Geert Wilders Might Be in Serious Danger

We reported in Wednesday night’s news feed that a Moroccan mole in Geert Wilders’ security detail had been caught leaking information to an organized crime group. The arrest made headlines in the Netherlands, and Prime Minister Rutte took the unusual step of meeting with Mr. Wilders to discuss what happened.

Our Dutch correspondent has prepared a report on this alarming incident, along with related Dutch political matters.

Wilders might be in serious danger

by H. Numan

Wednesday a political bombshell exploded in The Netherlands.

A policeman with dual nationality (Moroccan and Dutch) leaked information to Moroccan criminals and possibly to terrorists. He was employed in the Dienst Bewaken & Beveiligen. This is a special police security unit that protects the royal family and people in serious danger. This is the service that protects Wilders. It get far worse. This man, Faris K, was not only working for that service. He was also assigned to the IRIS team that protects Wilders himself. He was not working in the bodyguard team personally, but worked as an advance scout.

It gets even worse… Mr. Faris was arrested and released the very next day. He can await his trial at home. No, we aren’t done yet. Mr. Faris has a brother. Mohammed K. He also worked for the police in Utrecht. There he was suspended for leaking sensitive information in 2007.

So far, two police chieftains have resigned.

Theo van der Plas and Michel Beaten, who supervise the Dienst Bewaken & Beveiligen have resigned at the request of their superiors.

This comes on top of another scandal.

For some time now a sphere of corruption, abuse of power, and too much work have affected the service. The police officer in charge, Mrs. van den Berg resigned in November.

In a nutshell: Wilders wouldn’t be far wrong if he decides he’s better off making his own arrangements. The problem is that this is absolutely forbidden under Dutch law. The police, corrupt and inept as they are, have the absolute monopoly here. The law explicitly forbids it. You can’t even carry a Swiss army knife as a private citizen. Let alone something else. Much less use it, should it become necessary.

The PVV has canceled all public campaigning involving Wilders and other PVV parliamentarians. Until the ministry comes with a much better answer than ‘Wilders wasn’t in danger at any time’.

He was going to campaign in Volendam. You all know that charming little village. If you see typical Dutch costumes: the white cap for ladies, wide trousers for men, both on wooden clogs, that’s Volendam. The Volkskrant (virulent left wing newspaper) found it funny to make a cartoon about that visit.

[Note from the Baron: The original location for the Volkskrant cartoon was here, but the link no longer seems to work. An article where it once appeared times out when I try to access it.

I located a thumbnail of the cartoon in an Internet cache, so that you can get the idea:


Half the country is up in arms. You can’t do something like that. Why on earth are you all offended? retorts the Volkskrant. It’s just an innocent joke. They refuse to withdraw the cartoon, or to offer apologies. Here’s another beauty, made by the NRC Handelsblad (nicknamed NSB Handelsblatt) a couple of years back.

Again, nothing wrong here. But heaven forbid if Wilders says “less, less, less…” That is a serious criminal offense.

Of course, the mohammedan community is outraged by the arrest of Faris K. It is a conspiracy by Wilders himself. There aren’t any Moroccan-Dutch criminal gangs. This is racism at its worst. That sort of thing.

A couple of days ago, the PvdA (Labour) parliamentarian Marcouch said PVV supporters shouldn’t be employed by the police. The only voices of protest came from the PVV. Just about everybody else either looked the other way, or nodded in agreement.

Now, suppose Wilders were to say exactly the same today. With very good reason, mind you. Guess what would happen? Yup. The Wilders III trial.

It doesn’t stop there. Mr. Tunahan Kuzu openly said that Dutch physicians euthanize elderly mohammedan patients. He wasn’t even arrested for it.

Yes, people disagree with him. But that’s about it. Of course he wasn’t talking to the dhimmis. He was talking to his Turkish voters, who lap it up as if it were Turkish delight. What about the Dutch dhimmis? Well, it’s unfortunate that they heard that, but they’re dhimmis. What can you expect? The left, of course, disagrees with him, but will defend his right to say what he wants to the death (of Wilders, of course)!

According to the polls, the VVD is now leading. The PVV was reduced to second place. As I wrote before: I have very little trust in the polls. This election I have no trust in them at all. Why? The VVD is limping from scandal to scandal. The latest one: the party with the most parliamentarians either in jail for fraud or on trial is … the VVD. They have held that No. 1 position for five years non stop.

We’ll have to see what the people decide on the 15th of March. And how much voting fraud will be committed by the entire political spectrum to rig the results in their favor. I still expect a landslide victory for the PVV. But as you can read, I feel ashamed to be Dutch now.

— H. Numan

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  1. Unreal….And given how much money the Morrocan syndicates make on drugs, credit fraud, car theft and on and on…they’d bump Wilders as a pure business decision with the added benefit of putting the Netherlands in the ‘case closed’ file once and for all.

    And we already know from Paris and Brussels the mu[slims]s’ criminal underworld is the farm team for the transnational mu[slim] terror groups.

    Why….You’d almost think the Dutch establishment was trying to get him killed…..

    • Why…You’d almost think the Dutch establishment was trying to get him killed…

      Maybe, maybe not. The expatriate Dutch historian, Arthur Legger, has an excellent essay, written almost exactly nine years ago about the exceedingly creepy methods the Dutch elite use to keep everyone in line. Once you read the whole thing, you realize how courageous Wilders is to have taken on – eyes wide open – a truly amoral state machine.

      Here’s a brief excerpt [my emphasis regarding the three ruthless “intertwined” Dutch interests]:


      Farewell Enlightenment

      These last few weeks my foreign friends have called and asked me: “What the hell is going on in the Netherlands? How is it possible that so many Dutch politicians favour censorship and lawsuits, and that leading men of opinion openly and repeatedly compare Wilders to Goebbels and Hitler? How is this possible with your tradition of Spinoza?”

      They didn’t like my answer. Nobody likes their academic wet dreams about the 17th century cradle of Enlightenment and Freedom to be disturbed.

      The public comparison of a well-known individual with Hitler, Mussolini or Mussert (leading Dutch Nazi collaborator) and the removing of the social safety net belongs to an ingrained Dutch tradition, well known to the Dutch. If you’re judged too harmful to the Dutch State, Culture and/or its Business (and these three are highly intertwined), the ruthless reflex sets in and it’s game over – including, sometimes, death. Recently the world was able to witness this flaw in our character: Pim Fortuyn, “fascist” adversary of the Left and winner of the elections, was murdered in 2002; Theo van Gogh, “racist” mocker of muslims, jews and the Left, was murdered in 2004; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “heretic” critic of the Left and of islam, was effectively banished in 2006.

      Tellingly, all four of them, if you include Wilders, used ‘Spinoza’ as their buzz word – it was his Enlightenment ideals against those of the attackers of western freedom. Fortuyn, Hirsi Ali and Wilders mainly opposed orthodox islam, Van Gogh mainly wrote against the naive fool who hands his freedom over out of laziness and decadence. They were not shot or deported by the State. The elite merely closed its ranks and left them alone, unprotected. In regard to the murder of van Gogh the director and staff of the Dutch Security Agency largely knew what was going on and what was about to happen (Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo van Gogh, had even been their informant for a few months), but nevertheless decided to remain passive. On Tuesday the 16th of March 2008 the Dutch Minister of Internal Affairs, Mrs. G. Ter Horst had to admit this fact in Parliament after the publication of the “Van Gogh report” by The State Commission for Controlling the Dutch Security Agency (the CTIVD).

      Read further here:

      The whole essay is well worth your time. Mr. Legger has that same “Dutch tone” as H. Numan possesses (and which I thought was an individual characterological aspect of Mr Numan. But obviously it’s not – but perhaps it is a mark of any Dutch expat who was wise enough to move to safety. On the other hand, this ‘mark of Cain’ is also obvious in some of our Swedish commenters, e.g., Da Capo. You can feel the tensile strength in all of them).

      Given all that Wilders has been through, he must find us Americans, with our shocked reaction to the machinations of our Frankenstein press, naive indeed. Sadly, he would be right.

  2. We might all be in serious danger. Something very queer going on in the western mind. Don’t the Muslims know it. At last they have the west on the ropes.

  3. Wilders knows exactly what he is up against so this latest attempt to ‘silence’ him should come as no surprise, especially after the numerous times he has been awoken in the middle of the night to be moved to a safer location after so many attempted ‘hits’ on him were found out.

    Now we know who might have been arranging those hits.

    And if he manages to make prime minister then the same problem he has endured for the past decade will probably become more acute as Trump is also now finding out.

  4. This was almost inevitable. The result of questionable Affirmative Action policies and years of “Let’s Put More Color in Blue !” efforts to diversify the ethnic and cultural makeup of the Dutch police force.
    Same counts for the armed forces. One may recall the videos of the former professional soldier (with dual citizenship) who ended up using his extensive military expertise and combat experience to train jihadi recruits in Syria.

    On an entirely different note, a propos the cartoon depicting Wilders as a nazi guard in a death camp : The word “douche” in Dutch language, only means “shower” and doesn’t have the same giggleworthy connotations it has in US.

    • This happens in the D.C. police force were bullied into hiring lots of black cops and making it easier for them to get hired. So they did but turns out they hired a bunch of gang bangers and have them a badge and a gun. Pandering to certain groups by lowering standards or giving preferential treatment to them should be illegal.


    Geert Wilders was going to campaign in a small Dutch village called Volendam (election in a few weeks)

    Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna has published a cartoon made by a Left Fascist group.

    Follows is a copy of that cartoon.

    To me the cartoon seems to be opposing Dutch nationalism and also geared to the assassination (providing the climate for) of Geert Wilders.

    The village is Volendam…the ideology behind the cartoon is Fascist…Left Fascist and in fact follows the left fascists of Hitler which did exist

    I covered this in my FB page /felix.quigley

  6. Most European politicians have really lost their minds. Can you just imagine for one minute how this kind of madness would play out in a Muslim Country? In that a minority religion in their Country would have and hold this much power over the majority of right-minded people. A. It would never happen : B. if, hypothetically it ever did, they would be crushed with no mercy and kicked out back to whence they came. It really has come to the point where the lunatics ARE running the asylum. Why should any person be in fear of their lives whilst living in THEIR own Country? We just have to look to Sweden to see the rapid escalation of serious crime whilst the feminist fascist Government either put their collective heads in the sand or just call anyone opposed to their cultural genocide racists and bigots. I wonder what call the Muslim women living in Muslim enclaves who feel less safe living there than they did in the unstable Countries most of them came from?

  7. I am an atheist but I am truly hoping for a miracle. We need one in France, as well. Otherwise, we are doomed.

        • Not more Jesus, just one Jesus. As much as I respect the atheists, please you atheists not be hostile or too sensitive toward Jesus , Christianity, and Chistian. First, the atheists have more freedom in the Christian dominated country than Moslem countries. Remember that. Second, fighting religions (discounting Islam as religion) is a losing battle. Either you (atheists) are lost, or religionists are lost. Either way, Moslems will win. Europe needs Jesus does not imply replacing the way the government works as theocracy.

      • Sorry, Christopher, but Jesus ain’t coming back to Europe. Remember what he warned his disciples: “If they refuse you, shake the dust off your sandals and boogie on down the road”…or words to that effect. Besides, Christianity’s center of gravity has moved to Africa and China. What remains in Europe and the Commonwealth countries is just a small echo.

        Jesus also said (paraphrasing here), “where two or three are gathered in my name, at least two are vying for power”…

        H.Numan is right. Wherever any particular religion/dogma has dominated, there has been a reduction in liberty. That includes the dogma of atheism. One’s beliefs ought to be private. That’s why Jesus told people to go into their closet when they wanted to pray. Amen.

        • Dymphna, what verse in Bible you paraphrase about two vying for power? And what about your rebuke to someone month so earlier when s/he said s/he lost hope of Europe? You’re inconsistent because now you make Jesus warning to imply Europe is hopeless/unsaveable.

          • I thought my parody was obvious. The verse is, “where two or three are gathered in My Name, I am among them”. That’s the quote. The reality is, “where two or three are gathered, at least two are vying to be in charge”. Because that is human nature. You have only to read/compare Luke’s Acts of the Apostles, chapter 15 with Paul’s Epistle, Galatians 2, to see the fighting for control between the Jerusalem views of ecclesiology and Paul’s very different Hellenic views. When Rome sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD, the still-Jewish apostles were part of the general diaspora.

            Christianity has left Europe, chased out by a thorough-going materialism and scientism.

            The biggest mistake countries in Europe made re Christian belief was to meld Caesar and God by creating state-run churches, much as China has. Jesus did warn about keeping them separate, i.e., “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and what is God’s unto God”. But those in power found it easier to control “what is God’s” by making religion a part of the state apparatus.

            As C.S. Lewis said, “we’ve all been inoculated by such a mild version of Christianity that we’re immune to the real thing”.

  8. The scandal gets even bigger. In today’s news, in 2015 two more (morocan) officers of the ‘Dienst Bewaken & Beveiligen’ have been suspended for corruption.
    These two have also been involved in the security detail of Wilders.

    According to the “gommint” everything is hunky dory and Wilders’s safety was never comprimised…yeah right.

  9. Geert, beware the Ides of March!
    The “Republic” wants you gone, quietly or noisily, it doesn’t matter.

  10. My feeling is that internal revolutions are sponsored by people who wish to increase their own power. This includes the leaders of state who intend to abolish the constraints that keep them from complete power. An example is the election of Hitler, who thereafter used the street violence of the SA to justify the legislation that gave him complete power.

    The elected leaders cannot be seen to openly use the tools of security to attack their opponents. Hitler had to contend with the German military, which had its own traditions and the power to depose him in a coup. The solution, to them, is to allow and sponsor, at arms length, street gangs that attack their opponents and break down the feeling of security. In the case of the Netherlands, it seems to be to open the gates to assassins.

    An armed citizenry can have very little hope against the regular military forces, but can mount an effective resistance against the semi-organized street gangs. This is why leftists are so anxious to take guns away. Without guns, the people are extremely vulnerable to criminals and gangs. An armed population takes away the most important tool would-be dictators and autocrats have: the ability to dissolve society through street violence, while keeping the gangs at arms length in the public mind.

    Wilders represents a double threat to the Dutch totalitarians. He not only stands up directly to their schemes to bring in a fascist government; he represents a true masculinity and assertiveness that drives them crazy. Like the Swedish bureaucracy, they prefer to do their dirty work in the dark and put up stone fences of deniability. An assertive constituency is repugnant to any bureaucrat, as he runs the risk of organized opposition and adverse publicity.

    I still have no clue to the personal mindset of the totalitarians, though. Whether they have already accepted the necessity of converting to Islam, as Matt Bracken seems to think, or whether they are simply blind to the impossibility of using Muslims and then discarding them, I have no idea.

    • A small quibble Ronald. One can hardly term a uniformed and therefore organized SA under Ernst Rohm as being ‘street gangs’. The people saw this as tangible evidence that Hitler, who at first used to dress in the brown shirt uniform, was in cahoots with the SA against the Communists and later the Jews.

      • Well, appreciate your correction. I try to use historical events to formulate my own own views, and if I use the wrong description of an event, then my view becomes inaccurate to that extent.

      • Something which has been forgotten is that the communists seized control of Bavaria during the last days of WWI eventually establishing a Soviet Republic. It wasn’t until May 1919 that Bavaria was brought back under national control.
        Hitler, as part of his post war military service, was later employed as a spy by the government to monitor another leftwing group in Bavaria which he ironically took over.
        Hitler got to where he did because the Prussian old guard thought he was the tool they needed to reassert themselves over the Weimar Republic, they funded him and aided him politically.

  11. Lest face it. Mr wilders is not one of us and a russian spy. If hes in danger it is because of his affairs with maroccan minors.
    Send him to Marocco for trial.

    • I see these kinds of outlandish and unfounded comments on Sputnik News. If you knew anything at all about the man instead of relying on political propaganda and out right lies, you would not have put that comment forward!

      • I believe Bent’s comment was sarcasm, mocking the Russian Agent/blackmail sex tape allegations against Donald Trump. Because anyone who doesn’t accept Muslims uncritically must be evil!

      • Sad but true, Russia has som sort of info about Geert that force him into decisions that not are his true intentions.
        Le Pen has millions of Euro from Moscow.

        • Your comment needs verification – do you have any sources at all? Otherwise it is just political propaganda designed to undermine a politician.

    • What? For trying to preserve his country and culture? This shows that dual citizens can’t be trusted to do certain jobs. They shouldn’t have been hired. They should be held on treason charges, then hung. They should lose pensions and be banned from public benefits.

  12. Geert Wilders himself tweeted that two of the Moroccan policemen who were arrested in 2015 ‘under suspicion of leaking police information to Moroccan whitewashing gang’ were actually on his security team.’They were even in my safehouse’, he tweeteed on 24 Feb 2017. Details, pagegrabs of one of the cops photographed with Wilders here:

  13. Basically the establishment and the liberal left want Gilders dead because he makes them look silly by exposing their ridiculous ideals of social liberalism as a farce and they want him dead by any means .If this means Moroccans can be got to do the dirty deed be blamed for it, then so be it ! The left wing liberals hands are washed of it ! Gilders silenced and the truth suppressed is want the liberals want !

    • I don’t think that is it just Wilders that makes Dutch traitors look silly – they do that all by themselves with the actions they take while many of their countrymen take note.

  14. Follow Journalist @mickvanwely on twitter, he has more news tomorrow about the Dutch Governments security failure of Wilders

  15. What is the matter with these ppl? In the picture on twitter there are two Arab-looking men standing in front of him. No Arabs on his security detail. This is revolting. God bless Geert Wilders.

  16. I would Like to know what native dutch people think about all this situation? Do they think It is normal for a politician to bem threatened this way? Why people are so stupid? And what is the main stream media saying about this “incident”? Thank you.

  17. First of all:
    This is not true:
    “Theo van der Plas and Michel Beaten, who supervise the Dienst Bewaken & Beveiligen have resigned at the request of their superiors.”

    They haven’t resigned, but they were transferred to another section of the police. This is of course to get them out of the public spotlights as soon as possible.

    And second:
    Now two other security-officers are relieved of their duties and are under investigation.

    Holland is rotten to the core. Hopefully the tide can be turned on May 15th, but I fear the worst. And the worst is really bad.

    • Yes and no. They resigned from *their positions*. They didn’t resign from the force. That’s also a form of resignation. If this was Thai news, it would read: “… and have been transferred to an inactive position”.

      I always wonder what that is. I imagine counting buffaloes in Nakhon Nowhere, or directing traffic in Moobaan Lek Lek (moobaan = village or hamlet, lek = small, lek lek= very small).

  18. Let’s say Geert wins the majority vote; how is PVV going to form a coalition in order to have a Prime Minister?

  19. Until about a week ago, UK high street bookmaker PaddyPower had odds of 1 to 6 on Wilders party PVV winning most seats in the election. In other words, a virtual certainty. Today they are hovering around 1 to 2, so much less likely. Curious.

  20. Hmmmm. Any decent lawyer for Geert Wilders who could take on the present Prime Minister and his accomplices for “Attempted Murder” ? And do it BEFORE the election. As a kind of “Ersatz” Campaign?

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