Tania Groth and Danish PEGIDA Confront the Antifas in Their Nørrebro Lair

Last month we posted about a Danish journalist who paid a visit to “People’s House” in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. Nørrebro is a hotbed of leftist activists mixed with Muslim culture-enrichers, and the journalist got chased out of the area by Antifas, who threw bottles and screamed “Nazi pig” at him.

A few days ago the anti-Islamization group For Frihed (For Freedom, also the Danish chapter of PEGIDA) marched to the same location in front of the People’s House in Nørrebro for a peaceful demonstration and speeches. Below is the speech given for the occasion by Tania Groth, the leader of For Frihed.

Many thanks to Tania for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   We are here in People’s Park, which is also ours… also ours!
00:06   (Antifa shouts “no racists on our streets”)
00:12   OK…
00:18   And so we are here, despite everything… we are here…
00:23   Many things are happening around the world these days
00:28   but probably what we notice the most is the left’s growing and rabid aggression,
00:36   especially against people who don’t share their political views… as you can see.
00:41   Very visibly demonstrated here.
00:46   I don’t usually say very much about these lefty activists… fascists,
00:51   such as Antifa, No-Pegida and the like.
00:55   I have not wanted to waste my energy on people I merely considered village idiots,
01:00   who I thought should just be ignored.
01:04   (Antifa, No-Pegida in background shouting “Nazi pigs”)
01:08   OK, I’ll repeat that one…
01:11   I don’t usually say very much about these lefty activists… FASCISTS!
01:14   such as Antifa, No-Pegida and similar.
01:17   I have not wanted to waste my energy on people I merely considered village idiots,
01:20   who I thought should just be ignored.
01:30   But I have now come to the conclusion that they — exactly like the Islamists —
01:36   are dangerous for our society, as they cause chaos, division and fear,
01:42   and in doing so they thereby create the conditions where the Islamists can grow strong.
01:48   They are therefore a part of the enemy. They are the foreign enemy’s friend.
01:54   Not only do they assist them, but as collaborators
01:59   they actively contribute to the destruction of our democracy and our society.
02:03   They are not merely, as a friend has said, a group of insignificant snotty kids.
02:08   They sincerely do not wish us or Denmark anything good,
02:13   and therefore they need to be fought on the same terms as those
02:16   who arrive from the South with their violence and subversive activities.
02:22   We saw, for example, their true face
02:26   in connection with the American election —
02:30   where violent activists, so-called Antifa
02:34   and other leftie bottom-feeders
02:38   afterwards went insane and smashed people, stores and cars.
02:45   Because the election didn’t go as expected! How pathetic is that?!
02:52   We have also just seen it in connection with
03:00   the riots at the University of Berkeley in the US where Milo was scheduled to give a speech,
03:05   but where the lefties AGAIN went berserk because they don’t like his opinions and what he says.
03:10   At a university!
03:15   A place that ought to be a haven for new ideas and the civilized exchange of ideas
03:20   that benefits society.
03:23   Instead they attempt to choke freedom of speech
03:28   by forcing somebody to be silent, a person who comes with a legitimate message.
03:32   And go berserk with pepper spray, smoke bombs and clubs
03:36   on those gathered who would LIKE to hear him speak!
03:44   And here at home we also know their tactics well
03:48   such as today… (shouting “asylum to everybody here and now”)
03:53   And here at home we also know their tactics well…
03:57   as we’ve seen here today and at our previous For Freedom demonstrations.
04:01   That Antifa or No-Pegida or whatever they call themselves…
04:05   show up continuously barking their HATE —
04:09   their HATE.
04:13   Just last week there were two guys who attempted with camera and microphone
04:18   to do interviews outside the People’s House in Nørrebro,
04:21   where we now are standing. Where the so-called No-Pegida
04:24   had a meeting.
04:27   One of the points on their agenda was “militant action”.
04:33   These two interviewers wanted to ask people what they actually meant by that.
04:37   It didn’t go very well… or rather it didn’t go well at all,
04:42   as they were physically chased out of Nørrebro with bottle-throwing and shouts such as “Nazi pig”.
04:47   These groups use violence
04:52   and threats to advance their own political views.
04:57   Which can ONLY mean chaos and the destruction of our society.
05:03   They MUST be held responsible for their actions and we MUST mount a resistance.
05:08   Not with violence, not with violence,
05:13   but with our speeches, our demonstrations and politically —
05:18   because if they are left unchecked it will only get worse.
05:24   They call themselves Anti-Fascists but they are in reality the fascists of our time.
05:34   But fascists do not grow in a vacuum.
05:40   They grow because somebody has helped them by creating an environment
05:45   that has contributed to the insanity. And many years, and still today,
05:49   leftist politicians have not taken appropriate action,
05:53   together with our main stream media, where all those who are against Islam
05:57   or who are against the unfettered flood of economic migrants
06:00   are branded as racists, Nazis, Islamophobes and similar grotesqueries.
06:06   This has made it almost impossible for respectable,
06:12   sensible people with other political views to express themselves publicly
06:18   without being shamed and dragged through the mud…
06:22   ordinary people who only have one wish, and that is to protect Denmark,
06:26   our values, our freedom of speech, and our families.
06:33   And our future!
06:41   Violence from the left is therefore an unavoidable consequence of so many years
06:44   of political neglect and the repression of people with a different political agenda.
06:49   There has been a de facto hunting season on all those who disagree or say
06:54   things that conflict with the leftists’ agenda.
07:02   The good news is, however,
07:06   that there is now a focus on Antifa and No-Pegida and similar violent groups in parliament!
07:12   And that is in large part because of their violent actions at our For Freedom demonstrations.
07:18   They ONLY have violence as a tool for dialogue,
07:24   and their behavior as frothing-at-the-mouth psychopaths at our peaceful demonstrations
07:30   has opened some eyes at Christiansborg (parliament building). And that can only please us.
07:39   And we can console ourselves with the fact that they WILL lose in the long run,
07:42   because any arguments they might have had are long since gone.
07:48   They HAVE no arguments!
07:53   Sense will prevail. They are shooting themselves in the foot.
07:57   because the uglier they act, the more the eyes of the public open up
08:01   to witness their true face. Their true fascist face.
08:13   At the same time we, For Freedom, WILL continue to
08:18   demonstrate. Because they will absolutely NOT succeed
08:22   in shutting us up. We WILL walk where we want to,
08:26   say what we want to — WHERE it suits us and WHEN it suits us.
08:30   We will NOT give up.

4 thoughts on “Tania Groth and Danish PEGIDA Confront the Antifas in Their Nørrebro Lair

  1. Fantastic accurate speech, well written, clear as a bell.
    We are at war first, with these so called left antfa jackboot [epithets],
    The traitor politicos, and there marxist msm goebels media machines.

    Every day now i am noticing these left liberal [epithet] types, who are starting to look more and more conspicous, more isolated, as slowly people are waking up and shining a bright light on the violence, hate, defamation and outright lies they inflict upon the rest of us in our western societys.

    This violent mob, who use social media tech, to spread there lies, and to attack us using sms texting to create flash mobs, to beat others down and silence free thought and speech, we must defeat, in fact anilate these fools, these clowns, useful idiots, who some of them, in years to come will wake up from the brainwashing and lies that have taken them over, just like the brainwashed jihadi backpack suicide bombers.

    I want left wing ideolgy, communism, marxism, like islam, to be banned in western countries, these people who support this insane lone of thiught, deported to some faraway place, preferably mars!

    We will have no peace in our world until we cut out this ideolodgical cancer of communist poison, which warps the minds of and recruits the gullible and weak ill informed into becoming stone throwers, and violent banner weilding haters of anyone with a different point of than there nazi hate.

    Tania is a super woman, i prey god jesus christ is on her side, i am with you tania, and millions more are soon coming to weed out and eradicate left wing liberal nazis, and socialism is going to be wiped out once and for all. Final.

      • You must not forget our “Police”–or whatever term or epithet they deserve– as they are the ones who will come first TO ARREST AND PROSECUTE YOU at the first sign of any protest (i.e. cause you’re “insulting islam”–you’re, they’re, ALWAYS insulting islam, it seems ANY(bleeping)THING, the SLIGHTEST ITTY BITTY THING, is the MORTAL INSULT to islam. It must be prosecuted/PERSECUTED with the full extent of OUR “law” and societal obloquy –not to mention loss of status, job, housing,etc,)
        No, DON”T forget out Police.
        They’re the point of the SPEAR.
        Pointed at YOU these times.

    • “I want left wing ideolgy, communism, marxism, like islam, to be banned in western countries,…|

      I totally disagree with your sentiments. If you cut out all discussion, or advocacy of points of view, they will remain underground, but will gain power because they are suppressed not by facts and logic, but by authority and power.

      The first requirement is to strictly enforce the law against violence. The power of the groups like antifa comes from the breakdown of law enforcement, where violence and criminal disruption are winked at. Think of the Berkeley riots, where criminal violence was used to stop a talk by Milo Yiannopolis, where rioters wore masks, a clear violation of the law, and only one arrest was made.

      Law enforcement cannot be tolerant, understanding or diplomatic, but it must be impartial. If antifa or communists or Islamists can present coherent arguments, let them. But, the general trend has been, these groups uniformly lie and are exposed in an environment of free speech. That’s why antifa, communists, and Islamists put so much emphasis on destroying free speech. They cannot hold their own in rational argument.

      We are playing into their hands by trying to use law enforcement to forcibly suppress their free expression, rather than by using law enforcement for it’s intended purpose: to assure physical security for all people, however abhorrent their views may be. Once you concede the use of power, rather than logic, to suppress ideas, you have laid the groundwork for the suppression of your own ideas, once you fall out of power.

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