Anti-Trump Hysteria: What is the Establishment Afraid Of?

In his latest essay, Emmet Scott examines the bizarre excesses of anti-Trump hysteria.

Anti-Trump Hysteria: What is the Establishment Afraid Of?

by Emmet Scott

To describe the media reaction to Donald’s Trump’s victory as hysterical is almost an understatement. The relentless demonization of the man, in newspapers, on television, on the internet, among politicians, among Hollywood celebrities and among academics, is truly without precedent. Look at a newspaper or log onto the internet and you’ll immediately be faced with a barrage of screaming headlines telling you how horrible the guy is. It really is weird.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the establishment is angling for some way — any way — to get rid of Trump. There is no question, for example, that they have created and are creating a climate of hate which could well lead to his assassination. Failing that, it seems that they’d like to trigger some form of general uprising, with the aim of making the country ungovernable and thereby facilitating a legal process to force his resignation. Their motto seems to be: Whatever it takes, get rid of him.

This is all very good news for those who voted for Trump on the understanding that he was not just another establishment puppet: that he was his own man, a man who would represent the interests of the working people for whom he spoke during the campaign and who eventually put him into the White House.

But how to explain the establishment’s almost deranged hatred? There is no question that some vested interests will be harmed by his policies. Legislation against outsourcing of jobs abroad will unquestionably cut profits for many of the multinational corporations. On the other hand, his promise to massively cut Obama-era regulations has the potential to provide a great boost to industry and to profits — as stock market optimism in the immediate aftermath of his election would suggest. And if his promise to put an end to America’s wars abroad has alarmed the arms manufacturers, his promise to massively increase America’s military strength should certainly allay their fears. He has, to date (unfortunately) made no sign of ending the alliance with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states, the biggest consumers of American-made military hardware.

So the men with the big money will probably not be harmed by his government; they might even prosper. Yet these are the very people who hate him: The useful idiots protesting and rioting in the streets have been goaded into action by media hysteria. And the media is the establishment (Not that the protesters are themselves members of the working classes: The great majority are students and state-employed ‘professionals’ of one sort or another).

Whence, then, comes the hatred? Left-wing ideology — specifically gender-driven left-wing ideology — is certainly behind a lot of it. The protesters and the media are not so much worried about loss of welfare benefits or any other economic issue as they are about abortion and LGBT ‘rights’ — which they fear will be eroded under Trump. A recent article by Gavin McInnis, entitled “Normalizing Degeneracy” has pointed out that several of the organizers of anti-Trump demonstrations have convictions for pedophile offences. In McInnis’ opinion, these and many others of Trump’s opponents wish to continue the cultural revolution ongoing under the Obama administration, tear down the last vestiges of Christian morality, and legalize all forms of deviance, including pedophilia.

I believe that McInnis is right; that most of the opposition to Trump has nothing whatsoever to do with traditional left-wing concerns, such as working-class poverty, and is almost entirely driven by sexual and sex-related issues. His opponents fear losing the culture-war gains they made under Obama. However, I would suggest that many members of the establishment have, in addition, something very personal to fear from the Trump administration: For it would appear that some of America’s most powerful people have been involved in activities which if brought into the public forum would utterly destroy them, not only professionally, but also personally.

For many years now rumors about a massive pedophile ring operating among the upper echelons of the Hollywood elite have been rife. That such a network does exist has been confirmed by several of the world’s most respected child (or former child) actors. The televised testimony of Corey Feldman, for one, can be viewed by anyone on YouTube; whilst similar statements have been made by Elijah Wood and several others, and it is fairly clear that sexual abuse of children in Hollywood has been a problem for many years — one that has been continually brushed under the carpet by an extremely powerful elite. Only occasionally have perpetrators been accused in public — as was Roman Polanski in 1977 — and even less commonly have such persons been brought to justice.

But the Hollywood elite, it would seem, are only one part of the establishment up to their necks in this kind of behavior. We know that Bill Clinton made twenty-six journeys on Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘Lolita Express’ — the aircraft which brought Epstein’s guests to parties on his Caribbean island and other destinations where underage girls were regularly on the menu. Recent revelations about Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant Huma Abedin, point in the same direction. Then of course we have the leaked Podesta emails and the whole ‘Pizzagate’ affair. If there is any truth at all in the idea that the coded language used in these emails refers to the sexual abuse of underage children, then it would appear that a substantial segment of the Democratic Party (as well apparently as some members of the Republican Party) are active pedophiles.

Almost all of the mainstream media in the United States are vociferous Democrat partisans. We know from similar events in Britain and elsewhere that the media and the establishment in general protect powerful child abusers almost as a matter of course. Could it be that the Pizzagate allegations are true and that the Democrats and their media friends and colleagues fear criminal prosecution by an administration that does not ‘play by the rules’ of the elitist game?

Emmet Scott is the author of Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited: The History of a Controversy and The Impact of Islam. For his previous essays, see the Emmet Scott Archives.

84 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Hysteria: What is the Establishment Afraid Of?

  1. Creatures of darkness are afraid of the light.

    I for one don’t see so many pedophiles, but more of the “Misguided Revolutionaries” kind. Their imaginary bubbles seemed indestructible just a little while ago, yet Trump has resurrected the Right Wing including “Doing what I say, and saying what I do” – right thing to do…

    Because the leftists, if you watch them long enough, don’t really say what they think, but they say what they think should be said. Cultural conditioning for further cultural conditioning – at its finest.

    It’s been like that during the communist revolution, and during the golden days of NSDAP… There is a method to the madness, and the leftists of today have been methodically conditioned!

    The funny thing is, that the lefties went so far out to the left, that all we need to do to upset their order is to bring back normal things from 60 years ago – like “not lying”, “speaking the truth”, “family values”, man/woman differences (its funny how many new age gurus speak of jin/jang yet they say man and women are the same thing…) honor, God, etc…

    Take heed that no man deceives you, and help those who have been deceived.

    There will be a lot of anger, because breaking one’s programming hurts!

    • Barn, many humans have only been shown the road to self-gratification in their short lives. Perhaps we should pity them more than ostracize them because that is all that they know? And, we have had ample evidence of over 100 years of recorded history that verifies the destructive nature of Socialism in all its forms, and no matter how some wish to dress up that failure by sugarcoating such destructiveness in ‘Progressive’ feely good policies, the self -evident TRUTH is there for all who wish to see it, but maybe it is that some really cannot see it?

      • Ostracise fine, but they preparing to kill you in their misguidedness, so sorry I will not waste my time on pity…

        • The collectivization through ‘higher education’ of our youth into wayward thinking is basic mob mentality psychology where individual thinking is repressed by that of ‘mob’ ideals.

          No doubt there are those within the ‘mob’ who are completely taken in by the Communists sweet lies, but I’ll also wager that there are many in that ‘mob’, and who for reasons best known to themselves, will take money offered for their attendance at protests but, who do not share the rabid ideology of the indoctrinated.

          Attack the source of the money spigot so that the money flow is stopped and then stand back and watch how many show up at those ‘grass roots’ protests, I believe the numbers so far recorded would halve over night.

    • Dear Swallow, you are perfectly correct in:

      ” Cultural conditioning”

      and which culture are we immersed in? The worst “culture ” known to humanity (the muslim culture) that has stayed aggressive and hateful of others at the same level as it was when it emerged from the Pirate/Satan’s bum.

    • Just the increase in the number of mosques since the Queen came to the throne — one when she started; now 2000. That is a hard statistic to ignore and very concerning once you twig to what is going on in some of those mosques.

  2. tried to find the word “Russia”, but no it isn’t there.

    do you guys understand what “treason” means?

    Trump succeeded to denigrate and ridicule everybody, but strangely keeps silence about Putin.

    Flynn affair, Rosneft affair, mail hacking affair, documented contacts of campaign officials with FSB agents..

    Trump is heading to impeachment, if not jail term.

    or you reckon, islamic infiltrator Obama was bad, but Putin’s agent Trump is OK?

    • Sigh…

      Obama’s long, long history (curiously lacking any paper trail except what he wanted to write) as an Alinskyite radical is well-documented.

      We had a choice between Hillary and Donald. For many of us, that meant no choice at all. If you think Hillary would have improved our lot, then you have my deepest sympathy.

      Only you and people like Maxine Waters (who thinks Russia is attacking Korea) think Trump will be impeached… keep looking. You have at least four years to find something and you have the iron grid of the highly suspect MSM to help you. With all of them looking, why haven’t you impeached him already?

      Now. Why aren’t *you* complaining, questioning, why Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post who entered a 600 million dollar deal with the CIA in 2014, is permitted to use anonymous sources FROM the CIA to source his claims about anything in the Trump administration.

      Or perhaps you’d prefer we were permanently governed by this cabal, accountable to no one.

      Go ahead, list your articles of impeachment.

      • It appears to me that there is some nexus/confluence of evil throughout our land, politics and culture that pours into some vile maelstrom of noise that shrieks:
        Get Trump!
        Gotta get RID of him!
        Never mind that half the nation supports him– especially if you restrict the numbers to CITIZENS qualified to vote and leave off the illegal hordes:
        Facebook, Twitter et al.
        Islam (radical by nature).
        Iranian 5th columnists.
        One thing for sure, when it comes to this conspiracy we don’t know THE HALF of it all.
        Lock and load, boys and girls–and not just the guns, either.

        • “A Cross is what happens when the crooked meets the straight.” C. S. Lewis

          14 Therefore sent he thither horses, and chariots, and a great host: and they came by night, and compassed the city about.

          15 And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the city both with horses and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! how shall we do?

          16 And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.

          17 And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.

      • Top of the list is Trump is not dirty enough to Blackmail.
        The Shadow Spooks already have the dirt on Pence, so President Trumps assassination will MY call to arms.
        I truly believe the spooks know this.

      • Guess what, if you leftist scum harm one hair on his head, that includes all rinos. you are going to have a [solid waste] storm like you cant imagine. you had better get your useful idiots in check, there are a lot of us that are enraged, watching & waiting.

    • While Hillary sells Uranium Mining Secrets to Russian interest, fools like you take it out on the messenger.[to heck with] you and the pedophiles you protect.

    • I agree with Trump that it is better to get along with Putin as much as possible, rather than having him as an enemy. Most of your comments reflect nebulous transgressions — Flynn has been cleared of wrong doing in his interactions with the Russian Ambassador, the report on “hacking” was nonsense — those emails were never hacked. They were leaked. Great effort is being put into suggesting covert deals with an enemy (Russia), but so far, the stories being put forward are not convincing. Funny so many were not concerned with Obama’s advisor’s affiliations with Iran or Hillary’s uranium sale to Russia.

  3. I believe Emmet is spot on in his assessment of why those who control the Left narrative have so much more to hide than their political affiliations and their useful idiots, who BTW, get paid to perform, and those he exposes will use hook or crook to subdue what the Donald has now rejuvenated – an awakening to Christian morals and principles.

    The light of TRUTH will always expose the corrupted!

  4. I always suspected it was prospect of losing their beloved tax preferences. And who would know more about tax preferences than a billionaire real estate mogul?

    Why did the kernel of the GOP [ the 1 out off 33 Americans who own 70% of everything worth owning ] worship Raegan? How about the drop in the maximum income tax rate? And Bush the Latter? How about turning the three-year tax surplus marked up under Clinton over to the Kernel and letting the grandchildren of the suckers struggle make up the difference?

    • The budget surplus was thanks to the Gingrich Congress. Clinton was submitting deficit budgets.

  5. I believe this article comes close to the truth! I personally wondered why Hollywood was so up in arms (hysterical) about Trump. It is a festering hotbed of LGBT’ers and always among these types is festering pedophilia. Sexual deviance knows no boundaries! The reason I wondered was their fame and wealth depend solely upon the flyover country buying into the drivel being put out by them. Why cut off your nose to spite your face, so to speak! Just think for a moment about changing the make-up of the Supreme Court. The world they have been trying to constuct, could possibly be seriously threatened.

    If one wants to get out in the weeds so to speak, there may be a tie-in with the power establisment as well. Once a huge group of society is totally disconnected from absolute truth and principle, there appears to be no bottom the abyss they fall into willingly!!!

    I personally fear we are in for a devastating ride in this culture in the near future.

  6. I just love our new President, thank you, Father, for our King Cyrus…Dear Lord, thank You, that You are still on the Throne and that prayer can still change things…

    I thank You for answered prayer and for appointing Your servant, Donald J. Trump as the leader of Your people and this great nation… Thank You, Father, that We the People came out in droves and elected Donald J. Trump by a landslide.

    There are those who would contest our votes, contest the Will of Your People, (unsuccessful recounts, she lost twice and now the CIA/Russian hacking lie, and a failed electoral college coup, and of course the bought and paid for by satan and soros, designer anarchy in our streets).

    We will not allow them to steal our future. You unclean, globalist, satanic, baby killing Clinton birds and your evil cohorts won’t be feathering your nests at our expense any more!…America has spoken loud and clear…CAN YOU HEAR US NOW??? There will be no perfect leader until Jesus returns, we know that. Until then, true Christians and true patriotic Americans are grateful to you, Father, for giving us a brave and strong leader in our new President.

    I have never been more grateful and more humbled in my life…I have never voted before, I have never cared before…I want to say thank You, Jesus, for hearing our cries and for helping us avoid the greatest tragedy this nation has ever faced, and that is the loss of our sovereignty and being handed over to the New World Order Global Government, and we know that is the antichrist beast system…

    I am so proud of my fellow Americans for seeing through the lies and doing the right thing, and that is turning to You, Lord…thank You, Father, for moving the hearts of the people toward You and toward truth and good…Good made an open show of evil, but, we must and we will be vigilant, for we know it is not against flesh and blood that we fight, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We also fight against an ignorant, intentionally dumbed down world that has left so many “unaware and compliant” and easily manipulated.


    They almost caught us unaware this time; we will watch, we won’ t let that happen again; we will not become complacent and go back to sleep. We hold our new leader, President Donald J. Trump, up to You and ask for Your Divine and Supernatural protection over him and his family at all times, particularly now, when those that seek to harm him and our nation are so desperate…the criminals are being cornered like rats, they will lash out…Lord, you said you would confound the plans of the wicked and lay the crooked path straight…I thank you for this and in all things. Vengeance is Yours, Father, and soon, they shall have their reward… in Jesus’ Sweet Name I pray…Amen…

    For all you Christians who are saying President Trump is not a Christian, the Word says Salvation comes when we believe and receive Jesus as Lord…the rest comes in the sanctification process…I see Mr. Trump as a baby Christian that needs our prayer and support…the man stood on the world stage and said to the entire world, I am a proud Christian, in a world that hates Christians, after the pope said he wasn’t a Christian…that speaks volumes to me. He has a lot to learn about being a good Christian, but as president of the United States, I guarantee you, the Lord will drive him to his knees when it is time. Or, consider Cyrus, he was a pagan Persian King who God used to release the Israelites out of Babylonian captivity and even helped them to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. …right now, our country needs a Chief Executive Officer and a born leader, not a Pastor…we have enough of those and most are evil wolves in sheep’s clothing… to these naysayers, these Pharisees, I say, put your stones back in your pocket, not one of us is perfect, we all have need for improvement in every area of our lives… I do believe that he is a Christian, as imperfect as he is, and I pray for him that he recognize that we are all sinners in need…

    I pray every day that Donald Trump see and understand this and I believe that he will. He is a good man and a great leader and will change our country for the better and give us a nation to hand down to our children and grandchildren. He is giving us a voice that we thought was long dead…he is not a perfect Christian, but, in an evil world where true Christians are being marginalized and persecuted and shut up more and more every day, I believe he will fight to make sure we are all free to worship as we choose, without persecution…that’s why I chose him.

    Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus…I had a wide awake, open vision of the Lord’s return in 1976 when I was 13 years old. This July was 40 years since that date… Thank you for taking time to view and share…the hour is late, the harvest is great, but the laborers are few…–TNZzsxc

    [NOTE: edited by Admin for brevity]

    • To Anon: If this isn’t a fly-by and you plan to return please keep it brief…You have about 900 words here [edited]. In contrast, Jesus only used about 300 for the parable of the Good Samaritan. If you want to persuade people try some of Scott Adams’ rules re communication. Here’s one post:

      A basic rule re communication is to understand your audience. Thus, a lengthy sermon is NOT an appropriate tool for GoV readers; we’re the thorns and stones where the seed was sown. I’ve written out long comments only to delete them because I’m too verbose… well, mostly I do that.

      To our other readers: Anon demonstrates very well the worldview of many of Trump’s voter base. People like Anon – and I know a number of them – are the antithesis of those fragile snowflakes who are having tantrums, even now. Anon is obviously part of the American evangelical tradition, the ones who built a small church on nearly every street corner in fly-over country. It may not be your point of view but it’s important to know there are lots more where Anon comes from. Trump knows that; it’s part of the reason he won.

    • Jesus, Anonymous (if you’ll excuse the blasphemy), please give it a rest. I don’t mean just you personally; if you believe you found Jesus in 1976, I genuinely envy you, though I wonder whether you’ve ever asked him or his father why Jehovah allowed “original sin” to exist in the first place, as he must have been infinitely more powerful than “Satan”, so there should have been no need for us to be “saved”.

      No, my problem is that at nearly 69, I’ve met many good- and not so good- people, and it seemed to bear little relationship to their faith, or lack of one. Nor indeed to their political views; despite several years following “Gates”, I remain resolutely (mostly) on the political left, though I’ve come across some appalling supporters of that cause, and some good folk on the “right”, eg the Baron and Dymphna, as well as more personal aquaintances.

      Human life is complex, because we are. I see many cases, here and elsewhere, of young people being naive and idealistic; but isn’t that partly the business of the young? They’ll be here long after most of us are gone, one hopes, and want to build better world as the generation of 1968 hoped to.

      However don’t count on any kind of divine intervention; there’s been precious little evidence so far, except possibly in individual lives like your own. God allowed the Holocaust, and the much greater slaughters perpetrated in the name of Islam, among others. I will agree that Trump seems uncorrupted by financial considerations and uninfluenced by political correctness; I hope he can keep to his course (on most issues).

      • I wonder whether you’ve ever asked him or his father why Jehovah allowed “original sin” to exist in the first place, as he must have been infinitely more powerful than “Satan”, so there should have been no need for us to be “saved”.

        It astounds me that adults STILL ask this juvenile stuff. (If you’re under 14, I forgive you.) Damn. You really think that’s some sort of “Gotcha!”

        Gee, why didn’t God just make us as house plants so we couldn’t get in trouble? This whole free will thing is dangerous!

        • Good question. I will add that one to my list of things to ask God when I die (along with why do the furthest celestial objects appear more than 3000 light years away, if the universe is only 3000 years old). Still, I believe that I am serving something bigger and better than myself, and in doing so, this gives my life value and meaning, rather than just an empty existence devoid of true meaning and purpose. I also feel that there is such a thing as absolute moral truth, and that the breaking of such moral truth through it’s continuous erosion by the left has seriously degraded the country, the social contract, rational thought, and family cohesion. Let’s assume the Bible is just a theological construct. Tell what you find false about it? It’s disliking homosexuality? Let me be Captain Obvious, and point out to you that the homosexual lifestyle is not viable in the literal sense of the word. Why celebrate failure (the political lefts favorite pastime)? What exactly is the point of homosexual marriage? Even some gay groups acknowledge this. At least they are seeing themselves in terms of reality. What other valuable moral teachings that existed in the past do we see being destroyed, and how exactly is this all to our benefit? Are real moral truths inherently obvious? Your abandonment of Christianity leaves you with no moral anchor, which is exactly where the liberals want you to be, because now you have no rational means to object to any change they desire to make in order to erode our society further. I never found the divine in the Story, but rather I found the divine in the Message. That in turn makes the Story divine, and that is when I became a Christian. You, on the other hand can only mock the Story, because that is the limit of the depth of your understanding from your limited view of your existence in time and space. You have never bothered to understand why the Message is so important, and where our ancestors, our society, and we would be without it. You have spent your entire life living the benefits of growing up in a Christian society and you never questioned why it all worked as well as it does. [redacted].

          • Paragraphs, puleeeese!! (dhans)

            I don’t know about others, but if your lengthy comment is just one huge paragraph, I won’t read it.

          • dhans,

            Your comment being somewhat more cogent, I’ll reply to it.

            My belief is that there is no god, but my knowledge tells me that both the existence of god and the non-existence of god are unprovable. Those who believe in god are acting from belief and not from knowledge. Actually, no such a bad thing, as western religions emphasize faith, and faith is a belief not fully supported by the evidence. Is there any virtue in believing a plane can fly? You can see it with your eyes.

            There are many religions, with each having a more or less different set of ethics. If you are born into a religion and consider that religion to be the ultimate truth, you have fallen into a truth denied to many people. If you convert to a religion, you have in fact chosen your own set of beliefs and ethical imperatives.

            Does that mean religion is useless? Not at all. It provides an important focus of identity and an invaluable mechanism for teaching children the values of their parents. But, the fact that a belief is useful doesn’t mean that it’s true. In other words, the argument that we would be savages were it not for the belief in god, is not a good argument that there is a god. I would be poor if god (or somebody) didn’t give me money, but that is not a good argument for the existence of god.

            I’m a fervent Trump supporter. If I had any role in his campaign, I’d for sure visit churches and try to look interested. But if directly questioned, I’d, of course, admit to being atheist, as all of us Trumpies owe each other the truth. But, the nice thing about Trump is, he will protect the interests of the fundamentalists to follow their beliefs and teachings. I can get behind that.

          • Sorry about the lack of paragraphs. I’ll try to improve my limited writing skills. Not really a left brain kind of person.

      • mark h
        You might think on this — to answer why original sin was allowed in the first place. If not for choice between good and evil, we would not be made in gods image and would be nothing more than the apes that darwin proposes we have evolved from.

        • RKae and Anonymous: you mean we’re just God’s lab rats? If I’m “juvenile” for objecting, I can live with that.

          dhans: I am totally sick and tired of being told that I, as an unbeliever, cannot have a moral compass. People who know me would, I believe, disagree.

          By the way, the verse from Leviticus condemning homosexuality is in the same chapter as one approving slavery.

          • Well, consider this then. Why is rape, theft, or murder immoral (notice I did not say illegal)? Without religion I cannot see why any of these things are immoral because morality is a religious concept. You may not commit these things because you fear the consequences, but what exactly stops you from doing so? Getting caught? Just plan your crimes better.

            Your moral compass is not the result of rational thought, but rather fear of consequences and public shame. The drug dealer in inner city Baltimore IS a moral person, if the individual is allowed to determine what is moral and what is not.

            Also, since you have clearly stated that you are an unbeliever, why quote the Bible? If you actually understood the Bible, you would understand that the New Testament abrogates the Old Testament in numerous ways, including those passages in Leviticus you quoted. It does not help your argument to misquote things out of context.

            Christians find this most amusing by the way.

            Hope that helps.

          • Morality does not belong solely to religion. Surely you know that?? The notion of justice is obvious even in a young child who has not reached the age of reason. A three-year-old crying “Unfair!” is a small being who will not reach ‘the age of reason’ until his age doubles. A precocious six, an average seven-year-old can even explain to you why something is wrong and it has everything to do with his innate human nature.

            Quite simply, we are born to belong; we begin looking for connection at birth and it will continue our life long. To the extent we can successfully connect with others is the extent to which we can be happy. But it comes in all forms.

            Some of us are color-blind; you can explain the color red till you’re blue in the face and it won’t make any difference to the color-blind man’s perception of red. Not a whit.

            As for an atheist quoting the Bible, your condescension is most un-Christian. We don’t own Scripture, and we not Islamic – it’s fine for anyone to quote our Holy Book. “Even the devil quotes Scripture”.

            I would suggest you read “Les Mots” by Jean Paul Sartre. He explains his decision in childhood to choose unbelief. He said he met God when he (Sartre, not God) was nine and didn’t like Him. So they decided to go their separate ways.

            Faith is not something one chooses. Our faculty for willing lies outside consciousness, though we often make the mistake of thinking “will-power” is ours to dispose of. St. Paul made it plain that it’s not. A Christian believes that faith is a gift; as such he will not denigrate another’s moral decisions just because they don’t agree with his. If he has any experience of God, he wouldn’t dare…

            Many Christians would find your dismissal of another’s moral compass quite disturbing.

            But atheists would find you most amusing, by the way.

            Hope this helps.

          • Dymphna:

            Actually, I did not know that morality could exist outside of religion, at least as I would define it. The Modernists believe in a rational world sans spirituality. Without a belief in God, there is no higher moral order that can be broken, because it does not exist.

            If our society, in their mind, is based on rational thought, then one acts in a manner to best enhance ones survival in that society, bringing the least amount of public distrust, or documented criminality. I’m not quite sure that is the same as morality.

            Your comment about me being an atheist in a Christians robe has some merit however, but I’m working on that. Let’s call it a work in progress.

          • Morality does indeed exist outside religion; when professed Christians insist this is not the case, they go against the lived experience of atheists who do indeed operate from a moral foundation.

            A moral sense is part of our make-up as human beings. As I said, watch a three-year-old. In the course of a day you’ll observe the quest for justice, an innate sense of compassion for those who are smaller than he is, sympathy for his tired daddy, a strong desire to take care of the baby bird he’s just noticed by the service berry bush…and so on. At three, he has a moral compass based on being born into a family which has mirrored for him all those behaviors. Since he is absolutely centered on belonging, he copies those behaviors. As he grows, he internalizes them so that he feels “moral” whether he’s being watched or not…

            If you would understand the human heart, read Piaget on children’s development, or Kagan about the stages of their moral growth. Neither mentions God, but they sure know human nature. If you’d learn Christian apologetics, then read the best. I’d recommend C. S. Lewis and Gabriel Marcel.

            If you’re going to proselytize (and it shouldn’t be here) learn communication and persuasion techniques. When I was learning catechesis in my theology studies, the professor said something that has stayed with me all these decades later: “before you teach the Our Father to a child, be sure you know what his father is like”. Thus, if you know the child’s father has a habit of hitting his kid with a hammer before church, take that into account. The less religion a battered child gets, the more likely he is to be able to utilize spirituality in his quest to become whole as an adult.

            There have always been a high number of atheists; they just weren’t free to say so before now without paying severe penalties. Gates of Vienna – the historical siege – was really about power, though the battle was dressed in religious terms.I like that people are free to say what they want. Do I think a religious or spiritual life is better? Of course. But I’ll grant my courteous atheist friend the right to hold his views without being disparaged for them. I think my way is better; he prefers his. He is every bit as “moral” a person as I am.

            The attraction to religion for me is based on love; from what I can tell, his choice is based on a historical incident that made religious belief abhorrent to him. He is comfortable with his choice…

            As for you being “an atheist in a Christian robe” I said no such thing. I didn’t even think it. But notice that it’s very hard to tell the sheep from the goats by the way we talk. Oh, sure, occasionally you’ll run across a saint, but most of us are just trying to get by, same as everybody else. My mother was very religious but she was also very anxious. As I said at her funeral, every morning Mother turned over her life to God.By ten a.m. she’d taken it back again.

            I’ll quote again what Christianity means to me: the experience of Christ means that loves is possible, evil is reversible and you can live liberated from your past.

            BTW, that’s why Islam isn’t a religion. It destroys children with sexual abuse from a tiny age. I don’t really believe in the devil as the personification of evil but then I begin to see what Islam does to children and I wonder…

          • So empathy = morality? Maybe.

            After re-reading your comment, I now understand that I was mistaken in my interpretation of your statement

            “As for an atheist quoting the Bible, your condescension is most un-Christian. We don’t own Scripture, and we not Islamic – it’s fine for anyone to quote our Holy Book. “Even the devil quotes Scripture”.”

            I now see that I am not the atheist you are referring to here, and I was confused by use of the word “your” in this manner, but nevertheless, I stand by my conviction that I am a less than perfect Christian.

  7. This does not completely make sense. One would have thought that the best course of action by the Hollywood secret army of perverts (who i am sure exist to some degree) would be to keep quiet and not provoke their nemesis. However I do note that Emmet Scott, in his books, tends to the wilder and conspiracy-wracked shores of history, and such views may inherently appeal to him.

    • How then Clovis do you account for the hysteria? Do you perchance deny that the media is creating an atmosphere which could lead to Trump’s assassination? And what, pray tell are the ‘wilder and conspiracy-wracked’ theories that I give credence to?
      But first and foremost, explain the media/establishment hysteria. Or do you deny that it is hysteria at all?

      • Thank you for responding to my email.

        My opinion is that the hysteria is due to the general febrile state of political discourse in America magnified by social media. Together with the fact that Mr Trump is an ‘outsider’, probably considered vulgar and hence attracts attention of this sort. One would be surprised if media reaction took any other form.

        A number of presidents have been targets of assassination and Mr Trump has already been a target. Shooting presidents seems to be an American tradition. The perpetrators are generally unhinged to some degree and I would not wish to guess to what degree they are influenced by the media compared to their own paranoid agenda.

        The wilder shores refers to the ideas of Velikovsky, Pirennewus, and ‘phantom centuries’.

        I have been unable to find any peer reviewed history articles by you or books published by an academic press. The sparse references to your historical writings by academics that exist are faintly damming. Do you mind me asking what your academic background / credentials are?

        • Hi Clovis, I have a Master’s Degree in ealy modern history. The ideas of Illig and Velikovsky are not conspiracy theories, although the academic establishment has sought to portray them as such. Of course I wouldn’t get any material on these issues into a peer-reviewed journal, but then peer reviewed journals have become little more than a forum for an oppressive and frankly suppressive academic establishment.

      • The MSM (Mainstream Media) is TERRIFIED that President
        Trump is doing a great job as he promised during his campaign.

        MSM has lost all credibility. President Trump handed them
        their butts on a platter in his most recent press conference.

        Seeing a politician doing what he promised in his campaign is
        startling; but then President Trump is NOT a “politician”. He
        is a businessman, all business.

        • And as such eminently qualified to run a country in my humble opinion, since it seems reasonable to me that running a country is certainly akin to running a huge business.

          To those who disagree, and there are some who comment here, has a ‘community organizer’ from nowhere run the States well for the last 8 years? ’nuff said!

          True, an actor was a very good President for the States, but I’m filled with apprehension at the prospect of another 3 (7) years with our part-time drama teacher, part time ski-instructor PM here in Canada–the past year has been bad enough.

    • That’s a broad brush you’re using to paint your metaphorical picture. Precisely what are these “wilder and conspiracy-wracked shores of history” you “note”?


  8. Another factor is their fear that Trump may be a roadblock to their population displacement/replacement policy, particularly aimed at White Americans.

  9. A further possible weakness in the conspiracy of perverts theory is that Donald Trump himself seems to have been an associate of the reprehensible Epstein.

    In my humble opinion the media etc. reactions to the election of Donald Trump are the last kicks of a dying cultural establishment against a (probably inevitable) new world order of populist nationalist States run by elected oligarchs rather than professional politicians. In such a world the media and those with minority sexual or cultural interests tend to suffer more than the general populace hence the outcry. But i am hopeful that the American tradition of individualism backed up by your 2nd amendment rights prevents a swing to outright authoritarianism.

    • A further possible weakness in the conspiracy of perverts theory is that Donald Trump himself seems to have been an associate of the reprehensible Epstein.

      As Trump made clear, he knows everyone. To say someone is an associate is to condemn based on the thinnest of tissue in this case.

      The outcry against sexual perversions/deviancy is a result of their in-your-face insistence that we accept their ridiculous theories, which are now carried to the extremes of 32 possible gender choices. What was once a movement for acceptance has become perverted (to choose a term) into a worse-than-Fellini side show for exhibitionists. Even the original pioneer of sex-change surgery at Johns Hopkins wants to take it all back. He asserts now that he was wrong, that it’s a case of exhibitionism gone awry. I’ll take his new version; it makes the most sense.

      • But is that not what Mr Emmet has done? Of more concern for the potential for blackmail are Donald Trump’s past connections to organised crime, though this might hold true of many NY property develers.

        • I doubt you can own a casino in Atlantic City without having at least a nodding relationship with the Mob. It’s what I’ve always assumed, anyway.

          • Indeed, though I was thinking more of NY connections via Roy Cohn and Mr Trump’s father. Under normal circumstances one would have thought connections with organised crime would cause concern amongst an informed electorate. This may not be the case in the new oligarchic world order.

          • Virtually anyone who climbs to the top of the heap in New York or New Jersey ends up with mob associations. It’s unavoidable. To mention just one example: it’s well-known that the major unions are mobbed up. If you have to deal with those unions (either as a businessman or a politician), then you’re dealing at least indirectly with the Mob. And you know it; people who rise that high aren’t stupid.

    • Those who screamed the loudest back when, should have stopped their screaming when homosexuality was proclaimed to be non-criminal behaviour. They had their victory back when and should have been satisfied with that!

    • To Clovis,

      I like your approach: try to find a general reason why things are evolving as they do. You reject the view Emmet Scott has presented, that the Trump haters are acting to defend their pedophile lifestyles. I tend to agree with you. I read a lot of tweets describing “pizzagate” and the common denominator is that all are based on second and third-removed speculation.

      My family is Jewish, those that are left, and their views and that of their friends is rabidly against Trump, but completely unrelated to pedophilia. I don’t really have a handle on why they are so rigid on the subject of allowing in Muslims who will blow them up and subject them to chattel, but rigid they are.

      My own view is that the people who self-identify as globalists wish to see everything under a world government, enforcing the rules they think are desirable. The globalist movement is funded by bankers, brokers and speculators who make their oceans of money through currency manipulation and taxpayer-backed international loan deals. What truly frightens them is the real entrepreneur like Donald Trump, who makes his money through being productive, rather than rent-seeking. Hillary attacked Trump for his wealth, but explicitly signaled her allegiance to her big-banker contributors.

      There’s a very interesting book, “The Law of Civilization and Decay” by Brooks Adams. The book describes the fall of the Roman empire as being due to the effect of the impoverishment of the farmers and citizens through the relentless concentration of wealth by moneylenders.

      My tendency is to see an analogous situation by the international bankers, who pursue short-term profits at the expense of the stability of their civilization. And remembering this situation has exact parallels in recorded history.

      • Thank you Ronald, I will look out for that book. There is an article by Sydney Blumemthal on Donald Trump and his family in the latest London Review of Books which gives an idea of the development of the relationship between the New York elite and Donald Trump (from the NY elite PoV).

        • The London Review of Books is a good one to read if you want an exclusively Leftist point of view. Same goes for the NYT RB…As for the relationship between Trump and the NY elite, one knows without looking. They are content to use him, even socially mingle with him (see his various clubs and golf courses) but they don’t really accept him as anything but nouveau riche. But American snobs can’t begin to compete with British snobs, since the latter look down on the US ‘first’ families as unsuitable…

          I love snobs. They are joined at the navel by what they abhor…

          • “Since the the latter look down on US ‘first’ families as unsuitable…” But boy, did they like the money they came with, Winston’s mama was just one of many!
            And of course the British titles were very attractive…

  10. These are all good theories and I’d not be surprised to see any of them proven. At this point though, they’re all just unproven theories, open to comment, conjecture and (hopefully) investigation. If I were a betting man, I’d place my money on pedophilia to… er, win.

    Right now though, we should be less concerned about WHY the left is acting as it is than WHAT they’re doing and what we can do to counter them. We are rapidly approaching a climax which will either see the left soundly defeated or joyously victorious. The past three months have given us a taste of their reaction to defeat and a strong hint of what we could expect if they were to win. While we savored our victory they have retrenched and launched counter-attacks. As is normal for our side, we tried to hold to the high road, hoping they would overreach and deal themselves a death-blow. The Flynn resignation is a lesson to us that we should take to heart.

    Whether the war is one of words or arms, it will be long and arduous. Lincoln’s war is 135 years old and it is still fought daily in skirmishes from Florida to Alaska. For the most part, these battles utilize words, gestures and flags as weapons and only rarely does blood run. We will be immeasurably fortunate if our current conflict doesn’t produce rivers of blood on both sides followed by 300 years of hardening sentiments and eternal enmity.

    Perhaps secession would be best. Whatever… God Bless America!

    • Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp” will take some time to fulfill. Part of that work will be to dismantle the permanent bureaucracy – one which took at least two generations to cement into place.

      I don’t doubt Trump will begin the work – has begun it – but whether there is anyone of his persuasiveness (another non-politician) to follow him is another matter.

      Secession won’t take place along the old North-South hatreds. That old war is still going on as the South sees its monuments being taken down. See Richmond. The fault lines are somewhat different and more numerous. One is the rural vs. urban divide. That one will heat up if Agenda 21 is realized here. Not likely now.

      The big secession movement right now is the proposed Califonia exit. I’m hoping one of our regular commenters finishes his essay on the particulars of that phenomenon…takes a while to source things.

  11. I am puzzled by the last illustration in this article, the one labeled (U) BLogo aka “Boy Lover”. What do these two symbols (one triangular, one square) mean, and what does this illustration have to do with the subject of this article? (And did the author Emmet Scott pick this illustration, or was it added by the editor?)

    • I picked the image.

      The symbol on the left is used by pedophiles to indicate their preference for little boys. It was included in an FBI report on pedophilia, which showed various symbols employed by pedophiles to communicate among themselves without alerting anyone outside the pedophile network. The report came out a few years ago. I don’t have a link handy, but you CAN find it — it’s on a site, if I recall correctly, probably in PDF format.

      The symbol on the left was the logo for Besta Pizza until the Pizzagate story broke, after which it was changed. However, the original logo may be found on various online images of menus, etc. It was also available (and may still be) in the Google Street View shot of the sign on the building.

      The Pizzagate wiki discusses it.

  12. Emmet, I think you hit the target. Trump is not caught up in the pedophile honey pot that the oligarchs use to keep each other in line.

    The only nit would be to say the deranged element are separate and lower on the totem pole, such as students and other protesters. I doubt the oligarchy are deranged, but instead are quite determined and clear-thinking. They are motivated by a fear of the gallows, to get back their control of the narrative and the institutions of power.

    • Yes, this is a reasonable working hypothesis. The question is: Why are some of the famous pedophiles thrown under the bus and prosecuted? Rolf Harris and Denny Hastert come to mind. Why didn’t the network protect them?

      A corollary: If those two were part of the global pedophile ring, then there must have been some sort of incentive to keep them from spilling the beans about it after they were convicted.

      All this is very tentative speculation, nowhere near a set of clear facts. But fascinating. And paranoid, too.

      • I don’t know about Denny Hastert, but while Jimmy Saville was alive Rolf Harris was a close associate to him, maybe it was that connection that kept Harris from going under that bus?

        And after Saville passed onto whatever awaited him in the afterlife, when the molested by Harris began to come forward in a dribble it is simply amazing how it has now turned into flood of complaints.

        There have been other famous names mentioned too, but they seem to have shaken off most of the complaints that has come their way – for now at least.

        • Yes, that’s the thing — most of them mysteriously skate by. But not Harris.

          And what about Roman Polanski? He was hardly the only Hollywood snoid to have carnal knowledge of teeny-boppers. Why’d they go after him?

          Maybe it’s random, the luck of the draw.

          • May I suggest a book? It is ‘The Blue Ring’ by A.J. Quinnell.

            Also by the same author: ‘The Mahdi’.

            Strangely, although most of that author’s books have been made available for Kindle – that one hasn’t. If you’ve read it, you’ll know why.

  13. The elite who Trump stood against during his election campaign would like people to believe that they are trying to create a better world, a world where there are not arguments or unfairness, and everyone gets along. This fantasy world can never be – by definition it is an impossibility. See Isaiah Berlin’s work on ‘the final solution’.

    As Berlin said, such a world is ‘a metaphysical chimera’ – nonetheless, the elite make use of this fantasy by persuading gullible wooly-thinkers that it can really happen. And as history has shown, when people think that THEY have THE FINAL SOLUTION to the question of how human beings are to live together here on earth, they will go to absolutely any lengths to bring it about. The elite understand all this, they’re not stupid. But it serves their purpose.

    And their purpose is not to destroy this world in order to create a better world. It is simply to destroy this world. Because they like it. And they want to rule over the ashes. It goes without saying, that is a Satanic project.

    So you have two groups who are exploding this hatred of Trump into the world – an elite who are hell-bent (literally) on destroying the world around them, so they can stand atop the ashes watching everyone else (i.e. us) scrabbling around trying to stay alive. And you have the ‘useful idiots’ who have swallowed the irrational promise of a better world, and who appear to believe that, if only everyone would think like they do, and agree with them about everything, all the time, hunky-dory world would come to pass …

    Both groups are fanatical in their own way, and both groups need to be identified and eradicated completely from the political sphere throughout Western civilization. Which is why they are so terrified of Trump. He just might expose them, and with the power of the American Presidency behind thim, he might even go after them. At the very least, he might stop them from getting their own way, and these fanatical baby-heads can’t handle that concept at all.

  14. Sexual degeneracy is just 1 of the tools used by the real enemies aligned against Trump. Intn schemes involving currency, banking, fed reserves, etc. are the real issues at stake.

  15. It is my belief that the hysterical reaction to Trump is due to radical Progressive hopes being smashed and shredded. They believed they were only an inch away from an authoritarian, regulatory, democratic socialist, Latin American style police state with THEM in charge. A kleptocracy for them, confiscatory taxes for us, and an Elizabeth Warren cloned scold assigned to anyone who thought we had a Constitution or some type of free enterprise or simple free expression.
    The Catholic Church was to be shut down along with Baptists, Assemblies of God, Orthodox Jews, Lubavitchers etc. Coocoo birds like Unitarians being the only allowable Christians along with the elevation of Islam as a model for a good police state religion.
    Trump put it all on hold and they are furious. They are also now unmasked.

    • Spot on, Jake. The most important thing in this world is to be able to assign meaning to your own life. This is the one thing the radicals in America, and in Europe, don’t want people to do. Because if people are allowed to choose then they might you know … disagree with the radicals and extremists. Oh dearie me. Even the possibility that people might want to choose for themselves what they believe to be true, and to assign meaning to their own lives, is enough to set the radicals and extremists off.

      THEY believe that they have the final solution to the question of how human beings are to live together here on earth, and despite the fact that this fantasy world they dream of has never existed, and never will (because it is a logical impossibility), they insist that everyone else believe in it as well.

      And because they think that their dream-world is ‘good’ it follows in their poisoned thinking that anyone who disagrees with them is ‘bad’. And not just ‘bad’ – anyone who does not agree with them that hunky-dory world would be a better place to live in than the actual world is evil, the scum of the earth, racists, xenophobic, they have a long list of ad hominem insults to cast about.

      They have no reasoned argument, no examples from history, because hunky-dory world cannot exist in reality. There is no logical argument that will support their worldview. So they scream and yell and use ad hominem insults. It’s pathetic really.

      And now that they have had their imaginary march towards hunky-dory world cancelled, they’ve spat the dummy out of the pram altogether and are crying and yelling like the intellectually impotent crybabies that they really are.

      As you say – these ‘useful idiots’ have been unmasked, and we cannot let them off with anything now that we have an opportunity to engage in battle with their poisonous, irrational belief system. Wehave to take the ‘useful idiots’ on, at every opportunity, and expose their silly ideas about creating a fabulous hunky-d0ry world to ridicule, so that whatever happens in the future, they will have zero credibilty.

      They’ve just found out that they’re not going to have everything their own way. Now comes the next step … exposing them to the truth, and doing in their irrational and dangerous belief system once and for all!

      Go Trump!

  16. The fear and loathing from billionaire rentier class in Silicon Valley and the Chambers of Commerce, is expected and not surprising.

    Trump threatens to upend their money train based on cheap, imported labor. You can set your watch on their outrage and attempts to stop Trump.

    Hollywood’s freaking out is something different as is the most of the Democratic party response which borders on verge of open violence against the rest of us. Most of these folks I write off as pure nutters and members of the death cult that is modern day liberalism. These people are mere window dressing for the moment.

    What concerns me is the moves by the Deep State(the unelected permanent government) to end Trump’s presidency along with elements of the GOP – McCain, McConnell, Graham and Ryan along with the federal judiciary and Obama’s minions.

    My guess as to why they are going all out is because they are afraid of what Trump will find within the government and select corporations. They’re hiding something big.

  17. This is how it works: All those at the top, in power, like politicians and judges, are only there because they are known to have deeply compromising dirt on them. They are in a permanent state of, essentially, blackmail, and therefore do what they are told. That is why what is done is always contrary to what any sensible, sane person would do. So, all those who went on the Lolita Express, with Epstein, were filmed doing disgusting illegal things, so they can be made to say whatever someone wants them to say, “or else!” It has been done like this for a long time. That is why Edward Heath took Britain into the Common Market originally, in 1971, as he had been compromised with gay men, and was blackmailed. The same method is used in all those secret societies with their diabolical oaths. People are often drugged first then made to perform gross acts of infamy, which are filmed. They may not even know what they have done (certain drugs ensure temporary memory loss) then when the senator, or judge or prince or whatever wants to make this that or the other decision, they are told that if they do the evidence of their disgusting and outrageous activities will be revealed, and they always always always do what they are told. The Jesuits have been doing this for ever, (note, we have a Jesuit Pope!), and so have all the rest. That is how Bill Clinton got to the White House. Everyone was bribed or blackmailed, and if they were the sorts that eventually decided to reveal all to the press or the law, and cop the consequences seeking to defend themselves with the actual truth, they were killed. Lots of jets and light aircraft went down with Clinton enemies in! Lots of weird, impossible suicides occurred! But those who went along with the crimes were rewarded. Note, one was Janet Reno, the first female Attorney General. She as a lesbian child molester, drunk driver and general disgusting pervert. She was perfect to put in the AG seat! Corruption through and through. This site, called Newsbud, is excellent, and Sibel Edmunds and her team are fully clued up on this whole system. Trump is not one of these disgusting perverts. He has not been compromised. They tried, and tried! He even went on the Lolita Express but I don’t think they got him to do anything foul, as so far all they have on him is that recording, made secretly by Billy Bush, Jeb’s nephew I think, from 11 years ago, in which he said that women CONSENT to being groped when you are rich and famous, which is obviously true! Frank Sinatra had women at his concerts in nothing but a trench coat flashing him! Same with all the groupies with pop stars. Nothing new or surprising there. So I think Trump is SUPERB and they are [foul]ing themselves as he might just take the lid off the PIZZAGATE sewer and the stench will reach round the world. Here is a video of Sibel Edmonds being interviewed. She’s good:
    Islam, by the way, is very strongly into sex with kids. I have lived with these people and I can tell you they all do it, and they all know it is wrong, and pretend they are good people, but they virtually all do it. This video of Anne Barhardt covers some of the abominable norms in islam re sex. Watch it through gaps in your fingers, it is terrible, but we need to know just what they do:

  18. As I have recommended in other forums, anyone who has spent more than ten minutes (total) thinking about “Pizzagate” needs to take a break and read Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum.

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