Burn, Bébé, Burn!

For the past five days France has been engulfed by widespread culture-enriching riots, similar to those of 2005. Carbecues, vandalism, street violence, assault, robbery — all the usual features of immigrant protests against social injustice.

The triggering incident was the alleged rape with a police baton of a young man named Théo (no last names for perps in French news reports) in Aulnay-sous-Bois, a northeastern suburb of Paris. The story is reminiscent of the notorious 20-year-old case of Abner Louima, a Haitian immigrant who was sodomized with a broom handle by a New York City police officer.

Was Théo perhaps familiar with what happened with to Abner Louima, and concocted his story accordingly? It seems unlikely, given that he was an infant when the Louima incident made headlines. In any case, the story as he reported it was guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of Social Justice Warriors, who have since hit the streets with signs and banners demanding “Justice pour Théo”.

The police officers who were present in Aulnay-sous-Bois that night dispute the accuracy of Théo’s account. It’s too early yet to tell whether their testimony will have any effect on the course of “justice” in France.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from Valeurs Actuelles:

Aulnay-Sous-Bois: the version of the policeman contradicts that of Théo

February 7, 2017

Investigation. One of the policemen under investigation after a violent arrest in Aulnay-sous-Bois told a different version of the story from that of Théo, who claims to have been raped with a truncheon, reports BFM TV.

What happened during the arrest of Théo, the young man of 22 years who claims to have been raped by police officers on Thursday night in Aulnay-sous-Bois? The investigation is under way to determine the exact circumstances of the evening. But according to BFM TV, the version reported by one of the police officers under investigation differs from that of the young man.

Insults and punch in the face

He was interviewed by the IGPN [General Inspectorate of the National Police] and told the story of the case. While patrolling with three other policemen in the “City of 3,000”, known to be a place with a high incidence of drug trafficking, he questions a group of ten individuals. The tone rises, the “youths” defy the forces of order. Théo, according to the account of the police officer, catches one officer by the collar and insults him. Then he punches him in the face.

While he is taken to the side to be questioned, he struggles “very violently”. The baton intervenes at this point in the story: one of the policemen uses it to “hit Théo in the legs”, “to prevent him from kicking”. The scene was allegedly violent and beatings were allegedly been given in a kind of melee, one can read on the site for the live coverage. The police officers say that there was never any intention to commit rape.

Théo, excused from work for 60 days

Yet this is what Théo has said since his arrest. According to him, the policeman had deliberately used his telescopic baton to “push into his buttocks”. At the police station security forces called the ambulance, after finding that the arrested young man couldn’t sit down. In the hospital, it was recommended that he be excused from work for 60 days.

Translator’s afterword:

This is more or less what happened (from what I read in different media): Théo was arrested and while fighting the cops off he sustained a tear to his anus. He claimed he was raped by a police baton. Police deny that. The President of the French Republic visits Théo in the hospital. Riots start all over France. A medical investigation confirms the police officers’ version.

37 thoughts on “Burn, Bébé, Burn!

  1. France has serious problems. Even under a leftist administration, the leftists are agitating out of control.

    I shudder to think that this is a nuclear power.

    I really worry about that.

      • No chance! The French will inevitably do “ethnic cleansing” as the civil war develops. The nukes may even help them, because they will deter the so-called “international community” from stopping them.

        Their UN Security Council veto is also extremely useful to them.

        • You think that the French will be that brutal?

          So do I. To themselves. They’ll ethnically clean *themselves* out of France.

          Leaving France as a Muslim-controlled nuclear power.

          If that’s not to happen, they’d better start acting REALLY SOON.

          • Mike, things can turn on a dime. The academia/media/government is NOT France.

            Already the majority of French want to put a total and PERMANENT halt to Muslim immigration.

          • Oh, I think you have not studied much of French history. I would say the last century is an aberration in French behavior and perhaps a disease that has infected much of Europe. Robespierre discovered the joys of a riled “average Frenchman.”

            I favor the belief that Europe will rise up and fight back against cultural enrichment. Elections are approaching in much of Western Europe. People keep their “incorrect” opinions to themselves. It’s going to be an interesting year…

      • It will be a nuclear-armed power that ALSO controls the UK’s nuclear arsenal … unless Brexit takes on a more serious tone, and refuses to put the British forces under European command.

    • Leftists out of control in a leftist regime is exactly what I would expect.

      Look at the behavior of the leftists in America with Trump in power. I would imagine it would be much worse under Clinton.

  2. There’s more than a few gaps in this story if we can take the transcribing and translating from French as being accurate.

    Maybe the cops do things differently in Paris as compared to other parts of the West when it comes to them being physically assaulted? In my time that ‘Theo’ would have found himself; 1. Handcuffed and under arrest for assaulting police, and 2. sitting in the back of a caged police truck waiting to be transported to the nearest police station for charging purposes.

    The ‘questioning’ would have come later while being charged.

    The offender should not have been taken to one side for ‘questioning’ as is reported in this story, and based on my own experience, if that is what really occurred then something is wrong with this version of events, or something has been left out of this story which would explain ‘Theo’ not being immediately handcuffed and taken to one side for ‘questioning’.

    What kind of ‘questioning’ does a cop need to do of an offender who has just assaulted him and to which he is legally entitled to immediately apprehend?

    It just doesn’t sound right to me.

    Was ‘Theo’ sodomized with an extendable baton that is made of heavy aluminium which may explain the tear to his anus, but given 60 days off work? It seems to me to be an over exaggeration of time off work for this injury. If it was that bad how come he was not hospitalized for surgery?

    The narrow end of a baton when extended, and the part that comes in contact with an offender’s legs or other places if necessary, has in place a small button like tip on it that can be used, and quite effectively, to strike at the limbs offenders as is described in this story, but, if it was rammed in between the buttocks as this story also describes, then there would be tell tale bruising as the tip of the baton is not sharp but wide and blunt, and I don’t believe such an occurrence would have caused ‘Theo’s’ stated injury unless his pants had been removed for such a purpose.

    IMHO, the reading of this story does not sit well with me.

    • Nemesis, The collapsible baton is designed to retract back into it’s handle when the tip is pushed. The collapsible baton is designed to be used in sweeping strikes, not in a point attack. A traditional riot baton or night stick can be used in a point attack in a close quarters fight. Perhaps the officer got a strike in that tore the suspect’s anus but I would not describe that as rape unless I wanted to kick off several days and nights of rioting, burning, looting and robbing.

      • There is a problem with extendable batons in that they do not retract easily to their original pre-deployment position.

        I personally, and as many other police officers will attest, have had to resort to bashing the tips of extended batons against hard surfaces such as a road or concrete areas, in an effort to force them to retract, such is their structure once extended.

        It is my experience that blunt force will always produce much bruising more than tears.

  3. And Dhimmi Hollande visits the bedside of the anally traumatized miscretant to trash the cops and fan the riots and destruction.

    Back in his country of origin what Theo got would be considered a ‘slap on the ….errrr wrist’ ?

    • I stand to be corrected but I cannot recall Monsieur Hollande
      Showing as much attention and sympathy with the victims
      Of previous terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice.

      Perhaps he could also show some sympathy to the innocent people who have had their cars set alight, their property damaged and their lives disrupted by the savages “showing”
      Their support for Theo.

      He might also apologize to the South Koreans attacked on their coach by thugs in Paris too!

  4. Isn’t this the beginning and end of it: “A medical investigation confirms the police officers’ version.”?

    • No, jungle is as jungle does. This is a further excuse for them to refuse to get a job and live as civilized people. They don’t belong among us. We don’t belong among them.

  5. This is what comes of forcing completely incompatible races of people to live together. Africans belong on the African continent. They will never belong in Europe. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with your comment, but try telling that to your indoctrinated authorities who pretend to know better than you. You need to take on board it is that kind of attitude that you need to be fixing.

  6. So the next time a white French woman is raped by an enricher, burn down a Muslim neighborhood. The only thing they understand is brute force. So give it to them. Maybe then they will get the message to get lost and go back to the Islamic craphole that puked them out into Europe.

    • Apart from ‘Moon’ I don’t think anyone on this site will endorse that reaction, but, and in my humble opinion, it is getting very close to that kind of behaviour from those who have simply had enough.

      • You need to start thinking along those lines! The muzzies will not self deport. They want to0 stay and have 10-12 kids each so that in 20-30 years they will be the majority population. When that happens, you better start memorizing the Koran, or self deport you and yours. If they allow it, that is.

        • Dear Peter and Mike. If you are not familiar with what is being pushed onto us then I would suggest that you consider making yourself familiar with Fourth Generation warfare, or how to win a war without ever having to fight.

          The basics of what is in play is this; we get flooded with Islam the complete antithesis to Western ways – and those who have done this to us know that there are two possible outcomes to this plan, which is. 1. the West succumbs to Islamic influence due to the decades of Communist indoctrination within our educational institutions. 2. A civil war erupts due to Islamic encroachment that many of the native populations have had enough of.

          Whatever the outcome in our near futures of such scenarios the Globalists win and we lose, even if civil war erupts because such an outcome becomes unpredictable and the Globalists are masters of grasping order out of chaos by working both sides of the conflict.

          One only need to study real history to realize this.

          So, we should not be playing into the Globalist hands by doing exactly as they predict we will do. We must, and as a necessity to our own preservation begin playing their game against them, and in order to be able to do that we must become familiar with how the Globalists operate.

          Remember Sun Tzu – in order to defeat your enemy you must get to know him.

          • What has the “Communist Indoctrination” to do with Islam? Communist countries successfully managed their Muslim minorities and even in the Middle East, Communists supported secular nationalist regimes while the US together with their beloved Saudis created and trained the Taleban.

          • Not another one quoting Sun Tzu! Not to mention preaching to us that no matter what we do the Globalists win–but we can win if we ‘know’ the Globalists and how they work–I notice you don’t actually say how knowing the Globalists will enable us to win.
            Must be some Aussie logic there, somewhere…

            As I see it, there are several possible outcomes to the present flooding of the west by islamic cretins on the orders of–who? We’re still not even sure; Globalists, yes, but are they the Bilderberg crowd,(Coudenhove-Kalergi) Soros (as a separate entity) Bankers, the Frankfurt school, who?

            In a civil war, I think it’s a bit presumptuous to say that Globalists ‘will win’, who really knows what the aftermath would be?

          • T Ross, perhaps I could point you in the direction of Diana West’ great expose of Communist undermining of the West by reading her book, American Betrayal?

            Communism and Islam are ideologies akin to one another, however, the ideology of Communism is humanism (ring any bells) and Godless, while Islam has its Moon god, Allah, that dictates to its adherents through the Qu’ran.

            So which ideology do you believe would likely be the more supremacist in outlook and whose adherents the more rabid?

            And, it is by the early 20th Century infiltration of Communism into all our educational and political institutions that has been used to weaken Western resolve to the 21st Century inroads of Islam.

            Communist countries do not tolerate their ‘minorities’ stepping out of line and like (a good example of this today is Communist China) all totalitarian regimes will resort to brutal means to repress, even a hint, of insurrection.

            If you believe that is successfully managing Islam (and I would draw your attention to Russia and Chechnya and what the Chechnyans did at Beslan) then your own thinking on what lies before us is very naive.

          • Peter, and what is so wrong about quoting Sun Tzu? Are you aware that military academies quote his learned experience as a teaching aid?

            It is impossible for me to convey to anyone on this site what it has taken me over two decades to learn through my own research. My understanding of this world is such that I would need to fill several volumes of which what I have learned would alienate most of the readers. I can only point those who wish to understand what we all face in the right direction, if one is so desirous of doing that, so that they may learn themselves what it is we have become subject to.

            Here is a quote by the author from the book by L. Fletcher Prouty, The Secret Team, the CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World.

            “Note with care, it is labelled a “Team.” This is because as with any highly professional team, it has its managers, its front office and its owners. These are the “Power Elite” to whom it is beholden. They are always anonymous, and their network is ancient and world-wide.”

            Preface page XXXIX.

            The reference to ‘ancient’ will always be a sticking point for some in understanding the ways of the world because some just cannot handle the truth, as the truth of how this world operates is just too big of a pill for some to swallow.

            And that is why I will always point a direction to follow for those who wish to learn because the onus is on the individual to pursue what we should all know or we just become another cog on a wheel in the system.

            One would do well to understand the words of Winston Churchill when he stated; “When those who learn who controls this world pick themselves up and dust themselves off, they carry on as if nothing happened.”

      • I think many would. Forty years of appeasing has got us exactly nowhere. moslems are playing the west like a violin, and laughing all the way.

        The west is NEVER going to win observing Geneva Convention rules while the enemy observes no rules.
        Or… Look at WW2, the Allies had to engage the enemy on the same terms, as you know; to do otherwise would have been to lose…

  7. The third eye senses it. It’s 1848! They (the shadowy ones) want to replicate 1848 and all that revolutionary spit and blood that they could not vomit up back in 1968.

    The witches brew of political mayhem that they have gathered together is pretty impressive and they have almost every major nation state in some pitiful angst ridden neurotic state either due to alcohol, drugs (street & pharmaceutical), or pornography and probably all three. The cultural trends are equally problematic. Men are encouraged to try being or becoming or celebrating their binary nature reducing the term feminine to a euphemism. The music is wretched, The Pacific is a swirling pool of noxious nuclear waste. Senior citizens lay in fetid rooms two by two waiting to be replaced 3×3 Simply baby boomers will soon fill all the nursing homes. Along with the drug addled

    The consensus. Everything seems weird. 1848. I refer back to the essay on Trump that is in todays GOV. Our modern day Jacobins want Trumps pelt. It seems? No they want 1848 and they smell it. They are determined to hypnotize the whole republic into buyers remorse. More concerned with convincing the public that we’re a bunch of idiots than ever before. Fascinatingly accomplishing two strategies at once. Making sure the Hillary voters feel justified and those of opposite affection admitting some sort of shame but more importantly doubts as to their sanity and acumen.

    France and Germany unhinged Europe in 1848. Politically a brushfire as compared to the conflagration the shadow people desire right now. Maybe they’ll have it in France. They’re ripe for infamy. They joined the fun of 1968, but this is different. Galvanized by Jew hatred they’ve forgotten the other hatred of 1956-62. Algiers. A first. A civil war of cognitive dissonance, but aren’t they all.

    • I think those you have generally referred to ‘believe’ they smell Trump’s defeat, but in their victories against the West over the decades they have become immune to the ‘feelings’ of the people.

      And when one goes back into history, that is a very grave error on their part!

  8. The alleged violation of Theo is only a pretext for violence. If it were not Theo, it would be someone else or something else that would have been used as an excuse for destruction. In any case, in such events people participate for reasons that have nothing to do with the original reason for the riot.

    • Certainly they do here in North America, as we have seen so very often, they do it because they are vandals who love to smash and destroy, and also because:
      “We gotta have stuff, man!” —looting.

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