Beware of the Nazi Bench!

The dread Nazi bench in Windeck, North Rhine-Westphalia

Volunteers recently repaired a bench at a scenic spot near the town of Windeck in North Rhine-Westphalia. Because the group that did the repairs was right-wing, Gutmenschen in the area have come down with an acute case of the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers and raised the alarm, demanding that the inscription on the back of the bench be removed immediately.

I discussed this incident with Egri Nök, who translated the article below. It seems to be one of those things that only other Germans can understand. The group that repaired the bench is not specifically neo-Nazi. It is thought — thought, mind you — to be associated with the Identitäre movement, and that’s where the Nazi smear comes from. Identitäre is widely assumed to be neo-Nazi, although there is no indication that it is any different from its sister organizations in France, Italy, Austria, and elsewhere. The entire kerfuffle seems to be a whole lot of hot air and wind about absolutely nothing.

After Egri finished explaining the controversy to the best of her ability, I said: “Germany is just stone nuts. No other explanation is possible. The whole country is in a state of terminal loopiness.” And the data bear me out.

The translated article from the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger:

Controversial Effort: The “Friends of Rhein-Sieg” renovated bench and fence, now politically sensitized citizens fear a new meeting point of the right-wing scene of the village. Photo: Propach

Windeck — A new fence, a renovated bench, and a fatal inscription. Emotions are running high in Altwindeck.

The core of the heated discussions is a scenic spot below the castle ruin at Burg-Windeck Street towards Schladern.

A group renovated it that presents itself as politically right-wing, and apparently stems from the Identitarian Movement and right-wing circles of the Obere Sieg. These “Friends of Rhein-Sieg” left their name inscribed on the bench, so that politically sensitized citizens now fear a new meeting point for the right-wing scene.

When a group of young people a few weeks ago asked neighbours for water and electricity for renovating the area, residents assumed they were doing hours of community service.

Johannes Salz from the Heimatverein [club for the maintenance of regional traditions and characteristics] said he initially didn’t know who the people were who offered to repair the Heimatverein’s bench and fix up the area. But then after the second meeting, he “got a stomach ache”. But by then almost everything was already finished.

Consulting agreed

When they saw the new inscription on the bench, the residents were not the only ones who were shocked. The Heimatverein’s warning lights went on, too. On the front, there was the sign for the village club, and on the back, the inscription for the New Right.

“That won’t do”, says Gisela Lechinger, a member of Johannes Salz’ board. But there had not been unity on the board.

Apparently, this has changed in the meantime. The club has contacted the Cologne municipality’s Centre for the Documentation of National Socialism, Salz and Lechinger report.

Their mobile consulting group will quickly hold a consultation in Windeck. Salz is positive that the inscription can be removed as soon as next week. In addition, a contract with the forestry commission office will be made that regulates the responsibilities for the scenic spot in the future.

The scenic spot below the castle belongs to the national forest, and is administered by the regional forestry Rhein-Sieg-Erft in Eitorf. The bench and fence are no problem for the deputy leader of the forestry commission office, Thomas-Hans Deckert. Admittedly, he knows of no contract between the forestry commission and the village club.

But that can be fixed retroactively without cost for the club. Deckert makes no compromise regarding the usage: “There won’t be any Nazi slogans,” he promises. The forestry will “closely monitor” the situation in Altwindeck together with the other authorities, and intervene when necessary. The inscription, too, needs to go immediately. The chief of the public order office of Windeck, Ottmar Hassel, to which mayor Hans-Christian directed our request, speaks out in a similar manner.

Besides the scenic spot, another property in Altwindeck is causing concern. Right below the castle, the café “Golden Spinning Wheel” is vacant, after the leaseholders had to shut down. The owner wants to sell it, people in the village say. Right-wing sympathizers were interested in buying the house in the top-quality location. According to information available to the editors, there are political efforts to prevent that.

16 thoughts on “Beware of the Nazi Bench!

  1. Obviously many of those who have taken ‘offence’ at such signage have no mirrors in their homes or offices.

    The brainwashing on some German folk has been so much of a success that those who been indoctrinated into such thinking, are simply not able to value what their own thinking actions them to do to those in whom they believe are evil.

    Oh the irony!

    • Three words: “Burn the Witch!” 😉

      Honestly, I am considering to Change my citizenship. Has anyone a hint where I can go without having to look for a new one within the next 20 years?

      This resembles a Country turned into a stalinistic Gulag, with open borders(at the Moment). Anyone who is not a sycophantic idiot is called a Nazi. 😉

      • Go to Switzerland, at least German is spoken there, or apply to migrate to Australia where our border is closed to illegals and will remain so.

  2. This reminds me very much how the media and the gutmensch of Australia are very happy to have Christian groups do good works for free but get all bent out of shape when the Christians draw attention to it.

  3. We know who the real fascists of today are, and they’re not repairing benches.
    Many are SITTING ON THEM.

    • It was just a credit to the “Friends of Rhein-Sieg” who restored the bench. Nothing more.

      • Thanks. I saw a photo of it on their fb page! Forgive my saying but the Germans are insane! They are upset about that but not mass migration!?!

        • This is the work of great parts of “our” globalist elites. Practically all media here are reporting in the same way.

          For anyone who is not raised here cannot truely comprehend the hardships for normal guys here.

          To be fair, 95% of the comments mocked the article in the comment section.

          I would like to address some of the causes:
          – The elites hate “their” own country and people.
          – Practically every classical mass media is globalist. The editor-in-chiefs of state and the large private media conspicouusly are all members of the “Atlantic Bride”-Club. The largest tabloid BILD directly places any employee in their contracts under the obligation “not to report negatively about the USA and Israel”.
          – The average german and small parts of the elites are silenced by this witch hunt. I can assure you that a silent majority hates this.
          – An atomised modern Society, 100% brought-in-the-line mass media (Gleichgeschaltet is the word for Insiders) and a welfare state financed by extreme Taxation on 13 millions out of 80 millions makes this possible.
          – Last but not least, there are serious doubts about the souvereignity Country since 1918. Take the first turkish workers, for instance: They had to be taken in on the demand of the NATO in 1961. Against the will of the government of Western Germany.

          Judge for yourself if this is a free country. Alone in the past 6 months the following laws have been made/abolished:
          – Cash reporting Limit was lowered from 15.000 € to 10.000 €
          – Driver’s licence can be invalidated for deeds which have nothing to do with road traffic law
          – Online-Surveillance is established via amending a law which has nothing to do with criminal law(thus harder to find)
          – Physical integrity(the residence as well) is abolished, the Police may do whatever it takes without consequences
          – postal secrecy is officially abolished(The intelligence did this before anyway
          – Banking secrecy was completely abolished on June 23 2017)
          – Law against “Hate Speech” and “Fake News” on social media was established which Transfers the responsibilities to Facebook et al for deleting Posts within 24 hours. Flawless Democracies like PR China, Belarus are interested in this.
          – Police may force blood Tests without consent of a judge.
          – And there is more to come…

          • A truly sovereign country does not put up with huge foreign military bases on its soil.
            AFRICOM is based in Germany. America has become so used to having bases in Germany it sees no problem with basing its African command there showing it has no intention of leaving.
            Germany is a doormat unfortunately.

  4. Those whom the gods wish to destroy first make mad!

    “When you are mad, mad like this, you don’t know it. Reality is what you see. When what you see shifts, departing from anyone else’s reality, it’s still reality to you.”
    ― Marya Hornbacher, Madness: A Bipolar Life

  5. What percentage of Germans are so brainwashed? Hopefully just a small but loud minority?

      • But an “endangerer” (Gefährder) is typically a Muslim, right? Of course the law could be applied to anyone, though.

        • Hey Egri,

          if you are following the Mainstream media, “endangerers” are mostly muslims. But These “endangerers” could be even now imprisoned for 14 days with a consent of a judge. Does this happen? No.

          I have researched the Definition, and everything according to possibly endangering now(instead of having direct evidence as before) according to §100a punitive law can be called now an endangerer. Includes the alltime favorite §130 Sedition crime!

          Bavaria already is a one-party-state. The CSU only propagates sensible things as you might have noticed, but does nothing or even enforces left-wing policies.

          Already speaking out in favor of Generation identity can put people under scrutiny of the local counter-intelligence like AfD-chair Bystron.

          I am against the Exchange of freedom against security. As Merkel and all the politicians in power are breaking laws continouusly, this can and will be used against political Opposition.
          And not against the “Gold pieces”. The asylum laws allow to deport “endangerers”. But this does not happen!

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