Austria: Breaking the Cross for Allah

Muslims like to tell Christians that they, too, recognize Jesus as one of the prophets. They don’t usually mention, however, the little differences between their understanding of Jesus and standard Christian beliefs:

1.   The Muslim Jesus (Isa) was not the son of God.
2.   He did not die on the cross.
3.   At the End of Days, the Muslim Isa will return to break the cross and kill all Christians who do not convert to Islam.

In light of the above, the following incident from Austria makes complete sense from an Islamic point of view. The “mentally ill” African desecrating a crucifix was simply a devout Muslim carrying out the will of Allah by anticipating the future actions of the returned Isa.

According to Politically Incorrect, as translated by Egri Nök:

On the afternoon of May 8, youths witnessed a black man near a school in front of the ministry in St. Marein, Austria, who tried to push over the large Jesus Cross. When he did not succeed, he tore wind organ pipes from their anchor and beat the cross with them. The man, whom police later identified as a “37-year old from the district of Weiz” (Steiermark), also damaged several flower pots and smashed both wings of the glass door of the ministry, before the officers were able to detain the raging man. Damage is estimated at around €15,000. The authorities’ diagnosis: “mentally ill”. The presumably Koran-damaged man was, just like countless other allegedly mentally ill people, admitted to a hospital. File under ‘Colourful Republic’.

Concerning the video, the translator notes:

No need for subtitles. The kids who recorded this video are just commenting: “Dude, what’s he doing?”

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

22 thoughts on “Austria: Breaking the Cross for Allah

  1. People need to [redacted]… The world governments are forcing Islam on everyone. There is no other reason for them to allow rapes, rapes of children, rape gangs, beheading, beatings of women, killings of gays, and the list goes on and on. How could a government of laws just accept it from Muslims, but any one else and its jail immediately. The worlds elite ruling class must [redacted] and their wealth taken to rebuild the world. This is the only way to fight this. Why, How, can governments just accept anything a Muslim does but not any other religion? Why are laws changing so quickly to accommodate Muslims, but black voting rights to decades of protests? Because the world governments are forcing Islam down every ones throats. Why? For what purpose? What is their goal? All one has to do is go to You Tube to find all the proof any court would need to convict Muslims of hate crimes and see the total lack of humanity these people have! There needs to be a worldwide rebellion to remove all wealth for 1% and [redacted]! They must never be allowed to spread such hate and evil again. Please fight form militias and take fight to them. Even in the streets of America. I’m a cripple praying for a miracle so I can go fight the worst evil to ever exit on earth, ISLAM!

    • As the history books say, “it was a time of great change”. Jackson Brown sang out that “it is not who you are but who you look like that matters”. Elvis Presley was dead. The Pope had a Muslim boyfriend and even glow balls warming was starting to be questioned. The British royal family and their Saudi brothers in the hood were drowning in blood money. Charles the Mad rides on the back of a camel with two humps – through the west end of London.

    • Islam is the elites’ chosen control mechanism for their global neofeudal project.

  2. Islam is Satan’s counterfeit of Christianity. Notice how everything is inverted, as through the proverbial looking glass. Islam plays to the flesh while Christianity is only answered through the spirit, which in the unregenerate person does not exist. Just as the Nazis discovered that they could not subjugate the spirit but only kill the body, so also to the Islamic faithful find full expression in the flesh by this and many other heinous acts, because that is as far as they can go. They have no life in the spirit and they know it. Thus they rage uncontrollably. As Paul wrote, they took no pleasure in the Truth so they were given over to the Lie. It is easy to see how the globalist 1%ers find common cause with Islam. they both believe the same Lie and have been given over to reprobate minds that are not profitable (from the eternal sense). They all are greatly to be pitied, for their god is their gut and their glory is their shame.

    • Et Satanas caro factus est et habitat in nobis. Right before our eyes.

    • Excellent point! Look at this if you need any further proof

      According to sahih al-bukhari hadith Volume 8, Book 73, No. 224, the most hated person at the time of revelation will be known as “the king of kings”. Or how about the quran sura 3:54 that states that “allah is the greatest of deceivers”. Does that sound like someone in the Christian bible? I find it incredible that anyone with any knowledge will try to justify islam as being another Abrahamic religion. It is the anti-Christianity.

  3. Meanwhile the head rabbi of France urges jews to support moslems against the forces of “nationalism” and the queer lobby actively supports unrestricted moslem immigration.
    The insanity of it is overwhelming at times.

    • Unfortunately, the major US Jewish organization (seems likely for France as well) has been thoroughly co-opted by cultural Marxists, as have the major feminist and gay organizations. The defining characteristics of the cultural Marxists is a burning desire to destroy the Western culture to lay the groundwork for globalist socialism.

      The co-opted groups should be viewed not as identity groups, but instead as deceptive fronts for cultural Marxism. In this light, it’s not hard to understand why Jewish groups will be advocating policies catastrophic to Jews, and gay groups favor policies leading to suppression and legal murder of gays. It’s all for the cause.

  4. The kids also are just giggling stupidly. It’s a shame, but then – they don’t learn their history anymore, well except the Nazi years, of course (in Austria only seven). The wars with the Ottomans are deliberately left out, and they also have no idea of European history, let alone world history, at all.

  5. Yeah, I’ve come across quite a few Mohammedans online who, once you have taken apart their pathetic arguments, try the “we worship Jesus too” line.

    I always become, rather abrupt, shall we say, and remind them that their saying that is yet another lie in the name of their false deity, for Islam denies that Jesus is the Son of God, denies the crucifixion and denies the resurrection.

    That usually does it – they know perfectly well that they are lying when they make that statement, and they make it anyway. But they seem to expect the other party to be unaware of what Islamic teachings actually are.

    People need to know that what they say is not true, though. So well done GoV for reminding its readers.

    Islam is a false religion, created by a false prophet who never performed any miracles (the ridiculous claim that he flew about the sky on a horse notwithstanding) and is an expression of Satan’s 5 “I wills” (in which Satan expresses his desire to be like his Creator, and to be worshipped like his Creator.)

    • “Islam is a false religion…”

      That’s irrelevant. Islam is a culture of power and dominance. They try to take over, and it’s the job of the native population to exclude them and isolate them. The truth or falsity of Islamic theology, such as it is, is totally beside the point. Once they take over, they will make it a capital offense to deny their ridiculous teachings, and that will be that.

      With all due respect to the many experts on Islam showing the true nature of the cult, exposing the many fallacies and idiocies of Islam has not prevented the inundation of Western Europe by Muslims (also Australian, Canada, and continuing under Trump, the US). The only decisive factors are the willingness of the native populations to assert their own survival, and the totalitarian powers of the governments oppressing them to a greater or lesser extent.

    • Surely we know by now that this poison sewer is no more than a diseased and rotten to the core ideology that will sooner or later cost many millions of lives. There has to be some serious other or two taking note. The risk sneaky nuke Pakistan poses may prove to be greater than no nonsense China’s neighbour.

  6. How’s about knocking down a few of their mosques for starters, and confiscating all the weaponry inside.

  7. Churchill said it all about Islam. Islam is regressive, negative, violent, mysogynistic, immoral, unproductive, ignorant, intolerant, cruel, backward, and a death cult. It can’t be cured, like cancer it has to be cut out and destroyed. There is no other way.

    • Isolating Islam in Muslim countries without injuring them would be far easier, effective, and consistent with our Greco-Christian values.

      • Yes, you are right. And to achieve this, Western nations have to return to authentic Christianity, to learn to respect Christian values themselves and to demand respect of Christianity from everyone living within their boundaries. Muslims who would not show proper respect for Christian religion and morality must be sent back to Muslim countries.

    • How are you going to destroy Islam? By killing a billion people who follow this religion? I am afraid such a final solution would be not only ethically questionable but also somewhat impractical.

  8. Christianity nowadays is one of the most persecuted religions in the world.

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