Down and Out in Eisenstadt

The video below is from Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland in Austria. According to Egri Nök, who translated the accompanying article: “The video does not need translation; the man who records it is just stating the obvious.”

The translated article from Politically Incorrect:

Eisenstadt: Specialist* lies down on busy street

In the small Austrian state of Burgenland, Caritas (European “charity”) alone runs 22 accommodations for benefit-seekers who have illegally pushed into the country. Accordingly, the state capital Eisenstadt is enriched with mostly young, male misery.

One of the precious raw black diamonds, for reasons unknown at this point, lay down last week on one of the much-frequented roads of the city, armed with a piece of wood, and blocked traffic.

A passer-by, who seemingly had tried to help, without success, filmed the scene. The police then stopped the dangerous madness and carried the resisting man off the street.

The well-fed fully-supplied (with benefits) fellow was probably under the influence. We should understand that, put up with it, and if possible, not mention it. Probably it was just an isolated case™ anyway.

*   Fachkraft: A specialist, expert, or skilled laborer. The government announced the Syrians as foreign experts in 2015, saying they were on average more skilled, more educated, than Europeans. So when one refers to “refugees” as “experts”, it’s a cynical joke that will make Anetta Kahane and Heiko Maas angry.

2 thoughts on “Down and Out in Eisenstadt

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