All in the Family, Pakistani Style

The following news story from the Hamburg area in Germany is bestial and disturbing. Sensitive readers are advised to skip the video and the transcript.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A murder in Neugraben!
00:05   In Neugraben-Fischbeck late on Monday night
00:10   a two-year-old girl was killed,
00:15   allegedly by her father.
00:20   This is how whole thing happened — according to the investigation, the mother of the girl
00:25   a woman from Pakistan came last night to Police Station #47
00:30   and wanted to file complaint against her husband
00:35   concerning a threat. They all then went together with the woman back to her apartment.
00:41   Two police officers from station 47 went inside the apartment. The woman stayed outside the door.
00:46   In the apartment they then found the dead body of the two-year-old daughter.
00:51   She had stab wounds on her neck, and unfortunately
00:56   was beyond help; she had already passed away.
01:01   According to the police the girl’s father was on the run. The police are looking intensively
01:04   for the 33-year-old suspect. The child was
01:11   found on Monday night in a condominium.
01:16   The rescue workers were only able to determine that the girl had died.
01:22   The girl’s throat was allegedly slit.
01:27   Eyewitnesses report that the investigators were using a identikit to find the man.
01:32   At night the house was guarded by heavily-armed police officers.
01:37   The Crime Scene Investigators team were searching the crime scene.
01:47   The investigators also used dogs. They searched the area around the house
01:52   according to information from MOPO [Hamburger Morning Post], they [the dogs]
01:57   were also used at the Neuwiedelthal metro.
02:02   The traces of the man were tracked to the main train station.
02:08   The mother was in shock after the discovery of the death of her child,
02:13   and needed medical help. Also her son is being given psychological support.
02:18   According to the police, the family is originally from Pakistan.
02:23   The neighbors described the couple as fighting a lot.
02:28   The family allegedly had not been living in the house for a long time,
02:33   possibly only for six months.

5 thoughts on “All in the Family, Pakistani Style

  1. Why did the gurney look like it was carrying the body of an adult? Was it just something about the construction of the bodybag?

  2. [Off subject]: Has anyone captured a screenshot of CNN last Tuesday morning, when they displayed graphics under the heading, “U.S. FORCES FIGHTING COUNTERTERRORISM”?

  3. I have to confess my racism here. When I saw the headline elsewhere (“Manhunt for father who ‘murdered two-year-old daughter’ in Hamburg” or something like that), I thought: “That sounds like vibrant enrichment. I bet it was a Turk.” Mea culpa.

  4. Lately these kind of sick news are getting something normal here in Germany, I am tired of seeing my country falling into a third world sewer. I told my parents I am moving to Iceland next year, my boyfriend is from there and we want to get married soon, my parents say I am too young (I’m 20) and should study first but the the truth is college in Germany is depressing and totally contaminated by the most toxic gangs of the left I don’t want to spend one minute more in college and Iceland is such a lovely place, people are very nice and muslims are rare there, most migrants are poles and czech and they cause no problems. It’s sad but Germany seems inevitably dommed to the caliphate.

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