Tear Down This Wall!

As reported here on Wednesday, Austrian authorities recently began constructing a concrete wall in the Ballhausplatz in Vienna “to protect the Chancellery and the office of the president from possible terror attacks”. That is, the government had opened the borders to immigrant rapists and Islamic terrorists, and was now moving to protect itself from the consequences.

The resulting public outrage was strong enough to make the government abandon the construction of the wall. It’s possible that next month’s election may have helped concentrate the mind of the chancellor and other members of the current government.

Heinz-Christian Strache, the leader of the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party), expressed the issue succinctly: “While Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán built a border fence to protect his people, the Austrian federal government has been toiling away building a wall only for themselves.”

Below are excerpts from the Breitbart report:

Austrian Government Stops Construction of Million Euro ‘Anti-Terror’ Wall After Backlash

The Austrian government has halted the construction of an “anti-terror” wall around the chancellor’s building after a backlash from the public when it was discovered the project had cost 1.5 million euros.

The office of Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern announced Thursday that the project to build the wall would be cancelled effective immediately after a prolonged outcry. Many, like the leader of the anti-mass migration Freedom Party (FPÖ) Heinz-Christian Strache, accused the government of only “protecting themselves”, Die Presse reports.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the plan for the wall had been drafted as early as 2014 but has become an issue due to the campaigning for the early national election which is scheduled to take place on October 15th.

Newspaper Kronen Zeitung noted that the 220-foot long wall would cost Austrian taxpayers 1.5 million euros and questioned why it was needed when the terror threat in Austria is regarded as “low”.

FPÖ leader Strache called the project hypocritical saying: “While Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán built a border fence to protect his people, the Austrian federal government has been toiling away building a wall only for themselves.”

Related: Last night we reported on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s letter to EC President Jean-Claude Juncker. CrossWare sends this link to a Hungarian government pdf file containing the full text of Mr. Orbán’s letter, which was written in English. Unfortunately, the pdf is entirely in image format, so I can’t extract the text and reproduce it here.

Hat tip for the article: Dora.

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    • All that black humor – are you Russian by any chance?

      And while your comment caused me to laugh at such humor, we all need to remember that the ‘Europe Islamization Process’ has its reflections throughout all Western countries.

      • No We Floridians are here some braving this hurricane.
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  2. We did Ron! Now we have Merkel and her hordes of Christian bloodthirsty Muslim savages occupying the heights. The latest and last Nobel Prize category is Nobalz.

  3. Orban’s letter shows a very important problem – European conservatives are not Europeans, they are nationalists, and self-proclaimed liberals are not Europeans either – they are “earthlings”, as severely indoctrinated people on the left like to call themselves.
    No, there is no reason whatsoever for other European countries to take in migrants. If something is wrong, it is wrong in principle – if it was wrong to colonize non-European countries, then it’s also wrong to colonize European countries. The French, Germans, Dutch… have as much a right to their own state as any other people.
    Of course the EU Comission are not going to pay for the fence in Hungary. Secondly, the fence only protects Hungary from massive influx, and, first, if they wanted to stop this, they would have stopped migrants from entering Europe in the first place.
    Orban is practlically saying he’s fine with whatever happens to other countries, they “deserve it”, but they should also pay for his fence and let him stay away from their problems while paying him.
    We are all Europeans, and we must think of ourselves as Europeans first. We are headed for the bottom, and nationalists won’t help. We will either unite or we will face the fate of aboriginals.

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