (then Michael asks: which god?)
      e) culture-enricher goes on to say: haut ab!=get out of here! ..was?=welcher?= you are asking me which god?
      f) das iss Gott das iss Allah, ..nur eine! =dieser Gott(den ich meine)das ist Allah.. der einzige(Gott)=that god(I’m talking about)is Allah.. the one and only, there is only one god!

  2. The fact that these homicidal fruitcakes believe their transparent nonsense is real, and worthy of bloodshed, satisfies me that their removal and banishment is warranted and overdue.

  3. Just another future terrorist… I fully expect this little blue jean baby to drive through a mass of people this December at a Christmas market in Munich. If they still have these this year.

    The logic is great too. Jesus was a muslim, because “beard”. Who knew. I guess all the photos of bearded Jesus from way back then are not photoshopped after all.

    • yeah I was ‘surprised’ by the ‘beard argument’ too. And fasting! Who knew the Muslims invented fasting after all these thousands of years 🙂

      BTW: If I were there I’d tell him that Jesus of the Bible was clearly following the will of his Father, who is in heaven, and since Allah doesn’t have sons, then, you know, Jesus couldn’t have been a muslim. I heard ‘real muslims’ love these kinds of arguments 😉

    • “Future terrorist”? ALL Muslims are terrorists NOW. Just depends on where their brainwashed terror cult heads are in the line.

    • The Eurabian caliphate of the future will have amazing diplomatic relations with the United States of Brazil.

  4. There is no debate in Islam,
    “The Ummah possesses no power except to acknowledge and obey”,
    Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America

  5. Churchill compared Islam to man as rabies is to dogs. This man proved it by his foaming at the mouth saying that if he killed the man in front of him for insulting Allah, Allah made him do it. What illogical nonsense, all the world belongs to Islam? and we in the West are to welcome and embrace these violent idiots. Christ the Lord was a Moslem because be had a full beard ?I guess the members of ZZ Top are Moslem also? Its like an augment with a two year old child it does not have to make sense the child just screams louder and jumps up and down .

    • It is the inevitable syllogistic conclusion from the assumption of divine supremacy.

  6. Err, St Peter had a beard, and lots of other early Christians, if I’m not mistaken. There’s nothing quite as brain-dead as a headbanging, Allahu-Akbaring wannabe Jihadi…

    But where were the Polizei? Why is this suprrmacist extremist still on the loose – when if he’d said “German” instead of Muslim or Islamic, the full force of the law would come down on him??

  7. It’s probably educational for us to hear such tirades.

    I wonder if there are any words we could use that would cause the Islamist to pause and think?…i.e. could we find any doubt in their fanaticism?

    What if we said: “Our Christian culture tells us we are supposed to try to love you.”?

    Or if we quoted some of the Quran’s Meccan phrases of peace and tolerance?

    Could we cause a pause in the rant?

    Or, depressingly, it could be that the indoctrination has been so thorough that no reasoning can creep into the thinking?

    We need a clue as to how to create apostates.

  8. That’s a good question William, the answer depends on how well they know the Quran & how indoctrinated they have been. If they have been indoctrinated from childhood there is very little YOU can do to change their mind. They will NEVER trust a single thing that comes out of your mouth & they do not have to tell the truth to an infidel. Short of God speaking to them like Saul/Paul or in a dream(which has been happening on an increasing basis) there are no “magic” words. If they are a recent convert there is hope if you can get them away from the influence of the “cult” but like a cult they use sleep deprivation fear/reward to brainwash people. It is very sad that we live in a time when people feels so isolated that they want to belong somewhere will choose this type of violent group to be a part of.

  9. I would like to see him try the same trick in Moscow as well as claiming that Marx was a Muslim.

    Would the police have been so lenient (useless) ?

  10. Hi – watch this video starting at 3:20 for about 20 seconds, you will see another man walk up behind Stuerzenberger’s back. Watch the taller white female’s reaction in the crowd – I would say she was with the man in the green coat.

    Somebody should mention security to him, he might not be so lucky next time…

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