It’s a Tough Life for a Policeman in Rinkeby

The following video was taken from bodycam footage recorded by one or more police officers in Rinkeby, the notorious culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm. I assume the situations depicted in these clips is fairly typical of what the police have to deal with in Rinkeby.

Most videos of Swedish police on the job include female officers among those deployed. But not in this one, as far as I can tell — I wonder why?

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

On a related note, here’s an article from Fria Tider (also translated by Tania G.) about the fact that a new police station can’t be built in Rinkeby — no builder is willing to take the contract. If that isn’t an absolute confirmation of Rinkeby’s status as a no-go zone, I don’t know what is:

No new police headquarters in Rinkeby — no one dares to build it

March 10, 2017

There will be no new police station in the immigrant suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm. Not in the near future in any case. The reason: there is no construction company that dares to build it.

The old police station in Rinkeby closed in the spring of 2014, but as of a year later a decision was made to build a new station for a total of 240 police officers.

The new station should have been opening this summer, but that will not happen, reports Swedish Television News. The reason: There have not been any bids. Construction companies dare not take the job because they are afraid of immigrant violence in Rinkeby.

It is too dangerous to build a police station in the area, say many police officers, who want to remain anonymous, to SVT News.

The closing date for the contract bid has actually expired, but because there have not been any bids at all, the closing date was extended several times. This has not, however, had any effect.

SVT’s sources say that it would require guards around the clock to get the job done. This would be because of the risk of theft and threats against employees working on the site.

Because of the security risk, not even the large construction companies wanted to take the job, writes SVT.

It would also be too problematic for them.

Video transcript:

00:00   Rock throwing, Rinkeby Centre, in the town center.
00:06   Helmets.
00:12   Calm down, calm down…
00:18   [Unintelligible]
00:30   What are you doing?
00:36   [Unintelligible]
00:49   Stop that.
01:01   I haven’t done anything.
01:13   Into position. Red position.
01:17   Welcome. Thanks. How does it feel?
01:21   Very quiet, not much to do.
01:30   I’m just wondering where all our young people have gone.
01:34   They’re filming everybody.
01:38   Why are you filming us? I don’t know, why would somebody not want to be filmed?
01:49   Is it your face or? What did you say? Is it your face or his face? What do you mean?
01:56   So? He no wants film, of course he can hide if he wants to.
01:59   You’re not the one calling the shots. No, have I said I’m the one in charge?
02:03   What’s with the man? Calm down. I’m calm, I’m calm, I won’t be causing problems.
02:08   What did you say? Don’t think that you’re home, man.
02:11   I am home. This is my home. We’re also home…
02:14   I haven’t said anything. Well don’t — just be quiet.
02:17   What’s with you? You’re stressing people.
02:20   Calm down, man. I’m calm.
02:27   I’m watching you! What do you mean you’re watching me?
02:30   I’m watching you and you’re watching me. What did you say?
02:33   It seems like we have a bit of attitude here. Do we have a problem?
02:38   What’s wrong, bro? Nothing. Is something supposed to happen?
02:43   Hey, back off from him! Don’t point, don’t point.
02:48   Hey, get away from him. Take it easy, take it easy.
02:54   Take it easy.
02:59   The guy in white needs to get out, and this fellow comes with me. Come with me.
03:04   You, come with me. Come, come, come.
03:09   Take it easy, take it easy, take it easy.
03:40   [Unintelligible]…

9 thoughts on “It’s a Tough Life for a Policeman in Rinkeby

  1. I’m not a big cop-fan in general, but I do understand why they get so cynical.

    I feel sorry for Swedish cops. What a crappy job, with crappy bosses, in a crappy environment.

  2. Doesn’t that bring back memories! If there were no Mohammedans there would be nowhere near the amount of trouble that police are forced to deal with now.

  3. Just as it was in the USSR when I was there in the 1980s. Except the Russian Police would have beaten the proverbial out of the “yoof” and then said how peaceful Russia was!

  4. The cultures are simply incompatible. Polite Skandinavian Police cannot remain polite under middle eastern circumstances.

  5. Maybe they should ask Trump to build them a police station. It would probably have a swimming pool, golf course and impenetrable perimeter wall.

    And all under time and under budget.

  6. Well they know, nothing is going to happen to them.
    It`s also no surprise that the Swedish police has a recruting problem.

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