The Cowcatcher Must Have Failed

The following news report by Egri Nök was posted earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Munich: ‘Refugees’ Block Rail Traffic

by Egri Nök

An original translation of a German Federal Police press release.

Munich: Rail block because of persons on the tracks

Again, migrants jump down from moving freight train

September 16, 2017

After seven illegal migrants had already jumped down from a moving freight train on Wednesday morning at the Munich East train station, once again ten migrants coming from Italy were apprehended on the tracks Friday before noon at Grafing.

Munich (ots) – Friday before noon (September 15) there was a track blockage at the Grafing station. Several unauthorized persons were moving on the tracks without permission. Around 10:15, the emergency headquarters of the Deutsche Bahn announced that there were several persons in the Grafing station area. Officers at the scene were able to apprehend five migrants without papers legitimizing their stay.

They had come with a group of several migrants on a freight train from Italy. At Grafing station, they jumped from the moving 44780 train incoming from Rosenheim. Thanks to a helicopter for the Federal Police Flight Oberschleißheim, five more migrants were apprehended who were on and next to the tracks. The helicopter was able to rapidly point the officers on the ground to the five migrants. The ten young men, according to their own statements, came from Cameroon, Nigeria, Guinea (2), Libya (2), Senegal and Ivory Coast (3). At their first interaction with police, the migrants applied for asylum, and were handed over to the Bavarian police. No trains or subways had to use the emergency brake. But due to the search, the tracks were blocked for two hours, which had a significant operational impact.

8 thoughts on “The Cowcatcher Must Have Failed

  1. Dear Egri Nök.

    I’m unsure as to where you learned about the quaint and arcane 19th century American term, “cowcatcher” (i.e., a plough-like device at a steam locomotive’s prow), but I am greatly humored by your hilarious adoption of this splendid bit of hilarity. Take that as you may.

    The notion that “ten migrants coming from Italy” probably caused countless thousands of Euros worth of delays and interruptions of regular service on a single EU rail line forces me, to reconsider as to whether “cowcatchers” of any sort are worth installing.

    PS: I would be remiss in the extreme if this first missive of mine (to you) did not include some sort of sincere and most heartfelt gratitude for all of the amazing contributions that you continue to provide at GoV and Vlad Tepes blog. You are a priceless contributor to the Counterjihad.

    I cannot thank you enough,


    • Baron, the standard of the photos you post at the head of your blogs is so uniformly high and interesting, I hesitate to criticise. However I can’t resist (showing off?) in this case…

      The steam loco portrayed is a British War Department “austerity” engine, from a class introduced in 1943; many survived into the 1960s, but only one remains in preservation.

  2. I’m visiting Munich next month to visit immediate family, and as an American don’t think I’m not worried. Not for me, but more my son and his grandson. These enrichers know no limits to their savagery.

    • “These enrichers know no limits to their savagery.

      Isn’t that the entire problem with Islam as a whole? As in how there is no ceiling to the amount of death and destruction that Muslims want to cause.

      This is why the outlook for Islam’s future is so grim. A civilized world cannot tolerate the presence of such a virulent carcinogen.

  3. The snow throwers pushed ahead of the engines in the alpine regions may prove useful in the immigrant-rich environments requiring clearance.

    Just be sure the trajectory is such that sufficient height is achieved to clear any horizontal obstructions while throwing the interlopers a minimum of twenty meters to the side.

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