Migrants Take the Black Sea Route to Romania, Face Cannon Fire From the Coast Guard

Several recent news feed items have reported on the new migration route that has recently opened across the Black Sea to Bulgaria and Romania. In this case the “receiving countries” are not members of the Schengen Zone, and thus are not bound by all the legal niceties that Italy so rigorously observes when “rescuing” migrants. In the Black Sea, the arriving boats are likely to be greeted by cannon fire and summarily returned to Turkey.

This TV report discusses some of the recent arrivals in Romania. Many thanks to Stefan Cel Mare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Incredible images recorded today at the seashore
00:06   where a few ships with refugees from the Middle East using the Turkish route came to our country.
00:15   And they were awaited at the shore by numerous troops from the frontier police and the coast guard.
00:20   The journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu is there, and he can give details.
00:30   How dangerous is this situation, something we use to see only in Western countries,
00:34   when boats filled with hundreds of unknown people, without documents,
00:38   people nobody knows anything about — could be anybody and anything — are trying to enter Romania?
00:48   The dramatic part in this, where boats sail from Turkey with a destination of Bulgaria-Romania,
00:59   is the fact that these boats are not even sea boats, they are recreational lake boats.
01:05   They took advantage, these migrants, of a window of silence on the Black Sea.
01:12   And so they could reach our shore, forcing first the Bulgarian coast guard blockade,
01:17   where they were warned with guns to stop,
01:22   but they avoided them and entered Romanian waters,
01:26   where again they were warned to stop or face shooting,
01:30   where a barrage was in place between Vama Veche and 2 Mai
01:34   (knowing the coast guard is using onboard cannons to stop Turkish boats),
01:40   and one of the boats failed at the midpoint of this distance.
01:47   These images were recorded by a lawyer named Chitic (Kitic)
01:51   who was with me at that time, and posted live on his Facebook page.

13 thoughts on “Migrants Take the Black Sea Route to Romania, Face Cannon Fire From the Coast Guard

  1. interestingly, EU’s Juncker is now calling for Romania and Bulgaria to join the Schengen Zone, so that the welfare tourists have an easier time reaching the EU.

    • There was no live fire in Romania. The tv presenter and reporter say nothing of shots having been fired.

      • The barrage and the failed boat means fire shoring. First advertisement and then direct to target. But they stopped after advertisement shots.

        • The “barrage”, in this context, means a barricade/obstacle, presumably consisting of a few ships to stop the advancing migrant boats, not a “barrage of live fire”. The line translated at 1:34 was never spoken, by the way.

          As it happens, I was in Constanta, Romania on that day, and no news channel, local or national, or other media never mentioned anything about warning shots. On the contrary, the Interior Minister of Romania, Carmen Dan said “We treat migrants as human beings and not as law-breakers” (http://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-esential-21984205-carmen-dan-tratam-migrantii-fiind-oameni-care-nevoie-ajutor-nu-infractori.htm). Additionally, the Foreign Minister Melescanu offered to resettle in Romania 1,924 migrants currently in Greece in Italy (https://www.agerpres.ro/politica/2017/08/18/melescanu-am-facut-o-oferta-pentru-relocarea-in-romania-a-1-942-de-refugiati-17-53-22). So, I’m afraid the Romanian “leaders” are down with “the cause”, doing their best to please “Mutti” Merkel.

          • You will never see putting a boat in front of other boat to make a blockade it is not like barriers against trucks. Regarding this event, in this clip is only a small piece of the entire event. There were many policeman on the shore exactly to stop them if they get to the shore and try to disappear . To avoid further incidents Turkish coast guard came and took all migrants and 2 of the 3 boats back to Turkey. This is not presented in this small video. And usually, politicians are declaring things and military do things. Is not so simple. And yes, in this clip was not spoken that parenthesis, it was an add regarding the facts that this year many blockades was made using the weapons. On the sea, blockade means forcing boats to stop using force, weapons. If you put a boat in front of other boat, you get 2 boats under water.

          • All migrants, exempt one. One jumped in the water at first advertisement and died. The police believe it was one of the traffickers. This is not in this clip either.

          • About Melescanu…you don’t know that romanian politicians usually they say today something, and tomorrow they do something else ? He just announced Bruxelles that Romania is against refugees quota, but he said Romania will try to help as a transit country if is not possible in other ways, not as a destination country. Romania can’t accept refugees, because the constitution forbid this. Melescanu know this. EU decision in this case don’t take effect over the Romanian constitution. So, in other words, politicians make 1000 promises to Bruxelles, but in the end, they all know that the constitution forbid this. And they are just playing stupid with the idiots from Bruxelles. They are also idiots, but not so idiots as Bruxelles idiots.

      • If you take the news only from this year, you find out how many Turkish boats has been shot and arrested by coast guard.

  2. It appears the farther east one goes, the more rational the governments become. One can only imagine how many European lives would have been saved had Italian and Greek governments used a little whiff of grapeshot on the invader boats at the beginning of the invasion.

  3. I do hope Romanian government will stay sane and won’t let this bunch of invaders come into the country. I don’t want to see Romania looking like some other parts of Europe. This country deserves something better than the Sharia Law and all the crap they bring with them!

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