Forget the Berlin Wall — This is the Vienna Wall

The following report by Egri Nök was posted earlier this week at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Construction of the wall at the Chancellery, Vienna. Photo: Kronen Zeitung, apa/bka/Andy Wenzel

Austria: A Wall is built in Vienna

An original translation from the newspaper Kronen Zeitung, Austria.

September 2, 2017

Fear of Terror

Office of Chancellor being locked up behind concrete walls

“Yes, a wall is being constructed in Vienna”, the Interior Ministry announces. It will be 80 centimetres high, one meter wide, and surround the historical Ballhausplatz. The concrete wall is meant to protect the Chancellery and the office of the president from possible terror attacks.

“The wall is a security measure for the protection of the government district,” the spokesman for the ministry, Alexander Marakovits, explains. Until now, basically everyone could drive towards it. The one-meter-wide concrete wall will make sure that no vehicle can get through in a worst-case scenario.

The building in the historical center of town is built during nighttime hours at full speed and will be finished before autumn.

Several Security Measures

The wall is just one of several measures to protect the Chancellery and the office of the president. “But certainly it is the one that will be most visible for the locals,” the announcement says. Less visible: there are bollards constructed in Herrengasse which can be raised if need be.

Cologne: Stones meant to protect from attacks

In Germany, too, important buildings are in the process of being protected from terror attacks. For example, in Cologne, where stones protect the square around the city’s landmark, the cathedral. The discarded colossi bar access to the cathedral square. “In a way, the cathedral itself is protecting its visitors,” Cologne’s police chief Uwe Jacob said last week. The stones are parts of small towers that had been removed and stored for conservatory reasons. Additionally, a police car can serve as a mobile barrier, so that delivery vehicles and ambulances can pass through.

Maida Dedagic, Kronen Zeitung/

Cologne: Aren’t our barriers awesome? Mayor Henriette Reker dedicating old cathedral stones as allahu-akbarriers on August 23. Source: Twitter

18 thoughts on “Forget the Berlin Wall — This is the Vienna Wall

  1. “The one-meter-wide concrete wall will make sure that no vehicle can get through in a worst-case scenario”.

    Wunderbar, liebe Fruende. You have immensely enriched the historical center of Vienna, one-meter-thick monster will stay there probably forever. And by voting for Bellen you clearly called for even more enrichment – yeah, it is on its way …

    Watching the West going down the WC is painfully irritating.

  2. Merkel’s Free For All has destroyed consensus.
    The smiling politicians have obstacles to prove it.

  3. Here come the pathetic opponents of walls, and borders and divisions!! Hypocrites!
    “We will not be defeated”, “they will not change our way of life”, “they will not win” blah, blah, blah. The truth is that we are being defeated, they have changed our way of life big time, and they are winning.

    • I saw massive bollards when I lived in Saudi Arabia (2004-2005) – at that time the terrorists were roaming Al-Khobar and the Saudi police was exterminating them on the spot – shooting or literally bombing the building where they got besieged.

      But I digressed – the bollards and even more massive concrete barricades/wall were literally EVERYWHERE. I thought – wow, so ugly … now these telltale symbols of war-like conditions are all over Europe.

      Signum temporis indeed.

  4. They had some sort of great big Mah-jah-know thingy like that in France.
    Iffen I remember correctly.

    …………………and how’d that work out?

    • The maginot line!

      Made the french into a laughing stock…..

      The wehremacht just flew over it and dropped stormtroopers by parachute :)))

      We are all sitting ducks, our lives in the hands of these damn left wing beauracrats, sending out letters and fines, and criminalising all of society, making rules for everything, so that every person will become criminalised from the day they afe born into this prison planet thexe communists have created for us all.

      God help these left liberals, soon its going kick off,

      [intemperate predictions and recommendations redacted]

      • Every culture, every civilization in history had exactly the same punishment for traitors…

        • But some, like Communist Soviet Russia, killed the innocent as “traitors”. Or sometimes, they didn’t bother labeling them.

  5. So far, we seem well on our way to the dissolution of social bonds and the massive loss of confidence that Malik prescribed for the successful jihad in the “Koranic Concept of War”.

    If this sort of action were necessary, say, 50 years ago, Muslims would be completely barred from entering these countries. But now, we have everyday incidents of terror by Muslims, calls for terror by freely-available ISIS publications, and European countries are not only admitting ISIS fighters, but subsidizing them.

    So, ISIS and related terror groups are showing there is no action at this point that can goad the West into taking effective actions. Instead, we allow our intelligence agencies to ship hundreds of tons of weapons to ISIS and al-qaeda affiliated groups in Syria to destabilize a reasonable, though somewhat hostile, government.

    On the whole, we’d be far better off if the CIA were simply dissolved, lock, stock and barrel. Let the employees go and fill the many jobs that large companies are claiming they need immigrants to fill. Military intelligence is more than capable of handling any real, operational intelligence needed for national security. The CIA handles political, not security, concerns of the government.

    • So the terrorists just park their cars and vans, emerge with AK47’s
      And grenades, walk around or vault the barriers, and STILL
      Wreak havoc.

      I could weep at the sheer stupidity of our craven western elites.

      Merkel, Soros, Juncker, Timmerson, and many others should
      Already be in prison for sedition and treason.

  6. Vienna is going down the drain. Everywhere you walk, you hear Arabic and see hijabs and Africans.
    Walk through the tenth district, you won’t say anymore “wow, this feels like Istanbul”, you’ll say “[…], this feels like Africa”.

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