After Things Fell Apart

A while back a reader named pistache tipped us to a newly-released French book entitled Guerilla:

It’s a novel by the journalist Laurent Obertone, set in a not too distant future, where an attack on a cop degenerates into massive riots by the ‘suburbs youths’. Coupled with a terror attack, it brings about the collapse of the French state in the matter of a few days.

This prophetic novel suffers from a near-total media blackout, and is ‘hidden’ in some stores, but has still managed to become a best seller (in the top three in many stores, #1 in all categories for a couple of days this week [first week of October 2016] on

Ava Lon acquired the book, read it, and wrote the following review. As far as I know, Guerilla is not yet available in English. However, readers who understand French may want to take a look:

Guerilla — Le jour où tout s’embrasa
by Laurent Obertone
Publisher: French and European Publications Inc (September 22, 2016)
ISBN-13: 979-1091447492
ASIN: B01E88BT36

The French author Laurent Obertone recently published a book entitled Guerrilla. It is set in Paris in a near — perhaps very near — future. For those who read Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints, the story will sound familiar: France has been invaded by a hostile culture and lives in a permanent state of emergency. When it looks like it cannot get any worse, it does.

As long as there are still civilized things such as electricity, running water and gas stations, the nation is able to carry on. There is, however, that tipping point, where the hostile invaders — who don’t appreciate food, water and energy resources, but take them for granted — decide that the time has come to fulfill their religious mission and destroy the host for good.

Like any other parasite, they don’t anticipate their own demise after they get rid of those who have fed them. They seem unable to conceptualize anything extending beyond the current day, even though they talk about some glorious future in a utopian Caliphate. So it seems they have spent the last twenty years rioting, breeding children, making demands, destroying property, harassing women and cashing welfare checks.

Today some of them have decided: This is the day we take over; or, for some of them, the day of meeting their Maker — or so they think — and the promised 72 virgins. It is not a coordinated effort; just as on many previous occasions, the ‘no-go zones’ get upset about something meaningless, which allows them to burn some cars and break some shop windows . This time, however, the president himself goes to talk to them and as he approaches the crowd, not sensing the danger — or maybe in his condescending arrogance he fails to appreciate the volatility of the situation — he is “swallowed” and killed by the mob.

This is the tipping point. The last thing they “respected” or for which they would expect punishment or retaliation. So they stand there for a couple of seconds, and when no such reprisal occurs, they know France is theirs.

With the author we follow several French people, some of whom already surrendered in their heads a long time ago. Some of them commit suicide or are ready to be killed; they are not willing to put up a fight even when they are armed… Some want to live, but hope they can escape: escape Paris to a different part of the country, escape the town for the countryside, save their spouse, children or just their sorry butts.

Nobody really puts up a fight; nobody is planning a resistance. Nobody seems to believe resisting is even an option. There’s a group of cops from the special police force, who will fight until they have no more bullets, knowing that no reinforcements will ever arrive.

There’s a lonely avenger who proceeds to kill the worst traitors: journalists and politicians. But even he is doing that to make a statement before all is inevitably lost.

Unlike Jean Raspail, however, who shows us at the end of his book the last country, Switzerland, surrendering to the invasion, Obertone lets some of his characters live, giving us hope that there will be more to come, because the guerrilla war hasn’t started yet.

40 thoughts on “After Things Fell Apart

  1. It sounds like a pretty dire future situation, and I can see it coming to pass. I can even imagine some type of PanIslamic alliance/caliphate coming out of North Africa to ‘protect their Muslim btohers’ from those evil Europeans. You know, using the same language the West has used through much of the 20th century. I can see a full scale World War being sparked by it all.

  2. The sickest thing I can imagine is when the SHTF in France, all the muslim civilians will be given preferential treatment while the White French are marginalized and ignored just like the Yazidi and Arab Christians.

    Because we all know they’ll blame the outbreak of violence on the French “racists”..

    • When I visited France I saw a lot of black people definitely living a western lifestyle (e.g. beautifully dressed women). I don’t think they will want islam. And therefore I don’t think this will be about black vs. white but islam vs everyone else.

      • There are only very few Blacks who have a place in France metropole because they love France and its White people. The vast majority of Blacks in France is racist. Also most of Blacks have a deep complex of inferiority so they treat French with much contempt, calling them “fragile babtou” (babtou is an insult). They want to take over the country.

        I grew up in a white country that was not racist. Nona Simone come to spend the end of her life in France because it was not a racist country. I have never seen any Black person during my whole childhood. Today I do not recognise my country. I feel that I am in another continent. The problem is Islam but it is also mass immigration from many Africa, Middle East, Asia too. There is a great replacement of population and it breaks my heart to see my People vanishing in many cities.
        I do not recognise Paris. I once was a student there, I do not recognise many arrondissements; some became Arabs, some Africans, some Chinese. The White have been replaced and this is not normal. This is criminal and many French people are fed up, many want to stop immigration and start reverse mass migration. If there is no reverse migration, there will be the most awful ethnic war on the ground of Europe.

        To save Europe we, the People of Europe, must stand against mass immigration and work hard to start a reverse mass migration.

  3. So most of Europe falls without a fight? No, that’s not plausible. There are plenty of people left, who would fight the savage horde with everything they have, and never give up. Never.

    • most plausible scenario is a mix.

      in some areas it may become very bad very fast, in the others people will self-organize and fight back.

      planning and preparedness is a key.

      I’m quite sure jihadi planners have exact info on numbers and deployments of military and anti-terror forces.

      also I think all physical adresses of all anti-Islamic activists and bloggers are known to them as well, – c’mon how many smiling hijabi workers are sitting in every HR and every equality-diversity department requesting personal data “to fight radicalization”.

      and among thing they will do simultaneously, will be
      – besieging police stations
      – dispatching death squads to these addresses
      – taking hostages en masse, e.g. in places like girls’ schools, Beslan-style
      – executing as many non-muslims as possible in Bataclan-style attacks
      – setting up movable road blocks and ambushes, to kill about couple of dozens and then change place
      – may attack without firearms, clubs and knifes and petrol will work just fine
      – it is amazing how many Islamic taxis are in rural UK. definitely more than there are clients

      I’m not sure about France but in the UK, it looks like needed numbers of islamist fighters aren’t sufficient for such an uprising.
      but, there is no question anout tendency and danger, it is all close and real.

  4. It sounds like a depressingly believable story! How grim. Hopefully it can galvanize some readers to do something in real life before things go any further.

  5. Sounds like a good book, I don’t know French but I’m definitely going to check if it’s avaiable in a language I do know 🙂

  6. It’s good to SCARE Europeans about this possibility. This is part of what will stop it happening

    I HATE what is going to happen, but I have no worries about who will win.

    Yes, we have idiots at the helm, but that will change.

    There will be carnage, atrocities, civil war, but the Islamists have NO CHANCE against the Europeans in the long run.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure about it. We have a precedent called “The Fall of Rome”.

      • Barn Swallow, maybe. I can’t of course be certain.

        But I believe that when the fighting in earnest starts, the disparity between skill sets will determine everything.

        I don’t think the Islamusts have a chance against the West but there remain disaster scenarios such as a weakened Western Europe at war with Russia or China who are taking advantage of Western weakness.

        • China will be (is already) on the side of West.
          Children of Chinese elites are all in Western universities.
          there is such word, Progress. Chinese are very sensitive to it.

          war with Russia is probable, especially if Putin cooperates with Erdogan who have large fifth column in Europe.
          These two evil cretins have destructive agendas, but they aren’t very poweful and also have lot of internal problems, bordering civil wars, as well.

          • Nah I don’t think Putin would cooperate with Erdogan, he wouldn’t allow a strong enemy to grow in his vicinity. And honestly although it was pretty bad, I’d rather have another 40 years of a government controled by Russia than sharia and all the other garbage. And the US and Australia wouldn’t let Europe fall either, ’cause that would be pretty bad for them in the long run too (needless to mention other countries like Japan), it would grow into WWIII I guess.
            I also don’t think the youth is so bad. Of course they aren’t raised to be mass murderers, but they’ll know how to men up when the situation requires it. Obviously most of Central Europe and all of Eastern Europe are in a somewhat better position, but I’m sure Western Europeans can do it too. Actually I think the only problem might be guys who are now in their 30’s, the older ones still know how to fight and the younger ones will quickly adapt, but these are kinda the pacifist generation.

        • That is the thing, Billy Bob. The skill sets. The young ISIS fighters are trained hard to fight. Our EU young are being taught to love our enemy. I am one of those who most probably will give a fight. I see it much better option than dying of cancer. But I feel so alone amongst my friends who really don’t give a damn about what is coming.

          EU boys are disarmed. If they are aggressive in school, they are medicated by drugs to be calm.

          I feel that the former eastern bloc will give a fight. But to be honest – there are armies with experience, and then there are armies who don’t know what war is about.

          And just now, from my point of view, Western EU is full of those who have no idea about War at all! And that is the road for disaster we are on.

          That being said – once the incapable are cleared out of the picture, I know that the Arabs won’t survive our European winters, and the pendulum will swing back just as it did 1500 years ago. But the initial bloodshed will be something to behold, and the “modern Europeans” will be Game. That is how I see it.

          • Barn Swallow, I go with what AK-47 said here.

            I think it’s important to keep in mind that the European male youths have not actually perceived themselves to be in danger. They will and that ill change everything.

            Sure, knowing that you need to fight is in and of itself a skill set. There are other important ones that the Europeans have in abundance and not so much the Islamists.

            Modern fighting requires so many skill-sets apart from combat. Logistics, supply, strategy, communications, maintenance of weaponry, manufacture of weaponry. These skills the Europeans have in spades and the Islamists not.

            I believe there are some articles on GoV already about the special logistics of the kind of war which will be coming up between Islamists in Europe and the native Europeans. The scene will not be the same as a conventional war, but logistics and technicals will still be highly leveraged.

            Firmly, I do believe the Islamists have NO CHANCE ultimately (subject to my recognition that no-one can be sure about anything).

            The only thing I worry about is how much carnage they will achieve before they are brought to heel.

      • We are a little sharper than Roman swords. Not to forget WW1 + 2 + the Crusades. Muslim’s Godless isissy hordes will wish they never woke up. Just wait for the new infidel order response slowly but surely coming right at them.

  7. In the sequel, Islamist virologists in Pakistan synthesize an anti-infidel pathogen that escapes the lab and mutates the Umma into cannibal zombies just as the Ramadan fast closes. The new work is entitled The Eatery.

  8. I only have Ava Lon’s excellent summary to go by. However, it strikes me that the description of the invaders as unable to conceptualize any future consequences also applies to the French leaders and those French who welcome the invasion. They are more literate and more verbal, but in the end, their inability to project future consequences from present actions is every bit as glaring.

    I think it’s realistic that a police unit would be the last source of resistance. You can’t take the person out of his culture. A person immersed in a culture adverse to any interpersonal conflict or physical altercation, even in the controlled environment of a playground, will not suddenly turn into a tiger when confronted with a fight-or-surrender choice.

    In the US, it is most likely to be people from the gun cultures who will put up some resistance to marauding gangs. The people who practice firearms are most likely to find the idea of self-defense attractive. This is one major reason why leftists hate the Second Amendment so much. Because, gun-owning puts one into a culture somewhat more self-reliant and independent than the feminized males of Sweden and Germany.

    • what is your definition of “leftist”?

      in my mind it is something like

      “Progressive”: no violence in societal hierarchy-forming; empathy
      “Libertarian”: individual freedom
      “Conservative”: Commandments, unity of law, property rights, charity
      “Democrate”: fairly and freely elected political representation

      I must admit I’m a mix of all.

      what is leftist I don’t know, maybe a synonym for “demagogue” or “cynical liar”.

      • A leftist is a person for whom the narrative is everything, who uses Marxism and cultural Marxism as a basis, but wishes a communist government, and is totally unconcerned with consequences or discussing them.

        My father was a socialist and would argue with you as long as you could stay awake.

        My sister is a leftist and will not discuss ideas at all. Castro, Che Guevara, Lenin, all mass murderers, are great guys because they advanced the narrative.

        Libertarians may be deluded, but they (usually) think of themselves as having reason as a basis for their positions. And they argue endlessly with non-Libertarians, although I admit I haven’t had a knock-down discussion with a libertarian since I concluded their positions were fundamentally flawed. But, they are not non-logical, but mainly put the wrong premises into the logic. But, leftists have no interest in discussions. Discussions are a lose-lose proposition. They are perfectly willing to get their way by force, and they might lose a debate. So, force is a more certain way to get their utopia than discussion, and that is all that matters to them.

        • as classical Marxism teaches, the three sources and three component parts of Marxism are

          German materialist philosophy (with incorporated elements of Judaeo-Christian ethics)

          English political economy and

          French socialism (with inherited elements of Utopian Communism)

          it may look that there is nothing inherently Satanic here, but pracices of Marxism were always corrupt by ethical distortions, always grotesque, often monstrous.

          German demagogical “Dialectic Materialism” and French revolutionary voluntarism had all mental toolkits for justifying and promoting oligarchy rule, nihilist and archaic degradations – and as result, tyrannical state mafias.
          which failed everywhere, being too destructive.
          and failed quite long ago.

          briefly, my point is, – “leftist” term itself is matter of the past.
          it is too vague and drags lot of unrelated historical associations, providing sort of illusion of respectability.

          I understand that what you mean is some nihilist demagogues with pre-biblical moral and aggressive, parasitical inclinations.
          but this public exists nicely with or without Marx’s old stuff.
          for example there are lot of them in Islam.

        • To AY,

          Ok, you want to get into the abstract, philosophical aspects of the nihilistic, anarchistic, oligarchic, totalitarian mobs that today threaten systematic violence to anyone who they see as espousing unacceptable ideas….

          You argue that calling someone “leftist” brings in aspects of Marxism and its foundations that are not necessary or sufficient to describe todays enforcer mobs. You also argue that calling someone a “leftist” confers elements of respectability, perhaps from the times when leftists claimed to favor free speech, perhaps from their association with the classical liberal designation, which is probably very close to what we think of as libertarian.

          But, actually I think “leftist” is quite a good description. The people we think of as leftist almost universally were taught and inspired by overt Marxists. And, if you read the Communist Manifesto, or read the very insightful description of what a nasty fellow Marx really was

          you can see that Marx would have been most delighted to have participated in the current destruction of Western society and culture. Of course, that was the goal of The Communist Manifesto, but I don’t think even Marx imagined the delicious extent to which today’s Marxist nihilists are renouncing Western culture.

          Islam, of course, is a totally different phenomenon, although it shares with the leftists a total commitment to destroying the Western world as we know it. I think we are quite correct in separating the two, although they may join forces. I don’t know or care if the leftists and the Muslims get into a war of extermination, like they did in Iran, or if they merge. By the time they’re at that point, anything I would be interested in will have been long gone.

          • you expand on what I called “French revolutionary voluntarism” and I won’t argue with that.

            Marxism was a quasi-religious, philosophical hybrid, similar to Islam in a respect, that it also combined peaceful and violent “verses”.

            the matter is, Islam’s trajectory since, passed mostly low-IQ fields and now there is virtually no opposition to violent interpretations inside Islam.

            Marxism’s humanistic components were much more influential, seducing not only lumpen mobs but also lot of intellectuals.

            so again when I see modern bureaucracy-powered mafia joined with its cynical lackeys in media, shady financiers, and violent opportunists on the streets, I prefer to call it just that.

            the essence of it is the same, regardless origin and geography, it may be Western antifas, Erdogan, Putin, “palestinians”, etc.

            but in the West, the “lefti” SJWs aren’t nearly that violent as any other.

            robotized food industry, affordable intercontinental travel, feminism, welfare, internet dependencies (from porn to computer science to arts/music), – that all have made core arguments for violence in “class war” obsolete.

            so, among the ones called “leftists” on this pages, there are many of those who are simply “people of the West”, somewhat confused and deluded.
            fight is for them, too.

            anyway it’s a matter of personal choice but I find this term not descriptive and not explanatory enough today, and prefer not to use it.

  9. First, we have to fight our way through our various ‘Administrations’, our “legal systems”, our leftist-dominated “courts” and of course, the sainted Po-lice; whilst all the time fighting through the incessant lies of the “Enemedia” or the “Lugenpresse”.

    Hopefully, we will still have the web for ourselves.

    After all that–It’ll be a walk in the park.

  10. Just turn off the tv stations. Throw the feminist usurper news catchers and colonisers with their airy fairy buddies down the reality feed. Cancel the football matches and blast out the macho messages. And finally hang ’em high. Just as likely or as possible as any scenario is the heavily weighted in every European nation’s favourite response to spear chucking savages..

  11. Whatever happened to El Ingles? He used to write the odd dystopian future-fantasy along these lines about the UK. Is he still around?

    • Yes, I still exchange occasional emails with him. He was thinking about writing something new, but I don’t know how far along he is.

    • El Ingles had the most analytical and rigorous discussion of the built-in dysfunction of a heterogeneous society I have seen.

  12. what is coming down the pike for the muslim hordes will be unprecedented in all of human history; once the backlash starts it will be ” no-holds-barred” pent-up death and carnage wiping out the islamic movement once and for all. Once the gloves are off and they get a true taste of what they have been dishing out for the last 1400 hundred years they will have no place to go or hide. Death is what they worship and it is death that they will have.

  13. I didn’t buy the book (although it looks promising) because of the exaggerated price ($50). If you’re looking for excellent literary approach of the subject, read Michel Houellebecq. For American readers he offers the advantage of English translation of his entire work. Start with “Submission”. Very credible scenario of France going down with a whimper under a coalition of socialists and Mohammedans. He is looking at all the right things and finds the root cause of the dilemma in the loss of meaning in Western society.

  14. If the French government collapses, consider this.: They have a nuclear arsenal. The U.S. would be forced to go in and secure their arsenal to stop the [Muslims] from accessing it.

    No one else has the capability and we don’t have a choice. What concerns me is that the the surviving French elite may strike a deal with the [Muslims] ceding half the country to them in order for them to preserve their power. It won’t be the first time.

    • Yes, I also think that the Europeans could go with an “India/Pakistan” type of solution, depending of course, on how many more colonizers they let in.

      Although there is a tipping point, which if reached, means the French will follow the scenario of the book Submission since their philosophy of the twentieth century was nihilistic and no antidote to this philosophy of cultural suicide has taken its place.

      • biggest challenge of our time is to develop the mind, mechanisms and strategies of Separation with incompatible hostile population.

        Israel is the only country with practical experience in this regard.

        I bet on producers of barbed wire, specific concrete items, CCTV and other detecting equipment, riot control gears, tear gas, rubber bullets and alike.

        it doesn’t make to the news here, but French police and spec-ops has been beefed-up and hardened significantly, and every time have upper hand.

        not so long ago, Europe defeated Hitler and that was much harder.
        and remind, then it also started from reluctance to fight and appeasesment.

        • Not separation – expulsion. Muslims have no business in Europe or America. You either get rid of them or face a slow death via demographic conquest. As it is they are slowly and systematically taking over your cities by establishing “no go zones” in them.

          They’ve already killing tourism in France. Then add that authorities have to build a wall around the Eiffel Tower and Muslims are now openly attacking tourists in Paris is a very bad sign. It means you are losing and badly.

          If Len Pen loses, there won’t be a France in ten years. Nor a Germany for that matter.

  15. While we are waiting for English translation of Guerilla, I’d like to recommend The War with the Newts – a book published 80 years ago, yet more relevant today than ever before.

    It opens as a seemingly simple satire on colonialism and imperialism: a kindly European merchant captain discovers a new species in Pacific – a small, isolated settlement of intelligent newts, primitive, yet highly tractable. He strikes a deal with them: he will bring them knives and tools in exchange for pearls.
    Eventually though, Big Money becomes involved and the good captain’s scheme expands into a rather profitable business, causing the Newts to spread all over the Pacific. It’s only a matter of time before they are farm-bred and sold as cheap, disposable workforce all over the world. All. Over. The. World. Because, what could possibly go wrong?

  16. Pierre Boulle’s original novel 35 years ago Planet of the Apes, was a parable about the conquest of a progressivist/pacifist Europe by third world barbarians.

    The apes first terrorized the population, then forced them into concentration camps, and finally enslaved them with whips. Not a shot was fired, as the Europeans wrung their hands in surrender, hoping for mercy.

    When the protagonist arrives, European civilization has degenerated into a decrepit 3rd world sludge, run by incompetent gorillas.

    Hollywood bowdlerized the story into fatuous nonsense, naturally.

    But the original, understood in that context, is very powerful. It’s quite prescient for what’s happening in Western Europe today — in Sweden, especially.

  17. I have read Obertone’s novel and I found pretty satisfying to read, as someone finally sets up a proper story of a highly likely scenario of what if after a major riot/jihad attack things don’t go back to normal but kept escalating until the complete collapse of society or what’s left of it. Compared to Houellebec’s Submission, who ends in a Big Brother embrace of islam, Guerilla is a one way to total chaos.

    Guerilla, from its author’s words, is the combination of two of his previous books, France Big Brother and France Mechanical orange. Big Brother is an analysis of the main stream media of France and how they shape how one should think. Mechanical orange is an in-depth investigation of the current state of insecurity going on in France, especially from what the media would classify as “short news items” or “whatever events” if translated literally, crimes not related to each other, such as burglary, rapes, property destruction, etc.

    Mechanical Orange was published before Big Brother, and got massive media coverage. Big brother however had a total black out, and same for Guerilla. As both books are exposing the main stream media as being frauds and disinformation agents. As your reader mentioned some book stores refused to sell it, or put in areas where you wouldn’t expect to find it, like science-fiction. But Guerilla has had very high sales rates even without media coverage. Obertone has also written a book about Anders Breivik, called Utoya, apparently his master piece, but I haven’t read it yet, but it did get a lot of media coverage.

    His book Guerilla has been advertised as a civil war story, but there is never an actual conflict between organized groups. Most of what happens in the book are people letting themselves being killed, blindly following what the medias, the government or whatever authority are saying, even when it’s wrong (jihadists disguised as cops) and waiting for the end without any purpose after the media and government are gone. Most of them still have no clue at the end why it actually happened. Only a few ones, who might be regarded as loony preppers, obsessed about the downfall of civilization, guns or hunting amateurs, make it out of the first 3 days still alive. Maybe the actual civil war would start after these 3 days.

    Minor spoilers ahead:

    The main plot of the novel, has its inspiration from the long lasting riots from 2005 in the Paris suburbs, basically no-go zones, and mixed with large scale jihad attacks taking place in various areas, big cities and small villages, with various means, hijacked freighter ship with flammable material, random stabbings, ground-air missile aimed at an airbus taking off, shopping mall shooting, car/truck jihad (the novel was written before the Nice attack in July 2016).

    Added to the rioters who aren’t necessarily of any ideology and jihadists, come all the armed and violent leftists, union, vegan, climate change, and LGBT activists, SJW blocking highways in exchange for bribes, murdering and then being ridiculed by the rioters and despised by all “sides”, even volunteering to be hostages. Politicians, journalists and the ruling elite gets their comeuppance. Some parts of the “adventures” of this lot literally made me laugh out loud. The police and the army are stuck behind their own barricades scattered in Paris while waiting for orders that never come. The army also has to deal with their own turn cloaks who sides with the jihadists.

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