And Now Antwerp

It looks like a Maghrebin culture-enricher was planning to pull off a vehicular jihad attack in Antwerp today, but was stopped before anyone was hurt.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Die Welt:

Belgium: Man in Antwerp prevented from driving into crowd

3:19pm CET

[photo caption: Police in Antwerp at the terror investigations]

One day after the act of terror in London, it appears an attack was prevented in the Belgium town of Antwerp.

According to police, before noon on Thursday, a man drove at high speed through the main shopping street. People had to jump to the sides, they say. The car had caught the attention of police because it ran a red light.

After being chased by security forces, the car was stopped and the driver arrested. He was wearing a camouflage uniform. Several stabbing weapons, one gun, and a canister containing an unknown substance were found in the car.

The man was in camouflage uniform

The car had a French license plate. Additional forces of police and army were deployed in the town.

The arrested is from Northern Africa, and, according to media reports, already known to the police for illegal possession of weapons. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel thanked the security forces on Twitter.

The incident took place on the well-known Meir shopping street. The day before, a man carried out a deadly attack on Westminster Bridge and in front of Parliament in London.

12 thoughts on “And Now Antwerp

  1. Probably a Ghazzi who just lost his way, with poor driving skills with a car instead of a camel he used to ride into town.

    Not a Lone Wolf…a Known Wolf. All these guys were known to the cops before activation but we’re allowed to walk around until Allahu Ackbar time!

  2. The latest Angus Reid poll shows what Canadians think of the Liberal government’s “Islampbobia” bill 103. How they (the public) would vote on it.And other issues surrounding “the religion of peace” in Canada.


    • this link might work ?

      50% of men and 34% of women would vote against it, with 36% of women “not sure” and would abstain.
      All of the western provinces are against it (45-48%, with 23-27% not sure).
      Quebec .and the eastern Maritime & Newfoundlnd provinces are split three ways with against,for and not sure : 34-33-33.
      Only 38% of those who voted Liberal support it with 33% against and 28% not sure.
      44% of NDP are for it (socialists!) while 33% are against it.

    • It does not matter how the slow minded Canadians think
      It’s a law so now the stupidest have to come out from the winter hybernation and fight it
      But they are with no pulse

      • “Slow minded?” Well, I suppose so… The islamization of Europe is way ahead of us….

        Guess your “Free Europe” is a long lost dream by now, eh?

  3. I can’t believe the willful stupidity of the elected leaders of Europe! How many “lone wolf” or organized terror attacks have to occure in your homelands before you realise that NONE of your muslim population can be trusted? Not all of the muslims participate in these attacks, but they know who commits them. If they give money to their mosque, they know that some of it goes to support Jihad. America will not come to your aid for a third time! Learn to fight, or learn to grovel on your knee’s before your muslim masters.

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