A Mosque-Burning in Örebro

Most cases of arson at mosques turn out to be false flag operations by Muslims themselves. The incidents are relatively trivial — someone throws a smoke bomb against the wall or burns a pile of trash in the doorway, and then calls the police. It garners huge headlines in the press about a “hate crime” against the mosque, and the imam gets interviewed on TV about how sad it all makes him, and how Islam is all about love. Then a week or two later the police investigation discovers that the perp was a member of the congregation, or even the imam himself (as happened once in Australia; I can’t remember the guy’s name). But that story ends up buried on page 32 of the paper, if it gets covered by the media at all.

This mosque-burning in the southern Swedish city of Örebro was different. It was a serious fire: half the mosque was burned to the ground. Unless the imam set the fire to collect the insurance (which is always a possibility), it seems unlikely to have been an inside job.

Many thanks to Erik V for translating this news video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   We can conclude that it is tragic
0:04   that there was a fire at a religious congregation.
0:08   It’s an incident that effects a lot of people.
0:16   Firemen fought to contain a fire at the mosque in Ørebro.
0:20   No one was hurt.
0:24   but half of the building was burned to the ground,
0:28   which affects the 1,000 people who use the mosque.
0:32   A security guard saw a masked man
0:36   in the building before the fire started.
0:42   The masked man had laid out paper and had a bottle with liquid in it.
0:56   We have one person in custody,
1:01   who was apprehended about 9am.
1:04   He was arrested for starting the fire
1:12   We don’t see any political of religious motive in the case.

2 thoughts on “A Mosque-Burning in Örebro

  1. ‘We don’t see any political or religious motive in the case’.

    So what are we then left with?

    If the above quotation is truly the case, then there are few motivating factors left in this ‘crime’. A bogus Insurance claim or an maybe an act of sabotage by an irate member of the Mosque or of another Mosque?

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