Ex-Muslim Explains Why Britons Should Vote For Anne Marie Waters

In the following video from UKIP, an ex-Muslim discusses the fact that in any Muslim country she would have been killed for converting to Christianity, and recommends that her audience vote for Anne Marie Waters if they want to prevent Britain from becoming a similar sharia state.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

8 thoughts on “Ex-Muslim Explains Why Britons Should Vote For Anne Marie Waters

  1. Nobody will take a blind bit of notice. The rebellion when it comes will be from the remains of the British Working Class.

  2. The speaker is right on all counts about Islam in Britain but I do not see what she says as justifying voting for Anne Marie Waters in her bid to lead UKIP.

    There are two anti-Islam parties in Britain already that I know of, Liberty GB and Britain First. AMW could work through one of them or set up another but UKIP was created specifically and only to start the process of getting Britain out of the EU, in which it has been wildly successful against all odds. Farage seems to have some understanding of the dangers of Islamisation but has said that if UKIP becomes an anti-Islam party it will be the end of it.

    We have to accept that only a tiny minority are as yet awake to the danger of Islam even as devout Muslims do their best to rouse us with their activities on bridges and underground trains and at pop concerts around the country. I know this anecdotally because of all the friends and family I have encouraged to inform themselves about Islam not one of them has done so, even those who are aware that there is a problem. Probably other readers have similar experiences.

    In view of that and the efforts of the MSM to present the counterjihad movement as people that no decent person would want to associate themselves with, if AMW won it would frighten a great many people off and erode UKIP’s remaining credibility in the debate about the necessary but not sufficient condition for combating Islam, getting us out of the EU.

    Am I wrong?

    • AMW is the only hope for UKIP.

      one needs to realize that UKIP was single issue party, Brexit, but that was neither about fishermen rights, “saving pound”, or cucumber curvature horror.
      that single issue was border control to stop third world/Islamic invasion.
      simply in Britain it is taboo to say this, so when they say on camera “Polish immigrants”, everyone knows that it means “Muslim tribes”.

      it is so pity that Paul Weston, Tommy, Katie Hopkins, Douglas Murray, Pat Condell all keep silence about possible AMW’s UKIP leadership.
      I think they need to endorse her urgently.

      also it would be better if party changed its name.
      “leaving EU” story is over, the next set of goals is of bigger scale, and exisential importance – to reclaim Britain’s (and the West’s) soul and future.
      don’t be shy, rather be effective.
      call it Western Civilization Party.
      that is exactly what all friends will love, and all “hosti humani generi” will be afraid of.

    • Difficult issues, ECAW. Paul Weston, leader of Liberty GB, is frankly charmless, and comes across as borderline racist; Britain First doesn’t appear even to recognise the border.

      I had an interesting discussion with half a dozen of my neighbours last week (I live in London in sheltered housing for older people, owned by the local authority). All were black African or Caribbean apart from myself. When I suggested that most white Brits had no problem with black people these days, but found Islam threatening, I was not contradicted.

      • Yes, it’s a complicated situation. I used to write for Liberty GB but fell out with them over the racist sentiments that kept cropping up, often in the comments and then endorsed by Liberty GB themselves. I tend to think of them now as the BNP in a turban. I would have thought that even from from a strategic point of view the indigenous tribe of Britons (read white) will need allies from some of the other tribes (Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Caribbean and African Christians) who know something about Islam. As for Britain First…..

        Where does that leave people like me who call themselves liberal (in the old sense) who object to the gross illiberalism of Islam?

        I await the creation of Liberals Against Islam, or perhaps this:


  3. I am a convert from islam to christianity as well, and i say the same things, but no one is listening, some even laugh!

    • Am I right in assuming that the people you tell about this are non-Muslims? Do you talk to Muslims about it or do you have to hide your conversion for fear of reprisals?

      The situation in Muslim communities must be of prime importance to the rest of us but it seems like a closed book which only Muslims or ex-Muslims have access to. Is it true, as we sometimes hear claimed, that a quiet rejection of Islam is spreading or is it that Muslims are becoming more entrenched in Islam, as we also hear?

      Good luck to you anyway.

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