Somali Burns Down Asylum Center in Mönchengladbach

Another day, another asylum center burned to the ground.

Today’s arson was committed by a Somali resident at a center in the German town of Mönchengladbach. Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from

Mönchengladbach: Major Fire in Refugee Center — Resident Arrested

[Photo caption: Thursday before noon, a refugee shelter in Carl-Diem-Straße in Mönchengladbach burnt to the ground completely. The inhabitants accuse an asylum seeker from Somalia of setting the fire. He was arrested.]

Mönchengladbach — The smoke column rising from the Volksgarten in Mönchengladbach on Thursday mid-morning was visible for kilometers.

Smoke Column over Volksgarten

A fire broke out in a refugee shelter on Carl-Diem-Straße shortly after 10 AM CET. The flames spread rapidly. The container modules which housed refugees from different countries were soon fully ablaze.

Firefighters could basically only let it burn down in a controlled manner. There was nothing left to save.

Did an inhabitant set the fire?

Police arrested a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Somalia. Other inhabitants accused him to the police of setting the fire.

It is not certain if he indeed set the fire. Police began further investigations.

No one was injured. The refugees are being taken to other shelters at the moment.

14 thoughts on “Somali Burns Down Asylum Center in Mönchengladbach

  1. How do we encourage the rest of them to set their accommodations on fire? Take away their Nutella maybe?

    • Easy one. Confiscate their cellphones and they’ll burn down not only their lunatic asylums, but everything else in the vicinity! Without the phones how are they going to get a flash mob together? The phones are life itself to the savages!

      • i thot of that earlier today, do a flash mod of illegal criminals an democrats then they could all die at once oh well jmo

  2. German state apparatus, political traitors, and there associated agencies,
    Are the new nazi party, merkel is a target for revenge of germans.

    I believe the communist dictator angela merkel will be assasinated within 2 years!
    Other members in her nazi party. Will be gunned down by german patriots.

    Wolfgang schauble has already sadly survived assasination, but next time he may not be so lucky

    • That would be justice served for what the traitors are doing to Caucasian Germany and Europe. They must be stopped and voting them out isn’t guaranteed to succeed, so maybe more drastic measures have to be taken to neutralize the NWO Trash!

      • The Germans seem to be intent on turning their once proud cities into carbon copies of Mogadishu and will not be happy until they have done so.
        What do they not get – Afghans hate Somali’s, who hate Eritreans, Sunni’s hate Shia’s and so on, yet they let them in by the tens of thousands to leech off the poor indeginous tax payers.

        Treachery by Merkel and Co beyond words.

    • I don’t share your optimism. They seem ready to elect Schulz who is infinitely worse than Merkel. Nothing will happen in Germany because the middle class is still very comfortable and indoctrinated.

  3. » believe the communist dictator angela merkel will be assasinated within 2 years!
    Other members in her nazi party. Will be gunned down by german patriots.«

    You thoroughly misunderstand German behavior. We do EVERYTHING in orderly ways; w/o compassion when the time has come.

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