Sweden Says: All EU Countries Must Take “Refugees” — Or Else!

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and other members of his government are determined that all member states of the European Union be coerced into adopting the same immigration policies as Sweden.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Stefan Löfven: Punish countries that do not receive immigrants

October 26, 2017

Border controls within the EU will remain for a long time. This was said by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (Social Democrats) in a speech on Thursday. At the same time, he identified “xenophobia” as the major threat to Europe, pointing out that EU countries that do not receive enough immigrants should be punished economically.

It was during a speech at Uppsala University on Thursday that Stefan Löfven stated that border controls are unlikely to disappear in the near future.

On the contrary, they will probably stay well into the future.

Löfven, who in the early stages of the asylum wave in Autumn 2015 stated that “my Europe did not build walls”, now called controls “a necessary evil”.

“As long as we do not have a working system in the EU, and as long as the system and security can not be guaranteed, border controls will not disappear in Europe,” said Löfven, according to SVT News , pointing out that this will have negative consequences for free mobility within the EU.

The prime minister also said that the negotiations currently underway on the EU’s future asylum policy are “complicated”. But he is willing to compromise.

Migration Minister Heléne Fritzon (Social Democrats) has previously said that Sweden can not have an asylum policy that differs significantly from the EU’s upcoming policy. The Swedish government is therefore trying to influence the negotiations so that all EU countries are forced to hand out permanent residence permits to hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers. But other countries do not agree.

“The Swedish position at the opening of the negotiations is for permanent residence permits. But when I listen to the other Member States, I do not hear very many say that,” she told Ekot’s Saturday interview this weekend.

In his speech at Uppsala University, Stefan Löfven also declared that EU countries refusing to receive so-called refugees should be punished by eliminating their EU financial support.

According to SVT, Löfven also noted what he considers to be the major “threats” to the EU today: “populism”, “xenophobia”, and Brexit, that Britain is leaving the Union.

33 thoughts on “Sweden Says: All EU Countries Must Take “Refugees” — Or Else!

  1. When I first read that, I started laughing and thinking “You and who else?”

    Much of Europe is not being stupid, but sensible. Who wants to import a bunch of backward illiterate middle-eastern savages who think any woman they see is what is sometimes called “easy meat” and I apologize for that term but it is what they seem to be thinking.

    If Sweden wants these people, they are welcome. If Hungary does not, they have a right to say NO. As does any sovereign country, IMO. I would prefer fewer here in US but fortunately they do not seem attracted to our place out in the sticks and hicks (thank God and I mean that sincerely). And of course in America, we have guns, but “they” don’t know who does and who doesn’t.

    This has been getting more and more ridiculous for the last few years and it seems to be being pushed both by the EU and Swedes in particular. I guess they didn’t learn any lessons from all those rapes and attacks on their young girls yet? They still think they can tame these people into nice polite Euro-zone members?

    Okay, sounds like you (Swedes and whomever else is thinking this way) are on some really good drugs. However, I suspect the average citizen of Sweden doesn’t agree with the crap the grubermint is spooning out but they can’t say much because despite its vaunted “democratic values” they are just as bad as any other despotic government, even if it is decorated with a halo of democracy and freedom.

    What I expect from my government is the ability to live my life without worrying about some crazed muslim showing up at my front or back door. So far they are doing okay but I wouldn’t live in Wichita or out in western Kansas (where they are supposedly a feature in a couple of those border towns).

    In the meantime, the press seems to spend a lot of time trying to cover over what is happening but we are not all fooled. There are other sources for news but they seem to have forgotten that, too.

    Keep up the good work, Baron, Dymphna, and Matt Bracken (hope I got your name right).

    • Everywhere here in Sweden. Two afghan youngsters outside window first thing in the morning. In Stockholm suburb Johanneshov.
      American people having better judgment than swedish and others.

    • Sweden is a basket case and wants every other European country suffer equally. Tell ’em they’re dreaming. The Visegrad countries won’t have a bar of this nonsense, and thank God for their wonderful examples of proud patriotism.

  2. He said that the “refugee” crisis now is bigger now than any since WW2.
    Comparing refugees escaping nazism and communism to those escaping or rather leaving the arab world and demanding mosques and islam.
    Noone escaping nazism and communism wanted that which they escaped. As muslims demanding the same as they are being said to escape.
    Statsminister – or Prime Minister – Stefan Löven avoiding the fact that that muslims never were so many and islam never so powerful in Europe as since the battle of Vienna in 1683.
    A more accurate comparison. Thank you. Good luck.

  3. Europa might want to consider or re-consider the original Battle of Vienna and take a few lessons from it. No sovereign country is obliged to take in these so-called “refugees” who are not escaping anything but looking forward to free goodies from the despised West. Not to mention bringing murder, rape, and mayhem with them.

    England needs another Churchill. I can’t remember exactly who France needs, though — my history details are not that good. But all of Europe needs the quality of leaders they had during WWII and the sooner the better. In my view, this is really much resembling WWIII.

    • Cutting off immivader freebies would be an excellent first step.

      However, I fear that the immivader colonies are too well established for that step to reverse the invasion.

    • Victor Orban is an excellent start.
      But is to late for EU
      Time for the independent Free Eastern Europe.

    • Britain is far beyond needing another Churchill.

      They are so far gone that Arthur needs to be called home from Avalon.

  4. Try to make us! What you going to do? Are you going to do another man march dressed in mini skirt with pussy hats?
    (drop microphone) – the Hungarians

  5. I seem to recall a newsweekly article in the last century, perhaps as a column filler, that of those inadequately documented arrivals at JFK international airport who requested political asylum, and were released upon their promise to appear at their asylum hearings, fewer than one percent actually showed at their assigned hearings.

    I suspect that precisely zero of these foreign optimists meet a litmus test as a refugee. It is hardly our fault that there is no such thing as a birthright to immigrate. They have the right to live, just no right to tell the world where. As far as I’m concerned, the only “Muslim Lands” upon this planet are Arabian. And I want them expelled from all of Historic Christendom and removed to Arabia. Not Europe, nor the Americas. Not Pakistan or anywhere else but Arabia.

    Another issue is thirteen centuries of reparations, if we find a way for them to pay us other than with things they’ve stolen from someone else.

  6. Like people inside an asylum telling people outside the asylum how to run their lives.
    Yeah right.

  7. I wouldn’t take much notice of Swedish multicultists particularly when they take the moral high ground. Sweden, like Switzerland let other countries fight the Nazis and reaped the benefits of dealing with both sides. We shouldn’t mention those Swedes who joined the Nazi war machine.

  8. If EU cuts all the financial support from the countries who don’t want economic migrants, what incentive is left for those countries to remain members of the union?
    In a long run this policy could be good, since it would break up the whole EU.
    Let’s face it. EU has brought nothing but corruption and trouble.
    It seems to me that the whole union was founded as a means to suck tax money to the pockets of leading elite and dismantle human rights of the middle class.

  9. As I understand the current asylum rules, once asylum is granted, the migrants get a new passport and they are free to travel and look for employment anywhere in the EU, however this takes some time (1-2 years, maybe more). Migrants who have arrived via the Black Sea route this year have said they want to go to Western European countries because they have relatives there. What migrants tend to do is use up the free money and accommodation that the host country provides for refugees and then, illegally or legally, move to their desired target country, although they might not qualify for all the freebies that an asylum seeker gets.

    So, let’s say that European countries would be forced to take in a quota of all the migrants arriving on the continent, what would that measure achieve?
    – no country would be immune to muslim immigration, but the countries with a generous welfare system or with an already large muslim population would eventually end up with most of these migrants
    – it would give pro-migration politicians 1-2-3 years of virtue signalling and perhaps staying in power, after which the migrants who were forced to Eastern Europe would start to arrive. Perhaps at that point they are hoping to stay in power due to the migrant demographics vote.
    – it would create even more resentment between Western and Eastern Europe
    – it would stimulate millions of individuals (many criminals too) to migrate to Europe.

    I believe the consequence of this measure would be the rapid islamisation of Western Europe and/or civil war in those countries, plus a fractured Europe that would become insignificant on the global stage.

  10. Are the new guidelines for an EU Pravda already being followed by journalists?
    Prepared to be underwhelmed, Fraser Nelson (paywall)
    ‘Mass migration threatened to overwhelm Sweden. But now there is hope’
    “The inspiring story of Östersund football club shows how the country could make a success of its refugee crisis”

    Bruce Bawer in the GI, casts a caustic eye over EU Pravda guidelines.
    Where for example, instead of saying 1.83 million illegal migrants swarmed over European borders in 2016, one could say:
    “1.83 perfect, happy, shiny people, chose to come to Europe in 2016” or something of that ilk.

    ‘The EU Lectures Journalists about PC Reporting’
    Nelson is referring to the same Östersund, where recently GoV readers will know, the police chief warned women not to go out unaccompanied after sunset, after a series of unbelievably brutal gang rapes.
    A female journalist with a degree in asking the obvious, enquired “was this not serious?” and was he not “asking women to change their behaviour?”.
    He also said when asked, he was used to dealing with drunken behaviour but there crimes were a “new” type hitherto unseen in the area. What was striking was the perpetrators not only acted in gangs but were completely sober.
    (I would link to the you-tube video but it must have featured too often on ‘right-wing’ hater sites and embarrassed the pc PC and has been removed.)

  11. Pfft. Everyone else should make chunder out of their country like we Swedes are doing.

    • Note;
      The word ‘chunder’ is a typical British/Australian word meaning; vomit – puke – yak – pray to the porcelain god – barf – throw up – drive the porcelain bus – toss one’s cookies.
      North-Americans may be unfamiliar with this word.

          • “The Old Pacific Sea” by Barry Humphries (via his character Barry MacKenzie):

            I was down by Bondi Pier, drinkin’ tubes of ice cold beer,
            With a bucket full of prawns upon my knee,
            When I swallowed the last prawn,
            I had a technicolor yawn and I chundered in the old Pacific Sea.

            Drink it up, drink it up, crack another dozen tubes and prawns with me,
            If you want to throw your voice, mate you won’t have any choice,
            But to chunder in the Old Pacific Sea.

            I was sittin in the surf, when a mate of mine called Murf,
            Asks if he can crack a tube or two with me.
            The bastard barely swallowed it,
            When he went for the big spit, and he chundered in the Old Pacific Sea.

            Drink it up, drink it up, crack another dozen tubes and prawns with me,
            If you want to throw your voice, mate you won’t have any choice,
            But to chunder in the Old Pacific Sea.

            I’ve had liquid laughs in bars, and I’ve hurled from moving cars,
            And I’ve chuckled when and where it suited me.
            But if I could choose the spot,
            To regurgitate me lot, then I’d chunder in the Old Pacific Sea.

            Drink it up, drink it up, crack another dozen tubes and prawns with me,
            If you want to throw your voice, mate you won’t have any choice,
            But to chunder in the Old Pacific Sea.

          • I don’t know if that song was ever given an actual tune, but if I were to choose one, I’d use “The Dirty Underwear That Willie Wore”. It’s an exact fit.

  12. Hey Sweden don’t you know: “The more you take in…the more they make!”. Islam will conquer Europe & western nations by the womb & terrorist activities.

    Non-Millennials can vividly recall the futile efforts of giving monetary & food donations to Africa to keep poor, helpless children from starving to death before the great exodus of 2015. Before this occurred, the United Nations & charity organizations stated the West had no business demanding birth control in exchange for food handouts because Africans lived nomadic lifestyles and their large families were a natural result of poverty – ensuring parents well-being (social security) in old age. So they continued to breed like rabbits expecting monthly handouts until Merkel & Obama opened up the floodgates and tried to eliminate our national borders.

    Jesus said the poor will always be among us. Now we have a situation where the poor use their offspring as sympathy cards to obtain a better life in a non-Muslim country. Meanwhile rich Islamic, Arab nations DO NOTHING to help their darker skinned Muslim brothers & sisters! Why should Western nations continue to foot the bill? Let NGOs, charities, churches, and the United Nations help Muslims in their own countries or neighboring Islamic countries. Islam is not compatible with Western culture. And never has been for over 1500 years! Do not tolerate the intolerable!

  13. “My Europe did not build walls”. But it did; it was called The Berlin Wall, and the left loved it.

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