7 thoughts on “Well, that’s 2,000 words I don’t have to write…

  1. We all know ol’ mohammed was all about equality of the sexes; he appreciated the opposite sex so much he married 15 of them and made numerous others his concubines so they could enjoy and share in his prowess in the bedroom. Truly an example for the modern man to follow and the modern feminist to aspire to belong to.

    • You jest, but that’s not far off reality. Just look at how popular polyamory is among the “progressive” class. They’re all about the plural marriages (or no marriages at all, just endless liaisons). People are even seriously starting to advocate for legal plural marriages and birth certificates for children that list as many people as the parents want.

    • By now, we know that any arguments concerning Islamic treatment of women is totally irrelevant to organized feminists. Their agenda, as good leftists, is the deconstruction and destruction of Western culture. Feminism is just a good handle to be used when convenient.

      So, it’s always interesting to catalog the horrors of Islam, but ultimately not very productive in terms of convincing leftists.

  2. Well, Dan Park is a clever and incisive artist. These two pictures made me laugh out loud. As Homer Simpson might say: They’re funny because they’re true.

  3. The man is a genius. The sight of the Mahommad cartoon figure wearing one of those ridiculous vagina hats had me in tears with laughing.

  4. Anyone else seen the video clip of German feminists shouting the Islamic war cry at a rally?

    These people are truly lost beyond all hope.

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