Viktor Orbán to Jean-Claude Juncker: “Whoever does not support the fence does not want to defend the citizens of the European Union”

The following article summarizes a letter that was written by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission. The letter was a response to the EU court’s decision about the migrant quota, and to Juncker’s demand that the quota be doubled, essentially converting it into a permanent migration regimen.

CrossWare, who translated the summary, includes these introductory notes:

The propaganda about the “cohesion funds” goes like this: the “fascist suppressing dictatorships” of Central European countries are milking the poor (but rich) well-intentioned Western countries… they are essentially only alive and not starve to death, because they receive these subsidy payments, and when the time comes to do a little work of their own, they are refusing to “help” and show “solidarity”.

The cohesion funds were intended for infrastructure improvement, which was and is in the best interests of the companies and political institutions of the EU. Without roads and communication they could not establish their factories at locations with cheap but well-educated labour. Also, it is the price paid for handing over the keys to their markets and local industry (which usually get quickly bought out or ruined by the wealthy Western competitors).

They also turned the cohesion payments into a money-recycling game. For example, the German government gives some funds to Hungary to improve telecommunications. Then somehow the company that will work on the project ends up being a German company. The same thing happens with the French and others.

Pretty strange coincidences, but of course always the Central European countries are said to be the corrupt ones and the Western ones are the beacon of openness, fairness and democracy…

The translated text from the Fidesz website:

Hungary is Not an Immigrant-Receiving Country and Does Not Wish to Become One

Neither is in line with EU law nor with historic Hungarian traditions, as the chairman of the Brussels Committee interprets solidarity — Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote, among other things, in a letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, the content of which was provided to the media by Press Secretary Bertalan Havasi on Thursday.

“First I acknowledge with satisfaction that you also acknowledge Hungary’s efforts at border protection. In the past two years Hungary has defended its borders with a huge burden, leveraging Hungarian budget resources, building a fence and putting into service thousands of border guards,” wrote Viktor Orbán, who reiterated the position he already expressed at the meeting of the European Council of Heads of Government and Heads of State — that Hungary should always behave as a country where there is a Schengen border, but for geographic reasons, migrants can only cross from borders of the European Union, especially in Greece.

“Therefore, Hungary has not participated so far and will not want to participate in projects that do not make this issue clear,” said Viktor Orbán. “In the name of the Hungarian Government, I would like to make it clear that in our opinion the interpretation of the principle of solidarity is not in accordance with European Union law and is inconsistent with historic Hungarian tradition,” said the PM, pointing out that, that in contrast with some major EU Member States, Hungary does not have a colonial past.

“These major EU Member States have become immigrant-receiving countries because of the legacy of their colonial past, but Hungary is not a immigrant-receiving country and does not want to become one. In essence, the transformation of Hungary into an immigrant-receiving country is opposed to the will of Hungarian citizens. This is, in my opinion, not a matter of solidarity, but the use of force,” the letter states.

Viktor Orbán labeled “incomprehensible” the passages of Juncker’s letter that would link the issue of immigration and cohesion funds. “Such a relationship does not exist, and this is not permitted by current European law.

“In the Hungarian Government’s view, most of the resources of the cohesion funds ended up with the companies of the paying countries. Thus, the economies of the large EU Member States have profited a lot from the spending of cohesion funds. Also from the opening up of the markets in the new Member States,” the prime minister said. ”I am surprised and uncomprehending that you and the European Commission are not willing to give money for the fence. I am convinced that whoever does not support the fence does not know or want to defend the citizens of the European Union. In the case of massive attempts to illegally cross borders, it is impossible to defend them without physical obstacles. If instead of defending the borders, the European Commission is only willing to finance measures and institutions for the reception and distribution of migrants, instead of halting migration, we would only provide new incentives for hundreds of thousands of migrants, who would change their course for Europe. [translator’s emphasis]

“That is why I would like to repeat the Hungarian Government’s request for the European Union to pay half of the cost of building the fence, which is 270 billion forints over the last two years, and up until now paid entirely by Hungarian taxpayers; yet the fence and Hungarian border guards are protecting not only Hungarian citizens, but also Austrian, German and other EU citizens,” concludes Viktor Orbán’s letter to Jean-Claude Juncker.

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  1. An excellent response from a true Hungarian patriot.
    I hope they continue to refuse these non European immigrants and if Brussels retaliates by taking away Hungary’s votes in the EU, then there seems little point in them remaining a member of this crumbling club.
    They should apply to join the Eurasian union.

  2. “Whoever does not support the fence does not want to defend the citizens of the European Union”

    Lamentably, Orbán may well have uttered Europe’s epitaph.

    An instructive graph as to the efficacy of walls.

  3. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, the Bushes, Romney and millions of other Eloi RINO’s to say nothing of 100% of our Liberal Fascist (Democrat) Party zombies:

    Can you imagine any of the above bien pensant RINO types along with their Democrat haters of Western Civilization having the insights and gut feelings of Viktor Orban?

    • Hi Paul,
      I do not know any way right now to contribute into the border fence. Also Austria actually sent border officers to the Hungarian-Serbian border, so you guys pulling your weight. How you personally can help? Come here, read the news and spread the information to others. Soon there will be an election in Austria, then vote smart! We could use new member in the V4 (V5?)… or should we call it the New European Alliance…

      • Spreading the information is very important, as well as showing your support for people like Orban whether in a tweet, Facebook post or email. The great majority of Europeans and Americans want their borders defended, unfortunately the silent majority is often just that, we can’t let the tiny fraction of vocal leftists run the show any longer. Supporting Hungary with your tourism or product purchase dollars doesn’t hurt either. As a country of just under 10 million people, it’s playing a role in Western civilization far outsized to its population and needs all the support it can get.

      • Contact the Hungarian government office in charge of building the wall. Once yoy have it, place an ad online and in newspaers about how other Austrians can make a similar contribution. Them perhaps start a drive for a referendum on Austria gaining ‘observer’ status in a future V4 Common Market as a democratic alternative to the authoritarian EUSSR.

  4. I like Victor Orban more and more. He seems like the only European leader with a head on his shoulders.

  5. It is a favorite tactic of growing totalitarian states, while still in their “soft” totalitarian stage, to heavily tax its people, and then return part of the money as “grants” with strings attached. It is a way for the welfare state of the US to get around the 10th amendment reserving to the states powers not granted to the federal government.

    The EU has developed a variant of the “grant” by communists like Merkel grab control of the economies (like Germany) currently productive, and use the money as leverage to control the weaker economies. This worked perfectly with Greece, totally subservient to the EU, and partially with Italy.

    Orban emphasized early on the task of controlling the spending of the Hungarian government. Apparently, he succeeded. The Hungarian government is not in a perpetual spending crisis, dependent on day-to-day handouts from the EU for its operating expenses. Fiscal discipline is the price of national independence.

    And this is a strong reason for countries to strictly stay out of international coalitions. The rationale for any coalition or international body will always be that compliance with it is voluntary, but it provides a forum for agreement and moral pressure to keep agreements. Funds, such as the “cohesion” funds provide a method for development across countries, benefiting every country, so the rationale goes.

    In actuality, in accordance with the Theory of Public Choice, the bureaucracy of any trans-national organization will try to increase their power, their funding, and their size. So, every multi-national, treaty-created bureaucracy is an automatic, full-time, salaried lobbyist for the weakening or dissolution of national boundaries and national identity. It’s best to stay out of such Frankenstein creations altogether.

  6. Örūlök hogy vègre valaki szembe àll a muzlèmokat tàmlgato eu ellen bravo orbsn ur

    [Translation by CrossWare:

    “I am happy that finally someone is standing against the EU, which supports the Muslims. Bravo, Mr. Orban.”

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

    • Here’s what you get with Google translate. Enjoy:

      I’m sorry that somebody faced the muzlèmok tàmlgato eu against bravo orban ur”

      Which goes to show how much we need you, CrossWare. Thanks for your work, and don’t bang your head too hard.

      • Yes, she told me last night that the accents in that were messed up, but she could read it.

      • Well, I keep the “Bang Head Here” for the liberals… 🙂 They do everything they ordered to do, without question…

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