The EU’s Migrant Quota is Illegal — Under EU Law

The clip below is from the Hungarian TV program “Press Club”, with Zsolt Bayer as moderator. The topic of the roundtable discussion is the decision by the European Court of Justice that denied Hungary the right to refuse the EU’s migrant quota.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:32   Gentleman! Naturally
00:36   we will start with the European Court’s
00:40   announcement of the quota decision. It’s true, it was last Wednesday,
00:44   but we did not meet in this circle, and I assume
00:48   everybody will have something say about it. András [Bencsik], let’s start!
00:52   I prepared with some pretty fresh news. Péter Zárug, my colleague, wrote
00:56   an article about this in his weekly column, and he says
01:00   there is a relevant Constitutional Court [the Supreme Court of Hungary] decision,
01:04   22/2016 is its number, which
01:08   states, that the Constitutional Court [CC] must review all EU decisions
01:12   that have an impact on Hungary.
01:16   So if the Hungarian government were to turn to the CC, says my friend,
01:20   for review, then the CC must take up such a request,
01:24   based on its own mandate, and examine the EU decision.
01:28   Because this [decision] significantly impacts the fate of Hungary.
01:32   We have Hungarian Basic Law, and obviously the CC
01:36   must guard the laws not just internally, but externally too.
01:40   — András! Just thinking this through one step further…
01:44   It is very correct, what Zárug [Péter], who knows all this better,
01:48   wrote down. What we are talking about here is that
01:52   the German and French Constitutional Courts are
01:56   already on record. Namely, in Germany and
02:00   France they have a Constitutional Court DECISION, that
02:04   if a EU decision cannot be integrated
02:08   into the country’s — in our case the German or French nation’s —
02:12   legal system, then it will not be mandatory
02:16   for that specific country. I’ll repeat it again,
02:20   the Germans and the French stated this, and they act accordingly.
02:24   The very same thing was stated by the Hungarian CC last year: if any EU law or decision
02:28   cannot be reconciled with the Hungarian Basic Law,
02:32   with the Hungarian Constitution or the Hungarian system of laws, then it says
02:36   the Hungarian government can do the same [ignore the EU decision or law].
02:40   That’s a huge stroke of luck, that the Germans and the French made this decision earlier.
02:44   Today in the Hungarian Times, they published a great article.
02:48   It’s written by a European jurist.
02:52   He wrote it there, that it is completely
02:56   illicit, the EU Court decision, and it was
03:00   a political decision. Because the Basic Treaty of the European Union
03:04   Article 4, Paragraph 2 states unequivocally
03:08   … that accepting
03:12   refugees — now I am saying “refugees” on purpose —
03:16   so acceptance of refugees and migrants
03:20   is in the scope of the sovereign nations.
03:24   Yes in that authority, which we never renounced! Not just us, not a single member state!
03:28   Just one more sentence. The right-wing web portal Breitbart,
03:32   either yesterday or today, published an excellent article,
03:36   which applauded the Hungarian Prime Minister for
03:40   resistance against this decision.
03:44   And incidentally notes how the politics of the European Union
03:48   and the politics of George Soros are so much in parallel.
03:52   They refer to an investigative source
03:56   from an Italian article, because this man is
04:00   financing more than 41 migrant-helping organizations.
04:04   It was very entertaining to see how the leftist media
04:08   happily celebrated the news of the court decision, then
04:12   a couple of hours later this hurrah of optimism quieted down, because
04:16   this is not executable. Beyond the fact of
04:20   what our legal opinion is about this case,
04:24   there are serious doubts about — how could this be executed?
04:28   The European Union is always slowly rattling along to execute anything,
04:32   and with cautious calculations about the timing, only after the election [2018 Hungarian elections]
04:36   can it move into the sanctioning period for the decision, sometime…
04:40   maybe two years from now — for this whole case. By then the whole quota
04:44   of “refugees” will not be there.
04:48   So there will be “nobody” to accept. Those people who invented
04:52   for the quota originally — who, I might add, existed only virtually anyway —
04:56   by count and location, because the European Union has no idea where those are,
05:00   they have no idea where “Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed” is,
05:04   a “Syrian citizen” — who most likely was from Sri-Lanka and just randomly dictated
05:08   this name, on the island of Lesbos, when he stepped onto
05:12   European soil. So who knows where that man is. So this is about numbers only.
05:16   We argue about numbers, and a good question is: What will be executable two years from now?
05:20   Most likely the whole thing will be like
05:24   the compulsory breach procedure, a slap on the wrist, and in the end nothing will happen.
05:28   Let’s run a couple of more laps of this, because
05:32   I would like to bring a couple more issues here. The first one is
05:36   the volunteer-based distribution…
05:40   You know what, let’s go back a little further!
05:44   The whole thing started with that there would be no quotas.
05:48   That István Újhelyi and
05:52   Péter Neidermüller and all the others [leftist-progressive EU Parliament members]
05:56   explained it in a long-winded, disdainful way,
06:00   — I will never forget that, he was standing in a parliament meeting room in Strasbourg —
06:04   — and in a repressed voice he said into the camera:
06:08   We just confirmed it, Brussels DO NOT WANT A QUOTA
06:12   system, this is just an invention of the Hungarian government’s.
06:16   Then Péter Neidermüller repeated the same thing on ATV.
06:20   A couple of weeks later they made the decision
06:24   about the quota system, but if you remember, Master Juncker
06:28   said this could only be possible in voluntary basis,
06:32   “because solidarity must be coming from the heart”.
06:36   This cannot be forced on anybody. But afterwards
06:40   — because it was not coming from the heart — they said:
06:44   then it will be compulsory. This is where we are now.
06:48   So they will distribute 160,000 people
06:52   in a compulsory way, and using some kind of algorithm they will decide
06:56   that Hungary must accept 1,268 and a half.
07:00   OK. We attacked that decision and that were refused in the court’s decision,
07:04   which stated that it was “lawful” to make such a decision.
07:08   But on September 26th it will expire. The deadline will expire.
07:12   So what are we talking about after that? Well I’ll tell you!
07:16   Just as the EU court stated in last Wednesday
07:20   that the decision was lawful,
07:24   Concerning the compulsory distribution quota.
07:28   Let me state in parenthesis, that it was completely illicit!
07:32   Because it breaks the Dublin Regulation, the Schengen Treaty,
07:36   the Basic Union Treaty.
07:40   And the EU’s own decision-making process was raped.
07:44   Nothing less. Parenthesis closed! As the court stated
07:48   that it was “lawful”, we waited maybe
07:52   only eight hours, then the
07:56   Greek Refugee Commissioner announced that
08:00   they would start the unlimited —
08:04   so in Hungarian: not limited at all in numbers,
08:08   a permanent mechanism. Because the court said it’s all good.
08:12   So that’s what we’re talking about, people! Make no mistake!
08:16   Because what is that 160,000, if on a better weekend,
08:20   3,000-4,000 possibly 10,000 migrants can land
08:24   daily in European Union territory.
08:28   So what is the 160,000, they want to distribute? Nothing! And nobody can
08:32   see the end of it. Angela Merkel… Fresh crispy news! Angela Merkel
08:36   had a great idea. She said yesterday or
08:40   this morning, when she woke up and drank her coffee,
08:44   that many more migrants should
08:48   become truck drivers! I swear, this is what she said!
08:52   — I guess people from Nice could comment on this! — This is
08:56   the new terrorism method, that these animals
09:00   get into trucks and run us over. And now here comes the German Chancellor
09:04   and says: let’s make them truck drivers! — Maybe something was dawning on her:
09:08   motors, trucks, people… In the meantime…
09:12   And that is fresh crispy news, too, and I am interested in your opinions!
09:16   They found 18,000 fake Syrian passports,
09:20   Eighteen thousand! … and they say,
09:24   the security experts and intelligence service agents,
09:28   that the Islamic State is using these passports to push their
09:32   terrorists here. — But wait! They found
09:36   11,300 BLANK passports as well.
09:40   Also this morning I had the luck here in the corridors to run into
09:44   György Nógrádi [security expert, government adviser]. I asked him what he thinks about this
09:48   He said: these are only the Syrian passports, the Syrian only;
09:52   the Iraqi passports have not even been examined yet!
09:56   … Unbelievable, stunning conditions prevail.
10:00   Just one more addition to the topic. This whole quota
10:04   is all about… was not created because —
10:08   this stealth movement forward of Eurocrats,
10:12   this new elite of Europe, who do not give a damn about democracy,
10:16   where they will play it out in different courts,
10:20   so the end result will be what they want. So this is not about
10:24   a Pakistani, or someone from Bangladesh or Afghanistan,
10:28   who decided that because he is poor, he wants to live in the rich Germany, but
10:32   those who were really refugees, escaping a real war.
10:36   Among many things the quota was a failure, because
10:40   there are no real Syrians in the crowd!
10:44   So the only way they can manufacture Syrians is with passports.
10:48   The majority of migrants here are people
10:52   who just want to live better. Nobody is persecuting them.
10:56   So now the EU is looking for real refugees with a flashlight!
11:00   “Hello, is there a real Syrian here? We want him accepted!”
11:04   So even the willing nations are in trouble, because there are no Syrians.
11:08   There is a stealthy danger in this case, we talked about it earlier,
11:12   in Germany, the media have started to talk about: what will happen with the family reunifications?
11:16   We all remember the Turks, who were trouble
11:20   by an order of magnitude less in Turkey or Germany;
11:24   integration for better or worse happened, so they are present there.
11:28   Let me note: they didn’t find any Turkish terrorists in the recent attacks, maybe not a coincidence.
11:32   So with the Turks, family reunion was the key;
11:36   the number of people coming from Turkey swelled
11:40   in Germany at the time. So workers were coming
11:44   who really worked and later their families joined them there. It seems like the plan is the same,
11:48   so the German state plans to make family reunification available to people who gain refugee status.
11:52   This is 3X multiplier, or it could be an 8X multiplier
11:56   compared to the present numbers. I see one of the biggest dangers in here for the future!

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  1. It seems like the NWO wolves embedded into the bureaucracy of the European Union, starting to undress from their sheep clothing. Even clearly written documents, treaties get ignored. The court decision remind me of the scandal of Trump travel ban, where activist judges openly denied an easily readable law, showing either full incompetence or contempt of the law (possibly both). Finally the Supreme Court corrected the issue, but what happened with those judges? Nothing right? The same thing here… The court openly denies legal documents and agreements. With this, the civilized society goes out the window… What is the point of a written contract if one side can simply ignore it?

    • What is the point of a written contract if one side can simply ignore it?

      Welcome to taqiyya.

  2. Let’s get down to business… to support the Huns.
    Brussels sent us imams, when we asked for nuns.
    They’re the saddest fakes we’ve ever met, but you can bet, before we’re through, They will find a refugee, among you!

    Tranquil was the forest Now there’s scum, within.
    Once you trace the money, Soros then comes in.
    They’re a spineless, frail, pathetic lot, Brussels doesn’t have a clue.
    Somehow they’ll find refugees among you!

    Time is racing towards us, till jihad arrives,
    Follow the Poles and Huns, and Europe can survive.
    We’ve no need for this looming war, so pack them up, send home, we’re through.
    Not a single refugee among you!

    We are men!

  3. We all know that the present day ruling class come to us from the 60s in Europe.
    The failed revolutionaries of that time in Germany had the slogan “legal – illegal – scheissegal” which is a wordplay on “legal” and “equal” and, in a polite translation means something like “legal – illegal – completely irrelevant”.

    That is the mindset. It has not changed over the past decades.

    The vanguard of the indigenous peoples of Europe should start implementing that same motto. Otherwise it will be an asymmetrical conflict which we have no chance to win.

    There is no high road in this landscape.

      • I thunk normal, well-adjusted, sensible people with a love of family and of their community, with an appreciation of a job well done and the change of seasons, simply cannot understand the sick malevolence of the leftist. Life has many pleasures, not least if which is savoring the lives of our ancestors and their trials and successes. However, how do you understand someone who cannot stomach any of that (except for the wonders of nature perhaps), who loathes everything about his society and rejects civility itself (like AntiFa).

        Normal people can’t understand that hatred and, of course, there is no dealing with such people. This is a divide that can’t be bridged. Only violence will sort such people out.

  4. If it weren’t so sad it would be funny. Merkel thinks the refugees should be employed as truck drivers!
    There are quite a few people in Nice, Barcellona, London and a German Christmas market unable to respond…

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