Socialism Revisited

Socialism Revisited
by MC

Socialism is the sponsor of Islam. It believes it can use Islam to once more break Judeo-Christianity, as it did many hundreds of years ago in North Africa. Socialism also believes that, by associating every violent act of the so-called ‘religion of peace’ with a fabricated Judeo-Christian potential for revenge (backlash) violence, they can tar all god-centric religions with the same brush, leaving the field clear for man’s worship of men. But allah is not Yahovah, and mohammed is not Yahushua (Jesus) , the koran is not the Bible and shariah is not Torah.

We now have a few more socialist/Islamist countries going legs in the air and requiring us to bail them out for the sake of humanity. Exactly when is socialism/Islam going to stop bleeding us dry? When is socialism going to stop its scarification of society, supposedly in the search for a cure to so-called ‘poverty’.

I was a poor kid. My father died of radiation-induced cancer when I was in my early teens. I did not go on the school cruise; I had to go to school and eke out the days whilst the richer kids visited the world.

There was no help, just a widow’s pension. My dad was an officer, and officers’ families did not qualify for anything.

So-called ‘poor’ people have to fit a particularly narrow political ‘victimhood’ profile to be thus designated, and the real honest ‘poor’ very rarely fit any profile at all — poverty can suddenly happen to any of us.

When Donald Trump won the election a huge howl of rage went up from the socialist left, and now we see them scurrying around trying to pretend that the election was ‘stolen’ and that if Trump were a white man, dishonest fool, gentleman, useful idiot he would step down and give H & O the ultimate socialist accolade — the grand and most arrogant order of the bad loser made good.

Socialism takes one up to a high place and shows one the world and all its faults therein and demands, “What are you going to do about it; what is to be done?” It then offers to do something about it on your behalf, if you will just submit to the cause. Apparent good works by proxy to those who bend the knee.

In an age where there is no defined morality, socialism becomes even more dangerous because to those warriors of socialism for whom the ends justify the means, if the path to their utopia appears to require extreme measures, then they will take them, regardless of cost and cruelty.

Socialism requires smoke and mirrors. It requires the dumb acceptance of mayhem and murder. In the months preceding the Bolshevik coup d’état in 1917, people wondered where their next meal was coming from. The Duma could not feed them, the Mensheviks failed to feed them, and then maybe, just maybe the Bolsheviks could (but did not). Food became conditional upon the acceptance of party doctrine, the doctrine of advanced socialism and death quotas.

In the 21st-century revolution, a comfort zone had been set up by the media in which Mama Hillary and Papa Barry know best, but H was just too fetid for the sweet violets to entirely mask the stench of corruption, and it leaked out.

It would appear that the first overtly socialist administration of the USA is responsible for some half million lives in Iraq, Syria and Libya and any ‘knock-on effects’ in the homeland. They have demonstrated a two- (or more) tier approach to “one law for all” (and a no-law approach for themselves and their cronies; plus pizza pie for all concerned) , and have shown no regard whatsoever for the sanctity of human life (why is it that Clinton/Obama ex-associates die with such amazing regularity?).

There is the most subtle and serpentine of minds behind this Socialism (and its close cousin, Islam) and I have to admit that it is all very well thought through.

It took a malicious genius to invent ‘racism’ as the defining meme of our time. Just what is ‘racism’? It is a supposedly heinous crime conjured out of a post-Holocaust political rotten smell, and thrown like a sticky bomb at one’s political enemies. It is an evil miasma of supposed wrongdoing inflated into a poisonous virtual gas chamber, a zyklon hell that eclipses all God-given life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

At the root of the idea of ‘racism’ is the attempted genocide of European Jewry. But the murderous anti-Semitism behind the Holocaust, and therefore, behind racism, is over-represented among those of the political left. One of the rules for revolutionaries is to always accuse your enemy of those things of which you are yourself guilty.

Racism is thus a by-product of socialism, and socialists are the main practitioners of that same racism, now morphed into an anti-white ‘racism’ that is rampant, violent and vicious in our societies. Where once upon a time the Democrats were the pro-slavery party and the instigators of the original KKK, they now conjure with the idea of ‘white privilege’ as something negative. Isn’t it obvious that in a culture and civilization that was almost exclusively contrived by ‘whites’, there should be embedded ‘white-privileged’ ways of doing things?

That we are prepared to share our ‘white’ culture is good, but the left wants us to compromise it because it is too ‘white’. DUH and double DUH! — but all too many people believe the propaganda.

‘Fake news’ is not a new phenomenon; you and I have been sold a propaganda pup most of our lives.

Socialism is like certain types of cancer: a product of an unwise lifestyle. It attacks the body bit by bit, rendering it unproductive, and eventually attacks and destroys its vital organs. In our democratic societies the media is socialist. Its function as an organ of truth is defunct, and thus the body is out of balance. That Donald Trump won the election convincingly is obvious unless one relies on a mainstream media narrative which is mainly fake.

So a true democrat would accept that his party lost this time around, but Democrats are now something different; they are something religious, something more like wannabe Bolsheviks.

There are basic natural laws in society, without which there is no society. First is the sanctity of human life: Thou shalt not murder. The second is one law for all. Socialism decries these basic fundamentals by assuming that their utopian ends justify their animalistic means. So whilst the ‘people’ must always obey their law, Social Justice Warriors can do anything which moves society towards their utopia at the end of their rainbow. It’s a case of ‘My life is sacred; yours is not, but you must obey the laws that I make for you, and I reserve the right to abrogate and interpret those laws according to my whim because I’m intelligent and strong and you are weak and ignorant, therefore I’m right and you are wrong. It’s obvious, stupid’.

There is something ridiculous about socialism and its belief that mankind can solve all its problems if only people would just do as they are told by their betters — that is, those approved and certified socialist leaders, thinkers and theorisers. You know the ones: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Che Min, Che, Fidel, Benito and their henchmen. And if people cannot do as they are told, then they are no longer needed. Their lives are not sacred; life is utilitarian and therefore expendable.

The gullible of socialism are those who fall for the big con trick: the big lie that man is god, straight out of Genesis chapter 3, written thousands of years ago and still relevant today.

To leave socialism is to admit to being conned, and many just cannot do that. They cannot bear to be wrong and lose face and will therefore try to punch their way out of the corner, in doing so they become narcissistic fanatics, prepared to do violence to defend their irrationality.

I do not think Venezuela has an immigration problem. It is a modern demonstration of what happens in a socialist country when the coffers eventually run dry, when the lower middle classes can no longer be milked. That and huge oil reserves to boot. How long before the coffers run dry in Sweden? Whilst the right kind of immigrant can bring financial benefits, the wrong kind can be a financial disaster. The religious (all are equal) side of socialism cannot see the difference of course, and justifies the bringing in of financial parasites by quoting historical data about bona fide immigrants.

All lies, of course, but when there is no punishment for being caught telling lies, why not lie all the time? If the people are ignorant and gullible enough to believe, then let them burn.

Jesus told the parable of the good Samaritan in answer to the Pharisee’s question, “Who is my neighbour?” The priest and the scribe who passed by on the other side had other commitments, and would have become ‘unclean’ if they tangled with a dead body, and would therefore be unable to do their religious duties. The victim, of course is me, and the deliverer is the one who pays the price for me. It is well therefore to consider who is not my neighbour: the robbers (those totally without Law) the Priests for whom ritual and appearance are more important than succouring those in real need, and the scribes who copy out the scrolls of Torah, but believe themselves not to be bound by it. These members of my community are not my neighbours. The despised Samaritan who patches me up and who pays for me out of his own purse (not out of somebody else’s), He is my neighbour.

However, socialism, thinking it has better ‘wisdom’ than everybody else, stops the Samaritan before He ever gets to me, takes His money from Him and, having deducted its cut, gives the remainder to the robbers in the hope that it will appease them and that they will be good boys in the future. I am, in the meantime, left to it, wounded and helpless and my neighbour, the Samaritan, can no longer afford to help me (but He does anyway).

Among humans there is a need for law and order. Without it we become just another breed of animal. Socialists — whose prime wish is to trash the Judeo-Christian religion(s) and its laws — also expect to be able to retain the civilisation created by and around those laws. They are in for a shock when the penny finally drops and they realize that there is a symbiosis at work. To trash the religion is to also trash the resulting civilization that they enjoy so much. They really are like the cartoon character sawing through the same branch of the tree upon which he is sitting. And those rose-tinted spectacles of socialism can oh-so-easily turn blood red.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

33 thoughts on “Socialism Revisited

    • I have been curious where Takuan Seyo of The Brussels Journal fame went. I do believe MC is his reincarnation.
      I’m extremely glad you’re back.

      • The purple cabbage has probably gotten so fed up with watching Western civilization cave to Islam that he has taken refuge in enjoying the freedom left to him.

        Too much deep thought on such a subject can be downright depressing.

  1. One of the rules for revolutionaries is to always accuse your enemy of those things of which you are yourself guilty.

    Yep, it’s called projection. And they truly believe it, just as they truly believe a great many other untruths.

    Have you read the Israeli author, J.L. Tolman? He was the first to describe totalitarian democracy. I read an unsourced reference to the term in Carolyn Glick’s essays (she probably thought everyone knew the term). She described Norway as such, after their censure of Israel and material support of Hamas. The only Western country to refuse to call Hamas a terrorist org.

    Finally ran the reference down in Fred Siegel’s eye-opening book, The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

    He’s one of those professors whose students instantly understand they’ve got a jewel of a teacher.

    Siegel is like Walter Williams in that regard. See WW’s columns:

    • For my undergrad Honours History degree I had to do a 2-semester reading / tutorial course : one book a week, no classes, go away and read it, come back a week later, and be grilled one-on-one by your professor on it in his office for 2 hours. No other students in the ‘class’.

      Best course I ever took. We had to choose from a list of 100 books chosen by the department. Each week, when you thought you had read it more closely and carefully than the previous week’s book, the professor would up the ante on you with his questioning, until after 2 hours you felt you had barely scratched the surface, and hadn’t really read the book at all. After 2 semesters of that you were really humming along at a good MA standard.

      One of those books was J. L. Talmon’s “Origins of Totalitarian Democracy.” Wonderful book, closely argued and thoroughly researched. Don’t know if it’s still in print, but this post has re-kindled my interest, after 35 years, so perhaps I’ll check that out and get my own copy of a volume I sweated and lost sleep over, but very much enjoyed, all those years ago.

  2. You’ve accurately explained the impossible task of socialists accepting their failed religion, bravo.

  3. As a person from a ex-socialist country (since it was the communist party leading it, but they never achieved the ideal of communism), I can heavily relate to this and gotta say it’s very true. Now I haven’t lived many years under socialism, as I was born near the end of it, but perhaps it’s exactly thanks to that that I was able to see the difference between socialism and democracy without any feelings of nostalgia. I remember in the 90’s there were regular cases of mafia murders because organized crime flooded into the vulnerable state after the fall of the Iron Courtain, however we had absolute freedom of speech and other things that are an integral part of a healthy democracy. Even though nowadays we have better anti-corruption laws, freedom of speech is also, once more, fairly limited. However that’s past the point. Most important fact is that socialism bends the free will and mutilates high moral standards of the people. During the era there was a saying in our country: “who doesn’t steal from the state, steals from his own family”. I know way too many families who build their houses without a penny for the materials – give a driver a bottle of spiritus and he’ll drop you a load of sand, bricks, or whatever you might need. Nobody had anything and the selected few wanted more, so if you had some extra cash or maybe relatives in the West to send you some goods, you could bribe someone to be able to travel abroad or put you higher on the waiting list for a new car (if the western goods weren’t kept by the border patrol). Some people feel nostalgia about everyone having work, but that’s not really true either – people just weren’t told about them or the homeless or the drug addicts, many of who ended up in jail. To raise employment some people were also put in charge of seasonal jobs, like heating a blockhouse, but received money all year round – I know about a guy who just spent all summer drinking beer lyibg on the coals, because he had to show up for his job, but there was no work to be done. And whoever didn’t fit the propaganda was put to jail or silenced in any way possible – my own family has a lot of experience with this. On the other hand in the 90’s whoever worked hard was able to make great money – my mum started a business and several years after she met the mum of one of my former classmates, who worked as a salesperson at the local bakery. And the lady complained how her job aucks and how lucky my mum is that she was able to start her own business, because she had small children and wasn’t able to do so. And my mum just looked at her and said “our children are the same age”. Since then socialism has been creeping up in our society again, doing well at making people feel nostalgic about the past era and promising things they have no money for (btw it was the socialist party that drove my homeland the most into debt, during economic prosperity no less!). Our prime minister is a master at playing all sides – to us citizen he’ll say we won’t accept any migrants, then he visits Brussels and promises to accept the quotas, back home he disputes it, and so on and so fort. But people are finally starting to realize it – I have friends that come from heavily socialist oriented families and have always voted for them, but now they, too, see the flaws in it and vote for someone else.

    Long story short: nothing good comes from socialism! In my opinion the state is responsible for providing the most basic of needs for those citizen, that are in some way unable to do so themselves (like loosing their job suddenly), but not working should never pay off compared to work (though now it’s the exact opposite in many countries throughout Europe). The more people can influence their wellbeing through their honest work, the higher standards they will have. And the more they can influence who their leader will be, the more they’ll be interested in who it is. Both are things socialists don’t want, but the more we have to fight for those values!

    (I’m soory if this doesn’t make sense here and there, I’m on mobile and it’s hard to check everything as it’s gotten fairly long.)

    • Perhaps, you should also say nothing good comes out from multiculturalism or from whatever religions or political systems that that those draconian nonwhite leaders tend to push for.

  4. My only disagreement with this article is that I don’t think the so-called warriors for socialism believe in utopia. They believe in, they lust after absolute power. Which, by the way, is why Thou Shalt Not Kill has been dethroned from its position as the last guarantor of civilized life. The descent into barbarism must follow. Yeats’ blood dimmed tide.

  5. Socialism also believes that, by associating every violent act of the so-called ‘religion of peace’ with a fabricated Judeo-Christian potential for revenge (backlash) violence, they can tar all god-centric religions with the same brush, leaving the field clear for man’s worship of men.


    The atheist left-wingers and the Muslims (who should be foes) are teaming up with the same “secret” fantasy: “As soon as Judeo-Christianity is exterminated then we’ll immediately turn on our allies and wipe them out, too!”

    I have often said that I know exactly what the left is planning to do: to leave Islam as the only religion left standing, and then say, “See how violent and sexist THE ENTIRE CONCEPT of religion is?”

    The ignorant populace, with utterly no knowledge nor memory of Christianity, will believe this.

    Islam is the full manifestation of how the atheist left perceives Christianity. They think we are violent and sexist monsters, but we’re just too clever to act out that way in front of them.

    Not many people realize that the Westboro Baptist Church is actually a guerrilla street theater performance by severe, over-the-top Christian-haters. They are acting out what they think Christians actually believe but are too devious to actually say.

    That’s what the left needs Islam to be: a sort of Westboro Baptist Church for the entire globe.

    • They will, read the back of the book, everyone will worship the beast except for those whose souls are under the altar crying out, “How long O Lord….”
      It’s a comin’ so don’t you worry none.

    • RKae:

      News to me. Please provide a reference for this.
      “Not many people realize that the Westboro Baptist Church is actually a guerrilla street theater performance by severe, over-the-top Christian-haters.”

      • RKae, I second this request by dhans. I considered not allowing in your comment because it wasn’t sourced and I wasn’t familiar with your claim about the notorious Westboro Baptists. They sure are “over-the-top-haters” but they claim to be Christian. So if you have evidence to the contrary, please share.

  6. Socialism is not bad by itself when without infected by Islam and other multicultural nonsense.

    Islamic society tend to be divided by extreme poverty and extreme wealth and that is certainly not Socialism in the real sense.
    Islam may have tried to use Socialism to exert their power but so far they have been a failure.

    Anyway, Socialism will never work in any multicultural set-up.
    At the end of the day, if Socialism means equal distribution of wealth to its own native people who has contributed in one way or another and not forced on anyone that disagree with it, then it is not bad. It is just that multiculturalism(and Socialism) is bad for any society that has been constantly invaded and damaged by those demanding nonwhite migrants from Asia, Africa, Middle East.

    • Socialism always implies the forced redistribution of wealth, take from the worker, give to the shirker. It cannot work because there is too much encouragement for the worker to become the shirker and the system breaks down.

      It also breaks down because people handling large amounts of OPM can never keep their fingers out of the treasure chest. We are just not honest enough for socialism.

      Socialists, seeing an ugly house with a crooked window, evict the occupants and demolish the house intending to rebuild it in their own image, but somehow they never get around to it, and one more family is thus homeless and on the streets.

      • White societies rise up because predominantly White societies tend to help each other to build houses, in the fields, etc. The shirkers would always be those nonwhite migrants who came in with nothing and contributed nothing to White societies but demanding so much from White societies. Therefore, Western countries should stop giving welfare to nonwhite migrants and their families. Those nonwhite migrants are denying White families a home. It is not Socialism. It is the multicultural disease that is causing the Western societies to break down.

        • By the way, those nonwhite leaders such as Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh who seem to had lusted for absolute power or absolute wealth certainly made a farce out of Socialism if that that is what they are really after.

        • However socialism didn’t work in white countries either, so I don’t really get your point. Socialism and islam are different, both pretty bad and combined a literal disaster

      • The fundamental premise of socialism is that government may rightfully take money from certain citizens to provide for goods and services to be enjoyed by others who are relieved of the obligation to work.

        Government exists to perform legitimate functions, such as provide for courts, police, utilities, roads, libraries, public health, and parks, among other things. Taxes for such functions are acceptable. Taxes for other functions that suit the fancy of flawed, misguided, or zealous government officials are not.

        Citizens who receive money for their own personal use have in fact stolen from those who provided the money. It would not have been paid by taxpayers but for the coercive power of government. But what would be a crime for the recipient to obtain directly with his own weapon is no less a crime when money is levied pursuant to a majority vote in the council or the legislature.

        Thus socialist redistribution is coercion and theft. No humans have a right to decide how my taxes should be spent other than for legitimate, long-established purposes, but frivolous wars and other asinine, wasteful, and destructive expenditures are the cornerstone of socialist governments.

        It’s not property that’s theft but socialism.

  7. Hey MC! Have you been reading my notes? I was in the middle of writing what you just submitted! Oh well, thanks for saving me the time on the keyboard.

    • Sorry @Acura, but we would love to read your take anyway, please go ahead and submit…..

  8. there are Socialists (or equivalents) also in Japan and South Korea – not sure if their “prime wish is to trash the Judeo-Christian religion(s)”, they would struggle to find some around 🙂
    their “resulting civilization” is due to neither their own, nor Western religion, but rather, at least partly, due to freedom from religion.

    also in this uber-patriarchal bullying manifesto which sounds convincing

    ‘My life is sacred; yours is not, but you must obey the laws that I make for you, and I reserve the right to abrogate and interpret those laws according to my whim because I’m intelligent and strong and you are weak and ignorant, therefore I’m right and you are wrong. It’s obvious, stupid’.

    there is nothing incompatible here with Dickensian or corporate capitalism, which are also built upon hierarchy of bullying.

    distinct feature of Socialism is quasi-religious view on collectivist values and great illusions like social justice, “New Man”, factual equality, and communal ownership on means of production.
    other words, a version of theocracy for post-religoius world.

    Socialists failed everywhere because their good-meaning dogmas were always inseparable from, and served as cover for worst distortions and usurpers.

    the matter is, oligarchy can exploit collectivist mythology to project power, or to use some other ideology, say “Social Darwinism”. Hitler, actually, combined the two. or they can use religion directly, like in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    as I mentioned elsewhere, the real dichotomies are between tyranny/freedom, archaic/progressive and low/high IQ.
    this is how it is in reality.

    and fighting “Socialism” is like battling windmills.

  9. I visited East Berlin in 1975 and saw first hand the wonderful utopia created by socialism!! Nuff said.

  10. If you look at the dietary laws of Leviticus, for the most part they are common sense due to the various forms of disease associated with them:
    Pork- trichinosis
    Rock Badger (Rock Hyrax)- Leishmaniasis
    Camel- plague from eating raw camel liver, and other diseases like MERS
    Rabbits- tularemia
    Lots of diseases associated with raw shellfish as well.

    Leviticus contains other common sense information (at the time) like not storing dead animals in your water supply. Knowledge does progress however, so we can modify these as our understanding grows, along with the idea that Jesus gave us a New Testament, so we also no longer do such things as burnt cereal offerings, or sacrificial lambs (makes the Sanctuary very messy). I can’t say I will ever be a literalist, but I am still be careful about pork and wild rabbit however, but did enjoy some great pork sausage for breakfast, and am going to make some shrimp risotto tonight.

    • fins and scales, no bottom feeders such as shrimp, catfish, lobster. No pork because I can’t trust those factory farms to comply with hygienic standards. Grass fed, pasture raised beef so I don’t get any gluten from grain-based feed in the system, wild caught salmon and free range chicken along with organic veggies.
      BTW, YAH knew what he was talking about regarding lifestyle and diet. Forensic archeology showed that the Canaanites only lived 45 to 50 years while the Jews who followed the dietary regime lived 70, 80 and even 100 years.
      PS, I have very little regard for doctors in general as I have found most of them to be lazy, clueless or both. so I feel that it is best to eat healthy and avoid them as much as possible.

      • My favorite subject! I’m allergic to crustaceans (the ones that turn red when you cook them). However I do sometimes find organic pork. There’s also a place nearby that raises wild boar – fenced in woodlands where they eat acorns, etc., supplemented by nuts and non-gmo grain as needed. Haven’t found the place yet, but I will.

        Any salmon labeled as being from Alaska is wild-caught since they don’t allow “farmed” salmon at all. Canned salmon is more within our budget so I make salmon salad (make your own mayo, though) or salmon cakes.

        Last year a neighbor gave me all her chicken feet after they killed their chickens and I made A LOT of broth.

        Not all veggies have to be organic but it’s important to know which are okay and which aren’t. There is an annual listing in the U.S. (search for it under these names, following) for the “dirty dozen” (those it’s better to buy organic or to avoid), and the “clean fifteen” (those which are grown conventionally and can safely be bought). On the dirty list are invariably grapes, tomatoes, and potatoes. Often green and yellow summer squash are on the NO list, too. Anyone who has raised their own vegetables knows which ones are perennially prone to pests and thus likely to be sprayed heavily.

        You’re right about doctors and their cluelessness, especially regarding nutrition.

        Israel is doing a lot with integrated pest management, especially in its greenhouses. Their technology is tops.

  11. Thanks MC, you usually make me think, and reassess (is that a word?) my political position.

    You seem to me to disallow the entirely legitimate disenchantment of young political idealists with the current order of things, dating back to (at least) the protests of 1968. Much is rotten in the State of Denmark, and given the lamentable lack of education about the history of Islam vis-a-vis Western colonialism/slavery, this should be no surprise.

  12. Who was it that said that “If a man is not a Socialist at twenty, he has no heart. If he is still a Socialist at 30, he has no head.” The recently retired columnist, Thomas Sowell said that he was a Marxist for 10 years, between the ages of 19 and 29. (Marxism is one form of Socialism). Its claims to help “the people” can sound very convincing, even “Christian” if one doesn’t examine reality too closely.

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