Growing Anti-Semitism in Culturally Enriched Berlin Schools

The following report from German television discusses an upsurge of Jew-hatred in Berlin’s public schools. Needless to say, the culprits are not blue-eyed, blond-haired, sieg-heiling Hitlerjugend, but rather swarthy “youths” from locales somewhat to the south of Germany…

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg Online was also translated by Egri Nök:

Teachers lament anti-Semitism in Berlin’s schoolyards

July 19, 2017

“You Jew” as a frequent insult, or Koran teachers who examine what was taught in the public school: teachers in Berlin report in a study that anti-Semitism and Islamism are gaining more and more acceptance among their pupils.

By Sascha Adamek and Jo Goll

Anti-Semitism and Salafism are part of daily life among pupils with Turkish and Arabic background. This is the finding of a qualitative study among teachers at 21 schools in Berlin that RBB obtained.

A large portion of the interviewed teachers in Berlin were confronted with anti-Semitic incidents. Some pupils, under the guidance of “religious authorities” from mosque associations, put pressure on classmates. Particularly girls and young women, secular Muslims, and homosexuals are victims.

Interviews at 21 schools in Berlin

To get an initial picture, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) commissioned interviews with teachers, parallel to Berlin’s model project “Strengthen Democracy — Active against Anti-Semitism and Salafism”. According to this survey based on interviews from autumn 2015 to spring 2016, anti-Semitic tendencies especially are growing at schools.

For the survey, teachers from 21 secondary schools in eight districts of Berlin were interviewed in cooperation with the Public Institute for School and Media in Berlin Brandenburg. Among them were schools with a high percentage of pupils with Turkish or Arab migration background, but also schools in very middle-class districts. The authors point out that the survey is not a representative study of the complete situation at schools in Berlin, but an empirical approach to the topic.

They noted that anti-Semitic stereotypes and enemy stereotypes were very prevalent at some schools, according to the interviewed teachers. On some schoolyards, it were normal to insult each other as “You Jew!”

Islamic “morals enforcers” among the pupils

The AJC documentation reports that in the past, children and youths with migration background used to define themselves by their ethnic identity, but today instead by their religion. Teachers reported that this identification meant dissociation and rejection of others. Thus, according to the study, some pedagogues talked about literal “morals enforcers”, who are being schooled by “religious authorities”, and that subjects taught in the school are later examined.

At the same time, according to a statement by one teacher, these “morals enforcers” discipline other people, which particularly afflicts secular Muslim pupils, those of other creeds, and atheists. The documentation said concerning the influence of mosque associations: “Some of those interviewed reported an ‘examination’ of the school materials by religious authorities like a Koran teacher or mosques. Sometimes, the statements of these institutions were valued higher.” A pedagogue said: “We have some sort of parallel education now. On the one side we have that what is officially taught in school, and then, with many pupils, we have mosque visits and mosque associations that exert influence.”

Teachers lament brainwashing in Koran school

One teacher reports in the AJC survey that he has been observing for 15 years how some pupils regularly visit the Al Nur Mosque in Berlin. “We ask ourselves how skillful their brainwashing is to be able to turn the pupils so anti-Western, so anti-American, anyway, and anti-Semitic too, so quickly. We need to counteract this with all our might — and we are successful with some, but not with all.”

Michael Rump-Räuber of the Public Institute for School and Media as the representative of the LISUM, together with the AJC, oversees the project Strengthen Democracy — Active against anti-Semitism and Neo-Salafism. He therefore receives constant feedback from teachers. He remembers statements by teachers after the attack on the Christmas Market in Berlin. Conspiracy theories immediately circulated among some pupils, according to which the attack was staged by the Jews and the USA, and the attacker Amri was a CIA agent who wanted to incite hatred towards Muslims. “I told the teachers to talk to the pupils, explain things,” says Michael Rump-Räuber. “Our institute has been dealing with the problems of anti-Semitism and extremism for years.” They have developed materials and held training sessions on this.

The state of Berlin identified the problem some time ago and is working on solutions for the training of teachers. Deidre Berger, the director of the American Jewish Committee, says the survey showed that those were “not isolated cases anymore”. At the same time she warns of another, “new stigmatization” of youths, and advocates a dialogue in the classroom over the Middle East conflict, Israel and Jews. But one finding of the survey is that many teachers avoid these at times unpleasant discussions.

Religious pressure on girls growing

More than half of the interviewed teachers described in interviews that pressure was brought to bear particularly on girls to conform to a certain religious image. But also other groups of pupils suffered from this development. Michael Rump-Räuber remembers teachers who report that homosexuality was seen as an illness and was not to be tolerated.

The depictions are based on authentic statements by teachers from schools in Berlin. They are unique at this point and show that a comprehensive scientific study on this topic would be necessary. The teachers often feel helpless. According to the survey, teachers would hope for more support, and strategies to cope with this phenomenon in daily school life.

Video transcript:

00:00   Anti-Semitism at schools? According to a new study,
00:03   it is often expressed every day, on the side.
00:07   “You Jew” is heard increasingly often. Jew as an insult?
00:14   Yeah, sometimes, but I don’t use it, and it is not an insult, basically.
00:20   Well I have heard it very often, but, erm —
00:25   I did not accept it as an insult for myself, because I know that I’m not a Jew.
00:30   It’s like this, erm, we’re not against Jews,
00:33   right, we are against the state of Israel, who, which, er, is mainly Zionist,
00:37   and therefore I would say that this Antisemitimism [sic] debate is rather a bit exaggerated.
00:44   Anti-Semitism exaggerated? A study by the American Jewish Committee reaches a different conclusion.
00:51   In school yards teachers note things that by far surpass simple insults.
01:00   These are far too many isolated cases, that form a mosaic picture,
[Deidre Berger, American Jewish Committee]
01:05   that there is pressure on pupils, that anti-Semitic expressions are common,
01:11   that Salafism finds entry into daily school life in manifold ways.
01:16   Allahu akhbar! — Anti-Semitism often mingles with hate for Israel.
01:21   Teachers lament that some pupils with an Arab background blacken out the state Israel in the atlas,
01:27   and react extremely emotionally to the topic of Israel.
01:32   Teachers reported to us that hatred for Israel is pretty strong with some pupils.
01:38   Slogans such as: “Jews are murderers”, “they kill our children”, “they steal our land”.
01:46   This creates an atmosphere where some teachers said
01:51   that it was almost impossible to talk at all in the classroom
01:55   about the topic of Israel and the Middle East.
01:58   Homophobia, too, was widespread among pupils with Arab and Turkish migration background.
02:03   And while some years ago many identified with the home countries of their families,
02:07   it was increasingly Islam nowadays.
02:10   Some pupils were regular visitors at radical mosque associations.
02:15   There they were even schooled by, quote, “religious authorities”.
02:19   The study even speaks of “parallel education” —
02:22   at the weekends, Imams would downright examine the schools’ teaching materials.
02:27   More than half of the interviewed teachers additionally describe
02:30   that religious pressure is especially put on Muslim girls.
02:35   That the girls must wear a headscarf. That basically all pupils should observe Ramadan.
02:42   There is pressure not to go on field trips, that women should simply not speak.
02:50   Many teachers feel helpless. According to Michael Rump-Räuber
02:53   from the Public Institute for School and Media,
02:56   it is important that pupils and teachers together develop strategies against anti-Semitism.
03:02   There should be school rules, school promises.
03:05   [Michael Rump-Räuber, Public Institute for School and Media]
Democratic schools are, in my opinion, the best prevention for anti-Semitism and neo-Salafism.
03:12   This will not only cost money, but also needs a joint effort by teachers and pupils.

9 thoughts on “Growing Anti-Semitism in Culturally Enriched Berlin Schools

  1. “We ask ourselves how skillful their brainwashing is to be able to turn the pupils so anti-Western, so anti-American, anyway, and anti-Semitic too, so quickly.”
    There is no mystery here.
    The “skillful brainwashing” is, in fact, simply the teaching of basic Islamic doctrines.

    The doctrine of Al Walaa Wal Baraa – Loyalty and Enmity – REQUIRES hostility to Jews: it is in the Koran. Democracy – as in USA – is the opposite of Islam, which requires total submission. No show of hands is invited or even permitted:

    “It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision:”
    Koran 33:36

    “The jihad will lead to smashing Western civilization and replacing it with Islam which will dominate the world … .”
    Muhammad Mahdi Akef,
    leader of the Muslim Brotherhood 2004-10

    “…destroying the Western civilisation from within” is a stated aim of the Muslim Brotherhood plan (see “Explanatory Memorandum”).

  2. “We Germans need to show that we have moved beyond Nazi anti-Semitism. So let’s import millions of people who promise to finish what Hitler started.” “Makes sense to me!”

  3. Antisemitism in Germany? Really? What a surprise? Who would have thought?

    Worst antisemites of last generation (Germans) meet the worst antisemites of this generation (muslims). Result? A match made in hell. The new not only unashamed but proud antisemites named Mohamed and Ismil take the standard from the old, tired antisemites Fritz and Klaus. And once again, 90 years later, all of Europe is cheering and applauding the new antisemitism dressed as “antizionism”. Didn’t they learn last century that Ad0lf’s folly and obsession with killing 6 million Jews cost the lives 0f 60 million non-Jewish Europeans as well? What do they think that the new Saudi-supported antisemitism will do in Europe this time? Do they think muslim savages will be happy just killing the remaining Jews in Europe? To them, white, non-Jewish Europeans are as despicable kuffars as the Jews themselves. Do they think Mohamad and Ismil will stop after getting rid of the Jews? Remember: first the Saturday people, next the Sunday people.

  4. I say let Europe drink deeply from the cup it has poured. Let’s sit back and watch them flail helplessly in the face of a mass of people who couldn’t care less about being labelled “anti-Semitic.”

    We spoiled them with our military umbrella for 45 years, allowing them to indulge every Social-Democratic utopian fantasy. Let them taste the bitter fruits.

  5. I wish to add that I find it incredible that they need a survey to realise the obvious – that the more Muslim pupils there are at school, the more they will act like Muslims – and that they think the need a second study to help them better understand the problem.

    Like people who close their trousers with pliers. Not sure how to translate that set expression to English. To do things in idiotic, overly complicated ways.

    Also, Mr. Rump-Räuber’s idea how to combat this development is so inane.
    He thinks there should be school “promises and rules”. That is a reference to “Antirassismusschulen”, anti racism schools, an official title bestowed on schools where pupils take a vow to report on other pupils and on teachers, should anyone say something “racist”. A measure straight from East Germany.
    Yet he calls this “democratic”. I guess in the way East Germany called itself the “Democratic” Republic of Germany.

    To think you could keep a large Muslim student population in check by implementing East German thought police measures, and doing workshops with them, shows just one more time that the Left are delusional.

  6. I await Jewish groups ANYWHERE who will tell the truth about Islam and the Muslim migration into the West. As a Jew, I am very embarrassed at such groups.

  7. Sorry, but south of Germany is Switzerland, Italy…check googlemaps
    I’ m sure you meant southeast: Turkey, Afganistan…

    • Last time I checked, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, and various sub-Saharan African countries were directly south of Germany.

      Or perhaps there has been additional continental drift since my maps were printed…

      • talking about continental drift: how soon will it shake up a bit Erdogans Turkey? It is located right on an important fold, which is unfortunately too lazy.Shame on you,Wegener…or was it a muslim that discovered the drift?

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